I’ve Got News for YOU!

Below is a reply to someone who trolled me about the truth of scripture:

[I shouldn’t have to do this, but I must inform everyone again that I do not subscribe to the notion that “all caps” is yelling, but merely inflection and emphasis.]

The scriptures are far more than mere stories. I have not been a casual reader of them, but I have studied them in four languages, for nearly forty years. I challenged my own beliefs, and those of what were taught to me, both in churches and in academic settings. One thing I can tell you: they stand the test of everyone’s doubts and their lack of knowledge.Further, I have lived the scriptures. I have trusted in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and in His Son Yeshua. I have not just ‘believed’, but I have been transformed by HIS LIFE. Yeshua went to His death for MY sake, because I could not keep myself from doing wrong. I loved only me. I had a proclivity to think things I should not about other people, to want for myself things that were not good for me, to be utterly selfish. For some reason, HE chose to reveal to me that He LOVED ME SO MUCH that He would suffer a most horrible death, and then go further into the realm of the dead and suffer, because He KNEW that if He trusted in HIS FATHER to bring Him back from the dead, that He would save ANYONE from their lack of LOVE and COMPASSION. I lacked not love for myself, but for God, my CREATOR, and for others. He gave me LOVE. And for more than forty years, every single time that I am the victim of hateful humans, HE HAS GIVEN ME LOVE AND COMPASSION. He has taught me to LOVE THEM. Because He has SHOWN ME how much He loves ME.

I have pondered how I might reveal this to YOU. You do not know me, nor I you. But, I KNOW what it is like to be without love. To be jaded, bitter, hardened in my heart. And I know what it is like to believe lies told me by people I respect. As I said, I have studied these “stories”, AND the history wrapped around them. It probably would do me no good to point out ALL the many times these scriptures have proven ALL OF MANKIND WRONG. People said King David didn’t exist, nor his son Solomon. Archaeology has proven they did. People said Jericho was a myth. I’ve seen it myself. People said Solomon’s colonade, the pools of Jerusalem, etc, were fictitious, yet we keep digging, and the earth itself proves these words more accurate than any other book. People said the Bible wasn’t written until the third century, and then the Dead Sea Scrolls are found in the 1900’s and are almost letter for letter the same as our latest Hebrew texts, though they date from before the first century.

It would also probably do me no good to tell you of all the MANY TIMES that God has MANIFESTED for me. How He got me off a submarine three years before the Navy’s guidelines, how he healed my puss-sore laden throat ON THE SPOT while I sang to Him “O God, You are my God, and I will ever praise You,” how He healed my brother’s broken neck in my living room, my wife’s plurasy on the spot, raised my daughter off her death bed, healed a man’s lung which the doctors were going to take out that day until we prayed and the cancer was removed, told me I was going to get a job that would change my life, and the very next day I entered into a 28-year career. It would do me no good to tell you how He forced me to forge on and ‘try’ to start a congregation, a Jewish congregation in the midst of nothing but rednecks, when I wanted to quit and go hide in my hole, and how many SOULS he would cleanse, save, bless and prosper after I did not give up. It would do me no good to tell you how OVER AND OVER He has provided for my wife and me, HUGE SUMS OF MONEY coming from the most bizzare places, one time being a box full of cash mailed to our doorstep from out of state, from where we knew no one. 

I wish I could tell you EVERYTHING, every LIVING thing, He has done, that has PROVEN HIS WORD to US over and over again. But you wouldn’t believe it. You’d write them off as ‘stories’. Even if I could show you the proof. The science PROVES God exists, and that the earth is merely 6,000 years old. But, mankind chooses to believe the lie, so that he can persist in his DENIAL of living a life according to His will. History PROVES that Yeshua existed, lived, died and rose again, and that He is the Son of God; but mankind chooses to pervert the message, deny the scriptures, nay-say the notion of His return, and scoff at the idea of living rightly, with LOVE for Him and for one another. 

You are barking up the wrong tree if you think your little quip is going to cause me to doubt. I sat in Muscat, Oman, among Muslim sheiks, and listened to an Athiest say the same things you just said, face to face. This man was a genius, a super-intellectual, and he told me he was an athiest, but, the BREATH of God in me FORCED me to blurt, “No you are not! The fool says in his heart that there is no God, and you’re NO FOOL.” I could have been arrested, because I’m in a Muslim country declaring the truth of Yeshua and the Jewish God, our Creator, and I’m a very demonstrative person. But, somehow, we were protected, and I managed to get the whole truth out to this man. YEARS LATER I find out that not only does he believe there is a God now, but also that he trusts in His Son, Yeshua.

So, you can try to rely on ‘the force,’ and I know you were dangerously close to mocking His Spirit with that cartoon, but I KNOW the ‘force’ of His Breath, the MIGHT of His TRUTH. Your mindsent was predicted in these scriptures you mock. So, I will set your cause before the creator, for YOUR sake, and hope that you will BEGIN to THINK, and to FEAR your CREATOR. Otherwise, you will live in the regret of having taught YOURSELF to ignore Him, because you didn’t want to give up your sin, and you’ll think that way in darkness FOR ETERNITY.

I hope you will find His truth, before darkness swallows you forever.

This vlog was partly inspired by the episode above, but mostly by the readings for this week.

His Compassion

I thank Elohim, God the Creator, for His GREAT compassion, especially this morning. My wife and I have, far too many times, been the victims of people’s slander, what our Jewish people call “Lashon HaRah”, the evil tongue. And many of these are people who learned most of what they know about Yeshua from us, and from our labor of love for more than thirty years. Two different groups of betrayers are now in league with one another, in a laughable effort to upbraid their own ‘righteousness’. They then turn around and, because of the perversion in their mind, decide that they know what is in my heart, and try to tear us down. They fall prey to rumor, and turn on us like ravening wolves. Every single time it has happened, it has hurt sorely. But, every single time, it has driven me to HIS THRONE. Yesterday, we again learned from two different sources that people in our past were still spreading LIES about us. When does it ever end? All my wife and I have ever done is to love and serve everyone, to have them falsely accuse us of their sins. And then there is one who is just bent on destroying our family.

What do I do? I turn to HIS WORD.

First, I remember that these people are false brethren. They betray their black hearts and/or their religious hypocrisy by their very actions of speaking ill of us, of believing rumor and innuendo, and acting upon it. This shows that they do not have HIS Breath in them, but the darkness of the enemy, and they dare to take His Covenant into their mouths:

16But unto the wicked Elohim says, “What have you to do to declare My statutes, and that you have taken My Brit in your mouth? 17Seeing you hate instruction, and cast My D’varim behind you. 18When you saw a thief, you had company with him, and with adulterers was your portion. 19You have let loose your mouth for evil, and your tongue frames deceit. 20You sit and speak against your brother; you slander your own mother’s son. 21These things have you done, and should I [GOD] have kept silence? You had thought that I was altogether such a one as yourself?  But I will reprove you, and set the cause before your eyes. 22Now consider this, you that forget Elohim, lest I tear in pieces, and there be none to deliver. Ps 50

This morning, in my prayer time, in contemplating their persistent effort to bring us down, knowing full well we will hear of their lies and slander, I asked Abba, Avi, My Father, to help me to write a song expressing this, as I have found for nearly 35 years that when I write, I am free of other people’s grasp over my mind. I immediately had the sensation that HE had ALREADY written the words. I open the scriptures, and I find myself here:

Within this psalm are the same words of another melody from Tehillah 70 that I wrote about twenty-five years ago, which I changed key and rhythm and added to it the Hebrew words in another verse. I ‘feel’ a new song coming on, and offer it to His Glory, to minister to others, especially servants of Yeshua who have been victims of people they THOUGHT were their brethren. I know my wife and I are not alone in that.
I contemplated that King David has gone through many of the very same things as I, including having his deep love for his friend perverted by others in THEIR mind, [ 1 Sam 20:30 ] betrayal by one he thought was a friend [Ps 55:13-14], his own family, religious leaders, etc. I took a quiet moment yesterday and just told God, “I am so tired of people’s hate”. My wife and I both remembered what Yeshua told us, that they WILL hate us. That we are actually blessed when men revile us and speak evil against us. That our trials actually are good for us, because they increase our “firm trust”. Some of them who have done these things have done exactly what the scriptures said they would do to each other, to ‘devour one another’, and now they turn to others to devour them.

I am grateful for a “Little Sanctuary”, where the Shalom of God rules, and where His LOVE abounds. I pray that those who are on the skirts of these evil words will ‘see’ the emptiness and evil of them, and come away from it, for their sakes. In the meantime, I do what Ps 71 above spoke to me by His Breath this morning: 8My mouth shall be filled with Your praise, and with Your glory all the day…. 10For my enemies speak concerning me, and they that watch for my soul take counsel together, 11Saying, “Elohim has forsaken him; pursue and take him; for there is none to deliver.” 12O Elohim, be not far from me; O my Elohim, make haste to help me.

“May the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in your sight, O My Elohim.”


I don’t normally enjoy most productions that deal with theology/religion at all, because they are usually too rife with biblical error. This one, however, gives me a sliver of HOPE for the believing community at large, because it means that SOME people are starting to see what I have been declaring for thirty-three years: The gospel is incomplete without declaring the RETURN of the Messiah. I have been declaring His Good News for forty-four years altogether.

People today are fulfilling Kefa’s [Peter’s] prophecy of end-time believers in vast numbers, acting as the mockers and scoffers at the notion of the return of Yeshua. And the movie Before the Wrath gives the STATISTICS on how many in the BELIEVING community believe it, and how many believe in what the SCRIPTURES ACTUALLY say about it. That number is a mere TWO PERCENT! Which is what I’ve been ‘guessing’ all along. Further, it shares NEW ARCHAEOLOGICAL DISCOVERIES that support what I have DECLARED for THIRTY YEARS! The GALILEAN WEDDING was INVOKED by Yeshua at His last Pesakh Seder! The imagery of those Wedding Customs is the picture of Messiah and His Bride. People are FINALLY only BEGINNING to understand that EVERYTHING YESHUA said and did was done in the context of HIS CULTURE, and EVERY SINGLE WORD fits the mold of Biblical, JEWISH customs that point to HIM and BOTH ENDS of His ministry! Watch that movie.

If you have questions, message me. The below video is a song I wrote from the Revelation, chapter 15:3-4, when the BRIDE is assembled, and about to come out of the Khuppa.

“Great and marvelous are Your works, O יהוה Elohim Okhez Hakol; just and true are Your ways, O Melekh HaOlamim. Who shall not revere You, O יהוה , and glorify Your Name? For You alone are a Kadosh One and a Tzadik. So all nations shall come and worship before You; for Your Tzedaka has been revealed. [In Yeshua HaTzadik] ” ~ US! Rev 15:34

1. יהוה Elohim Okhez Hakol = יהוה God Mightiest of All

2. Melekh HaOlamim = King of the Ages

3. Kadosh = Consecrated

4. Tzadik = A Righteous One5. Tzedaka = Righeousness

Coffee With Yeshua

This is no-frills, absolute sincerity. It’s not entertainment, and not meant to tickle anyone’s itching ears.

It is meant to teach, admonish, and warn. There are PLENTY of teachers out there to make you feel good about your sins, or to make you feel smug in your self-righteousness. I am not one of them.

I am here to DECLARE the TRUTH of Yeshua the Messiah, the Son of God, and of His impending RETURN. And far too many people interpret scripture from the vantage-point of their self-aggrandizing agenda. I have no agenda but to declare Yeshua executed on the stake, and to teach His Word plainly and openly, and not for profit.

Yeshua’s return is indeed imminent. Be ready. I just read this morning: “Let us therefore FEAR, while the promise of entering into His rest remains, lest some amongst you find they are prevented from entering.”

Too many are teaching that you’re “In like Flynn” when you simply say you believe. Entering what? The seventh millennium SHABBAT of יהוה ! Do you think He would call that a Shabbat, and throw the regular Shabbat away? The weekly Shabbat is a sign of entering the Seventh Millennium Shabbat! HIS REST. He goes on : “for behold, the works of Elohim were from the very foundation of the world.  For He said concerning Shabbat, “Elohim rested on the seventh day from all His works.” [Genesis 2:1-2].

Sha’ul then writes: “Therefore, for the people of Elohim, doing Shabbat remains.  For he who has entered into His rest also has ceased from his own works, as Elohim did from His.” ” נִשְׁאָר לְעַם אֱלֹהִים לִשְׁבֹּת ” Literally, “there remains for the people of God “TO SABBATH”. Check the Hebrew in Genesis 2:1-2. God SABBATHED from all His work.

We are to consider reverently whether we follow Him or not, to be HIS. There are far too many perversions of His doctrine, and thus far too many interpretations of end things.

People today do NOT want the simple truth. They want something to make themselves feel good.

Join me each week on Thursday mornings on instagram for “Coffee with Yeshua”. I may look sleepy, disheveled, and boring, but His Word is the goal. I hope you enjoy. Below is yesterday’s episode. Below that are links to our other media.

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A video on last things:


A followup:


Rebel without a Clause

Did you ever imagine a plague would strike us in the 21st Century? In my mind, those are the things of yore, of yesteryear. Even though plagues were predicted by a certain someone about 2,000 years ago, to come on the earth right about now.

It does NOT surprise me that we have a manmade plague, however. What does surprise me, or perhaps better, what does confound me, is that so many Texans, and Americans, are STILL thinking they need to wear a mask, and that they need to get a vaccine.

Just a LITTLE digging, and one can find out that the vaccine has about the same risk level as the disease itself. The ‘prevention’ isn’t worth an ounce. Just a LITTLE common sense, and one can realize that a cloth/plastic mask is trapping bacteria at the nose and lips, limiting oxygen intake, and doing more damage than good.

But, the ‘science’ they keep referring to is beside the point. The most SHOCKING thing is that so many Americans are so ready simply just to do what a doctor ‘suggests’, who clearly has an agenda, and who has a record of lusting for disease, and is connected to eugenicists, and they take his word as ‘command.’

What happened to free-thinking, critical-thinking, freedom-loving AMERICANS?

Those of us who have a brain are trusting in herd-immunity. Those who don’t, suffer from herd mentality. Herd mentality is very, very dangerous. It is when the crowd follows the numbers, simply because they do not want to be ‘different’, they don’t want to stand alone, they fear the ridicule and isolation so much that they do not look at the cliff off of which the herd is about to plunge.

I was pondering this phenomenon yesterday, and wondering why it is that I have never been the ‘herd mentality’ kind of person. I think perhaps it is because early on in my life, when I was thrust into the junior herd, I was rejected by the herd, and abused by the herd. I never was counted a part of it. Mostly, it was because I was always ‘the outsider’. As a Navy brat, we moved a lot. I went to three different kindergartens in three different states. I did a year in Hawaii, and moved to Georgia. In Georgia, in about 1970, I was the only white boy in my new kindergarten class. set back due to age difference., unique, as most whites had abandoned public schools in Georgia after desegregation. There was a private resegregation. I was not part of that herd, neither the public school herd. We were only there for four months anyway, but I went to the next herd in Zion, Illinois, and was ‘new’ there, and not part of that herd.

Then, we moved back to my Dad’s home state of Texas, and to his home town, and I was ‘new’, I spoke with a strange tongue, and I wasn’t ‘country’ [yet]. I was rejected, ridiculed, and provoked into a fight more times than I can count. For some reason, I was resented, despised, and bullied, for seven years. Then, I moved again. To ‘the big city’. And at my next school, I was rejected a little less, because the herd was so big, and I was less noticeable. But, within a week, I was almost provoked into a fight simply because I was friendly to a girl, whose boyfriend thought I was moving in on her.

And two years later, after nearly having to fight that guy a few times, and his horde of ‘friends’, he led his horde, his herd, the Trombone section, into a ‘revolt’ of a sort. I was second chair to him in the Trombone section, as a high-school Junior. He was a senior, and was ‘first chair”, and thus ‘section leader’ of the Trombone section. It was nearing the end of Texas football season. Our school had just been desegregated that year, 1982-83, and our band was huge. We were the best and biggest band in the state of Texas. Our drill had us entering from the end zone, and the Trombones were the ‘front line’, and we stretched from sideline to sideline, our number somewhere near 30+ trombones.

That section leader decided to exercise his ‘authority,’ and wanted to change our stance at “attention”. When we were called by the drum major from ‘parade rest’ to attention, we usually snapped our heals together at a 45-degree angle, stood straight up, and held our trombones under our right arms, pointing straight out at about waist height. HE wanted us now to put our right foot out, on our tippy-toes, and lean our trombones diagonally up and down out in front of us. We were a “show band,” which meant that we marched in squads of four. My squad was made up of myself, my two best friends, and one fella who had been integrated from Hebert into the new school “West Brook.” He was very, very quiet, but a decent trombone player. I looked at the three of them, and told them “We are NOT doing that!” And this went on all afternoon in our practice session.

I was the very bitter right end of that front line, about a foot inside the sideline. The section leader was about near the middle of that front line. About twenty-six (? the whole front line of) trombones were standing like fairies, and the four of us stood like men. Rigid. Resolved. And he kept fussing at us, demanding that we conform. We’d march a bit, and then return to original formation, and each time [memory fails if this went on for one day or more] we would go through the demand and resist routine, each time, myself the default leader of my squad, I would demand of my squad, “We are NOT doing that!” To which they all agreed and happily stood strong.

Finally, the band director, a very gruff and demanding leader, took note of the Trombone Section’s new stance. “Trombones! You look like a bunch of fairies! Come to attention!” I’m pretty certain he noticed our squad standing stronger and I think he said something about us, but we were too busy laughing and reveling in the small victory.

We were resented by the horde. Perhaps not by the whole herd, but certainly by his cohorts for a bit. But, their shame of being publicly rebuffed by the director himself clamped their lips. A few weeks later, at our very last marching practice of the year [before the state final football game of the longest marching season ever, as the season had gone long because the football team took the playoffs all the way to the state championship], we would be fully respected by that horde, and by the whole herd, as a lone squad again.

Our director had a torture teaching method he called “Flaunt Your Superiority”. For four years of my best friend’s high school band career, he had never had to do what we lovingly called “Flaunt”. Neither had the other three of us, who were all juniors, one who’d only been under this band director for a marching season. This final week of the season, the last football game Leon would ever have to march, it was Thursday, and it would the last time ever he’d have to fear “Flaunt.” It so happens that his mother came to watch the practice.

Here is how “Flaunt” went. “Mr. T.”, the director, put all our names in a hat on Thursday toward the end of evening practice.. He’d have someone, usually a drum major or an alternate standing near him, draw one name out of the hat. He would joyously announce that name and call that person and his/her four-member squad to the starting formation. Once there was a clarinetist whose whole squad was absent! That person and the whole squad had to MARCH AND PLAY the whole drill BY THEMSELVES! It was ‘terrifying’. That one clarinetist froze solid barely into the drill, and broke down bawling! Whole squads were known to crumble.

This last week ever for my friend, his mother was standing by the director. He had her, whom we called “Aunt Bernie” because we were always at her house, draw the name out of the hat. She drew MY NAME.! My friend looked at me: “YOU IDIOT! FOUR YEARS!!! FOUR YEARS!!! I HAVE NOT HAD TO DO THIS FOR FOUR YEARS. and YOU! YOUR NAME…!!!! ” “Hey, it was YOUR MOTHER that drew my name!” The four of us looked at each other, went to the goal line where formation started, got in our spots, and got to parade rest. I looked at my squad and said, “We’ve GOT THIS!”

The drum major called us to attention and started the drill for us. We marched out onto that field by ourselves, the four of us, without the usual ‘benchmarks’ of other squads, without a drum major, etc., playing proudly and marching tall. We marched and played that whole drill perfectly! FLAWLESSLY! [Mind you, we’d only been marching it a few weeks, during the playoff season, as we always changed drills after the UIL marching contest in early October]. When we played our finale, we were standing just to the left of the 50 yard line, right in front of the whole band. Our trombones came down off a big fanfare. We were standing at attention in front of the horde and the herd. And. They. All. Clapped. Some of them whistled. Some of them shouted. They are all proud.

The director got on his bull-horn, and uttered words to this effect: “I have been doing flaunt for [twenty?] years, and in ALL my years of watching squads flaunt their superiority, I have never seen a squad march and play their drill like this squad just did.” Our little squad of rebels was vindicated again. People who counted themselves our enemy, for some unknown reason, came up to us and congratulated us, and told us how excellent we did. Including the horde of trombone fairies.

The three of us, me, Leon, and my other best friend in that squad, had constantly been berated and threatened by that Trombonist, and another who’d graduated the year before, and their ‘friends’. Four years for Leon, and three years for me and the other friend. Little did I know that would be my last drill marched there as well, as my Dad moved us up the country for my senior year. I have a similar story of rebellion and vindication there! But, for the three of us, it was indeed sweet vindication.

Perhaps, just perhaps that is why I do not ‘follow the crowd’. Because I have been conditioned to understand that the crowd can be DEAD WRONG. “Do not follow a multitude [crowd/herd] into ERROR”.

“You shall not follow a multitude to do evil; neither shall you bear witness in a cause to turn aside after a multitude to pervert justice”. Exodus 23:2

Right now, Americans are following the crowd, and perverting justice. Our founders explained and codified that our rights are NATURAL RIGHTS given to us by GOD HIMSELF. Today, Americans are content to think they come from the president, or the justice system/Supreme Court. BALONEY. They are intrinsic to our nature as HUMAN BEINGS. But, we have been standing by and watching them eroded by the left for three generations now. We’ve stood by, followed the multitude into the error of MURDERING BABIES, And now, those of us who ‘think’, who are not afraid, watch the herd wear masks to the point of causing their own children to suffer under them, when children are naturally immune to this plague they fear so much.

I am SO VERY DISAPPOINTED in the fear and compliance that is the bane of the American public. If we continue on this track, we will very soon be a communist nation, and soon after that be eating our dogs, and being shot by our government. Just look at ANY communist/socialist nation and check their history. It always ends badly. The socialist revolution that destroyed Russia is going on RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

I will NOT conform. I will NOT wear a mask. I will NOT get the shot. I did not allow the NAVY to force me into a flu shot thirty years ago, and I will not allow society nor our government to shame me into a ‘covid’ shot today, nor tomorrow., or to force me into it through my employer. I will find a new employer if necessary.

I am SO HAPPY to know that we have pushed back on Woka-Cola. But, we need to push back on Governors, Mayors, Congressmen, and this president, who want to take all our rights away, and force us/shame us into giving them up. GROW A SPINE. STOP WEARING THE MASK! Tell your employer you won’t do it any more. Stage walkouts at your job. DEMAND YOUR RIGHTS BACK! Or we are going to lose them all!

“We’ve GOT THIS!”

What’s at Stake?

Yeshua Teaches Torah

“Go into all the world and make “Talmidim”… make of ALL people ‘those who study/learn’. The simplest, purest definition of a Talmid in Hebrew is ‘a student of Torah’. So much so, the Jewish people call their whole body of literature about the Torah, “Talmud”. But, Yeshua is the Torah, the “Word”, in a human Body.

To LEARN Yeshua is to experience His suffering, and STICK with Him.

He tells us that we cannot be His Talmid if we do not take up our own stake.

Yeshua carried a stake through the city with His back torn open and His body draining His blood through Jerusalem. He carried it up a hill. Toward the end, a man named Shimon was ‘compelled’ to carry Yeshua’s execution stake. [no, it was NOT a cross]. Shimon was ‘standing by’ with the crowd. Perhaps his two sons, Alexander and Rufus, were with him. [Mark 15]

When Yeshua’s flesh began to fail Him, to meet the standard of the world in regard to His endurance of their persecution, they compelled Shimon to carry it for Him. They laid their persecution on those standing by watching Yeshua suffer.

It COSTS a great deal truly to LEARN Yeshua in this world. It COSTS bearing the SUFFERING of Messiah, sometimes even in our bodies.

It COSTS our friendships, our ‘reputation’, our social standing. It costs our ‘self image’, which in most cases is idolatry, especially when the image we have of ourselves defies scripture. It costs our affection for the things of this world. Soon, it will likely cost our very livelihoods. Especially if we keep His ways, and bear up when the world denies us the ability to do so. This world is demanding your subservience, and it seems most people are WILLINGLY SURRENDERING to it.

“As for me and my house, we shall SERVE יהוה .”

“And he who does not take up his stake and follow me cannot be a talmid to me. For which of you who wishes to build a tower does not at first sit down and consider its cost, to see if he has enough to finish it? Lest after he has laid the foundation, he is not able to finish it, and all who see it will mock him, saying, ‘This man began to build, but he was not able to finish.'”

Keep My Soul

People ‘unfriend’ me on social media because I’m conservative. I ‘unfriend’ people because they insult, use vulgarity, betray, or ignore my reaching out as a friend.

I’ve watched my ‘friends’ count tick down fast as I post things about the CREATOR and HIS call for repentance and righteousness, and about the left’s maniacal attempt to destroy our Republic.

I’ve ‘unfriended’ one person lately, because I reached out in friendship to an old high school friend and was ignored.I’ve lamented this sick and dying world, and how callous and cold people are. I hate it. I’ve been lamenting it since I was a child. [HAPPY are those who mourn!] I was always bullied and marginalized as a kid, by hateful people whom I never harmed. I get angry when I see people I love being done that way, for no reason. I HATE how the adversary gets a hold over them by these wicked people’s words. People afflict others with their judgments, afflictions that eventually can cause a need for psychotropic drugs , and then they ridicule them for taking the drug! Self-righteousness and general haughtiness and superiority are sicknesses that people feed on.

Our portion this week is VaYikra [Lev] 25-26, and is very prophetic, concerning this very thing. One of the reasons, probably the MAIN reason this world is about to undergo severe judgement is because of the lack of compassion in humans for other humans. It now permeates every facet of our society, and is promoted in all our media and entertainment. And the religious people are sometimes the worst.

I fully believe in keeping all His commandments, that are applicable today [priesthood and temple commands do not apply, a vast majority of the whole]. I encourage and teach people to do so [Matt 5:19]. But, I also strive to love, and do so very deeply, to my own peril at times, and encourage and cajole and try to teach others to do so.

I do NOT long to see God punish this world. But, what I DO long for is for His Son Yeshua to bring His Bride unto Himself. To wed Her. Every morning I wind my tzit-tzit around my finger while remembering His betrothal to us, to me. [Hoseah 2], longing for the day that I will see the ONE who will bring TRUE compassion into this world. Sadly, those who do not WANT His compassion and right rule in their lives now, may be on the other side of His Sword. THAT is why I attempt to declare His Righteousness so much. Because I want as many as can be ‘saved’ from that destruction to do so.It amazes me how so few people care to look into His Ways, and simply turn a deaf ear to His instructions, defend mankind’s perversion of them, ignore them, or flout them altogether. To the religious people who follow man’s ways, Yeshua says:

“Woe to you, ….. you hypocrites! For you take tenth-parts [tithes] …. and you have overlooked the more important matters of the TORAH, such as JUSTICE, COMPASSION, and ABSOLUTE TRUST. These [tithes] were necessary for you to have done, without having left the others [JUSTICE, COMPASSION, and ABSOLUTE TRUST] undone. ….. from the outside you appear to men to be righteous ones, but from within you are full of iniquity and hypocrisy….. you serpents, and seed of scorpions! How can you flee from the judgment of Gehinom?”

“VaYikra”, [Leviticus], means “And HE CALLED”. And this book is the bulk of the mode of worshipping God. For priests AND for the community. And this week’s portion is SO PROPHETIC, and within it lies the ‘keys’ to the timing of Yeshua’s return, when He will DESTROY the wicked people. We are SO CLOSE to the time when He will cause the lukewarm to choose a side. Hint, if you’re comfortable, you will likely choose the wrong side.

I love people. Even though most of them are very difficult to be around in any truth. I write these things incessantly because of the dire need for true SALVATION in Yeshua to become IMPORTANT in our society, though I know it never will again. Today’s popular ‘gospel’ is watered down, weak, and at best a distraction from ABSOLUTE TRUST.

People are LOST. They pursue sex [usually perversions of pure relationships, including fornication, adultery, and then the less common homosexuality; but, the religious who commit sexual sins point the finger at the less common in their hypocrisy] money, popularity, a place in society, a reputation. They seek happiness in things of this world. In religious circles they pursue their own brand of ‘righteousness’, are haughty, self-righteous, and ignorant of His Word; they follow MEN. “I follow Luther,”, “I follow Calvin”, “I follow Pope”, “I follow Spurgeon”, “I follow Wesley”, “I follow Rabbis”, and they hate anyone who doesn’t do it their way, or offer allegiance to THEIR doctrine.

Welp, NOT I! I FOLLOW MESSIAH YESHUA, my ONE Rabbi. Yeshua said, “My doctrine is NOT my own, but His who SENT ME.” The CREATOR’s DOCTRINE/TEACHING is HIS WORD. ALL of it. The Torah is the FOUNDATION OF IT [Eph 2:19-21]. And mankind IGNORES it. NULLIFIES it. DENEGRATES it, calling it the ‘law of sin.’ THE PROPENSITY TO BREAK HIS WORD is the law of sin. His Torah is HOLY, and JUST, and GOOD.

“What shall we say then? Is the Torah sin? What profanity!” Rom 7:7″I find therefore that the Torah agrees with my CONSCIENCE, WHEN I WISH TO DO GOOD!!!! but evil is always near, distracting me. For I DELIGHT in the Torah of Elohim [God the Creator] after the inward man; but I see ANOTHER ‘law’ in my members, warring against the Torah in my mind, and it makes me a captive to the impetus of sin which is in my members. O wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me from this mortal body?” Rom 7:21-24

It is the impetus to sin that is in the flesh from which Messiah sets us free….

We must align our hearts with HIS WHOLE WORD. The easy things [tithe, sabbath, feasts of HIS making], AND the harder things, which so few are doing [justice, compassion, and absolute trust].

My compassion is being directed in my prayers to those who are being deceived by the glamor of sin. Being told by this world that their sin is ‘okay’, that God loves who you are. No. God loves what HE made you to be, and has offered you freedom from what this world and your flesh is making you, that is different from HIS DESIGN. The enemy truly is devouring this generation. This morning, I read Ps. 86, and it rang like bells in my head in response to my prayers for myself, and then for those who are weak in their faith, bereft of faith, or bereft of the knowledge of the LOVE of GOD in Messiah Yeshua and His Torah.

I scream like a crazy man because I see the time is very near that everyone will face the judgement.

“Therefore, strengthen your feeble hands and your failing knees, and make straight the paths for your feet [Torah], so that the member which is lame may not suffer, but be healed..”

“Now Adoneinu [Our Master] Yeshua HaMashi’akh Himself, and Elohim, even Avinu [Our Father], who has loved us and has given us everlasting consolation and good hope through His compassion, comfort your hearts and strengthen you in every good word and work.”

“O, that My People would HEAR ME”

“My children, let no man deceive you; he who DOES tzedaka [righteous works] is righteous, just as Mashi’akh is righteous. He who commits sin [breaks Torah, 1 Jo 3:4] is of HaSatan, because HaSatan has been a sinner from the beginning. For this purpose Ben HaElohim [The Son of G-d] appeared, that He might destroy the WORKS of HaSatan. Whoever is born of Elohim does not commit sin [break Torah] because Elohim’s seed is in him, and he cannot sin [break Torah], because he is born of Elohim.”

We all break it. The same writer also wrote, “He who says he is without sin [breaking Torah] is a liar, and the truth is not in him.” But, some people completely ignore His Righteous Instructions, and sin on purpose, thinking they need not ‘do’ anything or ‘be’ anything different than they were before He saved them. For salvation, one does not need to do anything but TRUST in the blood of Yeshua, His death, His resurrection. But, if that TRUST is TRUE, that one WILL begin to DO righteous works. Those righteous works are laid out perfectly for us in His INSTRUCTIONS, known as Torah. The English world calls it ‘law’, which stigmatizes the foundation of His HOLY WORD.

Christian brothers, you are ‘bent’ to DO RIGHTEOUS WORKS, if you truly trust. You are indeed saved by your trust alone, but His Ru’akh [spirit/breath] in you compels you to work, if you truly have it in you. You ‘go to church’ [assemble as instructed in the Torah, only, on the wrong day] you ‘tithe’, a command straight out of Deuteronomy, you give, you abstain from theft, murder, sexual perversions.

Those of us who observe His Torah do the SAME THINGS, BUT, we do them in the manner GOD SAID to do them, on the day(s) HE SAID to assemble. We have not ADDED ANYTHING to the Word, nor to our Salvation. We simply offer the sacrifice of obedience, doing the same VERY THINGS YESHUA DID. Obeying and doing what Yeshua SAID and DID.

I need not be convinced that I am saved by trust alone. I have always understood that, and declared that. But, the Word is clear that we are to ‘set ourselves apart’ from this world, and be distinct, and follow G-d and NOT man. The ‘harlot’ of the Revelation is institutional religion, mixing truth with lies. Yeshua, the SAVIOR, is saying, “COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE!”

Do you see that?


Harlotry in that context is RELIGIOUS IMPURITY. “Mixture religion”.

You who ignore the Torah: here are the commands you believe in and practice, I hope:

1. I am your God. My Name is יהוה .

2.You shall have no other gods.

3.You shall not take the Name יהוה in vain.

4. Tithe your ten percent.

5. Honor your father and mother.

6. Do not murder.

7. Do not commit adultery.

8. Do not steal.

9. Do not bear false witness.

10. Do not covet.

Here are the commands WE believe:

1. I am your God. My Name is יהוה .

2. You shall have no other gods.

3. You shall not take the Name יהוה in vain.

4. “Remember Yom HaShabbat [The Sabbath Day], to keep it kadosh [special, distinctly purposeful, ‘holy’]. Six days will you labor, and do all your work; but the SEVENTH day is a Shabbat unto יהוה your Elohim, in it you will not do any manner of work, you, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your man-servant, nor your maid-servant, nor your cattle, nor your stranger that is within your gates; for in SIX DAYS יהוה made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested on the SEVENTH day; therefore יהוה blessed Yom HaShabbat, and hallowed it.

5. Honor your father and mother.

6. Do not murder.

7. Do not commit adultery.

8. Do not steal.

9. Do not bear false witness.

10. Do not covet.

I take my queue from Yeshua:

“And He [Yeshua] came to Natzrat, where he had been brought up; and He entered the Beit K’nesset on Yom HaShabbat, as was His custom…” ~Luke 4:16

If you nullify number 4, or replace it, you nullify all of them.


We keep the SEVENTH DAY because that is what the CREATOR DID HIMSELF! HE first did it to SET THE EXAMPLE.

He TESTED ISRAEL in the desert, and the VERY FIRST THING HE DID was give them the CLOCK of the SABBATH, BEFORE He gave them the written Torah. He used the MANNA to SET the clock of the Sabbath, and to SEE if their ‘hearts were in it”. [Exodus 16]

The Sabbath reminds us of the SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD, and of the POWER OF HIS CREATION. The FACT of His creating the world in POWER in SIX 24 hour days. Nullifying it has caused mankind to forget the creation and the flood, and since mankind did that wholesale, mankind has relegated morality to ‘choice’ of the individual and negated EVERY COMMAND OF GOD.

If you want a RIGHTEOUS AMERICA, REPENT from breaking ALL of His Instruction, and FIX it. RETURN TO HIM. HIS WAYS.

“Yeshua answered, saying, “My doctrine is not mine, but His who sent me. He who desires to do His will can understand if my doctrine is from Elohim, or if I am just speaking of my own accord.” ~ John 7:16-17

“Hear, you children, the instruction of a father, and attend to know understanding. For I give you GOOD DOCTRINE; do not forsake MY Torah.” Prov 4:2

“Do not expect that I have come to nullify the Torah….” Mat 5:17

“Whoever therefore tries to nullify even ONE of these smallest mitzvot [ Torah commands ], and teaches men so, he shall be regarded as small in The Kingdom of Heaven; but anyone who observes and teaches them [ Torah commands ], he shall be regarded as great in The Kingdom of Heaven.” Mat 5:19, Yeshua

To REPENT is to TURN TO HIS WAYS. Our protestant forbears began the process, but the dogs are returning to their vomit.

Do YOU have ears?

The following is part of a conversation online about the Sabbath.

The one who responded was very closed-minded, and Anti-Semitic, opposing the use of the Name “Yeshua”, saying it was a made-up name, and NOT in the “OT”. When I proved that the NAME Yeshua IS in the “Old Testament”, MANY TIMES, he then said it was not “Jesus”, so it was not legitimate. When I showed him that “Jesus”, in that form, did not exist until 1711, he then insulted me further, and deleted the thread. On THAT basis, he completely ignored the whole discussion about the Sabbath.

It is SO SAD to me that people are determined NOT to listen to GOD!

There’s an instagram linked below the article, if you’re averse to or do not have time to read….

God does not view every day equal. If you want to ask HIM how HE feels and regards HIS SABBATHS, read His Word. The prophets make it very clear. [There is the weekly. seventh day sabbath, and there are seven other ‘annual sabbaths’.]

We are questioning whether Christians should keep the Sabbath Day. It should not even be a question. The fourth commandmant is, “Remember the Sabbath day, to KEEP it holy.” It was written in stone. With nine other commandments that no one, theoretically, has abrogated.

The opinions of man matter not to me. 

The Sabbath is the Seventh Day. “Shabbat”, the Hebrew word for Sabbath, is the same root word of “SEVEN”.  God gave it, the SEVENTH DAY, to “Adam”, MANKIND. Yeshua is indeed “Master of the Sabbath”. But, He did NOT change it. That means that HE decides what is work on Sabbath and what is not. He decides this by what is written in the Torah. Torah does NOT say not to pick a little grain on the Sabbath if one is hungry, but in fact shows us that life is more important, and mercy trumps judgment. That is when Yeshua declared Himself to be the Master of the Sabbath. He decides our Halakha [how to walk the Torah]. 1 John 2:4 “walk as HE walked” is actually ‘walk His Halakha’, meaning, HE is our Rabbi.

The Sabbath is the day HE, the Creator, rested from His work. And we are to emulate Him. We do so to remember the creation, that we have a creator, and that we are to rest in His rest.

Yeshua kept the Sabbath day, worshipping His Father in the Synagogue on the Seventh Day. We are further to emulate Him. “Imitate me, as I imitate Messiah” [Paul said]. Sha’ul/Paul continued to keep the Sabbath for the rest of his life. He taught the JEWISH CUSTOMS to gentiles, too. [ 1Cor 11:2, 2 Thes 2:15, 3:6].

People are posting comments like, “God doesn’t care, worship every day, allow the LORD to teach you,’ ‘we start our weeks worshipping, not ending’…. all of these are statements of MEN. Though they say ‘follow the LORD,’ they ingore HIS WORD on the matter.

The first century congregations did NOT worship on the 1st day of the week/sunday. They worshipped on the Sabbath. With Jews [Acts 15:21]. They ‘gathered’ at home for fellowship on the 1st day, on SATURDAY NIGHT, as Jews still do to this day. [Acts 21, seen again in 1 Cor 16:2]. At the weekly “Havdallah” service on Motza’ei Shabbat [ distinction at the departure of the Sabbath], we take up offerings for the needs of congregants. This is SATURDAY NIGHT, at the beginning of the Biblical week. This does NOT move the Creator’s Seventh Day, nor nullify His command to observe it, in any way. Just because many have, does not mean it is right to move it.

NOWHERE in SCRIPTURE does anyone change the Sabbath. It is historical fact that Constantine is the one who changed it, 300 years later. “Let us NO LONGER worship with that odious people, the Jews, but let us HENCEFORTH worship on the glorious day of the SUN”, to align with his continued pagan worship of Mithras, his sun-god.

God’s ‘feelings’ about the Sabbath are made clear in Exodus 20, Deut 5, and in the prophets. Including that HE wants even the GENTILES to enjoy His Sabbath [Is 56:3]. He tells us through the prophets that we will keep ALL His Sabbaths [regular weekly Sabbaths, and 7 annual Sabbaths] during the millenial reign of Messiah for 1,000 years [Zech 14, Isaiah 56:6-8, 66:22-24, et al]. Why would he ‘nullify’ it now? He would not.

Let me be clear, I am NOT saying one is not saved if they do not keep it. But, one robs himself of the blessing GOD gave the Sabbath at the very beginning. And, one is least in the kingdom for ignoring His commands, including the Sabbath assembly. [Matt 5:19].  To be great in His Kingdom, one must observe the Torah. It is NOT a salvation issue, but it is an obedience issue.

The verse cited ‘one man observes a day’ from Romans, is concerning pagans, who clung to their faith, and continued to abstain from FOODS on certain days [fish on friday origins], and has NOTHING to do with Sabbath. And, he simply says for us not to judge one another. I do not judge anyone by simply pointing out what the Word says. But, NOTHING in the Word moves His Sabbath to the first day. Sha’ul defended his Sabbath observance under the threat of death before KINGS  and JUDGES. He did not perjure himself. He was still a Sabbath and Feast observant Jew for his WHOLE life, as were all the others. 


The world we live in is SO fractious. It seems everything, at one point or another, divides. Families, friends, congregations, companies, teams; it just seems to be the nature of things.

I was thinking this morning about all the many, many people that have been in and out of my life. Most of the ones who are now out are out due mainly to people just living life, moving on to the next phase. But, sadly, some are out because they wanted me out of their lives. Very few are out by my choice.

I am usually the one reaching out. Several times in my life, that innate feature within me has actually contributed to division with those who like to shut themselves out, and/or be fake. I’ve learned to temper my exuberance for friendship. The other day, a dear friend who moved away to a new job two years ago, who had become my very close neighbor for about a month or so after we moved into our current home, messaged me to inquire about something biblical, and also just to say ‘hello.’ It was so very good to hear from him.

I have messaged a few people over the years, who have not been very responsive. I’m ‘friends’ with people on facebook who never ‘communicate’. And I understand many do not like to. But, I genuinely am interested in people. In their wellbeing, in their thoughts. Maybe I’m weird. I have always been picked on, shunned/marginalized, then bullied, then just ignored, and then, after coming to serve Messiah whole-heartedly, persecuted and/or avoided. I lost a job last year, and while COVID was the contributing ‘excuse’, I am certain part of it was anti-Semitism and personal resentment. I was lied about, and someone who knew the truth of it kept quiet in front of me, and I suspect probably supported the lie behind my back.

I spend most of my days, when I’m not busy in work or writing, rejoicing in His Word through music, praying, or just enjoying my wife’s company. But, occasionally, I think about these things. I have a memory that is ‘long in the tooth,’ and do not forget much. And I often think of people who I haven’t seen in years. But, I rarely reach out anymore, because I find most, even relatives, not to be very responsive/reciprocal.

In pondering this today while sitting in our garden, I went to the coming Kingdom in my mind, and it dawned on me: there will be NO ONE there who I do not love! And NO ONE there will not love me! All the ‘undercurrent’ of wicked thinking, selfishness, judgment/condemnation, will be gone. We will ALL be like “Netanel”/Nathaniel: one in whom their is NO guile. No deceit; nothing to hide! We will all live in the love of Messiah Yeshua, with Him as our king, and He will rule the earth by The Torah. We will ALL keep the Sabbath, and ALL the feasts of יהוה , from Pesakh to Sukkot, for which I am currently shunned and avoided for keeping and promoting, and NONE of the man-made feasts that most people observe today, for which I am shunned for not observing.

I cannot WAIT! First of all, to SEE Messiah Yeshua, the man, my SAVIOR! To meet the Patriarchs! Ya’akov, Moshe, Melekh David, Dani’el. To meet the Shilkhim [apostles], especially Yokhanan, and Sha’ul. To see my parents and grandparents again, and meet some of my forebears. And ALL the very KIND people whom I have met over the years and with whom I have had too little time to fellowship.

I despise the hate that is boiling in this earth right now. I despise all the division. It was divided when Yeshua was here, and they marginalized Him, shunned Him, persecuted Him, and finally executed Him. But, because of the JOY that was set before Him, He endured it all, for our sakes. And those of us who ENDURE, who have “nitzakhon” through trusting in His blood, confessing Him, and obeying His Torah, have that SAME joy set before us. And I long for Him to be revealed. All the fractious, divisive behavior in this earth is one sure sign He is getting ever closer to coming to get us. And I. CANNOT. WAIT!!!!