Awe, Khet!

The word in the picture contains three Hebrew letters, reading right to left:




Hebrew letters are symbols, pictographs of a sort. Each symbol has a meaning that is relative to both the sound of the letter and its symbolic purpose.

The ‘khet’ is a gutteral burst, and its symbol is “life”, relative also to the number eight, as it is in the eighth position of the alef-bet. 

The “tet” is a serpent; it is in the ninth position, right after the khet in the alef-bet.

An alef is a picture of an ox, and invokes the idea of power.

So, the word above has in it this hidden-in-plain-sight meaning: life/serpent/power  > or, serpent within the power of life, life in the power of the serpent… etc…

This word is actually pronounced exactly the same as the name of the first letter: “khet”.  That word, the ‘name’ of the letter, actually means ‘break’, and is spelled חת , where the ‘t’ sound comes from a different letter than the serpent, the ‘tav’, whose symbol means ‘sign’/’signature’. This word ‘khet’ actually means ‘break’; so, we have the hope that we can ‘break the power of the serpent.’

The word in the picture, however, ‘khet’ is defined as “SIN”.

Sin is “breaking Torah”. [1 John 3:4]  The SERPENT’s FIRST WORDS to man were: “”Has Elohim [G-d the Creator] INDEED SAID ?”….. Deviating from what G-d SAID, like “Remember the Seventh Day and KEEP IT HOLY”, is SIN.  That NEVER CHANGES.

After the serpent cast doubt on WHAT G-d said, he then took something G-d REALLY DID SAY, and he TWISTED it.  And THAT is still his chief tactic in deceiving the world.

Whatever our SIN is, it is us handing the power of LIFE over to the serpent.  If left in that state, the serpent will take us with him into the eternal darkness, and the knowledge of our insolence and guilt, FOREVER, outside of the Presence of our Merciful creator, and our Savior, Yeshua, who REALLY DID SAY that SIN will destroy you.

I despise HaSatan, that slant serpent, the adversary, the enemy of G-d, the perverter of His Word, the progenitor of ALL LIES.  I have been praying for Nitzakhon [to overcome] for me and mine, that we have the POWER OF LIFE in Elohim! Wherein lives SHALOM, SIMKHA, and REAL ‘prosperity’.

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