Are You Sho’ah?

“The Little Smuggler…”

This poem broke me down at the Sho’ah Museum in Israel.

Inside the Museum, there is an exhibit called The Little Smuggler…. but, before I explain it, let me give you some personal history.

When I was about 3 to 4 years old, we lived in my Mom’s hometown in Georgia, next to my grandparents there. My grandmother was Jewish, but did not make a fuss about it until I asked her when I was 28 years old. Then she told me about the Dreyer family and how they came to Georgia. I later found Louis Dreyer, one of our grandfathers, on the Simon Wolfe database of Jewish Civil War soldiers.

While living in that town, on the weekdays while my siblings were at school, myself being the youngest, my Mom would send me to the store/post office to collect the mail and buy us a coke and a bag of peanuts. I thought I was walking a mile. It turned out to be about 75 yards, I realized later in life. We’d sit at the kitchen table and share peanuts in coke [a Georgia thing, you gotta try it], and talk. It’s one of my fondest memories.

So, at Yad VaShem’s main museum, Melly wandered ahead of me. I’m standing in front of this one exhibit called “The Little Smuggler.” There’s a photo of a boy carrying bread, and of a hole under the ghetto wall, and an asortment of other suffering children’s photos. We had already gone through the children’s museum, and it was hard. The picture is from within it, and represents all the children killed in the Sho’ah, whose name, age and city are called out as you walk through. I’m a more visual person, so that did not get to me as much as the following.

Not only am I very visual, stimulated by the many photos here, but I’m a poet. It’s one way I deal with my inner thoughts, much like Melekh David did [Tehillim/Psalms]. So, I’m standing there perusing these sad pictures, and then I begin to read this poem, written by a child herself, who was eventually killed in a camp…

I could not finish it.

My memories of that trip in peace and safety to get mom and me a coke and peanuts were superimposed over the little boy in the main picture…..


by Henryka Lazawart

Past walls, past guards

Impudent, hungry, obstinate

I slip by, I run like a cat

At noon, at night, at dawn

In foul weather, a blizzard, the heat of the sun

A hundred times I risk my life

I risk my childish neck.

Under my arm a sack-cloth bag

0n my back a torn rag

My young feet are nimble

In my heart constant fear

But all must be endured

All must be borne

So that you, ladies and gentlemen,

May have your fill of bread tomorrow.

Through walls, through holes, through brick

At night, at dawn, by day

Daring hungry, cunning

I move silently like a shade

if suddenly the hand of fate

Reaches me at this game

’Twill be the usual trap life sets.

You, mother

Don’t wait for me any longer

I won’t come back to you

My voice won’t reach that far

Dust of the street will cover

The lost child’s fate.

Only one grim question

The still face asks

Mummy, who will bring you bread tomorrow


I lived….

Many didn’t….

Let’s just say I lost my ‘military bearing’ here….

I have since found the Dreyers who perished in the Sho’ah and lamented their death. I give thanks for the blessing of survivors, realizing how very precarious is our existence.

May they always be remembered, and may their memory remain a blessing…

לא נישכח….

Just missed it!

Yeshua is RISEN!

Most of the world is commemorating His resurrection at the rising of the sun, on ‘sun-day’, but Yeshua arose RIGHT AFTER the Sabbath ended, at the beginning of the BIBLICAL “first day” of the week, ie, SATURDAY NIGHT.

That time is called in Israel, “Motza’ei Shabbat”, the ‘departure of the Sabbath’, and those words are used even in the greek texts of the NT to tell us when Yeshua arose.

There is a ceremony that has been held EVERY WEEK for THOUSANDS of years among Jews, called “Havdalah”.  It is held approximately one hour AFTER sundown on Saturday evening, and it marks the “Motza’ei Shabbat,’ and officially begins the new week.

All of the verses that tell us of the ‘timing’ of Yeshua’s resurrection do not actually say the timing of the resurrection, but of the arrival of the women at the tomb.  When they got there, it was ALREADY empty.  But, even the timing of this is way earlier than dawn or sunrise.  They likely went out there just after their Havdalah observance, when Shabbat has ended and we are released to our work. Traditionally, we start our week with ‘good deeds’.  To these women, this was probably one of the most important things they could be doing ‘at the beginning of the week’, just after the Havdalah has marked the end of Shabbat and the start of the week.  By the time they got there, Yeshua had already been out of the grave for some time!  Here are each of the accounts:

Yokhanan Markos 16:9 :: Now He rose early at the start of the week…..

Luka 24: 1 :: And at the beginning of the week, before dawn, while it was still dark, they came to the tomb and brought the spices which they had prepared; and there were with them other women.  2And they found the stone rolled away from the tomb.

Yokhanan 20:1 :: At the beginning of the week, very early while it was still dark, Miryam of Magdala came to the tomb; and she saw that the stone was removed from the tomb.

Matti 28:1 :: In the evening of the Shabbat, when the first of the week began, there came Miryam of Magdala and the other Miryam, to see the tomb.

None of these give us the actual moment of His rising from the dead, but an account of what happened AFTER He had risen from the dead.  Luka [Luke] may not have been as close to this as were Yokhanan and Matti, and it seems their accounts get a little more precise, and more early, especially Matti’s.  Yokhanan Markos’ [Mark] is pretty ‘dead on’ in saying when He arose, however.  But, if one has walked under the light of Messianic Judaism for any length of time, one knows how every ancient ceremony of Judaism points to Yeshua in some way, and how very related to the death, burial and resurrection the Pesakh [Passover] season is, and how critical the timing of biblical days is to the mindset of “peshat” study of scripture, seeking out the plain meaning of the text.  Cultural context clears up many questions.

The Havdalah ceremony is brief, and happens in the home, just as the Sabbath starts in the home with the Erev Shabbat ‘mini-pesakh’ meal every week.  The ceremony begins after a special candle has been lit on Shabbat.  This candle is one unit, with three wicks, and is called “Lapid”.  In Ma’asei HaShlikhim [Acts] 20, we see these candles burning:

“7And at the beginning of the week, [Sat night] when we assembled to break bread, Pavlos declared to them, and because he was going to leave the next day, he prolonged his speech until midnight.  8Now there was a great glow of light from the lapidot in the upper chamber where we were gathered together. “ 

Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 5.09.04 AM

Once the ceremonial lapid is lit, a blessing is said to consecrate the ceremony and the ‘light of the fire’.  We sing the blessings in Hebrew, because they are more easily memorized that way, and it is a form of praise.

Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 5.09.28 AM

But by this time, 1990 years ago, Yeshua had been in the grave since Wed evening; the three days and three nights of time in the grave are over.  The Sabbath is almost departed.

There are two other elements of the Havdalah ceremony.  A glass of wine, and a container of spices.  The wine is blessed as in every other ceremony involving wine, such as the ‘third cup,’ the ‘cup after supper’ that Yeshua blessed on Tue night at His last Pesakh Seder, when He renewed and ratified the covenant with Israel, as was prophesied by Jeremiah [31:31-34].  We hold up a full cup of wine, a symbol of the Joy of  יהוה , and bless the creator for creating the “Fruit of the Vine”, and then we partake of the ‘sweet joy’ of the Sabbath.

Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 5.09.45 AM

We then hold up the spices and bless them in similar fashion.  The spices are then drawn to the nose by everyone, enjoying the aroma of the mixture of spices.  This is symbolic of all the nations being ‘mixed together’ as a sweet aroma to יהוה .  Our prayers are described as a sweet aroma, as ‘incense’.  This, then, is an expression of our hope and trust that He hears our prayers. After the ceremony ends, the first thing we do is pray and petition Him for the needs of others.  Here we are expressing our trust in that hope.  Further, Yeshua was wearing the spiced perfume that was applied to him before He suffered.  The women were bringing spices with which to anoint Him again! [see Mark citation below].

Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 5.10.08 AM

Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 5.58.20 AM

After the spices are enjoyed by all, the wine is poured out, diminishing our ‘joy’ just a bit, as the departing of the Sabbath is bittersweet.  We have assembled at His appointed time, a time HE said He would meet with us.  Yeshua is “Adon of the Shabbat”, the ‘master of the sabbath,’ and our intimate time with Him is almost over.  We pour out some of the joy, and extinguish the light of the Sabbath in that joy.  Yeshua’s death is likewise bittersweet to us.

Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 5.11.29 AM

Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 5.14.04 AM

The light of the fire ‘sparks’ and tries to remain, but eventually succumbs to the wine.  This is symbolic of ‘the joy that was set before Him’.  Yeshua died knowing He would rise from the dead.  At this moment, Shabbat has ended.  At THIS moment, Yeshua rose from the dead!  This is the very beginning of the first day of the week, and in scripture, the ‘first day’ began with Elohim [God] saying “Yehi Or”, “LET THERE BE LIGHT”.  Creation was not witnessed by any man.  Likewise, the resurrection was not witnessed by anyone!  It happened in darkness.  It had to be proven to the Talmidim!  The Body of Yeshua is the PROOF of the resurrection; no one caught it on film, and no one saw it happen.  But hundreds of people later SAW His resurrected body, people who had witnessed His dead body, torn open and drained of its blood, put in a ‘kever’, a tomb.

We then partake of and drink the rest of the wine, which was blessed on Shabbat, the last day of Yeshua being in the grave.  His blood had been shed for us.  The wine symbolizes His blood.  And it is symbolic of the Joy of  יהוה .  We enter into the week with His joy, carried over from Shabbat.  It was some time AFTER this that the women came to the tomb, and “they went away hurriedly from the tomb with fear and with great joy…

Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 5.14.33 AM

On this day, at this time of year after Passover, last night for us, we also begin the counting of the Omer, with the “First Omer”, which is the beginning of the season of Bikkurim, or “Firstfruits”.  Most Jews actually begin the counting rotationally on the day after their High Sabbath, which they also have wrong.  They consider the “High Sabbath” to be the 15th day of the first month, having started on the night of the 15th [biblical days start at night].  We do not, and neither did Yeshua.  Yeshua observed His Pesakh Seder a day BEFORE the P’rushim [Pharisees], along with much of Israel.  At that time, the P’rushim were vying for control of Judaism, and were beginning to exert their authority over G-d, and had MOVED the Pesakh.  But Yeshua observed it on the 14th evening after the new moon.  They were hurrying trying to get Yeshua down off the tree before THEIR observance, the 15th evening, beginning their high sabbath on that Wed night, which would end on Thur night.  After THAT ‘sabbath’ had ended, it was friday, and THIS is when the ladies went and bought spices, which they would not have been able to do on thur OR sat!  And if Yeshua had been put in the grave on fri night, they CERTAINLY would not have been able to BUY spices in Jerusalem after the sabbath on Sat night to be at the tomb VERY EARLY on sun morning!

Yokhanan Markos 16:1 :: “And when Shabbat [High Sabbath of the P’rushim] had ended, Miryam of Magdala and Miryam the mother of Ya’akov and Salome bought spices, that they might come and anoint Him.

This is key!  It FIXES the day of Yeshua’s execution to have been long before the weekly Sabbath that started on friday night!  The customary timeframe most follow, Jews AND christians, would rob these ladies of their opportunity to buy spices.  So, the Jewish people today STILL erroneously keep Pesakh on the 15th, and begin to count the Omer on the 16th.  We do NOT!  Yeshua is our “Bikkurim,” our ‘first fruits’, and He did not rise until the ACTUAL WEEKLY SABBATH was over!  And this is what VaYikra [Lev] says is the timing of the ‘first omer’:

“[you] shall reap the harvest thereof, then you shall bring the Omer Reishit of your harvest unto the kohen. 11And he shall wave the omer before  יהוה , to be accepted for you; on the morrow after the Shabbat the kohen shall wave it.”  …. 15And you shall count unto you from the morrow after The Shabbat, from the day that you brought the omer of the waving; seven Sabbaths shall there be complete; 16even unto the morrow after the seventh Shabbat shall you number fifty days… ” [VaYikra/Lev 23]

No ‘high sabbath’ is EVER called “HaShabbat” in the Torah! THE Sabbath.  So we ‘count’ the first day of the Omer on Sat night, after the weekly regular Sabbath that falls after Pesakh.  Using this, we can easily see that the Jews were wrong, and that Yeshua is indeed our “First Omer”.

So, after we closed out the Sabbath, we began to count the Omer last night, saying, ‘today is Day 1 of the Omer.’  the ‘fifty’ days and ‘seven’ weeks will be counted. This was going on while Yeshua was meeting with His Talmidim and giving them final instructions.  On day 43, He ascended into Heaven before their eyes.  On day 50, after all seven sabbaths from Pesakh had been counted, He sent them the “Ru’akh HaKodesh,” [holy spirit], the power they would need to declare His Truth to the world.

We do this every year. But, this year was special, because this year the biblical calendar was in lock-step with the year Yeshua suffered, died, and rose from the dead, becoming our “First Omer”.  That morning, when the ladies finally found Him WHILE IT WAS STILL DARK, He would NOT let them touch Him, saying, “I have not yet ascended to my Father.”  This is the words of the Kohen Gadol [High Priest] before the offerings are made; no one is to touch him and defile the offering.  That same EVENING, Yeshua told His Talmidim, ‘TOUCH ME, and SEE that I am FLESH AND BONE JUST AS YOU ARE”….  Why was it now okay for Him to be touched?  Because He had, during the day, ascended, and presented Himself as our ‘FIRST OMER,’ our waive-sheaf offering, the Firstfruits from among the dead!

Our Father cares very deeply about the timing of these things.  We care that you see that HE is utterly Jewish, and worked within the framework of the customs of Israel!  Even though some of their leaders were already in error.  The REMNANT of the truly righteous ‘saw’ these things, and rejoiced in their fulfillment, still keeping these feasts as Messianic Jews [ 1 Cor 5:7-8, Acts 20:7 ].


Timing Is Everything

מַה נִשְׁתָנָה הַלַיְלָה הַזֶה

Tonight begins Pesakh, the Passover of  יהוה  , commemorating the SALVATION of our Jewish people, and all those who would trust in Him through His Son, Yeshua the Messiah.  Yet most of our Jewish people, including many of those who are Jewish and also believe in the Son of G-d, are not holding Pesakh until tomorrow night.  And many who are not Jewish but who do trust in the Son of G-d for Salvation will not observe it at all, with many of whom who have declared this previous first day of the week “Palm Sunday”; all of that group will celebrate the time they ‘think’ the resurrection occurred, on the next first day of the week.  ALL OF THESE ARE WRONG.

Yeshua is the Son of G-d.  He is also, as declared in the Brit Khadashah [NT] scriptures, our ‘Kohen Gadol’, or High Priest.  As such, it is Him we follow in regard to keeping the sacred observances set down by His Father, the Creator of the Universe, and observed by Him as a Jew while He was here on earth.  Yeshua kept His Pesakh Seder [Passover meal] the night before the Jewish Rabbis of the day did.  They had moved it, for convenience’s sake.  Another group of religious Jews, and many observant Jews not in a particular religious order, kept it the same night as Yeshua, including His own Talmidim [Torah Students, known now as ‘disciples’].  His Talmidim came to Him on the third day of the week, a Tuesday, and asked Him, “Where do you wish that we go and prepare the Pesakh for you to eat?”  As this was a day earlier than the Rabbis, the P’rushim [Pharisees], kept their observance, we see that the Talmidim aligned with many in Yisra’el who had not yet conformed to the erroneous observance of the P’rushim.  Yeshua kept His Pesakh, therefore, according to the instruction of Torah, ON the EVENING of the FOURTEENTH day after the observed Khodesh [crescent new moon] was seen along with the ripened, “Aviv” barley.  That is how the calendar was set in Yisra’el, by the Kohen Gadol.  This, the Rabbis still did right at that time, blowing the shofar at the Khodesh that was observed along with the ripened barley, to declare the 1st “month” of the new, sacred year, rather than observing a 13th month.  [The Aviv barley is how the Creator determines when Pesakh is, and when the new year is].

Since Yeshua was in Beit Anya for six days leading up to this day, and travelled back and forth to Yerushalayim for the four days leading up to His Pesakh, then Yeshua’s ‘triumphal entry’ would NOT have been on a ‘sun-day’, but on Shabbat!  Our ‘saturday’.  The day they waved palm branches and hailed Him as King, they sang part of the Hallel, Tehillah 118, “Hoshia Nah!  Barukh HaBa B’Shem יהוה , ” a traditional Pesakh song [Ps 113-118 are the Hallel] “Please save us now!  Blessed is He who comes in the Name of יהוה .” Yeshua then held His Seder four days later, being examined as the spotless Pesakh Lamb for four days, just as Yisra’el was instructed to do in Shemot 12 [Exodus] for the first Pesakh offering.  They drilled Him with questions and insults more than any other year during that four days, and found Him to be ‘without fault’.  On TUESDAY night, Yeshua held His Pesakh Seder with His Talmidim [Matti 26, Yokhanan-Markos [Mark] 14, Luka 22, Yokhanan 13].  He was tried after midnight that night, in violation of the Torah, without the whole court present.  He was ‘examined’ by Herod, and by Pilatos, and found innocent.  He was yet sentenced to death, whipped and beaten, and executed at 3:00 P.M. on Wednesday afternoon, and was taken down off the tree just before sundown on Wednesday evening, just before the Rabbis, the “Shammai” sect of the Pharisees, observed their erroneous Pesakh on the FIFTEENTH evening of the 1st khodesh, as most of our Jewish people today still do, missing Messiah, blind to His leadership, as is the rest of the world.

Yeshua remained in the grave for THREE DAYS and THREE NIGHTS, just as HE SAID He would. [Matti 12:40]  Wed night through thursday, thur night through friday, and friday night through saturday DAY.  Yeshua ROSE from the dead at the END of Shabbat, at ‘deep dark’, at the beginning of the Jewish week: SATURDAY NIGHT!  The end of Shabbat and the beginning of the week are marked by “Motza’ei Shabbat”, the ‘exit of the Sabbath’, with a ceremony called “Havdalah”, or “Making Distinction”.  We Messianic [Peshitta] Jews and Gentiles celebrate the Sabbath as a Mini Pesakh [as do all Jews, but not seeing Messiah in it].  We mark and commemorate His death and atoning for our sins on Erev Shabbat, the beginning of the Sabbath on fri night; we rest and assemble on saturday day, and then hold Havdalah on Saturday night after sundown, at ‘deep dark’, to commemorate the TRUE time of His Resurrection on a weekly basis.  But we fully celebrate the Pesakh, just as Sha’ul [Paul] says we should [1 Cor 5, “Let us celebrate the Khag”], each year in its proper time.

I’ve said all of that to say this.  “Ma Nishtana HaLailah Hazeh?”  That is the question at the top of this article.  It is a question the children at a seder ask in song, “Why is THIS night DIFFERENT from all other nights?” For us, it is so vastly different this year!!

My family and I used to have to observe Pesakh at home with just us, because twenty years ago there were NO OTHER MESSIANIC JEWS assembling in our town!  After we began to build His Congregation, we started holding public Pesakh Seders, just as Yeshua did for His last Seder.  This year, we ‘have’ to observe our Seder in our HOMES again!  And this time, NOT because there are no others to observe it with us, but because there is a PLAGUE!  And because we have been ‘commanded’ not to have gatherings more than TEN people, the SAME number to which Elohim [G-d the Creator] limited the first Pesakh Seders!

Further, THIS year is one of those RARE years when we are doing it on the SAME DAY as Yeshua, when He held His LAST SEDER and declared to Twelve JEWISH MEN , “This [the cup after supper, the third cup in every Jewish Seder] is the cup of the Brit Khadashah in my blood, which is shed for you.”  That was spoken on a TUESDAY NIGHT, roughly 1990 years ago.  Because the ‘khodesh’ is declared by the observance in Israel of the crescent moon and the Aviv barley, and because Pesakh is always the 14th evening of that khodesh [NOT the 15th as most Jews do today], Pesakh is hence not always on the same night of the week.  It moves.  But, THIS YEAR, in the midst of a PLAGUE, it IS on the same night that Yeshua observed it, and I contend ALSO the same night of the original Pesakh.

THIS year it is indeed different for those who keep The Word according to it’s PLAIN MEANING [Peshitta/Peshat].  We are in lock step with the TRUE “Savlanut” [suffering, ie ‘passion’] of Messiah.  He was plagued that night with false accusations, curses, beatings, etc; and that ‘day’ [wed] He was mocked, scourged, and executed, shedding His blood for the very people who were doing it to Him, and for ALL the world.  He was put into the grave on the first ‘day’ of Matzot, the second day of eating Matzot, with six days remaining [Deut 16:8] , the day of commemorating having made MORE Matzot [unleavened bread] for their journey out by NIGHT on the FIFTEENTH evening [THAT is what we SHOULD be commemorating/meditating over on the actual 15th night, that AND Yeshua’s journey into the netherworld for us, for three days and nights].  Note that Yeshua marked the ‘cup of the renewed covenant in His Blood’ while His blood was still contained in His living Body.  That is the night we celebrate the Brit Khadashah [Jer 31:30-34], the fulfillment of G-d’s promise to write His Torah upon our hearts.  That process BEGINS when we truly understand Yeshua’s work for us, and ‘trust’ that HE ALONE can redeem us from our sins, and that He was RAISED from the dead THREE DAYS and THREE NIGHTS LATER, at the END of the Sabbath, at the START of the [Biblical] week, on Saturday night.

This year COULD be the LAST year ever that we have a somewhat “peaceful” Pesakh Seder, observed in relative freedom [although already abridged this year], before terrible things change this earth.  This night is indeed different from all other nights! ESPECIALLY for the VERY, VERY SMALL strand of believers who actually follow Yeshua in His observance of this, HIS PESAKH.

Many believers are cognitively aware that an ‘anti-messiah’ would come.  Some are also thus aware that the ‘spirit’ of the anti-messiah is already in the world. But, what most DO NOT know is that this Ben HaAbadon, this ‘son of destruction’, the MAN who would embody that spirit, would ‘Change the Mo’edim’ and the ‘Torah’. “…he shall think to change the Mo’edim and the Torah…”  [Dani’el 9]  The “Mo’edim” are the sacred APPOINTED FEASTS of  יהוה .   This happened already in our history!  That ‘spirit already changed the Mo’edim, and the Torah. Our Jewish people moved the Pesakh, Matzot, Bikkurim, and Shavu’ot, some 2500 years ago [time, times, half a time].  Since then, they now consider ‘Talmud’ as sacred writ, and observe many mitzvot that G-d did NOT speak, though they claim He did.  Notice that they did NOT move Yom Teru’ah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot!  The early ones in the spring, the first four, point to what Yeshua HAS ALREADY DONE, and because the Rabbis MOVED those feasts, most of our Jewish people remain BLIND to Yeshua’s fulfillment of them!  But, they STILL observe Yom Teru’ah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot on the right days, the ones that teach about His Return and coming Kingship.  But, they only coincide when the khodesh of G-d [the seventh crescent from the Pesakh] aligns with their declared ‘Rosh Hashanah’, AS IT DOES THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!  Because today, they ‘calculate’ the khodesh, and do not ‘see’ it.

Timing is VERY IMPORTANT!  Yeshua said, “KEEP WATCH”, saying that His Day will come as a THIEF, at such an hour as you know not.  Our Jewish people do not ‘know’ that Yom Teru’ah could mark the beginning of the Time of Jacob’s trouble [Great Tribulation].  Our fellow believers do not know that Yom Teru’ah is the “Day That No Man Knows”, the “Last Shofar”, the “Day of Judgment”, the day of the Wedding of the King, the “Coronation of the King’, etc.

Tonight is indeed different than EVERY OTHER NIGHT!!  Our little group is having virtual fellowship, so we can all observe it in Hebrew, together.  But, we will be gathered as families this year, in our homes, safe from the ‘plague’.  This feast was the very beginning of the OBSERVANCE of HIS yearly ‘sabbath’ DAYS!!! And it STARTED IN THEIR HOMES!!!!  We will also have a virtual ‘q&a’ about ‘end things’, because, with all that is happening in the world, we who trust in Yeshua had BETTER take His advice, “34But take heed to yourselves that your hearts may not become heavy by extravagance, and drunkenness, and the worries of this world, and that day come suddenly upon you.  35For like a downpour it will entrap all those who dwell on the face of all the earth.  36Therefore keep watch always, and pray that you may be worthy to escape all these things which are to happen, and that you may stand before Ben HaAdam.”  

Many times when Yeshua was asked and/or began to teach about ‘end things,’ the FIRST thing out of His mouth was, “do NOT be deceived“.  That is our prayer.  But, since He told us to be alert, and to watch, and gave us the ‘signs’, it would be FOOLISH not to pay attention to what’s going on right now.  There are many opinions and streams of thought about ‘why’ we [in the world] are going through what it is we are going through right now.  It is so easy to be deceived about it.  And there are thousands of interpretations of the prophecies about end things, most of which IGNORE the biblical model of interpretation. THIS night is different tonight, because of the very things going on, for all who actually observe HIS WAYS, and keep the Pesakh of  יהוה .  It is NOT the “Jewish Passover.”  It is HIS! [Shemot/Exo 12:27].  This year, our spring observance is lock-step with the Year Yeshua suffered.  And we will likely be on lockdown through ALL the spring feasts.  Most believers are forbidden to fully observe their erroneous “easter” observance, but we have been given the OPPORTUNITY to observe the Pesakh in our HOMES, FULLY, the way it was originally observed!  Yet we still can ‘relax’, and not eat in haste as did our forebears, but can still eat in a relaxed manner like the twelve did, when Yokhanan leaned against Yeshua’s bosom and asked, “Is it I?”  Is not  a false observance of HIS PESAKH a betrayal?  Yehudah [Judas] the betrayer was not permitted to finish the Seder with Yokhanan and the eleven faithful.  Ask yourself if you are among the betrayers.  Are you keeping Pesakh for the right reason?  At the right time?  If you think motive and ‘timing’ do not matter to G-d our Creator and Father, you are sorely mistaken.

Timing is, indeed, everything.