I am not a ‘date setter’, but GOD IS! HE has a day ALREADY SCHEDULED! He does not tell us EXACTLY WHEN it is, but HE DOES TELL US we WILL be able to see it when it is near, even “AT THE DOOR”. We are SO CLOSE to the door, I think I see the key under the mat!

This morning is Omer Arbah, the fourth day of the Omer.

On “Coffee With Yeshua”, our wednesday morning instagram, I explained the Omer a bit. the link to that video is below this article.

The Omer is a ‘mini yovel’, a cycle of fifty. It alludes to THE Yovel cycle of mankind.

There are 120 yovel cycles in the “World Week”, a 6,000 year period of three 2,000 year cycles: Two days for Adam, two days for Israel, two days for Messiah. This is an ancient JEWISH concept called “World Week”. Each day is 1,000 years long, just like Kefa [Peter] explains in 2 Pet 3:8. We have been in the TWO DAYS for MESSIAH for nearly 2,000 years!

The video below on instagram is a brief explanation of the Omer count, and it references this article published here back in December of 2019 concerning Yovel.


So, Tzilah and I were discussing this yesterday, in relation to the previous week’s parasha, and out of our discussion bubbles the realization that the math is off a bit.  Yeshua would have ‘started’ His ministry in 27 AD, at 30 years old, having been born in 3 BC.  This would put the 40 years of khesed and khen, time for Yisra’el to do Teshuvah, from 27AD to 67AD, which is when Rome’s attack on Yerushalayim began.  I’ve fixed the article below to reflect this.  I had written this in haste one morning, and the math played tricks on me.  The Yovel in 27AD would make the next Yovel in our time be 2027, a mere seven years away.  Are we possibly about to enter the last sh’mitah cycle of mankind, the last opportunity to ‘forgive’, to learn compassion? [the cycle would be relative to Yom Teru’ah, in the fall of 2020]


A new chapter has begun in the life of our family.  The old one closed pretty much just before Khanukah, just before we lit lights to celebrate the conception of Yeshua in this darkest time of year.  “Perek” means chapter, and is a representation of my surname.  And this year, our family is praying for ‘newness’ of life, and for ‘liberty’.  We are starting a new ‘chapter’ in our lives, and we are welcoming it joyfully.

Since my memories go back so far, all the way to just before my fourth birthday, and I began learning scriptures at that early age in the historic Penfield church in Georgia, this year is looking to be a ‘yovel’ for us.

A Yovel is the fiftieth year of a cycle of years called “Sh’mita” years.  Yovel is a ram’s horn, from which they make the shofar, which is blasted on Yom Kippur of the Yovel year.  We are told a Yovel blew at Har Sinai [Shemot 19].  There is a 49 year cycle where every seventh year, the land lies dormant, giving the land itself a ‘sabbath’ [7th] rest for a year, a year of ‘release’.  In the fiftieth year, after the seventh ‘sh’mita’ cycle, there is another year, called a year of ‘liberty’, making a back to back sabbath year for two years.  “Yovel” is known to most as Jubilee.  In this year, a Shofar is blown, and there is a proclamation throughout all the land: דְּרוֹר .  There is a linguistic link in this word, ‘d’ror’, ‘liberty,’ to one of my favorite scriptures:

“[The] Ru’akh of Adonai יהוה is upon me; because יהוה has anointed me to bring good tidings unto the humble; He has sent me to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the eyes that are bound; to proclaim the year of the good pleasure of יהוה ….”

One of the reasons that this scripture is so special to me is because Yeshua read this passage in the Beit K’nesset in Natzrat, His home town, before his family and the friends with whom he had grown up.  I was contemplating all of this just this previous first day of the week, and began writing this blog.  And then, by mid morning, I began to read the parasha for the week, and realized this passage of Yeshua’s visit to His home town synagogue was our Brit Khadashah portion for the week.  In the Yesha-Yahu 61:1-2a portion, which Yeshua read from at the Bimah in Natzrat, the word there for ‘liberty’ is also ‘dror’, as in the Yovel passage, where a year of ‘liberty’ is declared, since Yeshua was reading this very passage.  Yeshua declared this ‘liberty’ in His synagogue in Natzrat.  Prophetically, I have been looking for the ‘benchmark’ of the biblical Yovel cycle for about twelve years now.  Scholars differ on when the last Yovel cycle of the land of Yisra’el would have been. Some have said 67AD, some have said 70AD, and there are other ideas, but those are the two I’ve been waffling between a bit, but leaning toward the latter.  The reason that I have searched for it for so long, is that years ago, while studying the Hitgalut [Revelation], I was praying and asking Abba to show me just a bit as to how close we might be to Messiah’s return and the restoration of all things.  I determined that there must be a prophecy timepiece, a ‘key’.  And then I read VaYikra 25-26.  I ‘saw’ the Hitgalut in there!  The Yovel cycle leaped out at me.  “Time” in the scriptures had already come to mean a lot.  I had already concluded that there are 6,000 years reserved for mankind, and a 7th “Shabbat” Millennium when Yeshua would rule on earth.  I was wondering if we could get closer to knowing when the Shabbat Rest of Messiah Yeshua, the last Millennium, would start. I started doing basic math, and realized these facts:

A Yovel is a 50 year cycle

In a 6000 year period, there would be 120 Yovel cycles

Abba told No’akh “I have numbered man’s days to 120 years”

A Yovel is a figurative timeframe; there is an unfolding of time.  There are ‘weeks of years’, etc.

From 70 AD to 2020 AD there would be 39 Yovel cycles, so 2020 would mark the beginning of a 40th Yovel from the destruction of the Temple.

40 is the number of judgment: the rains lasted for 40 days and 40 nights, Yisra’el wandered in the desert for 40 years, Torah’s limit of 40 lashes with the whip for punishment, 40 years of Philistine control, Yeshua fasted for 40 days, etc etc.

To me, this pointed to 2020 as a ‘possible’ yovel year, given that the Yovel not kept comes with a promise of judgment, and given that there are 39 cycles from 70AD to 2020.  The 40th would be 2070, but I can’t see how our current state of mankind and prophecy could last that long.  It could, but I just struggle believing it will.  So, 2020 is still a possible demarcation of the Yovel cycle, IF 70 AD was indeed the last one.  Which is how I leaned for years.  These days, I am not so certain, even though 2020 is upon us, and the ‘signs of the times’ do seem to be quickening these days.  It could all turn so fast.  But, there still seems to be ‘too much’ to be fulfilled before the fall of 2020.  And, there is no real biblical reason to believe that 70 AD was a Yovel year, other than the destruction of the Temple.  Yeshua did predict that.  But, He predicted the destruction of the Temple in the last year of His ministry, just before His execution.  He said that the generation of that day would see its destruction.  That was a warning.  That would be only 40 years before 70 AD.  There should have been a forty year cycle, a generation!  A biblical ‘generation’ is 40 years.  It would seem that Yeshua would have given Yisra’el forty years to repent from the time He first stood and declared, “Repent!”.  A whole ‘generation’.  If He started His ministry and declaration for ‘teshuvah’ in 27AD, then it was forty years before Rome sacked Yerushalayim in 67AD.

In the times of Yirme-Yahu, Yisra’el, which at that time was Yehudah and the return of the remnant of the 10 northern tribes, our Jewish people, was about to be punished for not keeping the Torah.  One of the sins that יהוה punished Yisra’el for, that is called out in this Navi’s book, is that of not keeping the Sh’mitah and Yovel cycles.  One of the great things about those cycles is the lesson of compassion.  It is not just about giving the land rest, nor of relieving debt, but about learning to trust יהוה , and learning to demonstrate compassion to those in bondage.   So many people today do not want to learn compassion.  Especially among “Messianic” people who are bent on punishing people for ‘their’ infractions, which usually end up not being Torah infractions at all.  The Yovel cycle calls to mind the same sins in Yisra’el that Elohim punished them for in sending them into captivity into Bavel.  After Yeshua’s day, when they had been visited by Adon HaKavod, they refused to repent, and would not accept Messiah Yeshua as their Moshiah.  For those 37 years, they chased, persecuted, and killed the Kadosh ones, the Khasidim, those who trusted in Messiah and obeyed the Torah.  At the end of those 37 years, their spirit of “Mashi’akh HaSheker,” their מִתְנַגֵּד הַמָּשִׁיחַ spirit, ‘against Messiah’, was punished, and their Temple was destroyed.  And their religious life became a ruin.  They were scattered.   As predicted by Yeshua.  But, that was only 37 years after Yeshua predicted it.  However, perhaps the benchmark of the Yovel has been hiding under our noses all the while.   Yeshua declares a Yovel in our parashah this week! And this was FORTY years exactly before 67 AD!  A ‘generation,’ time enough to warn of impending judgment.

“[The] Ru’akh of Adonai יהוה is upon me; because יהוה has anointed me to bring good tidings unto the humble; He has sent me to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the eyes that are bound; to proclaim the year of the good pleasure of יהוה ….”  The yovel year was indeed the “good pleasure of יהוה …”

Who better to ‘declare’ the Yovel than Yeshua the Messiah? Especially since it came with His anointing, miracles, and His declaration and warning: “The time has come to an end, and Malkhut HaElohim is at hand; repent, and trust in HaB’sorah.”  He spoke these words just days before entering the Beit K’nesset at Natzrat and declaring Yesha-Yahu 61:1-2’s declaration of “D’ror”, Liberty!  The Yovel? !

In the Hebrew, “likro lishvu’im dror’, gets rendered as ‘declare liberty for the captives’ in many translations.  This is not wrong.  However, there may be a hint in that middle word: sh’vu’im.  The root word is very similar to the root for “seven/shabbat”, which would be what the seventh year of the cycle is called.  And the Yesha-Yahu verse finishes with another declaration, the “Year of the Will [good will/favor] of  יהוה .” But, more importantly, the idea of ‘dror’ and ‘good will’ being declared by Yeshua Himself in this first year of His ministry, is very telling, considering that the clock of mankind ‘revolves’ around Him.  If he was born in 3 or 4 BC, then either 27 or 26 AD could have been the year He stood and read this passage.  I tend to believe it was 3 BC, which would make our year of this ‘declaration’ 27AD.  Yeshua then says, after reading this ‘good news,’ “Today, this scripture is fulfilled in your ears..”  If this is the case, then exactly 40 years later Rome sacked Yerushalayim.  Forty years is the year of judgment in many scriptures/events of precedent.  This forty years would have been an opportunity for Yisra’el to do teshuvah, which we know that only a remnant did, by returning to Elohim, and trusting in Messiah and not in their own Tzedaka.  For forty years, starting with Messiah Himself, the B’sorah was declared and the Messianic community grew, and only the Messianic community fled Jerusalem before Rome shut it in in 67AD, forty years after Yeshua’s declaration of Yovel, until its destruction in 70AD.  If this is the case, then 2027 may be a very interesting year, as that would be the next biblical Yovel, if my math is right.  It may have been a Sabbath just before or after Yom Teru’ah or Yom Kippur when Yeshua stood and read, and ‘declared’ what looks strikingly like a Yovel.  Would not it make sense that Messiah start His ministry with the official declaration of Yovel, “D’ror”, and that it coincide with the actual clock of scripture?  And would it not then make sense that as soon as His Messianic ministry started, and the opposition of it, that forty years later, the time of judgment, the Temple would be destroyed, and all the punishments for breaking the Yovel would be meted out on Yisra’el?  It is certainly something to consider more deeply.  And it would be further sensible to see that there would be exactly 40 Yovels of time between Yeshua’s declaration and 2027, which ‘could’ mark the 6,000 year mark of the time appointed for man.

As my family and I enter into this time of ‘release,’ ‘freedom’, great joy, we will certainly be contemplating these things more deeply.  Khanukah is a good place to start, too.  So, may the approach to both 2020 and 2030 be rife with introspection and preparation of hearts.

Shalom to all, and Khanukah Same’akh!


Truth In Resurrection

Timeline of Yeshua’s Pesakh and Resurrection

Most of the world sees the Messiah as having been executed on Friday afternoon, put in the grave that evening, and then rising from the dead on Sunday morning. This is simply not true, and does not match what Yeshua said would happen, nor what is recorded.

Yeshua prophesied twice concerning His time in the grave, at least according to what is recorded in scripture:

“For as Yonah was in the great fish’s belly three days and three nights, so Ben HaAdam will be in the heart of the earth, three days and three nights.” Matt 12:40

“Then He began to teach them that Ben HaAdam would have to suffer a great deal and be rejected by the elders and the chief Kohanim and the Sofrim, and be killed, and rise again on the third day.” Mar 8:31

A good Jewish person knows that a prophet must predict what comes to pass, and that it must come to pass as the prophet spoke, or he was not to be feared as a prophet. Yeshua was RIGHT, and they DID fear Him, before AND after His execution!

But, our Jewish people were already walking in error. The Pharisees held and still hold their Pesakh Seders on the 15th evening of the first month, “Nisan”. The scriptures instruct us to have our Seders on the 14th evening, which is what Yeshua did. He was arrested that night, tried, convicted and executed on Wednesday morning/afternoon, and put in the grave at sundown that evening. He was thus in the grave the THREE DAYS and THREE NIGHTS that He predicted, Wed night, Thur night, Fri night, Thur day, Fri day, and Sat day. He arose after sundown on SATURDAY NIGHT. Here are the scriptures that tell us this:

“In the evening of the Shabbat, when the first of the week began, there came Miryam of Magdala and the other Miryam, to see the tomb.” Mat 28:1

“And when Shabbat had ended, Miryam of Magdala and Miryam the mother of Ya’akov and Salome bought spices, that they might come and anoint Him.” Mar 15:1

“And at the beginning of the week, before dawn, while it was still dark, they came to the tomb and brought the spices which they had prepared; and there were with them other women.” Luk 24:1

“At the beginning of the week, very early while it was still dark, Miryam of Magdala came to the tomb; and she saw that the stone was removed from the tomb.” Jo 20:1

Each of these scriptures show that Yeshua rose from the dead LATE SATURDAY NIGHT, as they all arrived BEFORE morning and He had ALREADY been out of the grave.

The notion that Yeshua died late on Friday afternoon and spent ‘three days and three nights’ in the grave from Friday night to Sunday morning is preposterous. I have heard people’s feeble excuses and horrible counting methods to try to justify the tradition of men. If Yeshua did not fulfill His own words, then He is not Messiah.  

YESHUA ALSO clears up the argument about the timing of the First Omer, the First of the Firstfruits:

VaYikra 23:10

you shall bring the Omer Reishit of your [barley] harvest unto the kohen. 11And he shall wave the omer before  יהוה , to be accepted for you; on the morrow after the Shabbat the kohen shall wave it. מִמָּחֳרַת הַשַּׁבָּת

the ONLY reason Pesakh Shevah is on Shabbat this year, is because Pesakh fell on Sat night…


8And you shall bring a karban of fire unto  יהוה  seven days; in the seventh day is a Mikra Kodesh; you shall do no manner of regular work’.”

The Omer is timed ON הַשַּׁבָּת


The ONLY “HIGH SABBATH” ACTUALLY called a Sabbath by SCRIPTURE is Yom Kippur!

Yeshua IS the FIRST OMER, 

וַהֲבֵאתֶם אֶת עֹמֶר רֵאשִׁית

וְהֵנִיף אֶת הָעֹמֶר לִפְנֵי יהוה

Yeshua appeared BEFORE יהוה and WAS the WAIVE SHEAF OFFERING on the FIRST DAY of the week, the day after Shabbat Matzot!

The Pharisees not only celebrate/d Pesakh wrong, having their Seder on the 15th, but they had ALSO MOVED the first Omer to the day after THEIR “High Sabbath”, which was WRONG….

THEIR High Sabbath was actually the SECOND DAY of the Pesakh week! Abba said that the 14th day is Pesakh AND the first day of eating Matzot, AND THUS a “MIKRA KODESH”, what LATER became a High Sabbath to the P’rushim.

In Yeshua’s week of suffering, they held their Seder on Wed night… the SECOND night of Pesakh week, and THAT was the beginning of THEIR ‘High Sabbath’ [NOT G-d’s prescribed Mikra Kodesh]. So, for them, that year, the Pharisee’s FIRST OMER was THURSDAY night to FRIDAY evening. Thus, they DID NOT WAIVE HIS FIRST OMER. THUS, THEY FURTHER DID NOT RECOGNIZE YESHUA, the FIRSTFRUITS from among the dead!

The Pharisee First Omer moves. The ACTUAL first Omer is ALWAYS on the FIRST DAY of the week, AFTER Shabbat Matzot, the REGULAR SABBATH of the Pesakh week, just as it was in Yeshua’s fulfillment of these prophetic days.

Yes, Yehudah, Yeshua DID Keep the Pesakh on His Last Night!

Yeshua Kept The Pesakh Seder!

Yeshua’s Pesakh

There are those who question whether or not Yeshua kept His Seder the night before the Pharisees kept theirs. They tend to focus their argument in the book of Yokhanan, as his is very vague in the timing. Yokhanan wrote his gospel very late, after all the ‘synoptic’ gospels were written. It seems he did not so much do an obvious timeline, other than mentioning all the feasts repeatedly. He focused on the feasts, in fact, in recounting the B’sorah, and deditcated much of his account to the Pesakh itself, starting in chapter 13 and going all the way through chapter 20.

The synoptic gospels do give us a timeline. A very detailed one. But, we have to mete it out, comparing each account, in order to understand fully the events. 

I wish I had time to dedicate to an exhaustive study of it, but will do my best to present our argument, without detailing the other argument, as I’m certain you already have that.

Below this article is a table I made long ago to track all the verses about the timing of Pesakh. [you might copy/paste into landscape to make it arrange better.]

Basically, what we end up with is this:

Yeshua went into Jerusalem on day 10 of the first Khodesh [Nisan], to be inspected by the Rabbis as the Pesakh [Lamb]. 

When Pesakh/Matzot [interchangeable terms for the whole SEVEN days] was approaching, which is Erev 14 of the khodesh, in THREE accounts [a matter shall be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses] the Talmidim asked Yeshua, “WHERE DO YOU WANT TO EAT THE PESAKH?”

Right away, this destroys the argument that Yeshua did NOT EAT the PESAKH, simply because the Rabbis ate theirs on the 15th as they still do today. If Yeshua did not have a Pesakh the night before, the Talmidim LIED in our gospels. 

The table starts in these chapters, when dealing with the timing of Pesakh: Matai 21, Yokhanan Markos 11, Luka 19, Yokhanan 12.  From there to the verses I will start with is detailed the four days of the inspection of the Lamb Yeshua from Erev 01/10 UP TO 01/14. If you go BEYOND EREV 01/14, that would be a FIVE DAY inspection of the Lamb, when Shemot CLEARLY says UP UNTIL [and not into] day 14 [Shemot 12:3, 6]: that’s days 10, 11, 12 and 13. I hope you can see this is what is occuring in those chapters by the table at the bottom.

From there, the verses I will focus on first are these:

Matai: 26:17-20

Yokhanan Markos: 14:12-18

Luka: 22:1, 7-8, 13-16

Yokhanan 13:1-2, 29

In Matai, We have these statements:

On the first day of Matzot, the Talmidim came up to Yeshua and said to Him, “Where do you wish that we may prepare the Pesakh for you to eat?”  And He said to them, “Go into the city to a certain man, and say to him, ‘Adoneinu says, ‘My time has come, I will observe the Pesakh with my Talmidim at your house.””  [Not in the Temple or with the Pharisees on the 15th night] And His Talmidim did as Yeshua had commanded them; and they prepared the Pesakh. [Lamb to eat]  20And when it was evening, He was reclining [eating the Pesakh] with his twelve Talmidim.  21And while they were eating [the Pesakh they had prepared for Him] He said, “Truly I say to you that one of you will betray me.” 

In Yokhanan Markos, the wording is tricky for modern Jews because of the Rabbinic teachings hammered into their minds, but, it is actually very simple and clear:

On the first day of Matzot [a SEVEN DAY period BEGINNING on the Evening of the 14th, Shemot 12:15, and going up UNTO the 21st, meaning evenings 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20] , on which the Yehudim [lay people, not P’rushim] sacrifice the Pesakh [lamb], His Talmidim said to Him, “Where do you wish that we go and prepare the Pesakh for you[Yeshua] to eat?”  And He sent two of His Talmidim, and said to them, “Go to the city, and behold, you will meet a man carrying a vessel of water; follow him.  And wherever he enters, say to the owner of the house, ‘Our master says, ‘Where is the guest chamber where I [Yeshua] may eat the Pesakh with my Talmidim?”  And he will show you a large upper room furnished and prepared; there make ready for us.” And His Talmidim went out and came to the city,  and  they found just as He had told them; and they prepared the Pesakh.  And when it was evening [14th], He came with His twelve. And when they were reclining and eating [the Pesakh Lamb they had prepared], Yeshua said, “Truly I say to you, one of you who eats with me will betray me.”  

Luka’s account is slightly more detailed, and gives is Seder details very specifically:

Now Khag HaMatzot which is called the Pesakh was at hand.7Then the day of Matzot came, on which it was the custom to kill the Pesakh lamb. [14th] 8So Yeshua sent Kefa and Yokhanan, and said to them, “Go and prepare the Pesakh for us to eat.”  9They said to Him, “Where do you wish us to prepare?”  10He said to them, “Behold, when you enter the city, you will meet a man carrying a waterskin; follow him. And wherever he enters, 11say to the Adon of the house, ‘Adoneinu says, ‘Where is the guest room where I may eat the Pesakh with my Talmidim?”  12And behold, he will show you an upper room, large and furnished; there make ready.”  13And they went and found it just as He had said to them; and they prepared the Pesakh14And when it was time, Yeshua came and sat down, and the twelve Shlikhim with Him.  15And He said to them, “I have greatly desired to eat this Pesakh [which they had already prepared] with you before I suffer; 16for I say to you that henceforth I will not eat it until it is fulfilled in Malkhut HaElohim.”  17 [Not in Aramaic Peshitta and other early texts] 18 [Not in Aramaic Peshitta and other early texts] 19And He took bread and gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them and said, “This is my body, which is given for your sake; this do in remembrance of me.”  20And likewise also He took the cup, after they had eaten supper [the Pesakh Lamb they had already prepared], and He said, “This is the cup of the Brit Khadashah in my blood, which is shed for you.”

So, in all of these witnesses, they prepared AND ATE the Pesakh, the Talmidim and Yeshua together. Nothing could be more plain!!!!!

Yokhanan does not give us these details again, as he was the last to write, and knew that three others had already done so. The ONLY thing he says about the timing of the MEAL he details in FIVE CHAPTERS is two verses: verse 1-2:

1Now before Khag HaPesakh, Yeshua knew the hour had come to depart from this world to His Father. He loved His own who were in this world, and He loved them to the end.  2When supper ended, HaSatan put into the heart of Yehudah Ben Shimon of Sekharyotah, to betray Him. 

They say that this supper was BEFORE the Khag. THAT is eisegesis, reading INTO the text what one wants to read. The ONLY thing that happened BEFORE the Khag was that Yeshua KNEW His execution was at hand. THAT’S IT! To say the following supper was BEFORE the Khag is IRRESPONSIBLE and BAD LIP READING.

Especially given the fact that at that supper, Yehudah BETRAYED Yeshua. We ALREADY saw in all three previous accounts that Yehudah betrayed Him AT THE PESAKH they had prepared and WERE EATING. How can we ignore three other witnesses to interpet this passage which clearly does not give us a timeline?

Further, they say that the Talmidim thought He sent Yehudah out to buy Matzot for the Khag, thus, the bread they were eating at that supper was not Matzot. Well, they needed Matzot for SIX MORE DAYS, the total seven days of eating Matzot. It was NOT because they were not yet eating it! Further, we KNOW the ACTUAL reason He sent him out anyway. This, too, is eisegesis.

I know the very weak argument some make. They use verse 19 from the Luka account, and verse 13:29 from Yokhanan to assert that Yeshua didn’t eat Matzot, simply because Luka’s account, from the GREEK, used ‘artos’, and they assert this is only leavened bread. Not so. But, you know that we use the Aramaic as primary. The word here in the Aramaic/Hebrew is “Lekhem”, which does indeed mean ‘bread’. But, Matzot is INDEED BREAD! Yeshua is Lekhem HaKhayim [bread of life], which He declared at Pesakh the year before [Yokh 6] and HE is CERTAINLY UNLEAVENED. Further, D’varim 16 calls the Matzot of Pesakh, “לֶחֶם עֹנִי” , the “BREAD of Affliction.”

The P’rushim Rabbis have seemed altogether to ignore D’varim 16:

1“Observe the Khodesh of The Aviv, and keep the Pesakh unto  יהוה  your Elohim; for in the Khodesh of The Aviv,  יהוה  your Elohim brought you forth out of Mitzrayim by night. 2And you shall sacrifice the Pesakh offering unto  יהוה  your Elohim, of the flock and the herd, in the place which  יהוה  shall choose to cause His Name to dwell there. 3You shall eat no khametz with it; seven days [not nine, as the Rabbis teach] shall you eat Matzot therewith, even the bread of affliction;  [Matzot IS BREAD/ARTOS] for in haste did you come forth out of the land of Mitzrayim; that you may remember the day when you came forth out of the land of Mitzrayim all the days of your life. 4And there shall be no khametz seen with you in all your borders seven days; neither shall any of the meat, which you sacrifice the first day at evening, remain all night until the morning. 5You may not sacrifice the Pesakh offering within any of your gates, which  יהוה  your Elohim gives you; 6but at the place which  יהוה  your Elohim shall choose to cause His Name to dwell in, there you shall sacrifice the Pesakh offering at dusk, at the going down of the sun, [CLEARLY NOT at 3:00 PM as the P’rushim did, when Yeshua was EXECUTED BY THEM] at the season that you came forth out of Mitzrayim. 7And you shall roast and eat it in the place which  יהוה  your Elohim shall choose; and you shall turn in the morning, and go unto your tents. 8Six days you shall eat Matzot; and on the seventh day shall be a consecrated assembly to  יהוה  your Elohim; you shall do no work therein.”

So, combining Luka 22:19 and Yokhanan 13:29 is a very, very weak argument. They tie to it the Psalm Yeshua quoted in 13:18, “He who eats bread with me has lifted up his heel against me,” saying this wasn’t Matzah either. But, again, Matzah IS BREAD. True, not all Lekhem is Matzah, but Matzah is yet Lekhem. Further, that verse does not address the bread they ate that night.

What Yeshua said there was: אוֹכֵל לַחְמִי הִגְדִּיל עָלַי עָקֵב

“The one who eats MY BREAD has lifted up his heel against me”. Yeshua’s bread is clearly UNLEAVENED one could argue, and it would be a better argument.

Yokhanan details the meal SO MUCH, without going into the timing of it. But, at the end of the meal, in Chapter 18, they cross the brook. This was on the way to Har HaZetim. THIS is when they sang the Hallel, which is what we ALL do AFTER the Seder!

In the Luka account, it was the ‘cup after supper’ that Yeshua used to declare our redemption in the Renewed Covenant. We all know that is the THIRD CUP of the Seder, the CUP OF REDEMPTION. 

And then they sang the Hallel [Ps 113-118]. We see this in the Matai and Yokhanan Markos accounts:

30And they sang the Hallel, and went out to Har HaZetim. 

26And they sang the Hallel, and went out to Har HaZetim. 

Luka and Yokhanan do not give us that detail, but they BOTH say they went to the Mount:

39And He came out and went away, as it was His custom, to Har Beit HaZetim; and His Talmidim also followed Him.  40And when He arrived at a certain place, He said to them, “Pray that you may not enter into temptation.”

1Yeshua said these things and went out with His Talmidim across the brook Kidron, to a place where there was a garden where He and His Talmidim entered.  2Yehudah the traitor also knew that place, for Yeshua and His Talmidim frequently gathered there.

All of this together shows me that Yeshua kept a Pesakh Seder and then went out to the Mount of Olives. Anything else is irresponsible, and in my view, the spirit of Mashi’akh HaSheker.

Why do people try to twist the scriptures so?

They whitewash this and say it is for unity’s sake. They WANT to be  unified with the Rabbis. These Rabbis executed the King of Glory! THEIR doctrine caused them NOT to SEE their TRUE PESAKH lamb. 

Ever consider why Yeshua did not use the Lamb as “This is my Body?”

Was it because He knew there would shortly come a day when our Jewish people could not kill one in order to observe Pesakh? I think so.

Yeshua had His Seder the NIGHT BEFORE the P’rushim, as the Creator had instructed all Jews in Shemot [Exodus] 12, VaYikra [Lev] 23, and D’varim [Deut] 16. There was NO UNITY in Israel in HIS Day!!!! THAT IS ONE REASON He came when He did!

MANY of the Yehudim kept Pesakh with the Talmidim. Did you notice it was the Talmidim who brought it up: 

On the first day of Matzot, the Talmidim came up to Yeshua and said to Him, “Where do you wish that we may prepare the Pesakh for you to eat?” 

“Where do you wish that we go and prepare the Pesakh for you[Yeshua] to eat?

The Pharisees had cleary violated scripture, MOVED Pesakh to the night of the 15th, as they still do today, and lengthened the season of Matzot to nine days. This all violates SCRIPTURE, and it is NOT what Yeshua did.

I crave unity in His Body, but will not sacrfice truth for the sake of Jews and the Rabbis. I will unite with Yeshua only, and those who will unite with HIM. I think people worship [value/give credence to] the Rabbis a bit, and want them to be right, ‘for the sake of unity’. “Do NOT follow a multitude into error.”

Just because Yeshua had His Seder the night before, does NOT mean that he then could NOT be The Pesakh Lamb, because it is killed at 3:00 pm the next day! THAT lamb was slain IN ERROR, JUST LIKE YESHUA was! “Sin hung Him on the tree!” D’varim 16 CLEARLY shows us the Pesakh was to be killed at DUSK, AT THE GOING DOWN OF THE SUN, on the EVENING OF THE 14TH DAY!  NOT at 3:00 pm on the DAY of the 14th, to eat the lamb on the EVENING/NIGHT of the 15th, as our Jewish people do today.

When are Messianic people going to realize that our beloved Jewish people are blind to His Truth, and have sinned TOGETHER against Messiah, Adon HaKavod, and STILL DO. You CANNOT call someone out of error by getting into error with them.

Yeshua TOOK the authority of the Priesthood from them. HE is our ONE Rabbi. And we will FOLLOW HIM, or be like sheep without a shepherd, which is how most of the believing world is.


21:1Approached Jerusalem11:1Approached Jerusalem19:28,41Toward Jerusalem12:1In Bethany 6 days before Pesakh (not clear if another day passed or not)
21:10entered the city11:11Entered Jerusalem, returned to Bethany19:37From Mt Olives [in Jerusalem]12:12The next day (four days before Pesakh) Entered the city
21:17left to Bethany and spent the night

20:1One of the days

21:18returned to Jerusalem the next morning11:12The next day

22:15Having “gone”11:15Into Jerusalem

22:23On that day

22:46From that day

11:19Evening left the city

11:20Next Morning

13:1Leaves the temple

26:1“it came to pass”13:3On the mount olives

26:2“after two days WILL BE the Passover”14:1And it WAS the Passover, and unleavened bread after two days.

26:6Anointed in Bethany14:3In Bethany (again) anointed, reclining (eating)

26:17Beginning of matzah! “Where do YOU [Yeshua] want to eat the PASSOVER?!”14:12On the first day of MATZAH! When the Pesakh Lamb is sacrificed (Nisan 14). “Where do you want to eat the PASSOVER”!22:1

Matzah approaching!, the one called Pesakh!
Came the DAY OF Matzah, of sacrifice of Paskhal

26:18“I will observe the Passover with my Disciples”.

22:8Prepare for us the PASSOVER13:1before Passover he “knew”
26:19They prepared PASSOVER14:16They prepared THE PASSOVER.22:13Prepared the PASSOVER

26:20Evening, reclining to eat [Passover]14:17,18Evening, reclining and eating22:14-16Will not eat it AGAIN until the kingdom comes!
And while eating, He said “I have Desired to eat THIS PASSOVER [which they were eating]

Supper taking place
Buy for holiday unleavened bread coming up!
26:30Sung Hallel, Passover custom! Went to Mount Olive14:26Sung Hallel, went to Mount of Olives22:39Went to mount14:31

They leave
In the garden
26:34In THIS NIGHT you’ll deny me14:30THIS NIGHT you’ll deny me22:58-59A little time and an hour passes

27:1Morning came15:1Immediate Morning delivered to Pilate22:66

Became day; delivered to Pilate
Herod in Jerusalem
18:28Morning came [Pharisees kill lamb on 14, but eat Passover that evening on 15 Nisan: this is what they were “Preparing” for]

executed (no time specified)15:25Third hour they executed him (9am)22:32executed (no time specified)

27:45The sixth hour (noon) darkness fell15:33Sixth hour darkness fell23:44Darkness at 6th hour (noon)19:146th hr; behold your king
27:45,50Ninth hour died15:34,37Ninth hour died (3pm)23:44,48Ninth hour died (3pm)19:30dies

15:42Evening came before Preparation before Sabbath OF UNLEAVENED BREAD Gives us the date of 15 Aviv[Nisan] (lev 23:6) AFTER Pesakh [lev23:5]23:54Evening came before Preparation before Sabbath OF UNLEAVENED BREAD (lev 23:6) AFTER Pesakh [lev23:5]Morning came [Pharisees kill lamb on 14, but eat Passover that evening on 15 Nisan: this is what they were “Preparing” for]

23:56Prepared aromatics and perfumed liquids BEFORE SabbathThis is before the “regular sabbath”, number 6 in timeline above

28:1“Late Sabbath, evening, on the beginning of a Sabbaton (a high day) Bikkurim! He ROSE!16:2After elapsing the Sabbath, first of High Day [Bikkurim, the day after the Sabbath, lev 23:11] Wave offering and beginning of counting of Omer, another Sabbath.24:1One of the Sabbaths, deep at dawn, came to the tomb. RISEN!20:1On one of the Sabbaths, while dark, find Him gone!

16:9Having risen on the first Sabbath (Of Omer?)24:30ate “lekhem”, but clearly still “unleavened”

Study with us!

“Strive to conduct yourself perfectly before Elohim, as a soldier without reproach, and one who declares straightforwardly D’var HaEmet.”

The Torah of Messiah BMSG Week 17

Start from the beginning with the “Tekhilat HaDavar” series, “The Elementary Principles of The Word”.

We are now in the Bar Mitzvah study guide as in the link above. See our resources page to get a copy of the valuable workbook:


See all our studies at:

The Torah of Messiah

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Mikdash Meh’at on Rumble

Works for Love

No, I do NOT believe in Salvation by following The Torah [Law]. But, I KNOW that SALVATION [Trust in Yeshua] PRODUCES obedience to THE FATHER.


“I AM יהוה , and I DO NOT CHANGE.” [יהוה is The Father’s NAME]

“And he [Avraham] trusted firmly in יהוה ; and He counted it to him for tzedaka”. Gen 15:6

To rephrase: 

Abraham STRONGLY BELIEVED IN GOD our Father, and GOD considered THAT FAITH as ‘righteousness’, right standing with the Creator: SALVATION!

And AFTER Abraham put his trust in יהוה, he THEN KEPT ALL THE COMMANDMENTS, because he LOVED GOD:

“…because that Avraham hearkened to My voice, and kept My charge, My Mitzvot [commandments], My Khukot [ordinances], and My LAWS.”

Just like in English, where we call ‘the law’ the body of all ‘the laws’, so too does GOD reference the Torah as ‘My ‘torah’s’ [sic]. 

The TORAH embodies all the principles and teachings of THE FATHER, the boundaries of righteous behavior. Without them, the Body of Messiah is LOST. יהוה LATER had Moses write all these things down, as guideposts to bring us to Messiah Yeshua [Rom 10:4, “Messiah is the goal at which the Torah aims”. Put another way, Yeshua’s perfection, after which we model ourselves, is seen in His Father’s Torah. Our Jewish people were supposed to recognize that, but, they had turned ‘salvation’ into doing their own works: I do NOT teach that, nor have I EVER.

Thirty-three years ago, I was in my upper bunk on a submarine, 400 feet below the north Pacific, and dejected and alone. I picked up the Bible my Jewish grandmother had given me at 15 years old. I asked God this very desperate question: “What would Yeshua say to me if He were standing here?” I parted the pages and began to read where it fell open: Matai [Matthew] chapter 5.
I realized immediately that I did not embody the ‘beatitudes’ as they are called. Then, verse 19 leaped off the page at me.

That verse would become an anchor to help me sift through all the MANY THOUSANDS of doctrines and ‘ways’ that people were teaching.

I devoured His Word on that submarine for the remainder of that LONG patrol. The first ‘change’ in my life was immediate. My sailor’s foul mouth immediately disappeared. My grumpy demeanor vanished, to the point that six sailors cornered me in that same bunk room and asked me what had happened. Next, after simply having read Leviticus 11, I changed my diet to only eat the meats that the Creator said to eat. It was a simple and healthy change, most of which I had already done simply for health’s sake, as I was a bit of a body builder anyway.

When the patrol ended and I found myself in a Baptist church, because that is where I had met Yeshua [Jesus], I found that the teachers were not teaching Matt 5:19, and they were in fact butchering the plain meaning of the scriptures. 

Over a period of about three years of exhaustive studies, visiting and studying nearly every major denomination, including those who claimed they were non-denominational, which I found were basically a denomination unto themselves with a tricky moniker, I finally came to the conclusion that I would simply walk as Yeshua walked. [1 Jo 2:6]

Somehow, I found myself in a startup Messianic Jewish Congregation in Jacksonville, Florida, and wept uncontrollably with joy at having ‘come home’. 

I have never stopped STUDYING THE SCRIPTURES, and I hold myself and EVERYONE, Jew or Gentile, accountable to HIS WORD, FIRST AND FOREMOST.

If you have thought that I am trying to WORK my way ‘into heaven’ or to earn my Salvation by ‘doing’ something, you are so far from the truth of what I express and teach, and live.

I live EVERY DAY desiring to TRUST my Messiah MORE AND MORE, and to EXPRESS my love for Him by doing what HE DID and what HE TAUGHT. 

Careful study of His ‘sermons’ reveals that He taught THE TORAH.  

He was trying to UNDO the Jewish error of salvation by works, and REVEAL that SIN is the issue with which He came to deal: SIN IS:

1 Jo 3:4

I keep the Sabbath because God said to: He created the Sabbath for ALL MANKIND before the Torah was ever written.

I STOPPED keeping xmas and easter SIMPLY because I studied HISTORY, and found them to be RIFE with pagan rites and symbols.

I began keeping HIS CELEBRATIONS [Passover, Matzot, Bikkurim, Shavu’ot, Yom Teru’ah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot] BECAUSE THEY MAP OUT PROPHECY…

AND…. Because GOD SAID TO….





BUT, my RESPONSE to that GREATEST LOVE is to LOVE HIM BACK by striving to show HIS GREAT LOVE through OBEDIENCE to HIM, and NOT to man or messenger.

The picture is an excerpt on ‘SALVATION’ from our website. 

FREEDOM from SIN means not only that we won’t be PUNISHED for our sins, but ALSO that we are given POWER not to do it anymore! We are given a DESIRE to ‘show forth His Praises’ in this dark earth, and NOTHING does that better than OBEYING HIM and WALKING as HE walked.

Salvation is not ‘for’ the righteous: it makes one righteous. And a righteous, saved person will become different from this world. ONLY His Word, and your being changed by IT [Him], will separate you from this world in TRUTH.


Tree of Life!

Watch this video about the IMPORTANCE of the Menorah and His “RU’AKH”, or BREATH/SPIRIT.

The Menorah is THE Symbol of LIFE in Messiah Yeshua!

HE is the ‘Netzer’, the ‘branch’ of David. The Netzer David. The Natzri, the one from Natzrat/Nazareth:

נָצְרִי נֵצֶר

Yeshua hung on a TREE! The original text says so, and every GOOD translation into Greek, Latin, and then English and other languages, says TREE. He did not carry a ‘cross’, but a ‘stauros’, a ‘beam/stake’.

Captain Cave Man!

This Manchurian president is obviously just saying what people are telling him to say. But, the fact that a ‘sitting president’ would INSULT two sovereign states that are part of the UNITED STATES of America is infuriating. And to make his insult one that calls EVERY CITIZEN of those states “neanderthal” is DISGUSTING, and SHOULD make every American ‘think again’ about having inaugurated this buffoon.

What is a neanderthal? Most people immediately think “cave man”. The origin of the idea of a “Neanderthal Man” is from a fossilized skeleton that was found in Neandertal Germany in the mid-nineteenth century. It is a humanoid skeleton. All sorts of ‘educated guesses’ about ‘what’ this skeleton means have emerged, and most people accept the narrative that this humanoid is a ‘prehistoric subspecies’, or the predecessor of European humanity. Regardless of what the science is, the insult from the sitting president is obvious: unintelligent; uncivilized; cave-man. A dictionary definition of this pejorative is partly, “Primitiveold-fashionedopposed to change“. We all know how politicians like to redefine words in order to escape culpability, but let’s assume this sitting president meant the dictionary definition, as we all tend to when we use common words: “opposed to change”. If that is the case, then I and many TEXANS and MISSISSIPPIANS are most INDEED opposed to the type of change being forced upon us!

It is unbelievable to me that many Texans have been wearing masks. I have only twice, for my wife’s sake, to avoid a scene. And once or twice in the presence of the vulnerable, for their sakes. Let me ‘try’ to explain my logic, my ‘thinking’, as to why I will not wear a mask, though I know many lemmings will simply echo the sitting president’s pejorative, and not ‘reason’ with me. My wife wore a mask and gloves for the first month of COVID’s illegal mandates here in Texas. Thankfully, the judge in our county stood against the governor’s overreach and let many of us REMAIN free. But, my wife, because of social pressure [primarily at the grocery store] wore the requisite mask faithfully, and added gloves. I did not. She came down with COVID in the early summer. I did not. She had a serious bout with dehydration as a result, and suffered more than she should have. The hospital did not treat her COVID, only the dehydration; they merely diagnosed her and sent her home. Had we known a courageous doctor who would prescribe hydroxychloriquine, I would have demanded that. But, I digress. I stayed with my wife in the bed for the first three nights of her plight, until diagnosed, and tended to her for the duration, and I did not get it. I did not ONCE put a mask or gloves on. As a matter of fact, I kind of hoped I would catch it to get it over with.

My wife’s bout with the sickness made her angry, as she WORE THE MASK AND GLOVES FAITHFULLY, and still got sick. She has not done so since, except in going to see her doctors [for routine visits], who demand it. Those are the times I have put one on for her sake.

Do I not wear the mask because I do not ‘believe in’ the Rona? NO. I have known it was a valid illness since October of 2019. I watch several world newspapers sourced outside the US, and they reported on the very first episode of the virus in China, and then Italy. What was going on? “Yellow Vest” protests, and China protests in the two respective countries. They suddenly ‘died down’. Coincidence? Call it intuition, or call it discernment, but I ‘knew’ this was a manufactured, modified ‘cold virus’ [read a can of lysol] and that the Chinese released it from a lab on purpose. Just a tiny bit of research revealed that BHO and his puppet had been to the lab in Wuhan, the city where the so-called bat-eating man had supposedly imbibed the ‘new virus’ in a ‘wet market’. I could see through the thin veneer of a ‘wet market event,’ and knew that somehow the ‘powers that be’ had manufactured this thing. Then, in January some Harvard scientists were arrested in Boston for having been on China’s payroll, including the head of the biochemistry department who had just returned from…. Wuhan. Duh. Further, Gill Bates had been there, and had just held a ‘mock pandemic’ in October as a means to gauge whether or not the world was prepared for a pandemic. That man has been salivating for an outbreak of some sort, yearning to watch millions die so he doesn’t have to share the world with the likes of ‘deplorables’, and neanderthals.

Of course, then, I intuitively knew that this ‘plandemic’ would be further lied about. Immediately, the WHO got on board with the lies, as did Doctor F.ouchie. At first he says there was NO NEED FOR MASKS. Then, just a few short weeks later, “everyone needs to wear a mask.” Me, I’m thinking, ‘how big is a germ/cold virus? Does it penetrate a surgical mask? Cloth?’ since the good doctor had ‘approved’ of a cloth as well. At first, the mask was for my own protection. Then, when it got out that it doesn’t prevent the dread disease, my wife being the living proof of that, then, suddenly virtue signaling overtakes the public, and now I have to do it for everyone else. Why? I’m a healthy person, and I trust my immune system. My very NEAR exposure to it being the PROOF that I have a working immune system. I tried to get the word out that the VULNERABLE need to stay at home, and anyone who THOUGHT they might get it needs to wear a mask, IF THEY FEAR IT. Never ONCE has anyone offered SCIENTIFIC PROOF to the general public that masks actually work against COVID. We are just supposed to believe it based on the fervor of their demand that we wear it. I had SCIENTIFIC PROOF that they do not protect one from covid: my wife, and others in my circle who faithfully wore the device and STILL GOT SICK. [repeating the result in reality is scientific proof]. I also reasoned that wearing a mask for prolonged periods of time on a daily basis would make a person sick. THIS TOO is proven. Does it do so to everyone? No. But, I know SEVERAL PEOPLE, with whom I am VERY CLOSE, who all of a sudden kept getting nasty throat infections, ‘colds’, et cetera, who normally did not otherwise get sick. Common denominator? FORCED to wear masks by their employers. Which is fascist, by the way, and unconstitutional.

My outcry was, “IS THIS HOW WE ARE GOING TO LIVE OUR LIVES PERPETUALLY now? What if it becomes endemic?” [meaning, what if it is going to be just like the seasonal flu?] “Are we going to wear masks for the rest of our lives?” I can tell you, I’M NOT! What if ‘neanderthal’ died because he ‘caved’ to some peer pressure born in political ignorance? I am indeed opposed to this kind of change!

Have people NOT considered how wealthy hospitals have all of a sudden become? It has not escaped our notice that during a huge economic downturn, all our hospitals around us have suddenly added wings to their campuses. They did get about $30,000/covid patient, after all. Is that why suddenly FLU just VANISHED! Even after months of looking at the numbers, where the death rate over all has remained the same, where flu deaths and other common causes of death have DROPPED, in compensation of making the COVID numbers HIGHER, in order to pander to the fear. Why? To condition people to blindly submit. So many citizens have persisted in ‘obeying’ their overlords, following the pied piper into a lemming-like state of subservience. And I know courageous, intelligent, THINKING individuals who have been assaulted for not wearing a mask. Thankfully I’m foreboding enough that no one has attempted that with me, but I did get one funny look one time.

I do not ‘not’ wear a mask out of rebellion. But, out of COMMON SENSE. I DO NOT NEED ONE. And as a matter of principle. I am endangering NO ONE. The ‘disease’ doesn’t spread if one is asymptomatic. I have NEVER had even a hint of a symptom. If I were the spreader, people would be dropping like flies around me. They have not. PROVE to me, scientifically, that it spreads through asymptomatic people, and I might then consider wearing a mask. If someone asked me to wear a mask, I did. I had a customer into whose home I had to go, and I wore a mask for his sake, because he was old, and medically challenged. I had no issue with doing that.

It seems that our governor [I’m a Texan] FINALLY put some THOUGHT into it, as did Governor DeSantis of Florida, when he FINALLY decided to lift the mandates for Texas, as OUR COUNTY JUDGE did so long ago. DeSantis’ Florida COVID numbers have NOT been the disaster the sitting president and his media lackies predicted. Remember the Super Bowl? It was supposed to be a ‘super-spreader event’, because Tom Brady didn’t wear a mask. Has it been? WHY does NO ONE hold the CLOWNS ACCOUNTABLE to the actual STATISTICS? Because the usefulness of the plandemic has not been exhausted as yet. They are still conditioning the masses to believe that COVID is a horrible disease, EVEN THOUGH the death rate has been less than 3%!!!!! Do you not get it? A “pandemic” is something that kills SIGNIFICANT NUMBERS OF PEOPLE! You know what did MOST of the ‘killing’ by COVID? A PEN! Calling a motorcyclist who died by a CRASH a “COVID DEATH” JUST because he had the virus in his body, even though his head was crushed. Do you not get it? The mere PRESENCE in an asymptomatic body that died of SOME OTHER EVENT was counted in the numbers. Those numbers were further driven up by GOVERNORS who PLANTED SICK patients into nursing homes amidst the vulnerable. THAT is what made the ‘terrifying’ 2+% death rate so high!

So, mr sitting president, call me a Neanderthal. But, you and your ilk are MURDEROUS MORONS who want to subjugate America, and CHANGE her into a COMMUNIST NATION, and I cannot WAIT until more people start waking up to that fact. I am EXTREMELY opposed to the change you and your minions are trying to bring. If that makes ME a neaderthal, I am HAPPY TO BE ONE!!

Those Tricky Galatians

“You therefore, my beloved, seeing that you know these things beforehand, beware, lest you follow the error of those WITHOUT TORAH, and FALL from your own steadfastness.

“Kefa, PETER, said that.


Just before this, Peter said this:

“in all his [Sha’ul/Paul’s] letters he speaks concerning these matters, in which there are certain things so hard to be understood that those who are ignorant and unstable TWIST their meaning, as they do also the OTHER SCRIPTURES, to their own DESTRUCTION.

“You are living in the LAST days, and times are VERY confusing.

People are not only abrogating the Torah, but now our society is abrogating the whole WORD OF GOD altogether!

And that is a RESULT of the believing community not HOLDING FAST to the teachings of SCRIPTURE.


People today think that a “New Testament” life is one bereft of HIS COMMANDS.


The ONLY ‘visible’ difference between those of us who walk a Messianic Peshitta walk and other believers is the DAYS we assemble to honor G-d and worship Him, and the fact that we eat what HE calls “food”. These are the EASY matters of His Word: but, THEY ARE RIGHT to do! Because HE said “do not worship me as the pagans worship their gods”.…

If you TRULY believe in Yeshua, the Son of G-d, you ARE a Torah keeper; you just struggle with it, because you don’t do the easy part of it. “He who is faithful with little is also faithful with much; and he who is dishonest with little is also dishonest with much.” and “you have overlooked the MORE IMPORTANT matters of the TORAH, such as justice, compassion, and absolute trust. These were necessary for you to have done [justice, compassion, and absolute trust] , WITHOUT having left the others [the easy things of Torah] undone.”

If you are living outside the Word of G-d altogether, you may be ‘happy’ indeed. But, you are on a very broad road with a lot of happy people, who will find misery in the end.

You were CREATED.

There IS a right and wrong apart from your ‘feelings’ or your innate passions.

This world is doing everything it can to deceive and DESTROY your soul. Our government is now sanctioning, ‘certifying’ all manner of sin: gender bending [transgenderism], homosexuality, infanticide [abortion, murder], extortion [sophisticated theft], ad nauseam. You are allowing it, ‘tolerating’ it. Yeshua does NOT tolerate it, and would NOT have us to either! [Rev 2:2]

Yeshua, the man from Nazareth, the Son of G-d, died to set you FREE from SIN, and ROSE from the dead to PROVE that He IS the Son of G-d; TRUST in THAT is ‘salvation’. Rescuing you from your pernicious nature to ‘do your own thing’, to ‘follow a crowd into error’, and from your inability to be ‘right’ in His sight. In fact, you do not desire to be right in HIS sight, but in your own sight. We all do. You love your sin [whatever your pet sin is]. You need to be rescued from that path of self destruction. And from the deceit of this world [dismissing His Word] and the deceit of ‘religion’, manmade junk that distracts you from your black heart’s need for TRUTH. You just don’t know it yet.

A judgment IS coming. Yeshua will return, when mankind ‘thinks’ he has vanquished Yeshua, ‘unified’ “humanity” in a false bliss, and sets out to destroy the very few left who love G-d in TRUTH. Xtianity, Islam, Buddhism, indeed, all faiths, will ‘unify’ to try to destroy His People. The drumbeat of it is ringing loud already, but many do not ‘hear’ it. Too many people are busy trying just to ignore it and secure their own lifestyle as much as possible.

The time has come for us to DECLARE SALVATION in pure truth. It is summarized below, from His Word. TURN, and begin to SERVE HIM in true righteousness [Acts 26:20]. (see the glossary for transliterated terms)

Blessed are You, O יהוה our Elohim, King of the Universe, Who has given us the way of Salvation in Messiah Yeshua.

“And HaDavar became a Body and dwelt among us, and we saw His glory, a glory like that of the first-born of Ha’Av, full of compassion and truth. For He who did not know sin, for our sakes He became a Khatat, that we may through Him be made the tzedaka of Elohim.” (Yokhanan 1:14, Korintim Bet 5:21)

“And you also are familiar with the news which was published throughout Y’hudah, which sprang from the Galil, after the immersion declared by Yokhanan, concerning Yeshua from Natzrat, whom Elohim anointed with The Ru’akh HaKodesh and with power, and who, because Elohim was with Him, went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by evil.” (Ma’asei HaShlikhim 10:37-38)

“They found Him in the Heikhal, sitting in the midst of the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions. And all those who heard Him were amazed at His wisdom and His answers.” (Luka 2:46-47)

“He taught on Shabbat in their Beit K’nessets. And they were amazed at His teaching; for He taught them as one with authority. And Yeshua travelled in all the cities and villages, teaching in their Beit K’nessets, and declaring B’sorat HaMalkhut, and healing every kind of sickness and disease. Yeshua said to them, “Allow the little children to come to Me, and do not stop them, for Malkhut HaShamayim is for such as these.” When Yeshua saw the multitudes, He had mercy on them, because they were tired out and scattered, like sheep which have no shepherd.” (Yokhanan Markos 1:21-22, Matai 9:36)

“He had no form nor comeliness that we should look upon Him, nor beauty that we should delight in Him. He was despised, and forsaken of men, a man of pains, and acquainted with sorrows, and as one from whom men hide their faces: He was despised, and we esteemed Him not. Surely our sickness He did bear, and our pains he carried; whereas we did esteem Him stricken, smitten of Elohim, and afflicted. But He was wounded because of our transgressions, He was broken because of our iniquities: the chastisement of our shalom was upon Him, and with His stripes we were healed. All we like sheep did go astray, we turned every one to his own way; and יהוה has made to light on Him the iniquity of us all.” (Yesha-Yahu 53:2-6)

“And you, who once were dead in your sins and the uncircumcision of your flesh, He has granted to live with Him, and He has forgiven you all your sins; and by His mitzvot He cancelled the written record of our sins, which stood against us; and He took it out of the way, nailing it to His stake; and by putting off His mortal body, He exposed the powers of evil, and through His nature put them openly to shame.” (Kolosim 2:13-15)

“Mashi’akh died for our sins according to the scriptures; and He was buried, and He rose again on the third day according to the scriptures. And now we know Mashi’akh is risen from the dead, and has become the firstfruits of those who have died. And thanks be to Elohim, who has given us the victory through Adoneinu Yeshua HaMashi’akh!” (Korintim Alef 15:3,20,57)

Blessed are You, O יהוה our Elohim, King of the Universe, Who has given us Messiah Yeshua, our KING!

Do This, Don’t Do that… ??

Mankind, as a whole, can follow a multitude into sin. But, mankind is not aware of that phenomenon, for the most part. The first example the scriptures give is probably Genesis/B’reshit 6, where G-d explains that “every imagination of the thoughts of his [mankind’s] heart was only evil continually”. But, probably a better first example of willfully walking together into evil, as Shemot/Exodus 23:2 explains, is when, at Bavel, Nimrod led the world into the sin of trying to become “gods”. Nimrod was a ‘hunter of the souls of men’, and led the world into building a tower that reached to the heavens. I don’t think we fully understand what they built, nor their motive. But it was enough that the Creator had to punish mankind as a whole again, a few short years after He had just destroyed the earth with a flood.

Man is just bent on getting it wrong, and does not guard himself against sin. Adam did not guard himself nor Khava, when she took the fruit, added to the Word of G-d things that He did NOT say, and was thereby duped, bewitched by the serpent into a debate about the plain Word of G-d and then fell to his wiles. Kayin was warned by G-d Himself that ‘sin’ was at the door, and that he must master it; but, he refused. He ended up killing his brother over jealousy. Everyone in the world, after that, decided that they could just sleep with anyone they wished, and be violent against each other. G-d destroyed all of them but eight souls with a deluge. Mankind begins to populate the earth again, and, gathered in the Mediterranean region, they decide to reach the skies, together, and they saw no wrong in it. And G-d scatters them, diversifies our language, creating the base for all the known languages today, and dividing mankind.

And then, Israel does it as a nation. At the base of the mountain, where they had TOGETHER seen the throne of G-d, and TOGETHER heard HIS VOICE, which TERRIFIED them, they decide TOGETHER to mix the worship of יהוה with that of Egypt, created a bull calf, called it יהוה , “LORD”, if you will, and they fell down and worshiped it, TOGETHER.

Again, ALL of Israel sins TOGETHER, by asking G-d for a king “LIKE THOSE OF THE OTHER NATIONS,” not wanting Elohim, יהוה , as their King.

And again, ALL of Israel sins together [many times through the age of the prophets, but for time’s sake, I go to the next big one:] by REJECTING the truth that Yeshua is the Son of G-d, and executing Him by inciting the nations against Him. They further reject Him as a people when His Talmidim begin to declare and demonstrate His Truth to them. So, G-d, as He promised, takes the blessing of Avraham to the world, SALVATION, through Yeshua’s declaration to the other nations.

But, mankind again proves his ability to sin en masse. Just like Nimrod, Constantine ‘captured’ the souls of men; namely, the 250 [ +/- ] bishops from among the 2,000 + bishops in the believing world. Because Constantine forbade the JEWISH, BELIEVING BISHOPS, heads of MANY of the various congregations around the world, to come to his ‘ecumenical’ council. A great number of the remainder also refused to go, knowing that the congregations NEEDED the JEWISH leadership. Constantine refused them, and 250 some-odd bishops, yes-men, saw their opportunity to ‘reach the heavens’. And they sinned together. They changed the Sabbath, abrogated the Torah, adopted the ‘day of the sun’ and ‘easter’ as the ‘holy days’, mixing the faith of the Creator with paganism. All of ‘christianity’ sinned TOGETHER.

This same phenomenon has occurred over and over throughout human history. The worst of which is that the ‘church’ killed people in order to enforce their doctrine, for centuries. Men find a charismatic figure to get behind, and they go off into sin together. They decide they know better than the Creator Himself.

Fast-forward to the mid-to-late 1800s, and it happens again en masse. Charles Darwin comes along, who clearly had a grudge against the Creator, and weaves a yarn based on a theory, and convinces the world that we were NOT created, but that we ‘evolved’. That it took millions of years for our earth to become what it is in its current configuration, and that the species took the same time and ‘gradually’ developed into what they are today. Never mind the Word of G-d. And what did all of Christianity do, eventually? Give in. Submit. Instead of studying the EVIDENCE, they listened to the rhetoric, and believed the new interpretation of the evidence. Eventually, a man named Scopes dared to teach it in public schools, and in 1925, Christianity lost the battle against this farcical “science”.

Not long after Darwin, and perhaps in some ways because of his theory, Communism developed into a popular political idea. And it took over in Russia, causing a civil war and an overthrow of both government and Christianity in that country, and many others.

A few short years later, Nikita Khrushchev, according to Ronald Reagan years after the fact, warned America of its demise. Reagan’s source is unknown, but he said this in one of his speeches: “Three months before his last visit to this country, Nikita Khrushchev said, ‘We can’t expect the American people to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find they have Communism.’” 

Communism is diametrically opposed to belief in G-d. And it seems, looking at American 20th century history, that efforts have been made indeed to take G-d out of our public life. And for the last sixty years, democrats have been deceiving the people, posing as democrats, when in fact they are communists. And so few, until recently, have detected their plot. Saul Alinsky made their plan public, the Clintons and Obama followed it, and the new administration is attempting to lay the final blow.

After Scopes put evolution in our schools, uncontested with other scientific origin theories, Christianity in America capitulated to taking prayer and The Word of G-d out of our public education system altogether. In 1962, the country gave in, saying that our children could not be led in prayers at school in a community setting.

The next monumental sin that American Christianity fell into with the rest of the country was accepting that ‘abortion’, a euphemistic term for the murder of infants, should be legal, and that it is a violation of a mother’s rights to prevent her from committing murder against her unborn child. They debated the question as to the humanity of the infant based on location, in or out of the womb, but did not even consider the definition of ‘life’, nor the point of its origin. Both science and scripture tell us that life begins at conception. That is simple fact. But, according to their flimsy logic, basically, a baby is not a ‘person’, because the constitution doesn’t mention ‘pre-born’ persons. [Specifically the 14th amendment]. Neither does the constitution mention ‘children’ in general, but we know that those protections are granted to children as well. But, regardless, the Christian community, which at the time was, theoretically, upwards of 90% of the country, sat back and accepted this flimsy, reprehensible ‘law’, and the abrogation of LIFE itself. And we have watched 60,000,000 PEOPLE be murdered by their mothers, with the help of ‘doctors’, ever since. Without a tear, it seems. But so many moan and wail over dolphins, apes, and puppies who are hurt or killed by humans ‘for no reason’. And today, people object at eating a cow. It is preposterous. It is perversion.

Next, we have our Supreme Court capitulate to the notion that a man should marry a man, or a woman should marry a woman, that it is a ‘right’. It is a perversion of marriage. Homosexuality is a sin. That four word sentence does NOT engender hatred. But, outside the realm of religion, common sense, biology, and natural law tell us that marriage is between a male and a female. People are going to choose their sin, and live it, and there is nothing that the Congregations can or should do about it, except within themselves. But, to redefine marriage puts humanity on a slippery slope for all manner of perversion. Next, we will be normalizing pedophilia, and after that beastiality, and then it will never end. And the masses will just gleefully carry on, indifferent to the perversions plaguing our society.

All of these phenomena happen because people believe LIES, en masse. Instead of thinking, and allowing debate, and listening to the opinion of others, we jump on the bandwagon. Or, we are indifferent. We are conditioned to think that scientists, academia, and dare I say government, cannot be wrong. Surely not EVERYONE would believe a lie? Surely not all of us have been deceived?

We have since allowed our government and its hired scientists and other ‘experts’ to lie to us about many a thing: Clinton dared to redefine the word “is”. Clinton told us Benghazi was a ‘local skirmish’ over an American, racist video.

Last year, we were told that COVID originated in a ‘wet market’ because someone ate a bat. All the while, twenty-some-odd scientists from Harvard were being prosecuted for taking money from Wuhan. Then, we believed the lie that surgical masks would protect us. Then, we believed the lie that Hydroxychloroquine would not work. We believed the lie that Buy-din won an election, and that there was NO EVIDENCE of fraud, even though many have seen the evidence.

Today, there are many that believe Trump is working ‘behind the scenes’, and that there are those who are going to ‘restore’ this country. I cannot attest either way to the veracity of that claim. But, I do know that, even if that did happen, there is STILL a GREAT DECEPTION coming on this world. There will be no “thousand years of peace”, without there first being absolute chaos and heartache like the world has never seen, and without the appearance of another ‘hunter of men’s souls’, who will AGAIN deceive the masses. It seems to be man’s destiny to follow whims and fancies, and not HIS WORD.

These simple TRUTHS are the ones that ALL of us should ‘see’ and agree upon, but so few do:

GOD CREATED the heavens and the earth in SIX DAYS.

He RESTED on DAY SEVEN, and HE blessed that 24-hour slice of time FOR ETERNITY, at the VERY BEGINNING.

He gave SEVEN OTHER feasts to His Jewish People, but they are HIS feasts.

He chose the JEWISH PEOPLE to be the vessel of SALVATION for the WORLD.

Yeshua, HIS SON, was SENT into the world in order to save mankind from SIN. He is a JEW. He lived as a Torah-observant Jew. So did all His followers who are recorded in the NT scriptures.

EVERY HUMAN IS BORN with the proclivity, the natural inclination to SIN, to GO AGAINST HIS WORD.

Yeshua DIED, shedding His blood, as the atoning sacrifice to FREE us from our sins, but MEN choose to remain IN SIN, because they like it.

Yeshua arose bodily from the dead, and ascended into heaven, and is by the right hand of the CREATOR, HIS FATHER, in heaven, as a RESURRECTED HUMAN.

His Talmidim, [Torah students] are declaring SALVATION by TRUST in HIS BLOOD ALONE, and belief in HIS RESURRECTION, and teaching those who receive it to follow HIS WORD, all of it. [Matt 5:17-20]

Yeshua is coming back to PUNISH wicked men, who reject this simple truth, and who reject HIS WAY.

We are living in a time when LIES rule the day. Everyone, including those who think that today they are part of a ‘Great Awakening’, is blind to the simple truth of HIS KINGDOM, which will be upon all of us, sooner than we think. The world is about to be lulled in one way or another into a great sense of ‘safety’, and they will again go down the rabbit hole of a lie. Those of us who will not, will be even more ‘odd’ and rejected than we are now. So be it.



בַּלַּיְלָה הַזֶּה , Yeshua said this at His last Pesakh Seder, the night He was betrayed. He said, from the Aramaic to Hebrew, “You all will deny me “BaLailah HaZeh“… “THIS NIGHT”. Traditionally, we have our children sing a song called “Ma Nishtanah?” And the gist of the song is that Pesakh is different from every other night, so in the song the children beg the question, “Why is “HaLailah HaZeh“/”This Night” different from all other nights?” Yeshua had walked with these men for three and a half years. He’d taught them. He’d tolerated their doubts, their personalities, their misgivings, their arguments and jealousies, and more. He’d shown them miracle after miracle. He’d rescued them. He’d healed their mothers-in-law, He’d paid their taxes, fed them miracle bread, and on and on… and for three of them, He’d been transfigured before them, and they had seen Moshe and Eli-Yahu talking with him on Har Tabor, two of their long-dead and greatest Prophets. And now, on THAT NIGHT, they would all deny Him. And He told Kefa that “BaLailah HaZeh,” you will deny me THREE TIMES”. And one of them would BETRAY Him. Yeshua said nothing by accident, and the way He said it hearkens to a future song of Israel at the Passover…. Remember, this is a JEWISH MEAL, and ALL those in attendance are Jewish. He wanted that EVERY ONE of them should be faithful. Thank Heaven the Eleven RETURNED to Him! I am already anticipating “HaLailah HaZeh” this year….