Do YOU have ears?

The following is part of a conversation online about the Sabbath.

The one who responded was very closed-minded, and Anti-Semitic, opposing the use of the Name “Yeshua”, saying it was a made-up name, and NOT in the “OT”. When I proved that the NAME Yeshua IS in the “Old Testament”, MANY TIMES, he then said it was not “Jesus”, so it was not legitimate. When I showed him that “Jesus”, in that form, did not exist until 1711, he then insulted me further, and deleted the thread. On THAT basis, he completely ignored the whole discussion about the Sabbath.

It is SO SAD to me that people are determined NOT to listen to GOD!

There’s an instagram linked below the article, if you’re averse to or do not have time to read….

God does not view every day equal. If you want to ask HIM how HE feels and regards HIS SABBATHS, read His Word. The prophets make it very clear. [There is the weekly. seventh day sabbath, and there are seven other ‘annual sabbaths’.]

We are questioning whether Christians should keep the Sabbath Day. It should not even be a question. The fourth commandmant is, “Remember the Sabbath day, to KEEP it holy.” It was written in stone. With nine other commandments that no one, theoretically, has abrogated.

The opinions of man matter not to me. 

The Sabbath is the Seventh Day. “Shabbat”, the Hebrew word for Sabbath, is the same root word of “SEVEN”.  God gave it, the SEVENTH DAY, to “Adam”, MANKIND. Yeshua is indeed “Master of the Sabbath”. But, He did NOT change it. That means that HE decides what is work on Sabbath and what is not. He decides this by what is written in the Torah. Torah does NOT say not to pick a little grain on the Sabbath if one is hungry, but in fact shows us that life is more important, and mercy trumps judgment. That is when Yeshua declared Himself to be the Master of the Sabbath. He decides our Halakha [how to walk the Torah]. 1 John 2:4 “walk as HE walked” is actually ‘walk His Halakha’, meaning, HE is our Rabbi.

The Sabbath is the day HE, the Creator, rested from His work. And we are to emulate Him. We do so to remember the creation, that we have a creator, and that we are to rest in His rest.

Yeshua kept the Sabbath day, worshipping His Father in the Synagogue on the Seventh Day. We are further to emulate Him. “Imitate me, as I imitate Messiah” [Paul said]. Sha’ul/Paul continued to keep the Sabbath for the rest of his life. He taught the JEWISH CUSTOMS to gentiles, too. [ 1Cor 11:2, 2 Thes 2:15, 3:6].

People are posting comments like, “God doesn’t care, worship every day, allow the LORD to teach you,’ ‘we start our weeks worshipping, not ending’…. all of these are statements of MEN. Though they say ‘follow the LORD,’ they ingore HIS WORD on the matter.

The first century congregations did NOT worship on the 1st day of the week/sunday. They worshipped on the Sabbath. With Jews [Acts 15:21]. They ‘gathered’ at home for fellowship on the 1st day, on SATURDAY NIGHT, as Jews still do to this day. [Acts 21, seen again in 1 Cor 16:2]. At the weekly “Havdallah” service on Motza’ei Shabbat [ distinction at the departure of the Sabbath], we take up offerings for the needs of congregants. This is SATURDAY NIGHT, at the beginning of the Biblical week. This does NOT move the Creator’s Seventh Day, nor nullify His command to observe it, in any way. Just because many have, does not mean it is right to move it.

NOWHERE in SCRIPTURE does anyone change the Sabbath. It is historical fact that Constantine is the one who changed it, 300 years later. “Let us NO LONGER worship with that odious people, the Jews, but let us HENCEFORTH worship on the glorious day of the SUN”, to align with his continued pagan worship of Mithras, his sun-god.

God’s ‘feelings’ about the Sabbath are made clear in Exodus 20, Deut 5, and in the prophets. Including that HE wants even the GENTILES to enjoy His Sabbath [Is 56:3]. He tells us through the prophets that we will keep ALL His Sabbaths [regular weekly Sabbaths, and 7 annual Sabbaths] during the millenial reign of Messiah for 1,000 years [Zech 14, Isaiah 56:6-8, 66:22-24, et al]. Why would he ‘nullify’ it now? He would not.

Let me be clear, I am NOT saying one is not saved if they do not keep it. But, one robs himself of the blessing GOD gave the Sabbath at the very beginning. And, one is least in the kingdom for ignoring His commands, including the Sabbath assembly. [Matt 5:19].  To be great in His Kingdom, one must observe the Torah. It is NOT a salvation issue, but it is an obedience issue.

The verse cited ‘one man observes a day’ from Romans, is concerning pagans, who clung to their faith, and continued to abstain from FOODS on certain days [fish on friday origins], and has NOTHING to do with Sabbath. And, he simply says for us not to judge one another. I do not judge anyone by simply pointing out what the Word says. But, NOTHING in the Word moves His Sabbath to the first day. Sha’ul defended his Sabbath observance under the threat of death before KINGS  and JUDGES. He did not perjure himself. He was still a Sabbath and Feast observant Jew for his WHOLE life, as were all the others. 

One thought on “Do YOU have ears?

  1. How sad that so many of us were not taught when the real Sabbath is, and how the early believers followed Yeshua’s example in keeping the Sabbath as He commanded in His Word, and continued for hundreds of years.


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