Works for Love

No, I do NOT believe in Salvation by following The Torah [Law]. But, I KNOW that SALVATION [Trust in Yeshua] PRODUCES obedience to THE FATHER.


“I AM יהוה , and I DO NOT CHANGE.” [יהוה is The Father’s NAME]

“And he [Avraham] trusted firmly in יהוה ; and He counted it to him for tzedaka”. Gen 15:6

To rephrase: 

Abraham STRONGLY BELIEVED IN GOD our Father, and GOD considered THAT FAITH as ‘righteousness’, right standing with the Creator: SALVATION!

And AFTER Abraham put his trust in יהוה, he THEN KEPT ALL THE COMMANDMENTS, because he LOVED GOD:

“…because that Avraham hearkened to My voice, and kept My charge, My Mitzvot [commandments], My Khukot [ordinances], and My LAWS.”

Just like in English, where we call ‘the law’ the body of all ‘the laws’, so too does GOD reference the Torah as ‘My ‘torah’s’ [sic]. 

The TORAH embodies all the principles and teachings of THE FATHER, the boundaries of righteous behavior. Without them, the Body of Messiah is LOST. יהוה LATER had Moses write all these things down, as guideposts to bring us to Messiah Yeshua [Rom 10:4, “Messiah is the goal at which the Torah aims”. Put another way, Yeshua’s perfection, after which we model ourselves, is seen in His Father’s Torah. Our Jewish people were supposed to recognize that, but, they had turned ‘salvation’ into doing their own works: I do NOT teach that, nor have I EVER.

Thirty-three years ago, I was in my upper bunk on a submarine, 400 feet below the north Pacific, and dejected and alone. I picked up the Bible my Jewish grandmother had given me at 15 years old. I asked God this very desperate question: “What would Yeshua say to me if He were standing here?” I parted the pages and began to read where it fell open: Matai [Matthew] chapter 5.
I realized immediately that I did not embody the ‘beatitudes’ as they are called. Then, verse 19 leaped off the page at me.

That verse would become an anchor to help me sift through all the MANY THOUSANDS of doctrines and ‘ways’ that people were teaching.

I devoured His Word on that submarine for the remainder of that LONG patrol. The first ‘change’ in my life was immediate. My sailor’s foul mouth immediately disappeared. My grumpy demeanor vanished, to the point that six sailors cornered me in that same bunk room and asked me what had happened. Next, after simply having read Leviticus 11, I changed my diet to only eat the meats that the Creator said to eat. It was a simple and healthy change, most of which I had already done simply for health’s sake, as I was a bit of a body builder anyway.

When the patrol ended and I found myself in a Baptist church, because that is where I had met Yeshua [Jesus], I found that the teachers were not teaching Matt 5:19, and they were in fact butchering the plain meaning of the scriptures. 

Over a period of about three years of exhaustive studies, visiting and studying nearly every major denomination, including those who claimed they were non-denominational, which I found were basically a denomination unto themselves with a tricky moniker, I finally came to the conclusion that I would simply walk as Yeshua walked. [1 Jo 2:6]

Somehow, I found myself in a startup Messianic Jewish Congregation in Jacksonville, Florida, and wept uncontrollably with joy at having ‘come home’. 

I have never stopped STUDYING THE SCRIPTURES, and I hold myself and EVERYONE, Jew or Gentile, accountable to HIS WORD, FIRST AND FOREMOST.

If you have thought that I am trying to WORK my way ‘into heaven’ or to earn my Salvation by ‘doing’ something, you are so far from the truth of what I express and teach, and live.

I live EVERY DAY desiring to TRUST my Messiah MORE AND MORE, and to EXPRESS my love for Him by doing what HE DID and what HE TAUGHT. 

Careful study of His ‘sermons’ reveals that He taught THE TORAH.  

He was trying to UNDO the Jewish error of salvation by works, and REVEAL that SIN is the issue with which He came to deal: SIN IS:

1 Jo 3:4

I keep the Sabbath because God said to: He created the Sabbath for ALL MANKIND before the Torah was ever written.

I STOPPED keeping xmas and easter SIMPLY because I studied HISTORY, and found them to be RIFE with pagan rites and symbols.

I began keeping HIS CELEBRATIONS [Passover, Matzot, Bikkurim, Shavu’ot, Yom Teru’ah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot] BECAUSE THEY MAP OUT PROPHECY…

AND…. Because GOD SAID TO….





BUT, my RESPONSE to that GREATEST LOVE is to LOVE HIM BACK by striving to show HIS GREAT LOVE through OBEDIENCE to HIM, and NOT to man or messenger.

The picture is an excerpt on ‘SALVATION’ from our website. 

FREEDOM from SIN means not only that we won’t be PUNISHED for our sins, but ALSO that we are given POWER not to do it anymore! We are given a DESIRE to ‘show forth His Praises’ in this dark earth, and NOTHING does that better than OBEYING HIM and WALKING as HE walked.

Salvation is not ‘for’ the righteous: it makes one righteous. And a righteous, saved person will become different from this world. ONLY His Word, and your being changed by IT [Him], will separate you from this world in TRUTH.

2 thoughts on “Works for Love

  1. I very much like your article here, and will read others soon. I am a USA-born Christian who has learned just how knowledgeable are Messianic Jews. God’s anointed people. May our Lord continue to Bless you and His Spirit abide in you forever.


    1. I am honored, and flattered by your compliments. Our position can seem controversial sometimes, so I encourage you simply to ask questions… Welcome to the blog! And may Adon Yeshua bless you!

      Liked by 1 person

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