A Little Change’ll Do You Good

I am rejoicing this week; not in the sense of laughter and revelry, but just some quiet gratitude.

I’ve expressed in various settings that the most powerful miracle of all is when a human soul TRULY repents.

Not just being sorry for trite, ‘surface’ sins that everyone understands, but someone actually ‘seeing’ “I was wrong.”

Admitting our own shortcomings can be very, very difficult; especially in regard to understanding God.  Admitting that we might have preconceptions about Him, whether they are placed there by parents, teachers, society, or self, is very, very difficult to bring about.  Admitting that we might have misjudged another human because of ‘first impressions,’ ‘gut feelings’, etc, is most difficult, because of pride.  We cannot be wrong. 

We all ‘wrestle’ with God in that way; and He gently but firmly ‘hangs on’, until, possibly, we BREAK.  Rare is it that anyone completely humbles himself when he first learns of God; not saying it doesn’t happen, because it does.  But, it is not always the case.  And, it usually is always the case that after we do meet God, we begin to rebuild our pride around the ‘version’ of religion we inherit.  We take pride in ‘who’ brought us to Messiah, what person, preacher, and/or stream of thought, and we think that there is NO WAY we are in error now.  And we rarely, truly examine ourselves, as we are instructed to do, to ‘see’ if we really are of “Emunah”, firm trust in TRUTH.

I have had the deep satisfaction just this week of hearing of two different ones who truly are humbling THEMSELVES, and allowing God to ‘change’ them on the INSIDE.  They are listening.  They are ‘hearing AND doing’, which is the Great command according to Yeshua, “Shema!”  “Hear and affect an action”. 

One of them was at one time a ‘belligerent,’ one who was hostile to keeping Torah.  Not just on a passive level, but active.  The other was too, but never toward me.  But, it’s NOT the wearing of the tzit-tzit, or the speaking of Hebrew scriptures and prayers, or the Shabbat attendance, or the rejoicing in the feasts that gives me satisfaction.  Anyone can do those; many do who are actually NOT of the faith!  Doing Torah does NOT save us!  It does affirm our trust in Elohim.  But we are saved only by our trust in Messiah.  It is the ‘transformation’ of their HEARTS that causes me to be overwhelmed to Abba in gratitude;  to one of these I said, “that’s what I live for”.  I truly do pray and cry out for CHANGED HEARTS…  like what is going on in these two people during this season of Teshuvah.  These two are making active steps toward reconciling with people, even those who they themselves did not offend… they are praying about different misbehaviors in others, and ‘seeing’ their own misbehaviors in situations.  These are grownups!  They are and have been being saved for a long time; they have known Messiah.  But, they are finally ‘looking inward,’ to become more like Messiah.  Sha’ul knew this sensation, saying to the congregations in Galatya, “My little children, for whom I am in travail again until Mashi’akh is formed within you…” Sha’ul said this to BELIEVERS!  They HAD the Ru’akh HaKodesh!  [or at least did at one time]  They had been taught by Sha’ul himself!  But, after he left, UBELIEVERS who were PRETENDING to be believers came and taught a false doctrine!  And Sha’ul said he was troubled like a woman giving birth! [travail is particular to labor pains in Hebrew]. 

Yes, I do believe this process my two ‘blessings’ are going through was brought about by their first submitting to the EASY things of the Torah: Shabbat, kosher eating, keeping the seven Mo’edim, wearing tzit-tziyot, saying the prayers.  All of these are the ‘small,’ ‘easy’ things of the Torah.  It is the interpersonal relationships where we ALL fail so much; when we allow our PRIDE to BLIND us to our own error, our own sins against others, the inadequacies of our judgements on others, our failing to love God by TRULY loving our brothers.  Until we recognize our sins against God [the first five of the 10 commands], we will not tend to our sins against our neighbors [the last five of the ten]; and if we never actually fix our behavior in the last five, then any effort to do the first five is an exercise in futility.  Doing that only proves that we want to be religious, and give God ‘eye-service.’  I think MOST people in the realm of faith do this!  They pretend to love God, give platitudes to people, but never REALLY learn to LOVE people, to do the hard work of CHANGING their own hearts.

So, kudos to the two who have proven to be answered prayer for me!  It makes the striving that I do to change self so much more worth it, when others are going through the tough stuff willingly as well.  Anyone can ‘go to church’ and constantly have the ears tickled with ‘holy spirit goosebumps’; anyone can go to synagogue and worship God, to be seen of men; to make themselves ‘feel’ like they’re doing the right thing.  But only a FEW can and will ACTUALLY CHANGE!



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Do you LOVE the Messiah of Israel?

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Do you LOVE to WORSHIP the ONE who rescues us?

COME and SHOUT about it!

Rosh HaShannah is named in the scriptures “Yom Teru’ah”, and is a ‘mystery’, the “sod” that Paul plainly explained…

Yom Teru’ah is the ‘Day of the blast’ of the shofar… [shout/blast, same word]

“In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the LAST SHOFAR; for the shofar shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed”

In ancient ‘Judaism’ this day was known as “The Last Shofar”. Sha’ul [Paul] did not make this idea up; he was ‘showing’ the congregation a ‘sod’, a biblical mystery that is actually on the surface of the text.

Sha’ul also wrote:

“For Adoneinu Himself shall descend from heaven with a SHOUT and the voice of the Chief Malakh and with the Shofar of Elohim [also the last Shofar]; and those who died in Mashi’akh will rise first.”

Whatever your idea is about the timing, forget it. These feasts were given to us as a model of what is to come [Col 2:14]

Come enjoy it!

The psalmist writes

Tehillah 89:

אַשְׁרֵי הָעָם, יֹדְעֵי תְרוּעָה; יהוה בְּאוֹר פָּנֶיךָ יְהַלֵּכוּן.

HAPPY is the people that KNOWS the “Teru’ah”!!! O יהוה , in the light of your countenance they will walk!


Tehillah 98:

בַּחֲצֹצְרוֹת וְקוֹל שׁוֹפָר– הָרִיעוּ, לִפְנֵי הַמֶּלֶךְ יהוה

With silver trumpets and the shofar, ‘Hariu’ [the imperative plural verb form of teruah] SHOUT before THE KING!

One of the ancient prayers on this day is Tehillah 24…

I wrote a melody for the first six verses, to go with a song made with the rest of the psalm.

I’ve been listening to it all week, as this is the best recording we have of it so far.

It’s got me fired up!

This day is the MARRIAGE of the KING, and all week I’ve been in ‘wonder’ about how my wife and I met.

The day we met, we were ‘arranged’ to meet. In a church on the river. She got there first. EVERYONE knew I was coming, and kept assuring her I’d be there soon; she was ‘anticipating’ it, with a bit of fear, for many reasons.

When we got settled in, the one who introduced us got up from between us and went to play the drums. Then, she called Melly up to sing first. She sang “The Lighthouse.” Then, she called me up to play piano and sing, and I sang an oldie, “My God is Real”. She went first then, and now sings lead in our congregation, and I back her up [unless we need a male voice as lead, or someone to sing complex Hebrew phrases]. We LOVE singing His praises, the Praises of Yisra’el, with our TEAM, our TRIBE… Tzilah and Dani’el, Tamarah, Levi, Omanit, Eli-Yahu, Sha’ul, Aryeh, Shirah, David, Dani’el, Yishai… fantastic vocalists, musicians, and composers….

Music has been a big part of our lives ever since. Music is the FIRST weapon of war in His Kingdom.

The BLAST is also used to go out to war!

You wanna win? And be part of that TERU’AH…..

Come and REHEARSE with us! The Mo’edim [feasts] are also called in scripture ‘rehearsals’…


Join us at Congregation Bat Tzion!!



Bat Tzion Music!

I’ll add the most recent recordings to the top as I get them.

Enjoy!  As I stated, we are gearing up to make a studio-quality recording asap… til then, “Shema!”

Three original songs in yesterday’s music [09/21].  Tamarah’s “To Be Like You”, which always brings my heart to tears when the children sing the last chorus for us.  “Lamah”, which is a ‘war hymn’ that I wrote, and seems to invigorate people to go about declaring truth.  And “Shiru La יהוה “, Ps 96, for which I also wrote a melody, but this one is probably a little more contemplative.   Enjoy!

This week we sang two of Tamarah’s compositions:  Ma Yakar [first one]  Barkhi Nafshi [09:50]

I LOVE singing Barkhi Nafshi!  BLESS יהוה O MY SOUL!!!  I love singing it for many reasons: the WORDS, the ‘crying out’ and compelling ‘self’ to BLESS HIM…

But also, the melody: it’s got a Celtic feel… but the harmonies!  I did not ‘learn’ to harmonize, I couldn’t ‘hear’ it, until Melly and I met, and we sang together publicly for the first time at her niece’s wedding: then, it just clicked. For the first time, I was happy that my voice was a tenor….  This song epitomizes that for me. And gives me a chance to pour out gratitude to Abba vocally…

I LOVE it, Tamarah Yard


If you can access this and play it, I just wanted folks to hear our musicians on two of the songs I wrote.  They are at min 00:03:43 and 00:20:50 ….  At 3:43 is “Tehillah 24”; I wrote the melody for the first six verses; the seventh verse starts ‘Se’u She’arim’, which I did not write [if you know who did, tell me; I can’t find the original]. But, I wrote mine to go with it, for Yom Teru’ah/Rosh HaShannah.  It is about the KING coming into the city.  Ps 24…

Here is another Shabbat:

at 4:20, “Make Haste”, I originally wrote some 25 years ago in the key of C.  Lisa suggested I rewrite it and add the Hebrew, so I moved it to Am and added the Hebrew.  I quite like it, Lisa!

at 23:25 in the bottom music player is “The 13 Attributes” by Tamarah Yard, from Shemot [Exodus] 34:6-7. This passage is critical in understanding God. He has ALWAYS been FULL of MERCY and GRACE, COMPASSION, and TRUTH. It was NOT new when Messiah showed up, which is what Sheker HaMashiakh teaches [the falsely anointed]. Yeshua is a MANIFESTATION of these attributes, and His life demonstrates it. The song stops at the end of the attributes, but JUST LIKE Yesha-Yahu 61:1-2, which Yeshua read in His hometown Synagogue, the compassion of Elohim is extended to EVERYONE, but ONLY the REPENTANT actually take it to themselves. He will PUNISH the wicked, those who reject His Compassion. The 13 attributes stop just before He says that He “will by no means pardon the guilty; visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children’s children, unto the third and unto the fourth generation”; and Yeshua’s verse stopped just before He could have read, ‘and the day of the Vengeance of our God!’ Both of these are a dual picture of the two ministries of Messiah. Tamarah put the 13 attributes to a beautiful melody, and it is a very worshipful tribute to our God and His Messiah!

Hopefully we’ll be recording soon!

Copy Cat’s Rock

“You, then, should imitate me, even as I also imitate Messiah…. And keep the customs as I delivered them to you.”

This is Paul writing a letter to a GENTILE body of believers….

We, those who are believers in the Messiah of Israel, are SUPPOSED to follow Yeshua.

Yeshua IS a Jew.  The Hitgalut [Revelation] calls him  the “Lion of the tribe of Yehudah, the Shoresh David”.. This appellation is AFTER He is risen from the dead, and He is called a Jew [Yehudah], and the ROOT or ‘offspring’ of David, King of the Jews.

Paul is telling us to IMITATE MESSIAH, saying that this is what HE did.

Paul was in the synagogue for worship on every Shabbat, according to the book of Acts.  NOWHERE do we find him in a church on Sunday.  Nowhere does he even THINK about worshipping in assembly on the first day of the week, as most mainstream teachers teach.  NOT ONE PLACE in scripture supports that.  At all.

Paul was a Torah keeper for the REST of His life!  He confessed this before KINGS and JUDGES, LONG after he began to follow and imitate Messiah.  Either he perjured himself and lied, or he told the truth in courts of law, as we should expect of him.

Paul RUSHED to get to Jerusalem for the Passover feast!  LONG after his meeting Messiah in Damascus and being commissioned to declare the good news.

But, even if we are confused about him, are we not listening to what HE said he did?  “I ALSO IMITATE MESSIAH.

Yeshua’s CUSTOM, what Paul said he ‘delivered’ to the gentile congregation at Corinth, was to BE IN THE SYNAGOGUE on SHABBAT [Luke 4:16].  “And He came to Natzrat, where he had been brought up; and He entered the Beit K’nesset on Yom HaShabbat, as was His custom…”

Yeshua kept the Passover Seder:  “I have greatly desired to eat this Pesakh with you before I suffer…”

Careful study of the gospels shows that He kept all seven of the feasts of G-d His Father, and even Khanukah [Jo 10].

Yeshua HAD to keep the Torah, which included the Mo’edim [feasts], the appointed times of G-d, or He could NOT be our unblemished sacrifice.  Sha’ul imitated HIM.

Yeshua did live a Jewish lifestyle, keeping the customs of Moshe that helped the community live out the Torah.  And Paul imitated him.  Even to the point of suffering for living the Torah HIS way, and not the way of the Rabbis.

Paul taught BIBLICAL JEWISH CUSTOMS everywhere he went.  [1 Cor 11:2, 2 Th 2:15, 3:6]

He was consistent, teaching the same thing from city to city.

To gentiles at Efesus, he writes:

“At that time you were without Mashi’akh, being aliens to the customs of Yisra’el, and strangers to the covenants of the promise, without hope and without Elohim in the world. But now, through Yeshua HaMashi’akh, you who at one time were far off are brought near [TO THE CUSTOMS AND THE COVENANTS] by the blood of Mashi’akh.” [Eph 2:12-13]

Follow MESSIAH…. Like Paul did.  DO NOT FOLLOW MANKIND, just because everyone else is!

“Do not follow a multitude into evil.”  Ex 23:2

Khadashot Shevu’it



This week is full of her!

Comey, a man who wanted to take down Trump over impropriety, even crime, is found, not surprisingly, to have committed impropriety along with his unconfessed crimes.  The Democratic party, many of its members who identify as ‘christians’, wrote a declaration basically saying that faith would not be permitted in the party, least wise any faith that opposes sins they’ve shrouded in flowery, politically correct language.   American leftists keep telling us communist socialism is the cure for making everyone equal, and China oppressed many of its citizens who cried foul this week, and our leftists sit by in utter silence.  So much for freedom and equality.

To ‘say one thing and do another’ is hypocrisy.  I witnessed it ever so recently on a very personal level, and had to just walk away from it, knowing that confronting it would be futile.  The thing about hypocrisy is that the hypocrite is blind to it.  The hypocrite is utterly convinced that both his positions are true, even when the evidence against one of the positions is laid bare with absolutes.  Even in the face of empirical data, the hypocrite persists in his self-deceit.

Each of these things made me wonder about the obstinance of the human heart.  Many believers refuse to listen to the rebuke of the Ru’akh HaKodesh that comes by the declaration of His Word. Forsaking His Shabbat is the prime example of masses of humans doing that very thing.  In that, most believers do it often, on a grand scale.  But, even among some who claim to follow Him, and may even strive to do so, they yet do not yield to His reproof.  Some even teach that G-d does not ‘convict’ us or reprove us for our sins, even though Yeshua said that this is exactly why He would send the Ru’akh to us!  But, even many of those who say they understand this tend to refuse to look at themselves and see where they are wrong; they refuse even the possibility of error on their part.  No doubt, many of those involved in all of the above profess to be believers in the Messiah on some level.  Even in the personal episode I witnessed.  Many call this narcissism.  I call it sin, and it is the blasphemy for which Yeshua said there is no remedy.

I pondered that, and asked my self how we got here, where we are so incapable of humbling ourselves.  For the ones who do not claim Messiah at all, I give them a pass.  They do not follow Him, and cannot move in His humble spirit.  But, to those who CLAIM, on any level, a relationship with G-d through His Son, no pass can be offered.  How did we get to the point where, in a country that yet still claims a majority to believe in Him on some level, is full of people who cannot or will not humble themselves, put aside their pride, and admit their disingenuous, duplicitous behavior?

I think it comes down to a point I was trying to make last night in our study, that we are not taught ‘how’ to ‘live’ in Him.  We ‘say’ we know how to do so; we want to think that we do, by praying, by ‘going to church,’ or attending a Sabbath, by doing kind deeds; but, when it comes to admitting our own offenses against others, we do not see the need for it; we see instead a need to self-protect, to deflect, in order to preserve the ‘upper hand’ in a situation.  That ‘upper hand’ might be simply to keep oneself out of jail [Comey], or to keep one’s agenda moving forward [Commie, Demmy, Lefty] or to keep control over another soul.  To remain superior in one’s own mind.

Whatever reason, I am so glad Messiah sees through it.  We are coming up on the season of Teshuvah, which gives us an opportunity to ‘humble’ ourselves.  Self-investigation with an honest lamp is difficult and painful, when it means we need to approach another human, to whom, for whatever reason, we did not want to admit a wrong/offense in the first place.  In twelve years of participating in this season with a congregation, never has there been one person come to me about serious offenses done to me.  Not one time.  A few have come to me about things they thought I was offended by, but about which I had no real recollection, and still don’t.  I genuinely appreciate their concern, too, and was happy to set their minds at ease, but there was no need for it on my part.  And, I don’t look for it, either… I strive truly to turn inward, and be the one who goes to those I’ve hurt or offended, if I have not already sincerely done so.  My first year of taking this seriously meant going back years in my past and reaching out to people I had not seen in many years.  I went all the way back to a fourth grade offense one year!  An infraction against a classmate I always felt guilty over, but never had the courage to deal with back then; he didn’t even remember the episode, but reminding him of it and apologizing did a lot for ME.  Most of all, it humbled me further.  And that is why I try to take it seriously each year.  Mind you, I try to address situations as they happen, and constantly ‘examine myself’ to ‘see whether [ I am ] of the faith,’ and leave my gift at the altar and go to my brother, and not let the sun go down on my anger.  But, taking thirty days and asking Abba to shine His lamp into the darker reaches of my humanity takes courage, and it gets the pink hippo out of the room.  She’ll be the cause of the downfall of many, and this week she’s been all in the news…

Big Cuz Ike Hair

Imagine!  If only they’d listened to Jeremiah!

I do NOT ‘work’ for my salvation!

I am NOT ‘under’ the law.

I make a lot of posts, which I’m convinced most people don’t read anyway….

But, more do than there is ‘evidence’ for, and more than I thought; people who I thought would not read my posts tell me in person they’re reading them.

But, I also am certain there are those who COMPLETELY misunderstand my walk.

For a day or two now, I’ve had this itch, so I’m scratching it.  I’m going to attempt a summary to explain again my walk of faith.

Yeshua said, “If you love me, you will keep my Mitzvot.”

The Torah is His.  It contains more than just the mitzvot [commandments].  But, He expects us to keep those.  It contains instructions, statutes, principles, and prophecies, along with the mitzvot.  Mat 5:17-19 is a passage discussing those ‘mitzvot’ Yeshua called “His”.  “My Mitzvot” is NOT a collection of things He said while on earth, apart from Torah, and it is NOT a set of two ‘new’ commands.  It is His Torah. 

ALL TRUE BELIEVERS in the Messiah ARE Torah keepers!

They just do not YET keep ALL of the mitzvot.  [They eventually will, either in this life, to escape the great tribulation, or in the millennium, after having been disciplined].

They DO:

Trust in  יהוה , even though they may not know His Name.

They do not worship idols.

They do not take His Name in vain [mostly because they don’t know it].

They honor their parents.

They do not commit adultery, murder, or theft, they do not lie about their neighbors, they do not covet.

The Shabbat is what’s missing from most believers’ lives.  And all the other “shabbats”, or days on which HE said we should assemble.

The Sabbath [and all the subsequent appointments of Lev 23] is the ‘sign’ of the faithful believers during the ‘tribulation,’ as are the rest of the Mitzvot.  [Shemot 31:17, Ez 20:12, Rev]  Those two Nevi’im [prophets] will be turning Jews AND Gentile believers to obedience to the Torah as Messiah taught it, and all of His followers on earth will “keep the mitzvot AND have the testimony of Yeshua”, which is what the ‘white clothing’ of righteousness represents, as we are told in the Hitgalut [revelation].

But, many true believers TODAY fail to keep His appointed times, keeping instead those of men, who wrest authority from G-d and His Son.  That truly is the ONLY difference between us [Messianic Peshitta Jews and Gentiles] and most other TRUE believers!

We, as humans, refuse to admit that our parents/forebears might have been wrong about some things.  We can be loyal to a fault.  Messianic Peshitta believers have simply been willing to look at doctrines we were taught, either directly or through ‘tradition’, and consider whether we ‘inherited lies,’ as the Navi Dani’el said of his generation.  [9:4-19]  He realized ‘why’ they were in Bavel.  And he repented on behalf of his whole nation.  And Abba restored Yisra’el to the land shortly thereafter.

I’m praying for the whole Body of Messiah.  To realize the lies we have inherited.  This does NOT ‘condemn’ everyone who does not yet ‘see’ why we follow the mitzvot, any more than Dani’el’s prayer condemned the Jews in Bavel in his day.  It is merely an intercession on behalf of all who trust in Messiah, but are yet not ‘awake’ to His ways.  [Matti 25]

It is not condemnation.  It is a realization that what most of us ‘do’ does NOT match what HE SAYS, nor what HE DID.  [That is what makes “WWJD” so funny to us]  If we LOVE HIM, we will correct that.  It is that simple.  He is calling His Bride, those who truly LOVE Him, to WAKE UP.  To LIVE the tzedaka that is inside them, outwardly, which is simple obedience to HIS WORD.  NOTHING in His Word instructs a person to forsake His Sabbath.  Find it in His Word, and I’ll go to church with you tomorrow.

I keep the mitzvot BECAUSE I LOVE HIM.

It is the outward expression of what HE put in me when He saved me 42 years ago: HIS ‘tzedaka’, [righteousness].  It is a manifestation of my salvation, a manifestation that is according to His Word, and not the whims of man, nor the wishes of the adversary and his ‘winds’ of doctrine.

The Torah DEFINES the ‘righteousness’ of G-d. It is perfectly expressed in the life of Yeshua, and yes, Yeshua put His perfect ‘righteousness’/obedience in me, and He NO LONGER looks at my sin.  But, He also gave me His Ru’akh, which is His Power NOT TO SIN.  Sin is ‘breaking Torah’ [1 Jo 3:4].  My doing Shabbat and the seven other appointed times, and the traditions of Moshe that help me keep the communal mitzvot, is RIGHT AND TRUE.  And it is what ALL believers in the scriptures did, exclusively, in regard to religious practice. And should be done by EVERYONE who confesses Him.  One day, it will!  We will ALL keep His Sabbath and appointed times when Messiah rules on earth for 1,000 years [Is 66:23, Zech 14:16-19] … how we treat them now helps determine our place in that time! [resurrected and ruling with Him, or mortal, and still subject to sin and possible separation from G-d for eternity].

This may make the reader mad.  If it did, I rejoice!

Why?!  Because Yeshua said this on His last night, before He was executed.

“And when it is come [The Ru’akh HaKodesh, the “consecrated breath/spiritual power of G-d”], it will rebuke the world concerning khata [sin], concerning tzedaka [righteous deeds defined in Torah, and obedience to them], and concerning mishpat [judgment];  concerning khata, because they do not believe in me; concerning tzedaka, because I go to Avi and you [those who trust] will not see me again; concerning mishpat, because the leader of this world has been judged.”

“Sin” is breaking Torah.  “Being outside/apart from Torah”.  [1 Jo 3:4 in most good, greek-sourced bibles]

“Righteousness” is the ‘deeds/works’ of the Torah, the right way to do, having no infractions of Torah on your record.

Yeshua went away, and so our ‘example’ has to be learned from His Word: HOW YESHUA LIVED AND TAUGHT THE TORAH.  HE taught us how to read and understand Torah.  HE told us He would, in Matti 5:17-19, and then He did in Matti 5:20-7:27!  And the Ru’akh teaches the SAME THING.  He was a Torah-observant, synagogue-attending, kosher meat-eating Jew.  I follow Him, and no other.

We keep the Torah because He told us to, and taught us HOW to do so.

Those twelve Jews He taught NEVER ONCE violated a Shabbat.  The book of Acts proves it.  They remained Jews, and remained Torah Keepers the REST of their lives!  Paul defended Himself in courts of law, saying he NEVER VIOLATED the Torah NOR the customs of Moshe!  He did violate Rabbinic teachings, but NOT a BIBLICAL, Yeshua-led LIFE. 

My salvation is based on TRUST ALONE in the blood that Messiah Yeshua shed for me and in His resurrection, BODILY, from the dead.  My obedience to His Word is BECAUSE He so compassionately LOVED us, such as to die for us, BEFORE we even THOUGHT to know He has a righteous Torah for us to live.  His Torah ‘measures’ how we reflect His righteousness to this world, and as such measures our REWARD in His Kingdom.  For those who do NOT trust and obey, it measures their punishment. 

All we have done in beginning to keep the mitzvot concerning His appointed times, and a very few other mitzvot that most believers either ignore or simply do not know they exist, is to increase the MEASURE of our obedience TO HIM.  And those of us who truly do this in LOVE do NOT condemn those who have not done so yet!  But, we do try to share the joy of it!  There will come a time when it cannot be shared!  [Matt 25]  But, the funny thing is that many who have not as yet honed their obedience to Torah condemn US!  And damn us to hell!  THAT is the ‘blasphemy’ of taking His Name in vain [Lev 24:11].  You take on His Name [in any form], and by it presume to condemn a person in His Name?  That is sitting in the seat of judgment, which belongs to Yeshua alone!  THAT is Sheker HaMashi’akh…  YOU CANNOT say that those who trust in Yeshua AND keep the Sabbath are going to hell.  You do not even listen when we tell you we TRUST IN HIS BLOOD and RESURRECTION alone for Salvation!  YOU tread on FAR more dangerous ground than we!

The simple truth is, I trust in Yeshua. I CHOOSE to obey HIM, by obeying His Word.

“But whoever keeps His D’var [WORD], in Him truly is the love of Elohim perfected.”  [1 Jo 2:5]

“He who says “I know Him” and does not keep His mitzvot [commandments] is a liar, and the truth is not in him.” [previous verse]

His D’var and His Mitzvot are THE SAME THING!  When Yokhanan wrote those words, there was only ONE side of the “Bible” that people called His Word.  They read the Torah!  And kept it.

The Precipice of Decision


Saying ‘the prayers,’ as they did in Acts 2:42, wearing the me’il/abaya/tallit with tzit-tziyot, blessing bread before we eat AND giving thanks AFTER we eat, attending a worship service in the Synagogue on Shabbat [Public place of ASSEMBLY on Saturday], wearing a head-cover in respect for Elohim, opening and closing the Sabbath with a ceremony, all of these are ‘customs’ that go along with the ‘instructions,’ and they unify believers in the Jewish Messiah, who did all of these!

Do not cast off Jewish customs! Your King is a Jew. He lived His life as an obedient Jew, to both the Torah AND the customs, as long as they did not contravene the Torah [go against].    1 John 2:6

At the same time, DO NOT go too far the other way!

“But thank Elohim that you, who were ONCE the servants of sin [breaking Torah, 1 Jo 3:4], now OBEY from the heart the form of TORAH which has been delivered to you [by the Shlikhim/apostles]. Now, being made free from sin [breaking Torah], you become the servants of tzedaka [as defined in Torah].”

Jews back then, before Messiah arrived, were teaching THEIR OWN form of Torah, just like they do today.

Tzefan-Yah told that generation of Rabbis:

“You received the Torah by the disposition of Messengers, and have not kept it!” [Acts 7:53]

The ‘form’ or ‘prescription’ of Torah that was delivered to believers was YESHUA’s teaching of it: in TRUTH, not adding man’s commands to it, or taking the commands of Elohim away from it, or twisting HIS to make new ones. [2 Pet 3:14-18] ALL MEN DO THIS, unless they follow Rabbi Yeshua!