The Star of Yisra’el

“I see him, but not now; I behold him, but not near; there shall step forth a star out of Ya’akov, and a scepter shall rise out of Yisra’el….”

Most students of scripture know that Yehudah [Judah] is the tribe to whom a ‘scepter’ was promised, to be the ruling tribe.  Yeshua is not only a bonafide member of that tribe, but twice the son of Melekh David: a direct biological descendant through Miryam, and a direct legal descendant through Yosef, his adoptive, earthly father. He IS a Jew. And He is the KING of the Jews.

But, we also have the scientific nature of this prophecy, that, in all likelihood, gave those Babylonian Jews who are called “M’gushim”, ‘wise men’, the knowledge to follow a star TO Yerushalayim, and FROM there to Beit Lekhem, to find the Messiah born unto Yisra’el.

Today, in just a few days, Jupiter and Saturn will align, and will appear as one star. Many think this is the “Star of Bethlehem,” the one that those ‘wise men’ followed to find Messiah. I was concerned it may be, and that would throw the timing of the Yovel [Jubilee] off by a great deal, as the previous Jupiter/Saturn conjuction of the time of Messiah would have been in 7 BC.  That is a problem. 

I have long believed that 3 BC was the year of Messiah’s BIRTH. That He was born on Sukkot, in the FALL.  That He was CONCEIVED at Khanukah, in the winter. If He was born on Sukkot in the FALL, in 3 BC, the STAR that guided the M’gushim to Him would have been ‘some time’ after that. We do NOT have a timeline. The ONLY people who we can emphatically say saw him on the NIGHT of His birth are the SHEPHERDS. “For THIS DAY is born to you in the city of David, a Moshi’ah, who is  יהוה  HaMashi’akh.  And this is a sign for you: you will find the babe wrapped in strips of cloth and lying in a sukka.” [The Aramaic Peshitta BK uses an ancient word, אוֹריָא , that has been used as ‘sukka’ in other ancient texts] Luka 2:12. So, they indeed saw the Savior THAT NIGHT.  In the FALL. But, the account of the M’gushim is in Matai, and does NOT give us such a precise time of their seeing the Savior child.  Matthew does not tell us the details of his birth, except these only: He was born in Beit Lekhem to a virgin [1:23, 2:1] in the ‘days’ of Herod. So, Herod had to be alive.  There are many scholars who think Herod died in 4 BC.  I do not. Many scholars also do not think the 4BC date is accurate, but maintain the 1 BC date of his death. The 4BC group think so because Josephus said he died after an eclipse and a blood moon at Pesakh, and there are stellar events in 4BC that match. But, there was a very distinct eclipse just before Pesakh in 1BC, and a moon event at Pesakh. Before that, there was a CONJUCTION of Jupiter and Venus in 2 BC, on June 17. This would have been NINE MONTHS after Yeshua was born, and the likely date of the visitation by the M’gushim. By all appearances in scripture, Yosef and Miryam stayed in Beit Lekhem for some time after Yeshua was born. Yosef was in a house, not a sukka [temporary holiday booth] when he was told by the Messenger to flee to Mitzrayim from Beit Lekhem. Time had passed. Shortly after the M’gushim would have showed up, and Herod would have began killing infants from 2 years old and younger, Herod died in the spring of 1 BC. 

So, I do not think 5 BC, or 7 BC, the other two dates of ‘stars’ that did appear in the night skies, are accurate dates. This year’s ‘star’ is a repeat of the earlier, 7 BC event. I still believe Yeshua was BORN in the fall of 3 BC.  There WAS a ‘star’ that would have appeared ‘in the east’ in 2 BC [nine months after his birth], and Herod would have died in the spring of 1 BC, nine months after the M’gushim would have betrayed him, when he started his killing spree.

Yeshua was CONCEIVED in the winter, at Khanukah, and brought LIGHT into darkness at this time of year, by the union of the divine and the human in Miryam’s womb.

It takes eight [to nine] nights for the blastocyst (unit of cells formed after conception) to form and embed itself in the wall of the uterus to receive blood from the mother. If a conjuction happens at this time of year, it better commemorates His conception, as his visitors who followed the star were NOT there on the night of His birth anyway.

His 3BC birth means that Yeshua would have stood in the Beit K’nesset in 27AD and declared the Yovel, and then preached for three years. Forty years after His declaration, which is in our weekly reading cycle this week, the Roman army surrounded Yerushalayim in 67 AD and began judgment on the city and the nation, disrupting and ENDING Temple service with great desecrations, just as Yeshua predicted. And forty is the number of judgment. My gut, now, is that the miracles of the Temple ended after 27 AD when Yeshua made His declaration, and this is the benchmark of Josephus’ telling us that they did not happen in the last 40 years of its service.

If that is the case, then FORTY YOVELS from then will be complete in 2027AD.  Something big should happen between now and then. Perhaps Yeshua’s bride will be hidden some time before that happens.

Whatever the case, we live in very interesting times, and the Sign of the Son of Man may be seen in the heavens very, very soon… now is NO TIME to dismiss the Creator and His Son.

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