Captain Cave Man!

This Manchurian president is obviously just saying what people are telling him to say. But, the fact that a ‘sitting president’ would INSULT two sovereign states that are part of the UNITED STATES of America is infuriating. And to make his insult one that calls EVERY CITIZEN of those states “neanderthal” is DISGUSTING, and SHOULD make every American ‘think again’ about having inaugurated this buffoon.

What is a neanderthal? Most people immediately think “cave man”. The origin of the idea of a “Neanderthal Man” is from a fossilized skeleton that was found in Neandertal Germany in the mid-nineteenth century. It is a humanoid skeleton. All sorts of ‘educated guesses’ about ‘what’ this skeleton means have emerged, and most people accept the narrative that this humanoid is a ‘prehistoric subspecies’, or the predecessor of European humanity. Regardless of what the science is, the insult from the sitting president is obvious: unintelligent; uncivilized; cave-man. A dictionary definition of this pejorative is partly, “Primitiveold-fashionedopposed to change“. We all know how politicians like to redefine words in order to escape culpability, but let’s assume this sitting president meant the dictionary definition, as we all tend to when we use common words: “opposed to change”. If that is the case, then I and many TEXANS and MISSISSIPPIANS are most INDEED opposed to the type of change being forced upon us!

It is unbelievable to me that many Texans have been wearing masks. I have only twice, for my wife’s sake, to avoid a scene. And once or twice in the presence of the vulnerable, for their sakes. Let me ‘try’ to explain my logic, my ‘thinking’, as to why I will not wear a mask, though I know many lemmings will simply echo the sitting president’s pejorative, and not ‘reason’ with me. My wife wore a mask and gloves for the first month of COVID’s illegal mandates here in Texas. Thankfully, the judge in our county stood against the governor’s overreach and let many of us REMAIN free. But, my wife, because of social pressure [primarily at the grocery store] wore the requisite mask faithfully, and added gloves. I did not. She came down with COVID in the early summer. I did not. She had a serious bout with dehydration as a result, and suffered more than she should have. The hospital did not treat her COVID, only the dehydration; they merely diagnosed her and sent her home. Had we known a courageous doctor who would prescribe hydroxychloriquine, I would have demanded that. But, I digress. I stayed with my wife in the bed for the first three nights of her plight, until diagnosed, and tended to her for the duration, and I did not get it. I did not ONCE put a mask or gloves on. As a matter of fact, I kind of hoped I would catch it to get it over with.

My wife’s bout with the sickness made her angry, as she WORE THE MASK AND GLOVES FAITHFULLY, and still got sick. She has not done so since, except in going to see her doctors [for routine visits], who demand it. Those are the times I have put one on for her sake.

Do I not wear the mask because I do not ‘believe in’ the Rona? NO. I have known it was a valid illness since October of 2019. I watch several world newspapers sourced outside the US, and they reported on the very first episode of the virus in China, and then Italy. What was going on? “Yellow Vest” protests, and China protests in the two respective countries. They suddenly ‘died down’. Coincidence? Call it intuition, or call it discernment, but I ‘knew’ this was a manufactured, modified ‘cold virus’ [read a can of lysol] and that the Chinese released it from a lab on purpose. Just a tiny bit of research revealed that BHO and his puppet had been to the lab in Wuhan, the city where the so-called bat-eating man had supposedly imbibed the ‘new virus’ in a ‘wet market’. I could see through the thin veneer of a ‘wet market event,’ and knew that somehow the ‘powers that be’ had manufactured this thing. Then, in January some Harvard scientists were arrested in Boston for having been on China’s payroll, including the head of the biochemistry department who had just returned from…. Wuhan. Duh. Further, Gill Bates had been there, and had just held a ‘mock pandemic’ in October as a means to gauge whether or not the world was prepared for a pandemic. That man has been salivating for an outbreak of some sort, yearning to watch millions die so he doesn’t have to share the world with the likes of ‘deplorables’, and neanderthals.

Of course, then, I intuitively knew that this ‘plandemic’ would be further lied about. Immediately, the WHO got on board with the lies, as did Doctor F.ouchie. At first he says there was NO NEED FOR MASKS. Then, just a few short weeks later, “everyone needs to wear a mask.” Me, I’m thinking, ‘how big is a germ/cold virus? Does it penetrate a surgical mask? Cloth?’ since the good doctor had ‘approved’ of a cloth as well. At first, the mask was for my own protection. Then, when it got out that it doesn’t prevent the dread disease, my wife being the living proof of that, then, suddenly virtue signaling overtakes the public, and now I have to do it for everyone else. Why? I’m a healthy person, and I trust my immune system. My very NEAR exposure to it being the PROOF that I have a working immune system. I tried to get the word out that the VULNERABLE need to stay at home, and anyone who THOUGHT they might get it needs to wear a mask, IF THEY FEAR IT. Never ONCE has anyone offered SCIENTIFIC PROOF to the general public that masks actually work against COVID. We are just supposed to believe it based on the fervor of their demand that we wear it. I had SCIENTIFIC PROOF that they do not protect one from covid: my wife, and others in my circle who faithfully wore the device and STILL GOT SICK. [repeating the result in reality is scientific proof]. I also reasoned that wearing a mask for prolonged periods of time on a daily basis would make a person sick. THIS TOO is proven. Does it do so to everyone? No. But, I know SEVERAL PEOPLE, with whom I am VERY CLOSE, who all of a sudden kept getting nasty throat infections, ‘colds’, et cetera, who normally did not otherwise get sick. Common denominator? FORCED to wear masks by their employers. Which is fascist, by the way, and unconstitutional.

My outcry was, “IS THIS HOW WE ARE GOING TO LIVE OUR LIVES PERPETUALLY now? What if it becomes endemic?” [meaning, what if it is going to be just like the seasonal flu?] “Are we going to wear masks for the rest of our lives?” I can tell you, I’M NOT! What if ‘neanderthal’ died because he ‘caved’ to some peer pressure born in political ignorance? I am indeed opposed to this kind of change!

Have people NOT considered how wealthy hospitals have all of a sudden become? It has not escaped our notice that during a huge economic downturn, all our hospitals around us have suddenly added wings to their campuses. They did get about $30,000/covid patient, after all. Is that why suddenly FLU just VANISHED! Even after months of looking at the numbers, where the death rate over all has remained the same, where flu deaths and other common causes of death have DROPPED, in compensation of making the COVID numbers HIGHER, in order to pander to the fear. Why? To condition people to blindly submit. So many citizens have persisted in ‘obeying’ their overlords, following the pied piper into a lemming-like state of subservience. And I know courageous, intelligent, THINKING individuals who have been assaulted for not wearing a mask. Thankfully I’m foreboding enough that no one has attempted that with me, but I did get one funny look one time.

I do not ‘not’ wear a mask out of rebellion. But, out of COMMON SENSE. I DO NOT NEED ONE. And as a matter of principle. I am endangering NO ONE. The ‘disease’ doesn’t spread if one is asymptomatic. I have NEVER had even a hint of a symptom. If I were the spreader, people would be dropping like flies around me. They have not. PROVE to me, scientifically, that it spreads through asymptomatic people, and I might then consider wearing a mask. If someone asked me to wear a mask, I did. I had a customer into whose home I had to go, and I wore a mask for his sake, because he was old, and medically challenged. I had no issue with doing that.

It seems that our governor [I’m a Texan] FINALLY put some THOUGHT into it, as did Governor DeSantis of Florida, when he FINALLY decided to lift the mandates for Texas, as OUR COUNTY JUDGE did so long ago. DeSantis’ Florida COVID numbers have NOT been the disaster the sitting president and his media lackies predicted. Remember the Super Bowl? It was supposed to be a ‘super-spreader event’, because Tom Brady didn’t wear a mask. Has it been? WHY does NO ONE hold the CLOWNS ACCOUNTABLE to the actual STATISTICS? Because the usefulness of the plandemic has not been exhausted as yet. They are still conditioning the masses to believe that COVID is a horrible disease, EVEN THOUGH the death rate has been less than 3%!!!!! Do you not get it? A “pandemic” is something that kills SIGNIFICANT NUMBERS OF PEOPLE! You know what did MOST of the ‘killing’ by COVID? A PEN! Calling a motorcyclist who died by a CRASH a “COVID DEATH” JUST because he had the virus in his body, even though his head was crushed. Do you not get it? The mere PRESENCE in an asymptomatic body that died of SOME OTHER EVENT was counted in the numbers. Those numbers were further driven up by GOVERNORS who PLANTED SICK patients into nursing homes amidst the vulnerable. THAT is what made the ‘terrifying’ 2+% death rate so high!

So, mr sitting president, call me a Neanderthal. But, you and your ilk are MURDEROUS MORONS who want to subjugate America, and CHANGE her into a COMMUNIST NATION, and I cannot WAIT until more people start waking up to that fact. I am EXTREMELY opposed to the change you and your minions are trying to bring. If that makes ME a neaderthal, I am HAPPY TO BE ONE!!

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