בַּלַּיְלָה הַזֶּה , Yeshua said this at His last Pesakh Seder, the night He was betrayed. He said, from the Aramaic to Hebrew, “You all will deny me “BaLailah HaZeh“… “THIS NIGHT”. Traditionally, we have our children sing a song called “Ma Nishtanah?” And the gist of the song is that Pesakh is different from every other night, so in the song the children beg the question, “Why is “HaLailah HaZeh“/”This Night” different from all other nights?” Yeshua had walked with these men for three and a half years. He’d taught them. He’d tolerated their doubts, their personalities, their misgivings, their arguments and jealousies, and more. He’d shown them miracle after miracle. He’d rescued them. He’d healed their mothers-in-law, He’d paid their taxes, fed them miracle bread, and on and on… and for three of them, He’d been transfigured before them, and they had seen Moshe and Eli-Yahu talking with him on Har Tabor, two of their long-dead and greatest Prophets. And now, on THAT NIGHT, they would all deny Him. And He told Kefa that “BaLailah HaZeh,” you will deny me THREE TIMES”. And one of them would BETRAY Him. Yeshua said nothing by accident, and the way He said it hearkens to a future song of Israel at the Passover…. Remember, this is a JEWISH MEAL, and ALL those in attendance are Jewish. He wanted that EVERY ONE of them should be faithful. Thank Heaven the Eleven RETURNED to Him! I am already anticipating “HaLailah HaZeh” this year….

The Big One

Lies. They are everywhere. But, there is ONE BIG lie that is coming on all the world, FAST, and it is a doozie. The mindset for that lie has been managed for years, however, by the ‘power’ behind it. First, let me show you the most obvious warning of that lie, and then the ‘power’ that is behind it:

“For this reason Elohim shall send them strong delusion that they should believe THE LIE, that all who did not believe in HaEmet [The Truth/Torah], but preferred unrighteousness, might be condemned.” [2 Thess 2:11-12]

To rephrase, GOD, the Almighty CREATOR of the Universe, will force people who reject THE TRUTH/TORAH and the Gospel of it, who prefer ‘unrighteousness’, to believe THE lie, and so condemn THEMSELVES.

That is huge. No matter what one thinks TODAY, if they are alive at that time, the Creator Himself will force people NOT to ‘see’ truth, and condemn themselves to an eternity apart from the Presence of G-d and His Salvation.

So, what is that LIE?

“And then the man of sin will be revealed as Ben Ha’Abadon [Son of Destruction], who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called “god,” or that is worshiped; so that even in the Heikhal [sanctuary] of Elohim, he sits as Elohim, and shows himself as though he were Elohim.  ….. And now you know what has prevented him from being revealed in his time……    Then shall the Wicked One be revealed, that one whom Adoneinu Yeshua shall consume with the breath of His mouth, and shall destroy with the revelation of His coming, even he whose coming is due to the working of HaSatan, with all power and signs and lying wonders, and with all deceitfulness of unrighteousness in those who perish, because they received not the love of HaEmet, that they might be saved thereby…”

This is the LIE. This human being, who is full of the power of the chief adversary of G-d, will call himself GOD, and will defile the Jewish Temple that will be built again, soon, in Israel, just as Yeshua said it would be. And, because people have not developed a love for TRUTH, they, most people, will believe that BIG lie: that a man is very God.

So, what is the power behind it: it is described in the middle of that passage:

“For the mystery of iniquity is already at work, until that which now hinders is taken out of the midst of them.”

The words quoted thus far are all from the second letter of Sha’ul to the believing Congregation at Tesalonika. Yokhanan also tells us what this ‘power’ is.

“My children, it is the last time; and as you have heard that a false Mashi’akh shall come, even now there are many false Mashi’akhim [anointed ones], and from this we know that it is the last time.” Yokhanan continues just a bit later: “Who is a liar but he who denies that Yeshua is the Mashi’akh? He is a false Mashi’akh, and whoever denies HaAv [The Father], denies HaBen [The Son] also.  23Whoever denies HaBen, the same does not believe in HaAv; but whoever acknowledges HaBen acknowledges HaAv also. [1 Jo 2]

So, the ‘power’ behind the big and approaching lie is the notion that Yeshua is NOT the Mashi’akh, the One ANOINTED to SAVE mankind from SIN. And what is sin? Yokhanan also tells us this, very plainly. “He who sins breaks the Torah, for sin IS the breaking of Torah!” [1 Jo 3:4]

Yeshua declared very plainly Himself that He came to save mankind from SIN. NOT from earthly governments, or from poverty, or from ill health, but from SIN. THIS is the TRUTH of the Kingdom that He PLAINLY declared. But, because people are distracted by their more base needs, they ‘miss’ it. Or, they’re distracted by their self-righteousness, thinking they know better than God what right and wrong are.

This ‘idea’ of a man-god is saturating the minds of humanity right now. All the comic book movies portray the idea in one form or another. But, worse, certain people who call themselves believers in “Jesus” have the notion that He is G-d, NOT that He is the SON of G-d, but that the ‘father and the son and the holy spirit’ are all rolled up into one ‘coequal’ being. Yeshua Himself clearly told us that HIS FATHER, “Ha’Av” was still on His throne, and that He, Yeshua, ‘proceeded forth and came out of God’ [Jo 8:42], and that He SENT HIM. Yeshua also clearly articulated that there was knowledge reserved ONLY by His Father. Sha’ul points out that at the end Yeshua will hand all ‘authority’ BACK OVER to His Father. This does NOT mean that Yeshua is not the perfect representation of God on earth: HE IS. STILL. But, it does mean that if one stuffs the FATHER into the Body of Yeshua exclusively, one does not ‘have’ the Father.

This was the beginning of the “mystery of iniquity”; when perversion of truth entered into the believing world, and fear caused most people to capitulate to it. Why? Because it took the threat of execution, official, government sanctioned MURDER of those who would not accept this new lie. Before people go off all half-cocked, MANY people who ‘think’ they believe in a ‘trinity’ actually do NOT: they believe the TRUTH. MANY people know deep down that Yeshua is still a MAN, resurrected, and Standing at the RIGHT HAND of the Creator. The official ‘trinity’ doctrine denies this: denying The Father, or The Son, and thereby BOTH. It is interesting to me that just this past week our congress prayed to “Brahma”, the Hindu creator TRINITY, and it was closed with the ridiculous notion that somehow “Amein”, the Hebrew prayer that means, “May it be firmly established”, is politically incorrect, so a new word was invented to accommodate the liars: “awoman”. This came on the heals of the house neutering the English language in congress, a further OFFICIAL attempt to pervert truth, destroy the sexes and all that makes us distinct, and deny the truth of the Creator having created MAN and WOMAN, creating woman FOR man. This shows how preposterous people will become to perpetuate and promote lies. Half our country thinks that congressman was justified for doing that; a big part of the remainder is indifferent to the fact that he did it; and the BIGGEST part of our country do not know that he prayed to a trinity.

Throughout history, man has chosen to believe lies en masse. It is bewildering. Most of western christianity chose to believe that the ‘pope’ was God’s vicar on earth, a co-ruler, and infallible. That the peasant class was destined to be poor, and SAVED because of their poverty, and because of their service to the ruling and religious classes. They believed that so much, that it was called the ‘dark ages’. Mankind as a whole, for the most part, chose to believe that the world was flat, in spite of looking up into the heavens and seeing all other bodies as orbs. Mankind chose to believe that bloodletting was a good source to heal even a flu, when the scriptures clearly tell us that “the LIFE is in the blood”. People of today have believed that the climate would be our demise: first, we were going to freeze to death by 2000; then, we were going to burn up by 2016; now, the general ‘climate’ is going to starve us because of farting cows, so we also need to eat grass [see the ‘world economic forum’s preposterous suggestions for survival]. Then, most of the world believed that a new cold virus magically appeared because one chinaman ate a bat. They could not see that the Wuhan lab, with the CCP, BHO and WHO, along with the likes of Fauci and Gates, manufactured a souped-up cold virus for the purpose of controlling mankind. And our politicians jumped at the chance to starve us into submission. STILL, even in TEXAS, people sheepishly put on masks, that WILL NOT save a person from this jacked-up cold. FEAR has gripped society over a cold that only kills less that 1% of those who catch it. But worse, mankind chose to believe ONE man, Darwin, when he posited that we ‘evolved’ from the simplest of life forms: MOST of mankind has DECIDED that God did NOT create the earth in SIX DAYS, as HE said He did. That He COULD not. And that God did NOT specially create mankind, differently than He created everything else; but that WE CREATED OURSELVES. Nothing is more preposterous and absurd than what most of the ‘scientific’ community suggests about our origin.

Except, perhaps, the lies that most in America are believing right now. Choose your lie: that the election was pristine, and Biden was fairly elected by an overwhelming majority: or, that there is a ‘great awakening’, and people are suddenly going to learn the truth and be righteous because of what is about to be revealed.

“Let God be true, and EVERY MAN a LIAR.” [Rom 3:4] Don’t get me wrong: I truly HOPE that America wakes up to the fact that MOST of our politicians in Congress, and most of our latest presidents, are LIARS, and SELF INDULGENT, self-serving deceivers. I am one that knows that Trump is also a fallible man, but I also see that he has been selfless in his service to this country: he paid for his own campaign; he has donated his whole presidential salary to NEEDS; he has returned the peoples’ money to the people in the form of tax cuts; he has protected America from the robbery of the Chinese and European governments who have bilked the American people for years. And yes, I do still hope and would happily approve of his remaining in office. Because if not, then we have fallen to a hidden oligarchy that is running our country behind the scenes, buying off Republican AND Democratic politicians, clearly evidenced in this last election cycle, and for years and years now. But, so many people have refused to see it.

This is what lets me know that the BIG LIE is going to be upon us, sooner than later. People are so apt to believe whatever the majority believes. Because being in the majority is comfortable. So, when everyone is screaming and crying in joy over the Son of Destruction’s ‘beauty’ and apparent ‘compassion’, they will fall down at his feet and worship him, thinking he is “Jesus”, and “Mohammed”, and “Confucius” and “Buddha” and Brahma” and “Mashi’akh”, because he exalts himself above all ‘gods’ and declares himself to be the creator. He will be so ‘believable’; AND, God HIMSELF will force them to believe him. Why? Because MAN chooses to be unrighteous, to REJECT the guidance of the Torah in defining what sin is.

Yeshua could not have been any more plain: “Whoever therefore tries to loosen [weaken, do away with] even one of these smallest mitzvot [Torah directives], and teaches men so, he shall be regarded as small in [The Kingdom of Heaven] Malkhut HaShamayim; but anyone who observes and teaches them [Torah directives], he shall be regarded as great in Malkhut HaShamayim.” It is amazing the scriptural gymnastics people go through to ‘unteach’ the truth to people, and to stave off anyone teaching the goodness of all of Scripture to the followers of Yeshua. Do they really love the truth? Or, do they prefer unrighteousness [ 2 Thess 2:12]

Chrissy the Christmas Ham

I cannot even count how many times I have been falsely accused, condemned to hell, accused of being Satan, ad naseum.

And this is usually by people of ‘faith’.

But, in regard to religious condemantion and false accusation, it is usually done by people who have no idea what I actually believe, and DENY it when I tell them, show them, and give the EVIDENCE of what I actually believe.  

These people are the ones who hang on to the christmas ham, and that is usually the only thing keeping them from walking in a manner more like Yeshua walked. 

“Hereby we know that we are in Him:  6he who says “I am in Him” ought himself also to walk His halakha.”  The term ‘His Halakha’ is actually in the greek as well: ‘the way HE walked’ and all the various translations of it. This is telling us that Yeshua is OUR RABBI, our ONLY Rabbi, and that those who SAY they follow Him should follow the way HE teaches THE TORAH. “Halakha” is the concept of following what ‘your Rav’ teaches. MY “Rav” or “Rabbi”, is Yeshua ALONE, thank you.

The ‘christmas ham’ about which I speak is this: the two things that keep many believers from seeing the BEAUTY of the Torah are: christmas and food. 

It just so happens that a favorite christmas meal is the ‘christmas ham’ hearkening back to the Yule of nordic cultures that sacrificed a pig on the winter solstice.  True, most people today do not know that is its origin. But, they don’t care to ‘ask.’  I asked.

People simply do not want to give up their favorite food, bacon, and their favorite holiday.  They know that if they begin to observe the SABBATH on the SEVENTH day of the week, that it casts a shadow over the rest of their belief and practices.

So many people today ‘think’ that Yeshua did not practice a ‘religion’, but He most certainly did: HIS!!!  HE gave the Torah, His genetic blueprint, to the Jewish people, and came to earth as a Jew!  Lived as a Jew, DIED as KING OF THE JEWS, and will come back AS A JEW, being our High Priest.  He will judge the world ACCORDING TO the TORAH.  He will RULE THE EARTH accourding to the TORAH.

Folks who disparage me fail ever to prove that GOD changed the Sabbath. They have to use socratic logic to justify THEIR observance of ‘sun-day’ as their ‘sabbath’, and cannot find ONE verse that actually supports that.  

They THINK that the “NT” overturned the kosher laws, but cannot find ONE JEW in the NT who ever ate pork. They misquote 2 Tim, that says ALL ‘food’ is consecrated, not realizing that the biblical GREEK word for ‘food’ means KOSHER FOOD, and that it is consecrated, ‘set apart’ as food BY THE WORD OF GOD, in Levitius 11 and Deut 14; they also misquote Acts 10 and 11, where Peter explains that his ‘vision’ was NOT about food, but about MEN, while affirming that NEVER IN HIS LIFE, INCLUDING the twenty-some-odd years of BELIEF in Yeshua AFTER His resurrection, had he eaten unclean meat.  And he NEVER DID after that!  They IGNORE Paul’s testimony before JEWISH and ROMAN kings and rulers that he had NEVER violated the Torah!  That he STILL LIVED as a Jew, and that he TAUGHT THE TORAH in Ephesus for two years, every day, and did so all around the known world, wherever God sent him. 

They ‘think’ that God sanctified the unclean meat of pig, which is known to be bad for you, and that He sanctified the birthday of Mithras and the feast of Saturnalia. They impose the birth of Messiah over a pagan date, and celebrate it and DEFEND it as truth, EVEN THOUGH THEY KNOW HE WAS NOT BORN ON 12/25, BUT ON 07/15 of the biblical year, IN THE FALL, proven by simple reading of the NT account of his annunciation and birth.

These two things are idols that believers simply cannot give up. It is spiritual harlotry, mixing the worship of יהוה  with the worship of Ba’al, as did Israel.  Yet they condemn any Jew who believes in Yeshua and worships Him on the day GOD said to worship HIM, and who simply eats the meat that GOD said is FOOD. What in the wide world is so wrong with that.

In my experience, they ‘think’ that by doing these two simple things, that ‘we’ are trying to save ourselves by works, when we say OVER and OVER that we are saved by trust. Here is the declaration of our faith, which is PUBLIC:

Salvation is from the Jews. Yeshua is Jewish. He is Salvation, and His Name, Yeshua, means “Salvation”.

Yeshua saves us by rescuing us from our sins. Adam brought ‘Khatah” [breaking Torah, sin] into the world, when he disobeyed the instructions of our Creator. The ‘neshama’, the spiritual ‘life’ of Adam, the essence that connected Him to life in the Creator, died when he sinned, and as a result, his body died nearly 1,000 years later.

Yeshua declared salvation, saying that He came to save us from sin, and to give us ‘life’. He restores to us a living neshama by His Ru’akh, and then also gives us of His Ru’akh as a garment. This is ‘eternal life,’ which will one day also resurrect our own bodies. Those who trust in Yeshua continually and demonstrate that trust through humble obedience to His Word will rise from the dead, because they live in Him.

Yeshua saves us from ourselves, our propensity to break His Torah. Sin is the breaking of Torah. Remaining in sin, or continually breaking Torah without contrition, brings perpetual death. These are the lost.

SALVATION IS BY TRUST ALONE. NOTHING in scripture can be more plain. True salvation that imparts ‘tzedaka’, however, will produce OBEDIENCE to His Mitzvot. This is probably the MOST critical tenet of trust in Yeshua the Messiah. Many believers who do not follow the Torah ‘fully’ DO follow it, even though they do not realize it. [Rom 2:14] We believe that ALL believers, Jew AND Gentile, are being ‘purified’ in these last days, by being called back to the foundation of trust, Yeshua, our Rabbi, and His Torah, walking it out the way He did. Trusting in the blood He shed on the tree saves us. Obeying His Mitzvot consecrates us, and communicates His message of REPENTANCE more clearly in this DARK world.

It never ceases to amaze me how willing people are to perpetuate the lies of the past in order to maintain a little bit of ‘usual.’