Nes Gadol Hayah Sham!!!

Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel Cup
Dreidel left in the cup last night? Too much whiskey and gelt?

The “dreidel” is a toy that is used at Khanukah. It was a game created to commemorate the rebellion of the Maccabees and the faithful Jews of the 2nd century BC who continued to worship יהוה , in spite of the fact that the Greeks made it illegal to call on His Name, to worship Him, to keep the Sabbath, to circumcise their children, or even just to speak Hebrew. They forced “hellenization”, which was ‘hell’ to those Jews. Our Jewish people, the faithful, despised the Greek culture and language, as attested to by the first Century, Jewish historian, Josephus. The idea that Greek was the ‘lingua franca’ of Israel in the time of Messiah is a lie, and a continuation of the anti-Semitic spirit of Antiochus Epiphanes, and the spirit of anti Messiah.

The dreidel is, again, a toy. The study of Torah was illegal in “Khasmonian Days”, but gambling was not. The Jews would get together to study, legend has it, and when the Greeks would knock, they’d change over to pretend to be gambling, in order to appear compliant. The Ashkenazi Jews, who settled in Germany in the dark ages, commemorated this legend in the form of the top that is called a “Dreidel,” a ‘turner’. It is a four-sided top with a point on the bottom of it, so that it could spin. On each side a Hebrew letter is painted/engraved, used to determine the result of each spin. The first letter is the ‘nun,’ the Hebrew נ, and the second, ‘gimel’, is ג, the third, ‘heh’, is ה, and the fourth, ‘shin’, is ש. These letters were chosen to represent the phrase, “Nes gadol hayah sham,” A great miracle happened there!” If one is in Israel, the phrase is “Nes gadol hayah po”, “A great miracle happened here!”, and the last letter is changed to ‘peh’, פ. The game is a simple game that uses chocolate coins, called ‘gelt’, and the top, where each letter determines how much gelt is added to or taken from the pot by the spinner. It is quite fun for all, especially children, who get to eat most of the gelt, which is delicious.

four sides of the dreidel, right to left

For me, the whole notion of the game is very special, as my maternal Jewish lineage comes from the family “Dreyer,” who were Ashkenazi Jews who came to this country in the mid 1800’s, running from something in Germany [likely persecution], but they maintained family contact back in Germany. I have on my shelf two German books from about 1899, with hand written notes from the giver of the books, written in German, and sent to Georgia to one of my grandparents. We found the books in the “plunder room” in the old plantation house some years ago.

The name ‘Dreyer’ means either ‘turner’, or ‘leader of three’, and it stems from the same word used for ‘dreidel’. As our family is Jewish, the name was likely the former, ‘turner’, as Jews were not typically elected/appointed on a council of ‘three’ in German villages. So, the dreidel is connected to our Jewish family name, indirectly. The defiance it commemorates seems to run in our blood as well. [Incidentally, “Shuler,” the Jewish name on my father’s side, means “Torah Teacher”, which has also come to mean a lot to me. That line also came to the states just before the Civil War. But, I digress.] So, while the dreidel is an innocuous, innocent toy today, it commemorates MORAL COURAGE, which is extremely lacking in our day!

This ‘spirit’ of the Seleucids, the Greeks who conquered and persecuted Israeli Jews 2200 years ago, is alive in the U.S. today, with governors and mayors around our country using a man-modified cold virus as an excuse to make worshipping G-d illegal. And in many of those cities and states, the believers seem to be compliant. We, our ‘little sanctuary,’ however, have not once ‘observed’ or ‘obeyed’ the ridiculous, unconstitutional edicts of our governor, who violated the principles of our Republic briefly. Thankfully, in our county we have a judge who sees the illegality and despotic nature of these mandates. But, around the country, many live under absolute tyranny already. And the threat of it looms large over the rest of us, depending on whether or not TRUTH prevails in this election we await to be resolved.

We did hear of one pastor in California who reclassified his congregation as a casino so they could worship, evincing the very spirit of the Maccabees commemorated in the Dreidel.

But, for me and my house, we will NOT succumb to the tyranny nor submit to the fear-mongering of the media, as far too many already have. It is entirely possible that a civil war is brewing in this country. Godless people are being financed by the CCP, and sent here from far and wide, armed, in order to try to overthrow our REPUBLIC. The Constitution of the United States stands in the way, but is under attack from within. The times in which we live are perilous indeed [2 Tim 3], and could get worse. I said last year that we could begin to go through “Birthpangs” before the great tribulation comes upon us, and I believe we are there. How severe they get in the short term, I do not know. I think that depends, again, on the outcome of this election, which is NOT settled as yet.

We could be in another Maccabean period, where the lowly misfits who maintain right MUST ‘stand up’ with COURAGE. Or, the coming communist rebellion could be squelched in the short term, provided the right president is in office. [continuing rebellion, but its just that most people have been oblivious to the seedbed of the communist uprising that has been going on in this country for a generation] No matter which way it goes, “AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE, WE WILL SERVE יהוה !” And we will spin the Dreidel this year courageously, put our Khanukiah in the windows proudly, and SING unto Yeshua, the ROCK of our SALVATION! [“Rock of Ages” is a traditional Jewish holiday song!]

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