Yeshua Will Rule By The Torah!

24And My servant David shall be king over them, and they all shall have one shepherd; they shall also walk in My ordinances, and observe My statutes, and do them. 25And they shall dwell in the land that I have given unto Ya’akov My servant, wherein your fathers dwelt; and they shall dwell therein, they, and their children, and their children’s children, forever; and David My servant shall be their prince forever.

The passage above is from Yekhezkel/Ezekiel 37. The context of that chapter is clearly AFTER the resurrection. This is about the Messianic Kingdom on earth, when Yeshua has returned as the Root of Ishai, Ben David, the King of Kings. He is going to rule the land of Yisra’el, and all the earth, according to The Torah. NOT a watered-down, ‘christian’/new law of ‘christ,’ but The Torah of G-d, the Father, the Almighty Creator, which has in it ordinances and statutes. The one speaking here is The Almighty, as seen in verse 21:  ‘Thus says Adonai  יהוה , ‘…..

It would defy simple logic for the Creator to say that He is going to temporarily suspend His Torah for 2,000 years, and then that His Messiah will lead and govern the world by it for 1,000 years…. Please, dear brothers, understand that His Word begins in Genesis, and ALL of it, especially the Brit Khadashah/Renewed Covenant Scriptures [NT], is founded on the first five books: The Torah. It is the heart of G-d expressed on paper, and perfectly expressed and taught in and by Yeshua. Ignoring it now is not wise. He that turns away his ear from hearing the Torah, even his tefilah is an abomination.” [Mishlim/Proverbs 28:9]. And Yeshua Himself said, “Whoever therefore tries to loosen even one of these smallest mitzvot [commandments of the Torah], and teaches men so, he shall be regarded as small in Malkhut HaShamayim/The Kingdom of Heaven; but anyone who observes and teaches them, he shall be regarded as great in Malkhut HaShamayim.”

Awe, Khet!

The word in the picture contains three Hebrew letters, reading right to left:




Hebrew letters are symbols, pictographs of a sort. Each symbol has a meaning that is relative to both the sound of the letter and its symbolic purpose.

The ‘khet’ is a gutteral burst, and its symbol is “life”, relative also to the number eight, as it is in the eighth position of the alef-bet. 

The “tet” is a serpent; it is in the ninth position, right after the khet in the alef-bet.

An alef is a picture of an ox, and invokes the idea of power.

So, the word above has in it this hidden-in-plain-sight meaning: life/serpent/power  > or, serpent within the power of life, life in the power of the serpent… etc…

This word is actually pronounced exactly the same as the name of the first letter: “khet”.  That word, the ‘name’ of the letter, actually means ‘break’, and is spelled חת , where the ‘t’ sound comes from a different letter than the serpent, the ‘tav’, whose symbol means ‘sign’/’signature’. This word ‘khet’ actually means ‘break’; so, we have the hope that we can ‘break the power of the serpent.’

The word in the picture, however, ‘khet’ is defined as “SIN”.

Sin is “breaking Torah”. [1 John 3:4]  The SERPENT’s FIRST WORDS to man were: “”Has Elohim [G-d the Creator] INDEED SAID ?”….. Deviating from what G-d SAID, like “Remember the Seventh Day and KEEP IT HOLY”, is SIN.  That NEVER CHANGES.

After the serpent cast doubt on WHAT G-d said, he then took something G-d REALLY DID SAY, and he TWISTED it.  And THAT is still his chief tactic in deceiving the world.

Whatever our SIN is, it is us handing the power of LIFE over to the serpent.  If left in that state, the serpent will take us with him into the eternal darkness, and the knowledge of our insolence and guilt, FOREVER, outside of the Presence of our Merciful creator, and our Savior, Yeshua, who REALLY DID SAY that SIN will destroy you.

I despise HaSatan, that slant serpent, the adversary, the enemy of G-d, the perverter of His Word, the progenitor of ALL LIES.  I have been praying for Nitzakhon [to overcome] for me and mine, that we have the POWER OF LIFE in Elohim! Wherein lives SHALOM, SIMKHA, and REAL ‘prosperity’.

The Star of Yisra’el

“I see him, but not now; I behold him, but not near; there shall step forth a star out of Ya’akov, and a scepter shall rise out of Yisra’el….”

Most students of scripture know that Yehudah [Judah] is the tribe to whom a ‘scepter’ was promised, to be the ruling tribe.  Yeshua is not only a bonafide member of that tribe, but twice the son of Melekh David: a direct biological descendant through Miryam, and a direct legal descendant through Yosef, his adoptive, earthly father. He IS a Jew. And He is the KING of the Jews.

But, we also have the scientific nature of this prophecy, that, in all likelihood, gave those Babylonian Jews who are called “M’gushim”, ‘wise men’, the knowledge to follow a star TO Yerushalayim, and FROM there to Beit Lekhem, to find the Messiah born unto Yisra’el.

Today, in just a few days, Jupiter and Saturn will align, and will appear as one star. Many think this is the “Star of Bethlehem,” the one that those ‘wise men’ followed to find Messiah. I was concerned it may be, and that would throw the timing of the Yovel [Jubilee] off by a great deal, as the previous Jupiter/Saturn conjuction of the time of Messiah would have been in 7 BC.  That is a problem. 

I have long believed that 3 BC was the year of Messiah’s BIRTH. That He was born on Sukkot, in the FALL.  That He was CONCEIVED at Khanukah, in the winter. If He was born on Sukkot in the FALL, in 3 BC, the STAR that guided the M’gushim to Him would have been ‘some time’ after that. We do NOT have a timeline. The ONLY people who we can emphatically say saw him on the NIGHT of His birth are the SHEPHERDS. “For THIS DAY is born to you in the city of David, a Moshi’ah, who is  יהוה  HaMashi’akh.  And this is a sign for you: you will find the babe wrapped in strips of cloth and lying in a sukka.” [The Aramaic Peshitta BK uses an ancient word, אוֹריָא , that has been used as ‘sukka’ in other ancient texts] Luka 2:12. So, they indeed saw the Savior THAT NIGHT.  In the FALL. But, the account of the M’gushim is in Matai, and does NOT give us such a precise time of their seeing the Savior child.  Matthew does not tell us the details of his birth, except these only: He was born in Beit Lekhem to a virgin [1:23, 2:1] in the ‘days’ of Herod. So, Herod had to be alive.  There are many scholars who think Herod died in 4 BC.  I do not. Many scholars also do not think the 4BC date is accurate, but maintain the 1 BC date of his death. The 4BC group think so because Josephus said he died after an eclipse and a blood moon at Pesakh, and there are stellar events in 4BC that match. But, there was a very distinct eclipse just before Pesakh in 1BC, and a moon event at Pesakh. Before that, there was a CONJUCTION of Jupiter and Venus in 2 BC, on June 17. This would have been NINE MONTHS after Yeshua was born, and the likely date of the visitation by the M’gushim. By all appearances in scripture, Yosef and Miryam stayed in Beit Lekhem for some time after Yeshua was born. Yosef was in a house, not a sukka [temporary holiday booth] when he was told by the Messenger to flee to Mitzrayim from Beit Lekhem. Time had passed. Shortly after the M’gushim would have showed up, and Herod would have began killing infants from 2 years old and younger, Herod died in the spring of 1 BC. 

So, I do not think 5 BC, or 7 BC, the other two dates of ‘stars’ that did appear in the night skies, are accurate dates. This year’s ‘star’ is a repeat of the earlier, 7 BC event. I still believe Yeshua was BORN in the fall of 3 BC.  There WAS a ‘star’ that would have appeared ‘in the east’ in 2 BC [nine months after his birth], and Herod would have died in the spring of 1 BC, nine months after the M’gushim would have betrayed him, when he started his killing spree.

Yeshua was CONCEIVED in the winter, at Khanukah, and brought LIGHT into darkness at this time of year, by the union of the divine and the human in Miryam’s womb.

It takes eight [to nine] nights for the blastocyst (unit of cells formed after conception) to form and embed itself in the wall of the uterus to receive blood from the mother. If a conjuction happens at this time of year, it better commemorates His conception, as his visitors who followed the star were NOT there on the night of His birth anyway.

His 3BC birth means that Yeshua would have stood in the Beit K’nesset in 27AD and declared the Yovel, and then preached for three years. Forty years after His declaration, which is in our weekly reading cycle this week, the Roman army surrounded Yerushalayim in 67 AD and began judgment on the city and the nation, disrupting and ENDING Temple service with great desecrations, just as Yeshua predicted. And forty is the number of judgment. My gut, now, is that the miracles of the Temple ended after 27 AD when Yeshua made His declaration, and this is the benchmark of Josephus’ telling us that they did not happen in the last 40 years of its service.

If that is the case, then FORTY YOVELS from then will be complete in 2027AD.  Something big should happen between now and then. Perhaps Yeshua’s bride will be hidden some time before that happens.

Whatever the case, we live in very interesting times, and the Sign of the Son of Man may be seen in the heavens very, very soon… now is NO TIME to dismiss the Creator and His Son.

Nes Gadol Hayah Sham!!!

Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel Cup
Dreidel left in the cup last night? Too much whiskey and gelt?

The “dreidel” is a toy that is used at Khanukah. It was a game created to commemorate the rebellion of the Maccabees and the faithful Jews of the 2nd century BC who continued to worship יהוה , in spite of the fact that the Greeks made it illegal to call on His Name, to worship Him, to keep the Sabbath, to circumcise their children, or even just to speak Hebrew. They forced “hellenization”, which was ‘hell’ to those Jews. Our Jewish people, the faithful, despised the Greek culture and language, as attested to by the first Century, Jewish historian, Josephus. The idea that Greek was the ‘lingua franca’ of Israel in the time of Messiah is a lie, and a continuation of the anti-Semitic spirit of Antiochus Epiphanes, and the spirit of anti Messiah.

The dreidel is, again, a toy. The study of Torah was illegal in “Khasmonian Days”, but gambling was not. The Jews would get together to study, legend has it, and when the Greeks would knock, they’d change over to pretend to be gambling, in order to appear compliant. The Ashkenazi Jews, who settled in Germany in the dark ages, commemorated this legend in the form of the top that is called a “Dreidel,” a ‘turner’. It is a four-sided top with a point on the bottom of it, so that it could spin. On each side a Hebrew letter is painted/engraved, used to determine the result of each spin. The first letter is the ‘nun,’ the Hebrew נ, and the second, ‘gimel’, is ג, the third, ‘heh’, is ה, and the fourth, ‘shin’, is ש. These letters were chosen to represent the phrase, “Nes gadol hayah sham,” A great miracle happened there!” If one is in Israel, the phrase is “Nes gadol hayah po”, “A great miracle happened here!”, and the last letter is changed to ‘peh’, פ. The game is a simple game that uses chocolate coins, called ‘gelt’, and the top, where each letter determines how much gelt is added to or taken from the pot by the spinner. It is quite fun for all, especially children, who get to eat most of the gelt, which is delicious.

four sides of the dreidel, right to left

For me, the whole notion of the game is very special, as my maternal Jewish lineage comes from the family “Dreyer,” who were Ashkenazi Jews who came to this country in the mid 1800’s, running from something in Germany [likely persecution], but they maintained family contact back in Germany. I have on my shelf two German books from about 1899, with hand written notes from the giver of the books, written in German, and sent to Georgia to one of my grandparents. We found the books in the “plunder room” in the old plantation house some years ago.

The name ‘Dreyer’ means either ‘turner’, or ‘leader of three’, and it stems from the same word used for ‘dreidel’. As our family is Jewish, the name was likely the former, ‘turner’, as Jews were not typically elected/appointed on a council of ‘three’ in German villages. So, the dreidel is connected to our Jewish family name, indirectly. The defiance it commemorates seems to run in our blood as well. [Incidentally, “Shuler,” the Jewish name on my father’s side, means “Torah Teacher”, which has also come to mean a lot to me. That line also came to the states just before the Civil War. But, I digress.] So, while the dreidel is an innocuous, innocent toy today, it commemorates MORAL COURAGE, which is extremely lacking in our day!

This ‘spirit’ of the Seleucids, the Greeks who conquered and persecuted Israeli Jews 2200 years ago, is alive in the U.S. today, with governors and mayors around our country using a man-modified cold virus as an excuse to make worshipping G-d illegal. And in many of those cities and states, the believers seem to be compliant. We, our ‘little sanctuary,’ however, have not once ‘observed’ or ‘obeyed’ the ridiculous, unconstitutional edicts of our governor, who violated the principles of our Republic briefly. Thankfully, in our county we have a judge who sees the illegality and despotic nature of these mandates. But, around the country, many live under absolute tyranny already. And the threat of it looms large over the rest of us, depending on whether or not TRUTH prevails in this election we await to be resolved.

We did hear of one pastor in California who reclassified his congregation as a casino so they could worship, evincing the very spirit of the Maccabees commemorated in the Dreidel.

But, for me and my house, we will NOT succumb to the tyranny nor submit to the fear-mongering of the media, as far too many already have. It is entirely possible that a civil war is brewing in this country. Godless people are being financed by the CCP, and sent here from far and wide, armed, in order to try to overthrow our REPUBLIC. The Constitution of the United States stands in the way, but is under attack from within. The times in which we live are perilous indeed [2 Tim 3], and could get worse. I said last year that we could begin to go through “Birthpangs” before the great tribulation comes upon us, and I believe we are there. How severe they get in the short term, I do not know. I think that depends, again, on the outcome of this election, which is NOT settled as yet.

We could be in another Maccabean period, where the lowly misfits who maintain right MUST ‘stand up’ with COURAGE. Or, the coming communist rebellion could be squelched in the short term, provided the right president is in office. [continuing rebellion, but its just that most people have been oblivious to the seedbed of the communist uprising that has been going on in this country for a generation] No matter which way it goes, “AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE, WE WILL SERVE יהוה !” And we will spin the Dreidel this year courageously, put our Khanukiah in the windows proudly, and SING unto Yeshua, the ROCK of our SALVATION! [“Rock of Ages” is a traditional Jewish holiday song!]


Tonight, Khanukah begins.

For someone who grew up in the deep south among protestant believers, this “Khag” makes the season very different. The “Khanukiah”, or “Khanukah Menorah”, looks like a “Jewish Symbol,” and it very much is. But, it is reflective of the very symbol of Messiah Yeshua, the only one given in scripture, THE Menorah. Yeshua “Walks among the seven Menorahs”, according to the book of Revelation. He warns the seven congregations that He will REMOVE THEIR Menorah, if they do not return to doing the Truth.

The implication is that He gave that Menorah to them, and He alone has the authority to REMOVE IT, and that He will certainly do so with persistent DISOBEDIENCE.

Another thing is that HE gives a Menorah to EACH INDIVIDUAL congregation. Even though His ‘Body’ is ONE, and there is indeed one complete Congregation, each LOCAL congregation is responsible to possess and keep its own Menorah.

This, of course, is not the coveted, pure gold Menorah of the Temple era. By the time of the Revelation, that one had been stolen from Israel and taken to Rome. This was something FAR MORE valuable: The “Ru’akh HaKodesh”, the very BREATH/SPIRIT of G-d the Creator, given to us by Yeshua as individuals, and as congregations.

The one seen in the picture above is not, in fact, a “menorah” per se, but a Khanukiah, fashioned after the Menorah. It is specifically made to have eight lights, originally. In Medieval days, in Ashkenazi communities, a mistake was made when many menorahs were smithed, and a ninth branch/light was added. The Rabbis made do, and called the ninth light the “Shammash”, or ‘servant’ candle. It is now used to light the other eight lights.

This, of course, would not have been done in Yeshua’s day, when they lit a tiny oil lamp that had eight lights only. But, the implications seem to have the finger of G-d on them.

There are seven powers of the Ru’akh listed in Isaiah 11:1-2. There are seven ‘spirits’ mentioned in Revelation 4. But, there are nine ‘gifts’ of the spirit mentioned in Brit Khadashah scriptures. There are seven feasts listed in VaYikra [Lev] 23, but there are nine on the calendar, when we include Purim and Khanukah. Purim manifests in the book of Esther, and Khanukah in Psalm 30 and John 10. Khanukah is not mentioned in any ancient, divinely inspired scriptures BUT “New Testament” scriptures. It is indeed a very “Messianic” feast.

Yeshua was conceived on the first night of Khanukah. He was born nine months later on the 1st night of Sukkot. The miracle of His coming was His CONCEPTION, and NOT His birth. He was born the way of every other man, but was conceived by way of the Ru’akh, through a woman, without the help of man, in the darkest time of year, to be born during the “Season of our Joy” in the fall.

The image above was put by Jewish people in the window, as is customary, in Nazi Germany, in defiance of the Nazi flag hanging just across the street. This invokes the courage of the Maccabees, who were farmers who defied the Greek king who had outlawed the worship of יהוה and the calling on His Name, the circumcision of Jewish children, and the study or reading of the Torah. These “Hammers”, these hard Jewish men, raised an army of misfits and miraculously defeated the Greeks, and they restored the Temple by cleansing it, and by lighting THE Menorah, which had not been lit for 3 and 1/2 years. They celebrated Sukkot “out of season”, as the “Dedication of the House” done by Solomon was done at Sukkot. The cleansed “House” had to be dedicated, and the dedication could not begin without lighting the Menorah; there was just enough oil to celebrate the feast. The oil was very hard to find and/or make, especially at that time of year, after so much oppression.

This year, as we put our “Khanukiah” in the window, I feel just as defiant: defiant of false doctrines, and of tyrannical people who would just as soon snuff us out, should the gain/retain power. These people are drunk on power, and of the notion of ‘transforming America’, of winning the ‘soul of America’. They are far worse than were the Seleucids. They are godless communists who hide behind a veil of feigned righteousness, pretending to care for ‘the people’, all the while caring only about robbing the people and creating a ‘classless’ society of two groups: those who rule, and those who serve their every whim.

But, right now, I do not defy them, but all those who are absolutely BLIND to the attempted takeover of our government. We have sat and allowed them to take over hollywood and create the perfect propaganda machine, to transform our schools into communist indoctrination houses, including k-12 and the colleges and universities, to take over the whole of media so that they could persistently drone into the heads of the masses their false narrative, and vilify anyone who disagrees or tries to expose them.

Khanukah is about LIGHT. The “Ru’akh” is the VERY Light of G-d, and it is the purveyor of TRUTH. There is only ONE G-d, and His Name is יהוה . He SENT His Son, the MAN, Yeshua from Nazareth, who was conceived at this time of year, to be born in the fall during Sukkot, “Tabernacles”, who would, after 33 and 1/2 years die on the Passover, be buried on Unleavened Bread, rise from the dead at the first Omer on the first day of the week, and send the Ru’akh to His followers in power after seven sabbaths on the feast of Weeks.

His Ru’akh convinces/convicts us of our OFFENSES against G-d and both compels AND empowers us to CHANGE, to be transformed into the image of the Messiah, to be bearers of His Menorah, His Ru’akh/Breath, to give light to the world by obeying in TRUTH. EVERYTHING that HIS WORD instructs us to do, we are to do that. What HE tells us we are not to do, through HIS WORD, we are not to do it. It is so incredibly simple. Yet MAN has come along and distorted, and even perverted His Word, in order to justify EVERY sin. “He who sins breaks the Torah. Sin IS the breaking of the Torah.” 1 John 3:4

May our country’s patrons find COURAGE to look for LIGHT, to SEE it in HIS WORD ALONE, and to RESPOND to it, to follow the NARROW path onto which His Word directs us. There truly is no other way.

Shalom, and may you have the delight of the Oil of Khanukah for all EIGHT NIGHTS, as we commemorate this time of the triumph of LIGHT over darkness.

Just Breathe

The “Ru’akh” is the breath of G-d. It is what we call “Spirit”. It is “Kadosh,” or consecrated/holy. That means that it is not ‘used’ or ‘present’ in anything that is impure, defiled, unclean, or ‘ordinary.’ It is not a ‘personality’ or a separate ‘person’ from The Creator, but is in fact an outward ‘manifestation’ of The Creator, throughout the universe. Today, and since 2,000 years ago when Yeshua first gave this ‘gift’ to the Eleven remaining “Shlikhim”/Apostles, [Yokh 20:19-22], this ‘breath’, His Ru’akh, is given to all those who trust in G-d our Father, the Almighty Creator, because of and through belief in the Resurrection of the Son of G-d, the MAN, Yeshua the Messiah.

This ‘Breath’ is the life force, light, the Presence of the Son of G-d AND His Father, in the believer. There is also available “Ko’akh”, or “MIGHT”, from the Ru’akh, and the ability to be “Filled” by/with it. There are several occasions where Kefa [Peter] was ‘filled’ again with the Ru’akh, after He was first filled with it. There are also ‘measures’ of the Ru’akh, different measures of it that are given to believers, based on the amount of ’emunah’/believing trust that is in them. Sha’ul [Paul] instructs all believers with the imperative statement “BE filled with The Ru’akh”, in contrast to being worldly: “but be filled with HaRu’akh, 19speaking to your souls in Mizmorot, and Tehillot, and Zimrot [biblical melodies/words of the psalms] of HaRu’akh; sing with your heart to יהוה , giving 20 thanks always for all men to Elohim HaAv, in the name of Adoneinu [our Master] Yeshua HaMashi’akh.” [Efisim 5]

Today, there are so many ‘claims’ as to how to ‘know’ whether one is filled, in regard to self or in regard to another. Many claim that one is ONLY ‘filled’ with the ‘holy ghost’ if one speaks in a ‘tongue’. And there are many definitions of what ‘speaking in tongues’ actually is. Instead of studying the whole of scripture to find out, they stick to two verses, most of them, in order to define it. When the scriptures, BOTH the Aramaic AND Greek-sourced texts, say plainly that these are simply ‘languages’. In Biblical context, they are exclusively EARTHLY languages. But, the way translations read, it ‘sounds’ like there are ‘otherworldly/angelic/heavenly ‘tongues’ that are separate and distinct from human language. This simply is NOT the case. The Aramaic more plainly reads: “1Though I speak with every language among men and among Malakhim [Messengers], and have not love in my heart….” Further, there is not ONE episode where a Messenger, whether in Heaven or on Earth, speaks in any other language other than Hebrew. And all the recorded places where men ‘seem’ to speak ‘in tongues’, they are actually speaking in known languages. So, being filled with His Breath does NOT mean speaking syllabic nonsense that can only be understood by G-d or angels.

So, what DOES it mean? Let’s look at the times the scriptures actually say someone was filled with His Breath. The FIRST place anyone in scripture is seen to have been FILLED with HIS BREATH/Spirit is actually IN THE TORAH:

“….whom I have filled with the Ru’akh …. that they make Aharon’s garments to hallow him, that he may minister unto Me in the Kohen’s office.” This was a group of Isra’elites who were empowered by G-d to make garments. [Shemot 28:3] Similarly, He filled Betzalel, “I have filled him with the Ru’akh of Elohim, in wisdom, and in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship…” [Shemot 31:3, 35:31], again, to make things for the Mishkhan.

Next, we have Yehoshua filled with His Breath: “Yehoshua Bin Nun was full of the Ru’akh … ; for Moshe had laid his hands upon him;” [D’varim 34:9]

And the next person we see ‘filled’ with the Ru’akh is Yeshua Himself: “1Now Yeshua, full of The Ru’akh HaKodesh [after His immersion], returned from the Yarden, and HaRu’akh carried Him away into the wilderness 2forty days, in order that He might be tempted by the accuser.” [Luka 4]

Some might argue that in these instances, these men were filled NOT with THE Holy Spirit, but with “a” spirit of ‘wisdom’ OR of ‘understanding’, asserting these are NOT THE “holy spirit”. These people do not understand that there is only ONE RU’AKH from Elohim! But, it is ‘divided’ into ‘powers’. Yesha-Yahu 11 is a prophecy about the “Messiah”, the one who would be ANOINTED/”mashakh” with the Breath/Ru’akh, and therefore BE “The Anointed One, Mashi’akh, Messiah. “1“And there shall come forth a shoot out of the stock of Yishai, and a branch [netzer, the root word of the name of the town “Nazareth”] shall grow forth out of his roots. 2And the Ru’akh  יהוה  shall rest upon him, the Ruakh Khokhma and Binah [wisdom and understanding], the Ru’akh Etzah and G’vorah [counsel and might] , the Ru‘akh Da’at and Yirat  יהוה  [knowledge and the Fear of  יהוה ] [Yesha-Yahu 11]. There are SEVEN ‘breaths’ or ‘spirits’ enumerated here. There are sevenbreaths‘/spirits seen, as a Menorah, in front of the Throne in the Hitgalut [Rev 4]. This is ONE ‘spirit’, DIVIDED into several ‘powers’.

This ‘anointed’ person is also prophesied in Yesha-Yahu 61:1-2. In Luka 4, Yeshua claimed to BE this ‘anointed one’ when He started His own ministry in Natzrat by reading that scripture from the Hebrew scrolls, in His hometown Synagogue: “16And He came to Natzrat, where he had been brought up; and He entered the Beit K’nesset on Yom HaShabbat, as was His custom, and stood up to read.  17And the book of Yesha-Yahu HaNavi was given to Him. And Yeshua opened the book and found the place where it is written, 18“The Ru’akh of Adonai  יהוה  is upon me; because of this He has anointed me to declare good news to the poor; and He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, and to proclaim liberty to the captives and sight to the blind; to strengthen with forgiveness those who are oppressed, 19and to declare the year of the favor of  יהוה .” 

So, we can infer from this passage that being FILLED with the Ru’akh would mean that we would “declare the good news,” “heal the brokenhearted”, and PROCLAIM LIBERTY to captives”, “declare/give sight to the blind”, and ‘forgiveness to the oppressed,” and to declare the” ‘favor’ of יהוה.” This is certainly what happened RIGHT AFTER the 500 were ‘filled’, and Kefa himself ‘filled with the Ru’akh’, began to do these exact things. After they ALL spoke what the Ru’akh gave them to say, GOOD NEWS, in the known languages of the men who were present there with them from all over the world, Kefa stood up and declared the GOOD NEWS, that the MAN from Natzrat had come, and had been ANOINTED, and had been executed, but G-d had RAISED HIM FROM THE DEAD, and that forgiveness of sins was available to all who trusted, thus declaring the time of the FAVOR of יהוה was upon mankind. He did all the things Yeshua said it meant to be ‘anointed’, FILLED.

And of course, the ‘signs’ of the Ru’akh are seen as ‘fruits’, and may be the very things that give someone who is genuinely ‘filled’ with His Breath the credibility they need in order to be ‘heard’ when they DO what the Ru’akh anoints us to do. These fruits are listed in one place as: “love, joy, shalom, patience of spirit, gentleness, goodness of heart, absolute trust, 23meekness, enduring tolerance.” Perhaps, these are just the ‘abiding presence’ of our G-d in us, and being ‘filled’ is done on the occasions we are USED by Him to ‘demonstrate’ His Khesed and Khen [compassion and grace] by declaring what we are to declare. That is how it appears in scripture.

So, if it is possible that so many misunderstand what it means to be ‘filled,’ is it also possible that we do know really know ‘how’ actually to ‘be filled,’ since we are given the Biblical imperative to do so: “[you] BE filled with the Ru’akh!”. There are so many rites and rituals people have today to try to accomplish this, and so many resultant ‘sign’s’ that contradict what the scriptures say, that we may be missing the simple truth of ‘how’ just to BE filled with HIS BREATH.

In the imperative we looked at, “but be filled with HaRu’akh, 19speaking to your souls in Mizmorot, and Tehillot, and Zimrot [biblical melodies/words of the psalms] of HaRu’akh; sing with your heart to יהוה , giving 20 thanks always for all men to Elohim HaAv, in the name of Adoneinu [our Master] Yeshua HaMashi’akh” we saw the followup, which may just be part of the ‘how’ to BE filled: speaking to one’s own soul, as did David, “Bless יהוה , O MY SOUL!” “Mizmorot, Tehillot, and Zimrot” are different categories of PSALMS, which are PRAYERS! Prayers BREATHED to David the King and others BY THE RU’AKH! Singing in one’s HEART… this is not just ‘singing’, but ‘SINGING’ from the motor of our humanity! Might this be part of what Sha’ul meant when he told Timothy: “6For this reason I remind you to stir up the gift of Elohim which is in you by smikha from my hands.” [2 Tim 1] “GIVING THANKS always”, which many of the Psalms do for us so eloquently….

The Ru’akh is a manifestation of Yeshua, and of His Father, and is thus our ‘bread of LIFE’. To be FILLED with His Bread, how do we ‘consume’ it? BY THE WORD OF G-D, by READING and ‘chewing’ for UNDERSTANDING, to TAKE IT INTO OUR SOULS. So that by IT we will be TRANSFORMED in our minds. Sha’ul equates the TORAH, which is the FOUNDATION of the WORD OF G-D, and the primary words Yeshua taught from, fought the devil with, and DECLARED, with THE RU’AKH! “For we know that the Torah is of the Ru’akh!” [Rom 7:14] HIS TORAH AGREES WITH HIS RU’AKH. HIS RU’AKH AGREES WITH HIS TORAH!

I will close by saying that Melekh David, also filled with the Ru’akh, by which he wrote our prayer book, gave us a deep look at how His Torah is so relevant as HIS WORD, HIS BREATH, HIS BREAD, HIS LIFE. Tehillah 119 raves about the foundation of His Word, equating The Torah with HIS WORD MANY TIMES OVER. And, His Word became A Body, the Man, Yeshua the Messiah, risen from the dead.

41Vav. Let Your mercies also come unto me, O  יהוה , even Your Salvation [Yeshua], according to Your word; 42That I may have an answer for him that taunts me; for I trust in Your word. 43And take not the word of truth utterly out of my mouth; for I hope in Your ordinances; 44So shall I observe Your Torah continually forever and ever; 45And I will walk at ease, for I have sought Your precepts; 46I will also speak of Your testimonies before kings, and will not be ashamed. 47And I will delight myself in Your Mitzvot, which I have loved. 48I will lift up my hands also unto Your Mitzvot, which I have loved; and I will meditate in Your statutes.