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Daniel Perek founded and oversaw a Messianic Peshitta Congregation in The Woodlands, Texas, until recently.  He now oversees a small, intimate Messianic assembly in Conroe, Tx.  Daniel spent six years in the U.S. Navy as a Submariner, and has worked for twenty-eight years in SCADA integration.  He earned a BA in Bible, and an MA in History from Sam Houston State University.  He is Ashkenazi Jew on both his father’s and mother’s sides, and became a Messianic believer some thirty years ago.  He currently works full time as a Systems Integrator in The Woodlands, Tx.

Daniel is a prolific writer.  He published a work of fiction over twenty years ago.  He also wrote and published the “Messianic Siddur for Shabbat”, for the Messianic Community at large.  It has just been revised, and will republish soon.  He published the “Messianic Haggadah for Pesakh,” which has been used for years at Passover.  It, too, has just been revised and will republish soon.  He recently published the “Messianic Peshitta Megilah for Purim,” which is a commentary/guide on the book of Esther which can be used for celebrating Purim, and/or the study of the book of Esther.  He completed a Bar and Bat Mitzvah Study Guide for all ages, which will publish soon [Feb 2020 is target date].  He just published a “Messianic Peshitta Madrikh” for Messianic Jewish Life Cycle events from birth to death.  He has another work of fiction which, until recently, has been on the back burner, because he also has just completed a newly-translated volume of the Holy Scriptures, after having labored lovingly for the last eight years, translating from Hebrew and Aramaic “HaDavar, D’var  יהוה “, The Word of  יהוה .   The English-only version is now available on amazon and most booksellers.  See the “Available Works” page for a link.  A Hebrew/English version for private use is in the works, until such time as publication rights are granted.  Both the English and Hebrew volumes reveal the Name of  יהוה  as it is used in the original texts of both the Original [OT] and Renewed Covenant [NT] [from the Aramaic Peshitta] scriptures, the Name of Yeshua as it is properly spelled and pronounced in both the Tanakh [OT] and Brit Khadashah [NT].  It remains faithful to the Jewish flavor of the Sacred Writings, and corrects certain mistranslations that seem to support doctrine and not adhere to definition, context, and biblical culture for interpretation.

Daniel has been happily married to Melanie for 28 years, and has two children, a son named Jacob and a daughter named Shelby, and now a son-in-law Joshua, and his first grandson, Malakai.  He plays piano and sings, and has written many melodies of worship.

Daniel’s great desire is to help others to ‘see’ the Messiah, Yeshua HaNatzri, the Son of G-d, more clearly, and to grow closer to Him.  He does so each week in ministry and intimate fellowship, and hopes to do so for others through his writing.


“Perek” is a translation of the author’s English last name, as both words/names mean ‘crossroad.’ The word ‘perek’ is found in Ovad-Yah [Obadiah] verse 14, the only place in all of scripture where it is used as a noun, and there it means ‘crossroad.’  This also happens to be the “Haftarah” portion that goes with “VaYishlakh”, “And He Sent,” the Torah portion that is read on the anniversary of Daniel’s birth every year.  “Perek” is now used in Hebrew only to mean ‘chapter’ in a book, a place where thoughts diverge, or as ‘joint’, where the ends of two bones meet. There is a famous book called “Perek Shirah,” or “Chapter Song,” which is a collection of verses from scripture into different ‘chapters’, which glorify Elohim with a “Perek” for each of the six days of creation.  Daniel has chosen this name to honor his surname, and his fathers, a host of whom are writers, preachers, and Torah teachers.

7 thoughts on “About The Writer

  1. YHWH YESHUA never is wrong,He knew when he called you to bring the Besorah.Mazel Tov! Mr.Daniel and there is more to accomplish in His words.Thank you for sharing your amazing work.



    1. Charity,
      Thanks for reading the blog! And for your comment.
      To your question: Sha’ul is a Jew, and his given name is Hebrew, “Sha’ul”. Just like our Jewish people today who are born in countries other than Israel, he was called by another name in places where Hebrew was not the spoken vernacular. “Paul” is a greek name. Many people mistakenly believe that Yeshua changed his name to Paul. This is simply not the case. The scriptures actually only say that Sha’ul “was also called Paul.” Today, observant Jews born in America are given a Hebrew name, but called by and English name. This has been the practice since before the time of Messiah. We also have “Yokhanan” who was also called Mark. He was the writer of the gospel of Mark, and he was JEWISH, but many THINK he was greek, because of his greek name. They do not realize that scripture tells us his Jewish name. The same is true of Luke, but we never learn his Hebrew name. So, simply put, we call him Sha’ul because that is his given name. And, this is actually the ONLY name Yeshua called that apostle….

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    1. Dear Grzegorz,

      Shalom in Messiah Yeshua! I am so happy to receive your note!

      In regard to the pdf, my email is danielperek@yahoo.com ; send me a note there, and we can discuss getting the pdf to you.

      For Matti 28:19 :: here is our rendering:

      19Go, therefore, and make talmidim of all nations, and immerse them in the Name of HaAv,
      and HaBen and Ru’akh HaKodesh.

      Luka 23:

      43Yeshua said to him, “Truly I say to you that today you will be with me in Gan Eden.”

      Yokhanan 1:1

      1In the beginning was HaDavar, and He, HaDavar, was within the form of Elohim, and Elohim was He, HaDavar

      Yokanan 8:58

      58Yeshua said to them, “Amein, Amein, I say to you, before Avraham was born, I am He.”


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