Who is Yisra’el

[This summary is for a project we are working on, and is a very first draft; but, it is a good summary, concise and clear, “plain”.  I covet your thoughts]

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Elohim, the Creator and King of the Universe, chose Avram, changed his name to Avraham, and entered into covenant with him, preaching the B’sorah to him, and declaring him a Tzadik because he trusted in  יהוה .  He then also obeyed the Torah.

The genetic, chosen children of Avraham are the descendants of his son Yitz’khak, through his son Ya’akov.  There are only twelve tribes, descended from the twelve sons of Yisra’el.  They formed a nation in Eretz Yisra’el.

The nation split in two, and the northern tribes were scattered and forgotten [Hoshe’ah 4:6] because of their spiritual harlotry, mixing the worship of  יהוה with the worship of Ba’al and Ishtar. 

The southern Kingdom was called “Yehudah”, and from there we get our moniker for this people, the “Jews”.  The Jewish people today are all of genetic Israel.  The remnant of the ten northern tribes already returned and rejoined the southern Kingdom, as plainly seen in scripture [2 Chron 30], and all twelve tribes were scattered, together, in 150 AD, and will again be brought back into the land, together, as the Nevi’im declared.  The ‘two sticks’ are already united, and the descendants of Yisra’el are ONE: the Jewish people.

This is earthly, genetic Israel, and no other

[We are certain that there are descendants of the northern tribes in other areas, but no one can ascertain where or who they are, with any certainty.  It is all mere speculation, and some of the proponents of genetic identity make up word associations, such as “Brit Am” must mean that “Britains” are the ten tribes, “Covenant People suddenly means “Britain”; they ignore etymology and real linguistics to dupe people.  They make up genetic mumbo jumbo, asserting they know whose DNA is whose.  They forget the 12 sons had five different mothers, and that Efrayim and Menashe had an Egyptian mother.  There is no “Israel DNA”, as there is NO KNOWN base for it.  It is deceit.  The ones that were scattered are forgotten.  Some of their very distant offspring today may indeed be believers in Yeshua, but if so, they are saved because of and by their trust ALONE, and are become the Yisra’el of G-d, along with Jews AND Gentiles.  Consider this: the ten northern tribes were scattered, according to scripture, into parts that are now exclusively Islamic, oddly enough.]

“Charge certain ones not to teach diverse doctrines, and not to give heed to fables and stories of endless genealogies, which cause dispute, rather than build up HaEmunah of Elohim.”

Two-house doctrine does NOTHING to build trust in Yah.  It only divides, just as our Jewish people divide the Body at times.  “Is Mashi’akh divided?” No!

The Israel of Elohim [Gal 6:16] , the CHOSEN BY PROMISE THROUGH TRUST, is any JEW who TRUSTS IN the risen Yeshua as the son of Elohim, AND, any Goy that has joined himself to Yeshua, the King of the Jews, in like manner. [Rom 2:29, 11:17-21, Gal 3:9, 6:16]

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The Malakh  יהוה  appeared unto Avraham, Yitz’khak, and Ya’akov, and Moshe, and was a manifestation of “HaDavar”, the Word, which later manifests in the man Yeshua, as it is today. [Ivrim 1:1-4]

Elohim, through His Malakh, chose the son of promise, also a Tzadik, the one named Yitz’khak.  And His son, Ya’akov, inherited the covenant and the promise.  Ya’akov’s name was changed to Yisra’el.  His sons and their descendants are the people of Yisra’el.

The nation of Yisra’el was established through covenant with  יהוה  at the mouth of Moshe at Mount Sinai.  All twelve tribes were present.  Elohim delivered them from bondage and brought them into the land of promise.  Eventually, they became a Kingdom.  That Kingdom was divided in two because the northern kingdom rebelled against the southern kingdom, and His appointed king.  The northern kingdom was called “The Kingdom of the House of Yisra’el”.  The Southern Kingdom was called “The Kingdom of the House of Yehudah”. 

The Kingdom of the House of Yisra’el went into mixed paganism, creating two houses, one in Dan and one in Efrayim.  In each of those houses was a golden calf.  The golden calf represents gods made by man. [doctrines of harlotry]  The northern tribes called each calf  by His Name,  יהוה , just as did their fathers in the desert.  As such, יהוה said that He would forget northern Israel [Hoshe’ah 1:4, 4:6], but would save a remnant [Is 1:9, 10:20-23, Jer 37:31] and unite them again with Yehudah [Rom 11:7].  This already happened. [2 Chron 30:5]   

Yeshua is the ROOT of the tree of Yisra’el.  The B’sorah was OFFERED to the JEW first, which was to all Yisra’el.  The Brit Khadashah was ratified at the Pesakh Table, when Yeshua offered the Cup of Redemption, to TWELVE JEWISH MEN, who represented Yisra’el, Yehudah [Jer 31:30-33].  Yisra’el and Yehudah were BOTH present at the Seder, as ONE people.

NOT all of Yisra’el accepted that cup, however.  And they are CUT OFF, just like the northern Kingdom had been cut off.  The “Yisra’el of Elohim” is made up of Jews who are genetic Yisra’el, who are saved because of the promise and BY TRUST ALONE, such as Avraham, Yitz’khak, Ya’akov, Moshe, David, Khizki-Yahu, Yeshua, Yoknanan, Kefa, Matti [from Levi], Sha’ul [from Binyamin], Shimon and Khana [Luka 2:25-36, NOT of the tribe of Yehudah but Asher, 2 Chron 30, Luka 2], because it was offered to them FIRST, and it is also made up of GOYIM from the OTHER nations NOT descended at all from Avraham.  The Goyim, NOT of Yisra’el, were offered the B’sorah after Yisra’el in large part rejected it.  A remnant, the Talmidim, were Jews, Israelis, who received it.

The phrase “the lost sheep of the house of Yisra’el” was spoken to the Kingdom of Yehudah, in both the Tanak and Brit Khadasha:

Yirme-Yahu [the prophet to the SOUTHERN KINGDOM, as the northern kingdom had already been destroyed, and the disobedient scattered and forgotten] 50:1-17 [go and studiously read this passage!  See to whom it was addressed, and when, and why]

This is spoken concerning the destruction of Bavel, because it was prophesied that ALL YISRAEL, in the Kingdom of Yehudah, in the restored/reunified SOUTHERN KINGDOM, would go into captivity to Bavel TOGETHER, and then RETURN, BOTH HOUSES TOGETHER.  The people of Yisra’el were LOST DOCTRINALLY because of the DISOBEDIENCE of SHEPHERDS [pastors, supposed teachers of His Word], and that is why they would soon go into captivity, TOGETHER, [seen in Yirme-Yahu and Lamentations] and return TOGETHER to the land [seen in Ezrah and Nekhem-Yah].  They were also TOGETHER in the time of Yeshua.

In Yeshua’s day, ALL TWELVE TRIBES were LOST DOCTRINALLY, because their teachers [Pharisees] were teaching salvation by GENETICS AND WORKS [be a Jew, be circumcised, keep MAN’s mitzvot].  Yeshua sent the twelve to Yisra’el’s lost sheep, explicitly telling them NOT to go into Shomron, the nearest GENTILE community, descended from the 10 northern tribes! [Matti 10:5-6].  Yeshua came to minister to Yisra’el, the land of Yehudah at that time, the small, reunified kingdom of Yisra’el.

Sha’ul repeatedly refers to the Jewish people of his day as “Yisra’el”.  He called himself a JEW, though he was of the tribe of Binyamin.  He referred to the people who ministered in the Temple as Yisra’el. 

There is ONE Yisra’el of G-d, and ONE NATURAL Yisra’el that is our Jewish people today.  Only a genetic Jew [which are all twelve tribes restored] can be both.  Salvation ‘because’ one is a northern Israelite is ANOTHER GOSPEL [Gal 1:9], and is an utter waste of time and energy.

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  1. Daniel, this is excellent!

    I like how you traced the history through the entire Bible about the truth of the 12 tribes from the very beginning, totally destroying the two house doctrine. The two house doctrine/ movement is extremely divisive and I’m glad you’re speaking out about it more and more.

    I hope that you post this latest project on the Battzion website.

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