Do YOU have ears?

The following is part of a conversation online about the Sabbath.

The one who responded was very closed-minded, and Anti-Semitic, opposing the use of the Name “Yeshua”, saying it was a made-up name, and NOT in the “OT”. When I proved that the NAME Yeshua IS in the “Old Testament”, MANY TIMES, he then said it was not “Jesus”, so it was not legitimate. When I showed him that “Jesus”, in that form, did not exist until 1711, he then insulted me further, and deleted the thread. On THAT basis, he completely ignored the whole discussion about the Sabbath.

It is SO SAD to me that people are determined NOT to listen to GOD!

There’s an instagram linked below the article, if you’re averse to or do not have time to read….

God does not view every day equal. If you want to ask HIM how HE feels and regards HIS SABBATHS, read His Word. The prophets make it very clear. [There is the weekly. seventh day sabbath, and there are seven other ‘annual sabbaths’.]

We are questioning whether Christians should keep the Sabbath Day. It should not even be a question. The fourth commandmant is, “Remember the Sabbath day, to KEEP it holy.” It was written in stone. With nine other commandments that no one, theoretically, has abrogated.

The opinions of man matter not to me. 

The Sabbath is the Seventh Day. “Shabbat”, the Hebrew word for Sabbath, is the same root word of “SEVEN”.  God gave it, the SEVENTH DAY, to “Adam”, MANKIND. Yeshua is indeed “Master of the Sabbath”. But, He did NOT change it. That means that HE decides what is work on Sabbath and what is not. He decides this by what is written in the Torah. Torah does NOT say not to pick a little grain on the Sabbath if one is hungry, but in fact shows us that life is more important, and mercy trumps judgment. That is when Yeshua declared Himself to be the Master of the Sabbath. He decides our Halakha [how to walk the Torah]. 1 John 2:4 “walk as HE walked” is actually ‘walk His Halakha’, meaning, HE is our Rabbi.

The Sabbath is the day HE, the Creator, rested from His work. And we are to emulate Him. We do so to remember the creation, that we have a creator, and that we are to rest in His rest.

Yeshua kept the Sabbath day, worshipping His Father in the Synagogue on the Seventh Day. We are further to emulate Him. “Imitate me, as I imitate Messiah” [Paul said]. Sha’ul/Paul continued to keep the Sabbath for the rest of his life. He taught the JEWISH CUSTOMS to gentiles, too. [ 1Cor 11:2, 2 Thes 2:15, 3:6].

People are posting comments like, “God doesn’t care, worship every day, allow the LORD to teach you,’ ‘we start our weeks worshipping, not ending’…. all of these are statements of MEN. Though they say ‘follow the LORD,’ they ingore HIS WORD on the matter.

The first century congregations did NOT worship on the 1st day of the week/sunday. They worshipped on the Sabbath. With Jews [Acts 15:21]. They ‘gathered’ at home for fellowship on the 1st day, on SATURDAY NIGHT, as Jews still do to this day. [Acts 21, seen again in 1 Cor 16:2]. At the weekly “Havdallah” service on Motza’ei Shabbat [ distinction at the departure of the Sabbath], we take up offerings for the needs of congregants. This is SATURDAY NIGHT, at the beginning of the Biblical week. This does NOT move the Creator’s Seventh Day, nor nullify His command to observe it, in any way. Just because many have, does not mean it is right to move it.

NOWHERE in SCRIPTURE does anyone change the Sabbath. It is historical fact that Constantine is the one who changed it, 300 years later. “Let us NO LONGER worship with that odious people, the Jews, but let us HENCEFORTH worship on the glorious day of the SUN”, to align with his continued pagan worship of Mithras, his sun-god.

God’s ‘feelings’ about the Sabbath are made clear in Exodus 20, Deut 5, and in the prophets. Including that HE wants even the GENTILES to enjoy His Sabbath [Is 56:3]. He tells us through the prophets that we will keep ALL His Sabbaths [regular weekly Sabbaths, and 7 annual Sabbaths] during the millenial reign of Messiah for 1,000 years [Zech 14, Isaiah 56:6-8, 66:22-24, et al]. Why would he ‘nullify’ it now? He would not.

Let me be clear, I am NOT saying one is not saved if they do not keep it. But, one robs himself of the blessing GOD gave the Sabbath at the very beginning. And, one is least in the kingdom for ignoring His commands, including the Sabbath assembly. [Matt 5:19].  To be great in His Kingdom, one must observe the Torah. It is NOT a salvation issue, but it is an obedience issue.

The verse cited ‘one man observes a day’ from Romans, is concerning pagans, who clung to their faith, and continued to abstain from FOODS on certain days [fish on friday origins], and has NOTHING to do with Sabbath. And, he simply says for us not to judge one another. I do not judge anyone by simply pointing out what the Word says. But, NOTHING in the Word moves His Sabbath to the first day. Sha’ul defended his Sabbath observance under the threat of death before KINGS  and JUDGES. He did not perjure himself. He was still a Sabbath and Feast observant Jew for his WHOLE life, as were all the others. 


The world we live in is SO fractious. It seems everything, at one point or another, divides. Families, friends, congregations, companies, teams; it just seems to be the nature of things.

I was thinking this morning about all the many, many people that have been in and out of my life. Most of the ones who are now out are out due mainly to people just living life, moving on to the next phase. But, sadly, some are out because they wanted me out of their lives. Very few are out by my choice.

I am usually the one reaching out. Several times in my life, that innate feature within me has actually contributed to division with those who like to shut themselves out, and/or be fake. I’ve learned to temper my exuberance for friendship. The other day, a dear friend who moved away to a new job two years ago, who had become my very close neighbor for about a month or so after we moved into our current home, messaged me to inquire about something biblical, and also just to say ‘hello.’ It was so very good to hear from him.

I have messaged a few people over the years, who have not been very responsive. I’m ‘friends’ with people on facebook who never ‘communicate’. And I understand many do not like to. But, I genuinely am interested in people. In their wellbeing, in their thoughts. Maybe I’m weird. I have always been picked on, shunned/marginalized, then bullied, then just ignored, and then, after coming to serve Messiah whole-heartedly, persecuted and/or avoided. I lost a job last year, and while COVID was the contributing ‘excuse’, I am certain part of it was anti-Semitism and personal resentment. I was lied about, and someone who knew the truth of it kept quiet in front of me, and I suspect probably supported the lie behind my back.

I spend most of my days, when I’m not busy in work or writing, rejoicing in His Word through music, praying, or just enjoying my wife’s company. But, occasionally, I think about these things. I have a memory that is ‘long in the tooth,’ and do not forget much. And I often think of people who I haven’t seen in years. But, I rarely reach out anymore, because I find most, even relatives, not to be very responsive/reciprocal.

In pondering this today while sitting in our garden, I went to the coming Kingdom in my mind, and it dawned on me: there will be NO ONE there who I do not love! And NO ONE there will not love me! All the ‘undercurrent’ of wicked thinking, selfishness, judgment/condemnation, will be gone. We will ALL be like “Netanel”/Nathaniel: one in whom their is NO guile. No deceit; nothing to hide! We will all live in the love of Messiah Yeshua, with Him as our king, and He will rule the earth by The Torah. We will ALL keep the Sabbath, and ALL the feasts of יהוה , from Pesakh to Sukkot, for which I am currently shunned and avoided for keeping and promoting, and NONE of the man-made feasts that most people observe today, for which I am shunned for not observing.

I cannot WAIT! First of all, to SEE Messiah Yeshua, the man, my SAVIOR! To meet the Patriarchs! Ya’akov, Moshe, Melekh David, Dani’el. To meet the Shilkhim [apostles], especially Yokhanan, and Sha’ul. To see my parents and grandparents again, and meet some of my forebears. And ALL the very KIND people whom I have met over the years and with whom I have had too little time to fellowship.

I despise the hate that is boiling in this earth right now. I despise all the division. It was divided when Yeshua was here, and they marginalized Him, shunned Him, persecuted Him, and finally executed Him. But, because of the JOY that was set before Him, He endured it all, for our sakes. And those of us who ENDURE, who have “nitzakhon” through trusting in His blood, confessing Him, and obeying His Torah, have that SAME joy set before us. And I long for Him to be revealed. All the fractious, divisive behavior in this earth is one sure sign He is getting ever closer to coming to get us. And I. CANNOT. WAIT!!!!

Fight the Good Fight

What was Sha’ul referencing when he wrote those words?

“I have fought a good fight; I have finished my race; I have kept my Emunah.” [2 Tim 4:7]

So many people today think that living a life in Messiah means nothing but ‘peace and harmony’ and all manner of blessing of riches, and that nothing in life should ever go wrong. They think this, and then when something does go wrong, they wonder about their faith. Many in faith then allow those circumstances to take them away from an intimate life with Messiah Yeshua.  Yeshua clearly taught that there would be many who WOULD ‘hear’ AND ‘receive’ the word of G-d, but they would GIVE UP when the cares of this world challenged THEIR Emunah. Sha’ul warned a young Timoteus “FIGHT A GOOD FIGHT! in absolute trust and good consience; those who have REJECTED this charge have LOST THEIR Emunah [absolute trust/faith].” 1 Tim 1:18-19] Sha’ul’s Emunah had indeed been challenged, over and over, to which he testified: “scourged five times, each time forty stripes less one”; “beaten with rods;” “once I was stoned”; “three times I was in a shipwreck”; “adrift at sea in a shipwreck”; “perils from rivers”; “perils in the wilderness”; “perils in the sea”; “perils from false brethren”; “in toil and weariness, in sleepless nights, in hunger and thirst, through much fasting, in cold and nakedness;” “If I must need to boast, I will boast of my sufferings.” 

This notion that we are not to have any trouble in life is preposterous, and it is harming, and in ways bringing ill repute to the Congregation of G-d. It is foolish thinking.  And that thought process aids and abets the enemy in driving people away from their faith. 

Do NOT get me wrong, and certainly do not misquote or misrepresent me. Trusting in and FOLLOWING Yeshua is THE BLESSING.  There is NOTHING more rewarding than KNOWING the King of the Ages, and in having one’s Emunah put through the fire of tribulation. This is how we come to KNOW that we ourselves DO believe in the unseen Creator and in His Divine, REVEALED Son, Yeshua the Messiah. It is BY our suffering that our Emunah is ‘proven’, and through which we produce the works of Tzedaka. 

There are people who think and teach that if another is ‘suffering’ in any way, then they MUST be disobedient and have grievous sin in their life. I myself have been accused of this on many occasions. At times, the ‘suffering’ that I have endured, which is primarily from the bottom of Sha’ul’s list: “perils from false brethren“; “in toil and weariness, in sleepless nights, in hunger and thirst, through much fasting, ” has caused others to leave me, to falsely accuse me of sin, to spread ugly rumors founded only on speculation, and worst of all to do the same and worse to my loved ones. My CHILDREN.  THEIR behaviors have caused me and mine to have our faith challenged, sometimes beyond relief. But, I YET REJOICE! And the reason for that rejoicing is that I know this means quite the contrary: That my Abba indeed DOES love me, and ACCEPTS my confession of His Son before His throne: “My brethren, take it as a JOY to you when you enter into many and varied tests; for you know that the TRIAL of Emunah will increase your ENDURANCE.” [Ya’akov/James 1:2] 

Sometimes, when we are in the throws of trial, however, it is difficult to remember that. I have been contemplating our ‘warfare’ of late, because it does seem at times like my family never gets a reprieve. I was motivated some days ago to begin to write about this idea of spirits fighting against us, and of our warfare against them. I wonder, and think often, whether very many people who SAY they trust in Yeshua [by whatever Name they call Him] actually understand how very serious our WARFARE is. And how many of them have succombed already to the TRIALS of life, and have thus NOT gaurded thier Emunah? 

Spirits, OTHER THAN HIS RU’AKH HaKODESH, plague humanity ALL THE TIME. But, like Paul Harvey once mused, that enemy has managed to pursuade our society that there is no war, that there is no spiritual enemy, that an adversary and accuser does NOT exist, and that any notion to the contrary means that one is ‘ignorant,’ ‘backwards’, ‘living in the past’, etc. Yet, Yeshua taught on satan and hell perhaps more than He mused on Heaven and it’s peace. Why? Maybe because He knew that for His followers there was a LONG, DIFFICULT ROAD ahead of them. Just before He left the earth, He pulled Kefa [Peter] aside and warned him of his difficult end to life. History shows that all of His Talmidim were persecuted and suffered greatly, for the sake of His Good News, starting with Stephen. Yeshua warned over and over that we would and MUST SUFFER for His Kingdom, and stated that this was one of the marks of a true believer.

That is not comforting, but it is sobering. There is a bitter-sweetness to it. But, we have to prepare our hearts and minds to walk in it. “Gird up the loins of your MIND, and be WIDE AWAKE, and HOPE for the JOY that is COMING to you [in the FUTURE], AT THE REVELATION of Adoneinu Yeshua HaMashi’akh!”  When Yeshua FINALLY returns and is REVEALED to the WHOLE WORLD, BODILY, THEN we may ‘rest’. But now, we must WORK. We must SUFFER. We must ENDURE. “BUCK UP!”, is what Kefa was writing, and it is written to us.

It doesn’t make it easy to do. So, while contemplating these things, I have contemplated the practical aspect of it, the “T-to-P”, as we said in the Navy. I have begun to implement what I have learned about ‘war’ in scripture, more and more. In the very recent past, I ‘fasted and prayed’, NOT for the first time, but with more fervor and intent, and with more clarity of purpose than ever before. And just very recently was compelled from within to do so again. I looked back on that fast, and ‘saw’ how much personal calamity came as a result of it. It was distressing. But, then I realized that I needed to EXPECT such. And to resolve to fight MORE. So, very recently, in daily prayers, I got to the daily Tehillah, 94, and was ‘assured’ that I need to ‘fast and pray’ again. Many pray, and many fast, but so FEW ‘fast AND PRAY.’ THIS is making the difference. As I was praying that Tehillah/Prayer/Praise, these words pierced my soul: “WHO will rise up for ME against the evil-doers? Who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?” The obvious answer to the question was that YAH will be my help. But, there are verses about brethren coming along side to fight. The imagery of the book of Yehoshua and in some of the other Nevi’im is that we unify TOGETHER in the fight. So, in the particular ‘trials’ about which I was intent to fast that morning, I thought, ‘will anyone ever fight WITH me?’ I have had SO many fight AGAINST me, with their hatred and their tongues, who will STAND with me? The wicked and the workers of iniquity of this world are NOT doing so because they are so clever: it is that they are led by their ‘father’, the adversary and accuser. There are indeed ‘spirits’ against whom we fight, that cause some of what we experience, especially in regard to what drives us away from truth. PEOPLE take part in that, but there is a demonic force behind it. THAT is why we FAST AND PRAY. Yeshua said, “THIS one comes ‘out’ ONLY by fasting AND prayer!” So, in my prayer time that morning, I wondered, since I learned already how very tumultuous life could get when I ‘go to war’ with intent and purpose, ‘who’ would stand with me: “How should ONE chase a THOUSAND, and TWO put TEN THOUSAND to flight?” “A cord of three strands is not easily broken”. There is strength in numbers in the natural world, and there is certainly strength in numbers in the realm of spirits. So, I contemplated that on that morning. Then, I received a text, and that brother asked about the very trials I had set my mind to fast and pray about. And the very words I’d pondered came from his fingers back to me. And that brother JOINED in the fight. Willingly. Almost gleefully. This is a first, and the timing of it did not go unnoticed. The WORDING of it, the CONCEPT of it, did not go unnoticed.

We fight many ‘spirits’: sex/sexuality, greed, rebellion [against truth], avarice, anger/bitterness, idolatry, dependence [lust/coventousness] on substances/things/foods, religious pride, arrogance, selfishness, feminism [perverting men], and on and on. ONE THIRD of the Kadosh Messengers in heaven, a huge, untold number, TURNED and became UNCLEAN, and are among us. Yeshua dealt with them head on, but we have allowed ‘scientists’ to tell us they do not exist, and to treat symptoms of their afflictions so that we never get at the problem. The problem is evil; it is the perversion of His Word, by a lion going about devouring anyone he can. Instead of being sheep to our SHEPHERD, people are sheep to the false shepherds of this world who teach them they are never to be uncomfortable nor challenged in life; they tell them they are okay to stay in the pasture of sin and graze in it.  They tell them, succesfully, that there are no wolves, no ‘boogeyman”, because they are themselves the wolves. They have nurtured a lukewarm congregation that wants nothing to do with the suffering of Messiah Yeshua, that wants NOT to struggle so that OTHERS might KNOW Him and SERVE Him.

Get in the fight! WHAT IF we ALL began to fast and pray, specifically against the spirits that we SEE plaguing people. And KEEP doing so EVEN and proabably ESPECIALLY when it SEEMS nothing is happening, or that the contrary SEEMS to be happening? What if we ALL resign ourselves to SUFFER with MESSIAH, for OTHERS? And begin to THROW OFF our comforts? What might His Congregation look like?  “I would that you were either HOT OR cold, but because you are LUKEWARM, I will SPEW YOU [the congregation member!] out of my mouth!” There is a phrase we used on the submarine: “GET HOT! GET QUALIFIED”. It meant, go to work and learn this vessel so you are not a liability in time of trouble. Get in the fight for LIFE people. No amount of politicians and their blathering is going to save anyone. The fields were ‘white for the harvest’ 2,000 years ago when Yeshua uttered those words. How close do you think WE are now?


I am not a ‘date setter’, but GOD IS! HE has a day ALREADY SCHEDULED! He does not tell us EXACTLY WHEN it is, but HE DOES TELL US we WILL be able to see it when it is near, even “AT THE DOOR”. We are SO CLOSE to the door, I think I see the key under the mat!

This morning is Omer Arbah, the fourth day of the Omer.

On “Coffee With Yeshua”, our wednesday morning instagram, I explained the Omer a bit. the link to that video is below this article.

The Omer is a ‘mini yovel’, a cycle of fifty. It alludes to THE Yovel cycle of mankind.

There are 120 yovel cycles in the “World Week”, a 6,000 year period of three 2,000 year cycles: Two days for Adam, two days for Israel, two days for Messiah. This is an ancient JEWISH concept called “World Week”. Each day is 1,000 years long, just like Kefa [Peter] explains in 2 Pet 3:8. We have been in the TWO DAYS for MESSIAH for nearly 2,000 years!

The video below on instagram is a brief explanation of the Omer count, and it references this article published here back in December of 2019 concerning Yovel.


So, Tzilah and I were discussing this yesterday, in relation to the previous week’s parasha, and out of our discussion bubbles the realization that the math is off a bit.  Yeshua would have ‘started’ His ministry in 27 AD, at 30 years old, having been born in 3 BC.  This would put the 40 years of khesed and khen, time for Yisra’el to do Teshuvah, from 27AD to 67AD, which is when Rome’s attack on Yerushalayim began.  I’ve fixed the article below to reflect this.  I had written this in haste one morning, and the math played tricks on me.  The Yovel in 27AD would make the next Yovel in our time be 2027, a mere seven years away.  Are we possibly about to enter the last sh’mitah cycle of mankind, the last opportunity to ‘forgive’, to learn compassion? [the cycle would be relative to Yom Teru’ah, in the fall of 2020]


A new chapter has begun in the life of our family.  The old one closed pretty much just before Khanukah, just before we lit lights to celebrate the conception of Yeshua in this darkest time of year.  “Perek” means chapter, and is a representation of my surname.  And this year, our family is praying for ‘newness’ of life, and for ‘liberty’.  We are starting a new ‘chapter’ in our lives, and we are welcoming it joyfully.

Since my memories go back so far, all the way to just before my fourth birthday, and I began learning scriptures at that early age in the historic Penfield church in Georgia, this year is looking to be a ‘yovel’ for us.

A Yovel is the fiftieth year of a cycle of years called “Sh’mita” years.  Yovel is a ram’s horn, from which they make the shofar, which is blasted on Yom Kippur of the Yovel year.  We are told a Yovel blew at Har Sinai [Shemot 19].  There is a 49 year cycle where every seventh year, the land lies dormant, giving the land itself a ‘sabbath’ [7th] rest for a year, a year of ‘release’.  In the fiftieth year, after the seventh ‘sh’mita’ cycle, there is another year, called a year of ‘liberty’, making a back to back sabbath year for two years.  “Yovel” is known to most as Jubilee.  In this year, a Shofar is blown, and there is a proclamation throughout all the land: דְּרוֹר .  There is a linguistic link in this word, ‘d’ror’, ‘liberty,’ to one of my favorite scriptures:

“[The] Ru’akh of Adonai יהוה is upon me; because יהוה has anointed me to bring good tidings unto the humble; He has sent me to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the eyes that are bound; to proclaim the year of the good pleasure of יהוה ….”

One of the reasons that this scripture is so special to me is because Yeshua read this passage in the Beit K’nesset in Natzrat, His home town, before his family and the friends with whom he had grown up.  I was contemplating all of this just this previous first day of the week, and began writing this blog.  And then, by mid morning, I began to read the parasha for the week, and realized this passage of Yeshua’s visit to His home town synagogue was our Brit Khadashah portion for the week.  In the Yesha-Yahu 61:1-2a portion, which Yeshua read from at the Bimah in Natzrat, the word there for ‘liberty’ is also ‘dror’, as in the Yovel passage, where a year of ‘liberty’ is declared, since Yeshua was reading this very passage.  Yeshua declared this ‘liberty’ in His synagogue in Natzrat.  Prophetically, I have been looking for the ‘benchmark’ of the biblical Yovel cycle for about twelve years now.  Scholars differ on when the last Yovel cycle of the land of Yisra’el would have been. Some have said 67AD, some have said 70AD, and there are other ideas, but those are the two I’ve been waffling between a bit, but leaning toward the latter.  The reason that I have searched for it for so long, is that years ago, while studying the Hitgalut [Revelation], I was praying and asking Abba to show me just a bit as to how close we might be to Messiah’s return and the restoration of all things.  I determined that there must be a prophecy timepiece, a ‘key’.  And then I read VaYikra 25-26.  I ‘saw’ the Hitgalut in there!  The Yovel cycle leaped out at me.  “Time” in the scriptures had already come to mean a lot.  I had already concluded that there are 6,000 years reserved for mankind, and a 7th “Shabbat” Millennium when Yeshua would rule on earth.  I was wondering if we could get closer to knowing when the Shabbat Rest of Messiah Yeshua, the last Millennium, would start. I started doing basic math, and realized these facts:

A Yovel is a 50 year cycle

In a 6000 year period, there would be 120 Yovel cycles

Abba told No’akh “I have numbered man’s days to 120 years”

A Yovel is a figurative timeframe; there is an unfolding of time.  There are ‘weeks of years’, etc.

From 70 AD to 2020 AD there would be 39 Yovel cycles, so 2020 would mark the beginning of a 40th Yovel from the destruction of the Temple.

40 is the number of judgment: the rains lasted for 40 days and 40 nights, Yisra’el wandered in the desert for 40 years, Torah’s limit of 40 lashes with the whip for punishment, 40 years of Philistine control, Yeshua fasted for 40 days, etc etc.

To me, this pointed to 2020 as a ‘possible’ yovel year, given that the Yovel not kept comes with a promise of judgment, and given that there are 39 cycles from 70AD to 2020.  The 40th would be 2070, but I can’t see how our current state of mankind and prophecy could last that long.  It could, but I just struggle believing it will.  So, 2020 is still a possible demarcation of the Yovel cycle, IF 70 AD was indeed the last one.  Which is how I leaned for years.  These days, I am not so certain, even though 2020 is upon us, and the ‘signs of the times’ do seem to be quickening these days.  It could all turn so fast.  But, there still seems to be ‘too much’ to be fulfilled before the fall of 2020.  And, there is no real biblical reason to believe that 70 AD was a Yovel year, other than the destruction of the Temple.  Yeshua did predict that.  But, He predicted the destruction of the Temple in the last year of His ministry, just before His execution.  He said that the generation of that day would see its destruction.  That was a warning.  That would be only 40 years before 70 AD.  There should have been a forty year cycle, a generation!  A biblical ‘generation’ is 40 years.  It would seem that Yeshua would have given Yisra’el forty years to repent from the time He first stood and declared, “Repent!”.  A whole ‘generation’.  If He started His ministry and declaration for ‘teshuvah’ in 27AD, then it was forty years before Rome sacked Yerushalayim in 67AD.

In the times of Yirme-Yahu, Yisra’el, which at that time was Yehudah and the return of the remnant of the 10 northern tribes, our Jewish people, was about to be punished for not keeping the Torah.  One of the sins that יהוה punished Yisra’el for, that is called out in this Navi’s book, is that of not keeping the Sh’mitah and Yovel cycles.  One of the great things about those cycles is the lesson of compassion.  It is not just about giving the land rest, nor of relieving debt, but about learning to trust יהוה , and learning to demonstrate compassion to those in bondage.   So many people today do not want to learn compassion.  Especially among “Messianic” people who are bent on punishing people for ‘their’ infractions, which usually end up not being Torah infractions at all.  The Yovel cycle calls to mind the same sins in Yisra’el that Elohim punished them for in sending them into captivity into Bavel.  After Yeshua’s day, when they had been visited by Adon HaKavod, they refused to repent, and would not accept Messiah Yeshua as their Moshiah.  For those 37 years, they chased, persecuted, and killed the Kadosh ones, the Khasidim, those who trusted in Messiah and obeyed the Torah.  At the end of those 37 years, their spirit of “Mashi’akh HaSheker,” their מִתְנַגֵּד הַמָּשִׁיחַ spirit, ‘against Messiah’, was punished, and their Temple was destroyed.  And their religious life became a ruin.  They were scattered.   As predicted by Yeshua.  But, that was only 37 years after Yeshua predicted it.  However, perhaps the benchmark of the Yovel has been hiding under our noses all the while.   Yeshua declares a Yovel in our parashah this week! And this was FORTY years exactly before 67 AD!  A ‘generation,’ time enough to warn of impending judgment.

“[The] Ru’akh of Adonai יהוה is upon me; because יהוה has anointed me to bring good tidings unto the humble; He has sent me to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the eyes that are bound; to proclaim the year of the good pleasure of יהוה ….”  The yovel year was indeed the “good pleasure of יהוה …”

Who better to ‘declare’ the Yovel than Yeshua the Messiah? Especially since it came with His anointing, miracles, and His declaration and warning: “The time has come to an end, and Malkhut HaElohim is at hand; repent, and trust in HaB’sorah.”  He spoke these words just days before entering the Beit K’nesset at Natzrat and declaring Yesha-Yahu 61:1-2’s declaration of “D’ror”, Liberty!  The Yovel? !

In the Hebrew, “likro lishvu’im dror’, gets rendered as ‘declare liberty for the captives’ in many translations.  This is not wrong.  However, there may be a hint in that middle word: sh’vu’im.  The root word is very similar to the root for “seven/shabbat”, which would be what the seventh year of the cycle is called.  And the Yesha-Yahu verse finishes with another declaration, the “Year of the Will [good will/favor] of  יהוה .” But, more importantly, the idea of ‘dror’ and ‘good will’ being declared by Yeshua Himself in this first year of His ministry, is very telling, considering that the clock of mankind ‘revolves’ around Him.  If he was born in 3 or 4 BC, then either 27 or 26 AD could have been the year He stood and read this passage.  I tend to believe it was 3 BC, which would make our year of this ‘declaration’ 27AD.  Yeshua then says, after reading this ‘good news,’ “Today, this scripture is fulfilled in your ears..”  If this is the case, then exactly 40 years later Rome sacked Yerushalayim.  Forty years is the year of judgment in many scriptures/events of precedent.  This forty years would have been an opportunity for Yisra’el to do teshuvah, which we know that only a remnant did, by returning to Elohim, and trusting in Messiah and not in their own Tzedaka.  For forty years, starting with Messiah Himself, the B’sorah was declared and the Messianic community grew, and only the Messianic community fled Jerusalem before Rome shut it in in 67AD, forty years after Yeshua’s declaration of Yovel, until its destruction in 70AD.  If this is the case, then 2027 may be a very interesting year, as that would be the next biblical Yovel, if my math is right.  It may have been a Sabbath just before or after Yom Teru’ah or Yom Kippur when Yeshua stood and read, and ‘declared’ what looks strikingly like a Yovel.  Would not it make sense that Messiah start His ministry with the official declaration of Yovel, “D’ror”, and that it coincide with the actual clock of scripture?  And would it not then make sense that as soon as His Messianic ministry started, and the opposition of it, that forty years later, the time of judgment, the Temple would be destroyed, and all the punishments for breaking the Yovel would be meted out on Yisra’el?  It is certainly something to consider more deeply.  And it would be further sensible to see that there would be exactly 40 Yovels of time between Yeshua’s declaration and 2027, which ‘could’ mark the 6,000 year mark of the time appointed for man.

As my family and I enter into this time of ‘release,’ ‘freedom’, great joy, we will certainly be contemplating these things more deeply.  Khanukah is a good place to start, too.  So, may the approach to both 2020 and 2030 be rife with introspection and preparation of hearts.

Shalom to all, and Khanukah Same’akh!


Truth In Resurrection

Timeline of Yeshua’s Pesakh and Resurrection

Most of the world sees the Messiah as having been executed on Friday afternoon, put in the grave that evening, and then rising from the dead on Sunday morning. This is simply not true, and does not match what Yeshua said would happen, nor what is recorded.

Yeshua prophesied twice concerning His time in the grave, at least according to what is recorded in scripture:

“For as Yonah was in the great fish’s belly three days and three nights, so Ben HaAdam will be in the heart of the earth, three days and three nights.” Matt 12:40

“Then He began to teach them that Ben HaAdam would have to suffer a great deal and be rejected by the elders and the chief Kohanim and the Sofrim, and be killed, and rise again on the third day.” Mar 8:31

A good Jewish person knows that a prophet must predict what comes to pass, and that it must come to pass as the prophet spoke, or he was not to be feared as a prophet. Yeshua was RIGHT, and they DID fear Him, before AND after His execution!

But, our Jewish people were already walking in error. The Pharisees held and still hold their Pesakh Seders on the 15th evening of the first month, “Nisan”. The scriptures instruct us to have our Seders on the 14th evening, which is what Yeshua did. He was arrested that night, tried, convicted and executed on Wednesday morning/afternoon, and put in the grave at sundown that evening. He was thus in the grave the THREE DAYS and THREE NIGHTS that He predicted, Wed night, Thur night, Fri night, Thur day, Fri day, and Sat day. He arose after sundown on SATURDAY NIGHT. Here are the scriptures that tell us this:

“In the evening of the Shabbat, when the first of the week began, there came Miryam of Magdala and the other Miryam, to see the tomb.” Mat 28:1

“And when Shabbat had ended, Miryam of Magdala and Miryam the mother of Ya’akov and Salome bought spices, that they might come and anoint Him.” Mar 15:1

“And at the beginning of the week, before dawn, while it was still dark, they came to the tomb and brought the spices which they had prepared; and there were with them other women.” Luk 24:1

“At the beginning of the week, very early while it was still dark, Miryam of Magdala came to the tomb; and she saw that the stone was removed from the tomb.” Jo 20:1

Each of these scriptures show that Yeshua rose from the dead LATE SATURDAY NIGHT, as they all arrived BEFORE morning and He had ALREADY been out of the grave.

The notion that Yeshua died late on Friday afternoon and spent ‘three days and three nights’ in the grave from Friday night to Sunday morning is preposterous. I have heard people’s feeble excuses and horrible counting methods to try to justify the tradition of men. If Yeshua did not fulfill His own words, then He is not Messiah.  

YESHUA ALSO clears up the argument about the timing of the First Omer, the First of the Firstfruits:

VaYikra 23:10

you shall bring the Omer Reishit of your [barley] harvest unto the kohen. 11And he shall wave the omer before  יהוה , to be accepted for you; on the morrow after the Shabbat the kohen shall wave it. מִמָּחֳרַת הַשַּׁבָּת

the ONLY reason Pesakh Shevah is on Shabbat this year, is because Pesakh fell on Sat night…


8And you shall bring a karban of fire unto  יהוה  seven days; in the seventh day is a Mikra Kodesh; you shall do no manner of regular work’.”

The Omer is timed ON הַשַּׁבָּת


The ONLY “HIGH SABBATH” ACTUALLY called a Sabbath by SCRIPTURE is Yom Kippur!

Yeshua IS the FIRST OMER, 

וַהֲבֵאתֶם אֶת עֹמֶר רֵאשִׁית

וְהֵנִיף אֶת הָעֹמֶר לִפְנֵי יהוה

Yeshua appeared BEFORE יהוה and WAS the WAIVE SHEAF OFFERING on the FIRST DAY of the week, the day after Shabbat Matzot!

The Pharisees not only celebrate/d Pesakh wrong, having their Seder on the 15th, but they had ALSO MOVED the first Omer to the day after THEIR “High Sabbath”, which was WRONG….

THEIR High Sabbath was actually the SECOND DAY of the Pesakh week! Abba said that the 14th day is Pesakh AND the first day of eating Matzot, AND THUS a “MIKRA KODESH”, what LATER became a High Sabbath to the P’rushim.

In Yeshua’s week of suffering, they held their Seder on Wed night… the SECOND night of Pesakh week, and THAT was the beginning of THEIR ‘High Sabbath’ [NOT G-d’s prescribed Mikra Kodesh]. So, for them, that year, the Pharisee’s FIRST OMER was THURSDAY night to FRIDAY evening. Thus, they DID NOT WAIVE HIS FIRST OMER. THUS, THEY FURTHER DID NOT RECOGNIZE YESHUA, the FIRSTFRUITS from among the dead!

The Pharisee First Omer moves. The ACTUAL first Omer is ALWAYS on the FIRST DAY of the week, AFTER Shabbat Matzot, the REGULAR SABBATH of the Pesakh week, just as it was in Yeshua’s fulfillment of these prophetic days.