I’ve Got News for YOU!

Below is a reply to someone who trolled me about the truth of scripture:

[I shouldn’t have to do this, but I must inform everyone again that I do not subscribe to the notion that “all caps” is yelling, but merely inflection and emphasis.]

The scriptures are far more than mere stories. I have not been a casual reader of them, but I have studied them in four languages, for nearly forty years. I challenged my own beliefs, and those of what were taught to me, both in churches and in academic settings. One thing I can tell you: they stand the test of everyone’s doubts and their lack of knowledge.Further, I have lived the scriptures. I have trusted in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and in His Son Yeshua. I have not just ‘believed’, but I have been transformed by HIS LIFE. Yeshua went to His death for MY sake, because I could not keep myself from doing wrong. I loved only me. I had a proclivity to think things I should not about other people, to want for myself things that were not good for me, to be utterly selfish. For some reason, HE chose to reveal to me that He LOVED ME SO MUCH that He would suffer a most horrible death, and then go further into the realm of the dead and suffer, because He KNEW that if He trusted in HIS FATHER to bring Him back from the dead, that He would save ANYONE from their lack of LOVE and COMPASSION. I lacked not love for myself, but for God, my CREATOR, and for others. He gave me LOVE. And for more than forty years, every single time that I am the victim of hateful humans, HE HAS GIVEN ME LOVE AND COMPASSION. He has taught me to LOVE THEM. Because He has SHOWN ME how much He loves ME.

I have pondered how I might reveal this to YOU. You do not know me, nor I you. But, I KNOW what it is like to be without love. To be jaded, bitter, hardened in my heart. And I know what it is like to believe lies told me by people I respect. As I said, I have studied these “stories”, AND the history wrapped around them. It probably would do me no good to point out ALL the many times these scriptures have proven ALL OF MANKIND WRONG. People said King David didn’t exist, nor his son Solomon. Archaeology has proven they did. People said Jericho was a myth. I’ve seen it myself. People said Solomon’s colonade, the pools of Jerusalem, etc, were fictitious, yet we keep digging, and the earth itself proves these words more accurate than any other book. People said the Bible wasn’t written until the third century, and then the Dead Sea Scrolls are found in the 1900’s and are almost letter for letter the same as our latest Hebrew texts, though they date from before the first century.

It would also probably do me no good to tell you of all the MANY TIMES that God has MANIFESTED for me. How He got me off a submarine three years before the Navy’s guidelines, how he healed my puss-sore laden throat ON THE SPOT while I sang to Him “O God, You are my God, and I will ever praise You,” how He healed my brother’s broken neck in my living room, my wife’s plurasy on the spot, raised my daughter off her death bed, healed a man’s lung which the doctors were going to take out that day until we prayed and the cancer was removed, told me I was going to get a job that would change my life, and the very next day I entered into a 28-year career. It would do me no good to tell you how He forced me to forge on and ‘try’ to start a congregation, a Jewish congregation in the midst of nothing but rednecks, when I wanted to quit and go hide in my hole, and how many SOULS he would cleanse, save, bless and prosper after I did not give up. It would do me no good to tell you how OVER AND OVER He has provided for my wife and me, HUGE SUMS OF MONEY coming from the most bizzare places, one time being a box full of cash mailed to our doorstep from out of state, from where we knew no one. 

I wish I could tell you EVERYTHING, every LIVING thing, He has done, that has PROVEN HIS WORD to US over and over again. But you wouldn’t believe it. You’d write them off as ‘stories’. Even if I could show you the proof. The science PROVES God exists, and that the earth is merely 6,000 years old. But, mankind chooses to believe the lie, so that he can persist in his DENIAL of living a life according to His will. History PROVES that Yeshua existed, lived, died and rose again, and that He is the Son of God; but mankind chooses to pervert the message, deny the scriptures, nay-say the notion of His return, and scoff at the idea of living rightly, with LOVE for Him and for one another. 

You are barking up the wrong tree if you think your little quip is going to cause me to doubt. I sat in Muscat, Oman, among Muslim sheiks, and listened to an Athiest say the same things you just said, face to face. This man was a genius, a super-intellectual, and he told me he was an athiest, but, the BREATH of God in me FORCED me to blurt, “No you are not! The fool says in his heart that there is no God, and you’re NO FOOL.” I could have been arrested, because I’m in a Muslim country declaring the truth of Yeshua and the Jewish God, our Creator, and I’m a very demonstrative person. But, somehow, we were protected, and I managed to get the whole truth out to this man. YEARS LATER I find out that not only does he believe there is a God now, but also that he trusts in His Son, Yeshua.

So, you can try to rely on ‘the force,’ and I know you were dangerously close to mocking His Spirit with that cartoon, but I KNOW the ‘force’ of His Breath, the MIGHT of His TRUTH. Your mindsent was predicted in these scriptures you mock. So, I will set your cause before the creator, for YOUR sake, and hope that you will BEGIN to THINK, and to FEAR your CREATOR. Otherwise, you will live in the regret of having taught YOURSELF to ignore Him, because you didn’t want to give up your sin, and you’ll think that way in darkness FOR ETERNITY.

I hope you will find His truth, before darkness swallows you forever.

This vlog was partly inspired by the episode above, but mostly by the readings for this week.

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