The Music Stopped!

Justice Ginsberg has passed.

I do not rejoice in anyone’s death, especially given it could mean they died without Messiah Yeshua and His Salvation. I cannot speak to that in regard to Justice Ginsberg, as I did not know her. What I do know about her, however, is that she supported things that are very, very evil.

She was pivotal in allowing same-sex marriage to become legal and morally ‘acceptable’ by mainstream America. This is repugnant.

She has supported late and full-term abortions, which is probably the main reason there is SO MUCH clamor going on right now by the left, as they scramble to thwart Trump’s appointment of a new justice, dreading the possible overturning of Roe V. Wade, should President Trump put the right person in the empty chair.

She is reputed to have supported many forms of pedophilia, a disgusting practice that is only now becoming part of the news. This woman, who was indeed ‘accomplished’, accomplished a lot of evil.

She, therefore, seems to have been in support of treating perversion as ‘normal’, demanding that those who choose to distort the natural order of things be treated as if that’s just the way it should be. Imagine that: the highest court in the land demanding that we treat MURDER as a ‘right’. That is what she demanded, when she supported the death of BABIES. And along with that, she defended the perversion of mind as normal. Yes, perverted people are humans, and should be treated as humans; but, their perversion should not be promoted, sanctioned, and financially supported by society, any more than we should permit  and pay for murder.  Our society has grown entirely too ‘tolerant’ of sin, and lately, of the worst sins. These sins of perversion are destructive to the very fabric of society, and we are seeing the beginning signs of that destruction. It is inevitable that America will implode, if we do not restore right thinking to the public mind. The Supreme Court is the vessel that will decide our course for the next fifty years.

So, I do rejoice in the empty chair Ginsberg leaves behind, and the timing of it. And I hope Trump puts someone in that seat as fast as a kid winning the last empty seat in a game of musical chairs. Because Donald Trump, whom so many called immoral, has a long list of Supreme Court nominees who are all better than even the ones Bush appointed. He is the ONLY President to WANT to protect babies unequivocally, and stand against the moral relativism that is destroying the minds of the up and coming generations. I want my grandson to grow up and know a righteous people, and not the vandals and murderers who are in office, extending their hands into the states and cities via the likes of BLM and Antifa.

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