I don’t normally enjoy most productions that deal with theology/religion at all, because they are usually too rife with biblical error. This one, however, gives me a sliver of HOPE for the believing community at large, because it means that SOME people are starting to see what I have been declaring for thirty-three years: The gospel is incomplete without declaring the RETURN of the Messiah. I have been declaring His Good News for forty-four years altogether.

People today are fulfilling Kefa’s [Peter’s] prophecy of end-time believers in vast numbers, acting as the mockers and scoffers at the notion of the return of Yeshua. And the movie Before the Wrath gives the STATISTICS on how many in the BELIEVING community believe it, and how many believe in what the SCRIPTURES ACTUALLY say about it. That number is a mere TWO PERCENT! Which is what I’ve been ‘guessing’ all along. Further, it shares NEW ARCHAEOLOGICAL DISCOVERIES that support what I have DECLARED for THIRTY YEARS! The GALILEAN WEDDING was INVOKED by Yeshua at His last Pesakh Seder! The imagery of those Wedding Customs is the picture of Messiah and His Bride. People are FINALLY only BEGINNING to understand that EVERYTHING YESHUA said and did was done in the context of HIS CULTURE, and EVERY SINGLE WORD fits the mold of Biblical, JEWISH customs that point to HIM and BOTH ENDS of His ministry! Watch that movie.

If you have questions, message me. The below video is a song I wrote from the Revelation, chapter 15:3-4, when the BRIDE is assembled, and about to come out of the Khuppa.

“Great and marvelous are Your works, O יהוה Elohim Okhez Hakol; just and true are Your ways, O Melekh HaOlamim. Who shall not revere You, O יהוה , and glorify Your Name? For You alone are a Kadosh One and a Tzadik. So all nations shall come and worship before You; for Your Tzedaka has been revealed. [In Yeshua HaTzadik] ” ~ US! Rev 15:34

1. יהוה Elohim Okhez Hakol = יהוה God Mightiest of All

2. Melekh HaOlamim = King of the Ages

3. Kadosh = Consecrated

4. Tzadik = A Righteous One5. Tzedaka = Righeousness

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