Trump Ishtar!

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Purim is coming up.

Many people who keep Torah do not observe Purim, even though it is in scripture.  One reason for this is that some in our Jewish community can tend to treat it a bit like Halloween.  But that’s throwing the baby out with the bathwater.  That’s like not remembering the promise of Elohim because the LGBT community perverts the rainbow, a beautiful symbol of a promise turned to represent perversion of the design.  Purim is indeed NOT a commanded feast, and we in the Messianic Peshitta fellowship do not treat it as such.  But, it is a worthy celebration of the Salvation of Yisra’el, by whom Yeshua comes to us.  Some think that the book is not inspired writing, and should not be part of the canon of scripture, but I disagree.  For one, there are lessons in the book of Eisteir [Esther] that fit the whole narrative of scripture, and there are allusions to Messiah Yeshua and His ‘Bride’ that are very difficult to dismiss.  There are other reasons to treat it as canon, but that is not my purpose today.

The book linked at the bottom of this post was written for the purpose of studying the book of Eisteir, and also for celebrating it.  It contains some very helpful insights into the text, as well as suggestions for how to remember the events honorably in celebration.  It can be a great time of fun and learning.  The name of Hadasah, ‘myrtle’, was changed to Eisteir, “Ishtar”, much like the Pesakh was changed to the same name, distilled to “Easter” for most.  Yet she ‘unveils’ herself and shows she is Jewish [ just like “easter” is not that, but is Pesakh, and is Jewish and the world doesn’t know it] Was Hadasah not a true Jewess, simply because she bore another name for a season?  She trumps ‘Ishtar” by her faith!  Her faith caused her to reveal her Jewishness!  That’s a moment that everyone who truly follows Messiah will come to!

There are allusions to the Pesakh in the Purim story, and it precedes Pesakh by exactly a month.  It’s almost like a primer to get the thoughts prepared for the Bedikat Khametz of Pesakh.  This year, Purim falls on 03/09, and Pesakh on 04/08 or 09.  Pesakh can be enriched by the study of this great deliverance of Yisra’el!

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  1. Thanks for bringing this resource to our attention. I look forward to reading this book and celebrating Purim.

    Shalom in Messiah Yeshua!


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