Come to Papa…. NOT!

For years now, in my redneck way, I’ve been telling those with ears that the xtian community, which the world sees as Catholicism first, is the harlot that first ‘marries’ Islam [the first beast of Hitgalut 13, Turkey/Greece, Iran, and Iraq, and possibly Syria and Lebanon], and then is abused by Islam.

When I bring it up to those who do not interpret prophecy with the same methodology, or blueprint [which, to me, is obviously modeled in scripture], they look at me as if I have three heads.

The disturbing thing is that many who call themselves “protestant”, who never truly protested ‘enough’ against Constantine’s church, are going along with the preamble happening now, to what the Hitgalut and the Torah and Nevi’im show us plainly is Mashi’akh HaSheker, whose ‘spirit’ is now in the world, but who will manifest as “Ben HaAbadon”, a ‘human god’, in the near future.

We are certainly hearing Gavri’el warm up his shofar, in my opinion.

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