Sha’ul the Jew

This goes along with my previous blog, “Who is Yisra’el”.  I was reading in Phil this morning, and read through the third paragraph below, and thought immediately of the first two.  I’ve gotten good feeback on the previous blog, so this supplement may prove useful to some.

People who identify as “Israel” today, who are not Jewish, are fooling themselves.

THEY say that Israel is today’s gentile Christians descended from their preferred genetic stream, which they cannot trace back to the twelve sons scientifically or by heritage.  Some of these streams are: Brit Am, who say the Anglo Saxons are the ten lost tribes.  “Danites” and Efrayimites” who say the “Danes” are Dan, “Black Israel”/”Hebrew Israelite who say that all ‘true Jews’ are black, and today’s Jews are fake Jews, “Two House” who say that anyone who claims faith in Messiah is absolutely descended from the 10 northern tribes, because they are the lost sheep of the house of Israel about which Yeshua spoke [if you believe that, you’re wrong, see the previous blog]. The list keeps growing of people who claim and end-around of the tree of Messiah’s gospel to be saved.

Yeshua is a Jew.  His pedigree is established better than anyone’s in the world, in Matti 1 and Luka 2, and Hitgalut 5.  Sha’ul [Paul] was a Jew.  And he was an “Israelite”, and a Benjamite, and a Hebrew. See the verses below.  Israel is ONE PEOPLE!  And our Jews are that people today, and genetically, NO ONE ELSE IS.  [see previous blog].

“But Pavlos [Sha’ul’s name of Greek citizenship] said, “I am a Y’hudi [a JEW] of Tarsus in Cilicia, born a citizen of a well-known city; I beg you, permit me to speak to the people.” And when he had given him permission, Pavlos stood on the stairs and beckoned with his hand to them. And when they were quiet he spoke to them in the Hebrew language and said to them…..”

“I am a Y’hudi, [JEW] born in Tarsus of Cilicia, yet I was brought up in this city at the feet of Gamli’el, and trained perfectly according to the Torah of our fathers, and was zealous toward Elohim just as you are also.”

“As for me, I once relied on things of the flesh. However, if a man thinks his hope is on things of the flesh, I have more hope than he has; for I was circumcised when I was eight days old, being brought forth from Yisra’el, of the tribe of Binyamin, a Hebrew son of Hebrews…”

Sha’ul, being a Benjamite, nonetheless called himself a Jew in the public defense of his Torah observance.  This betrays the lie that the Jews are JUST “Judah”.  Yehudah is the ruling house of Israel.  True Israel is submitted to that house.

Being a Jew, he called himself a “Hebrew“, which is in deference to his culture AND language.  Hebrew is and was always spoken exclusively in the LAND of ISRAEL.  NO OTHER PEOPLE GROUP in the Middle east, or Africa, or anywhere in the world ever spoke that language.

Being a Hebrew, he called himself an Israelite, meaning he was ‘brought forth’ in birth into the covenant of Avraham and circumcised on the eighth day.  No African or European culture used circumcision until the 20th century.

There is only ONE HOUSE and ONE PEOPLE in the Kingdom of Elohim, and genetics plays NO part in it.  The gospel was OFFERED to the Jew first, and THEN to the gentile.  But, both get in by the SAME WAY, and it has NOTHING to do with your flesh.  If it does, in the least way, you are still lost, or have turned to another gospel from His Truth. [Gal 1:9]

One thought on “Sha’ul the Jew

  1. The only bloodline that matters is that which belongs to a single, living man, Yeshua Ben Elohim. Apart from HIS blood we are nothing and are still dead in our sin. To anyone whose emunah is fixed on Him, Elohim has given the right to be called children of Elohim. How precious – Sonship by adoption!


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