To’evah Hu

This is a difficult subject to broach, but necessary.

This was a fb post written six years ago; some of what I asserted has already begun to happen, sadly.  I have another article on this difficult subject brewing.  The fact that this was a memory ‘today’ on fb is timely, as I was approached about the subject moments after I saw this ‘memory’.


Today, the subject of same-sex marriage garners way too much attention, and due to Hollywood and politics, many have come to think that we should grant constitutional privilege to this very small group of people who have created a social cast based on behavioral choice, much like biker clubs or football fans, only far more organized and with a political agenda. Before I delve off into the difficulties of the social aspect of this public conundrum, I will first explain my position on the wider issue.

I do not hate any class of people, neither for behavior, nor for race, nor ethnicity, nor religion, nor any other reason for which hate is spewed at a group of people who might be different from me. I loathe the likes of Westboro “Baptist” “Church”, those who spew venom at the homosexual community and treat them as second-rate citizens who are “hated by god”. That is a LIE. So, this is in no way meant to demean anyone for the choices they make, or the beliefs they have. It is only meant to explain what I believe in regard to same sex marriage; so, if there is any backlash for this, before you throw hate at me, consider the hypocrisy of it. I have a right both to believe what I believe, and to express it. My hope is that those who differ will at least try to understand why I believe what I believe, and hear my thoughts on the marriage issue, which is why I pontificate here.

I do believe that same-sex relationships are wrong, but not in the same way some believe. First of all, the word “homosexual” is not in the scriptures, as that word was not even a part of the English language until very late in the game, and not part of any ancient language at all. But, I arrive at what “error” is by seeking the opinion of the Creator on the matter, and I do believe that the Holy Scriptures express HIS opinion clearly: “V’et zahav lo tishkav, mishk’vei isha, to’evah hu”. This is the ONLY thing  יהוה said about this matter by way of direct prohibition: “And with a male you [male] shall not lie as one who lies with a woman; it is perversion.” In the Hebrew, this is a very plain and simple sentence, addressed to the male reader/hearer. So, Elohim has said that a man should not lie with a man as with a woman. It is not how and for what we were designed. [We infer the same prohibition for women, as does Romans 1].

G-d did, in fact, create woman for man, and commanded all men to “be fruitful and multiply”, saying “For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave only to his woman.” For what reason? Because that G-d created woman for man, drawing her out of man and placing her by his side.

Now, as a believer in the Creator, and in Messiah, I understand that there are those in our society who do not believe in the Creator, and some who do but who do not believe in the Messiah Yeshua. I wish I could change that, and He knows I try to every day! But, I also understand that it is HIS JOB to do that, all I can do is try to show people that He exists by loving Him, expressing that love by obeying His Voice, the Torah, and by loving people. I do try to do that, and still work on it daily. But, knowing that not everyone does believe, I have to find my place in society. Sadly, that is ever more difficult in our country, as most have gotten to the point where the Word of G-d is outdated, meaningless, marginalized, allegorized, and not taken to mean what it says. So, I must learn to communicate with those people the OTHER reasons why I believe we should not condone same-sex marriage.

In the same passage where we find the command for man not to lie with man, we find other forbidden sexual activities. Regarding children, we are told that they are not even to see our “shameful nakedness”, which actually means sexual activity, and not just our bare bodies. So, if they are not even to ‘see’ it, then they are certainly not to be participators in it, such as is the case with child molestation, which is expressly addressed as forbidden in the New Testament scriptures. Psychologists today, some of them, are now calling child molestation “sexual orientation”. In other words, they are telling the wider human community that child molesters are “geared” that way; in some “christian” circles, they are saying that G-d made them that way, or “oriented” them that way. This was the same conversation we began to have as a society about 100 years ago concerning homosexual behavior. And now, most in America are convinced that this is not a behavioral choice, but is how they are born.

Do we not see the danger here? If we start classifying all of the forbidden sexual BEHAVIORS/choices as built-in “orientation”, and we grant one group of “sexual orientation” so called constitutional rights of marriage, then we will, eventually, be obliged to grant all of those groups those same rights. We will be paying spousal insurance [since we now pay for everyone’s insurance] for horses and dogs, and for children, if we stay on this path, rest assured. Muslims will be free to marry six-year-old girls just as their founder Mohammed did, and just as many in the Middle East STILL do today! Do we really want that here? Those who prefer bestiality will be allowed to marry their animals. It has ALREADY been petitioned for, and with this precedent on the books, it will not be long before we must grant them the same “right”. This will cause our society to spin into utter moral decay, where everything is permissible, if we are not already entirely there. Thieves will claim they were born that way, and we’ll be granting them constitutional rights to our property! Murderers will make the same claim, and we will not be able to prosecute anyone or protect life, because they will have the “right” to take it, because of their genetic bent, or ‘orientation’. Chaos will be our new norm. THAT is why Sodom was destroyed, not because they were homosexual. They had NO rules, no boundaries, and did not care whom they harmed, nor how.

Like it or not, the benchmark for our society and what behaviors were acceptable when the constitution was written was indeed the Judeo-Christian scriptures. Our founders had to have a benchmark, and a “standard” that could be applied. They chose the Bible, somewhat indirectly. While the constitution does not delve into the details, what most people do not realize is that most of the laws of the several states [former colonies] were based on British Common Law, which underwent “received status” and became statutory in the new states. Great Britain was a “christian”, albeit faulty, monarchy, and the common law of Britain evolved over the same time period that the Christianization of Britain occurred. When the early statutes were written into state laws, adding to the received common law, they were based on Judeo-Christian values, ie the Hebrew scriptures and the New Testament. This is why, for example, there were many anti-Sodomy laws on the books of most states. Saying that it was not the standard at the beginning of this country’s legal history is just like saying rocket science was not used to design the Apollo spacecraft.

“Alternate” sexuality is a behavior, and it is a learned behavior. There is not just one root cause as to why people choose a particular sexual behavior, and I am not here to speculate about that, although I do have a solid theory about it. Neither am I here to try to stop those who choose this lifestyle from choosing it, apart from giving them Messiah and allowing them to make that choice through His guidance. But, to declare this behavioral choice as a genetically inherited bent, and then to force those of us who disagree with it to support that through our tax dollars, is hypocritical. The same people who are pushing this agenda, some of them, would very much love to rob me of my right to worship as I do, and to rob me of the right to speak about my beliefs, both of which ARE constitutionally guaranteed! And they will not allow ANY tax dollars to support our worship [rightfully so!]. So how is it not hypocrisy to declare that I must support this behavior with my tax dollars?

As to whether they are “born that way”, how can this be? Some have claimed that it is an evolutionary development! Evolution flies in the face of logic, as it states that we are “advancing”, becoming “more complex” and “better”, whereas the evidence shows that we are “devolving”, “winding down”, in a state of decay, and heading for destruction. And if this “choice” is actually “orientation” resulting from our “advancement”, how will the human race perpetuate?  Procreation becomes obsolete.  How does it add to our ability to survive? How will the race go into its evolutionary future, if men choose men and women choose women? We will die off. And if it is an inherited behavior, how will it be passed on to the next generation, when no one is being born?

I do believe they have the “right” to behave behind their doors as they choose, since they are consenting adults. [I do not believe child molesters have this right]. I do not hate them for choosing this behavior. If so, I would have to hate all those who chose their sexual partner[s] before being married, or all those who are unfaithful to their spouse, and anyone who commits any sin; I’d be without anyone to love if that were the case. But, I do not believe they have the right to force their belief about it on me, to flaunt it before my children, any more than they would have me force my belief on them or flaunt my belief before them. I am willing to have honest and courteous dialogue, and have had conversations with some about their choice. And yes, one time I did offer the Truth of Messiah to a gay man, and he received His forgiveness, and did come out of that lifestyle, and was given the power to turn away from the behavior. His name is Scott, and I witnessed that myself, as did thirty other men with whom I worked, so I do know that it is a changeable behavior. But with many who profess this lifestyle, having civil dialogue is near impossible, because their hatred and vitriol is just as venomous as some on the other side, if not more so.

This behavior is indeed “perversion”, meaning only that it violates the design. Eating shrimp, crawfish, catfish, pork, snake, and other foods are “perversion” as well! Look it up! G-d thinks the same about those as he does about men lying with men. The punishment, however, for this behavior, in the time of Moshe, WAS [but is no longer], “the two [men] shall be put to death”.

I MUST first qualify this statement. The death penalty was enacted for far more than just this one “sin”/error in behavior: BREAKING THE SABBATH incurred the death penalty as well! And unfortunately, many who believe in G-d and in His Son as their atonement still break the Sabbath. So, before ANYONE thinks that we need to be violent against homosexuals or Sabbath breakers, or that this is what I am trying to assert, STOP. No. Messiah Yeshua incurred the death penalty in the place of EVERY PERSON ON EARTH, for every infraction against His Torah, and that forgiveness is affected as soon as one “turns” from the error and stops it. He then gives them the power not to commit that error again. That is why He has not again destroyed the earth, nor any locale, for any sin committed by groups of people: that is why He has not punished believers for breaking His Sabbath yet, because the blood of Messiah has made the way to forgiveness for all available to everyone. The death penalty was measured out on Messiah Yeshua in our place: “Messiah died NOT ONLY for our sins, but for the sins of the WHOLE WORLD”. But, simply because He offered that forgiveness does not mean that he no longer regards these things as erroneous and perversion. These things bring on us the “decay” of error, and it spreads into the rest of our lives, and we eventually allow any behavior, simply because we don’t want to address these behaviors as displeasing to G-d or detrimental to society, lest we offend someone.

So, I do not in any way advocate physically harming anyone for any error. But, it was necessary to point this out, because it shows us how serious about the matter the Creator is. He is just as serious about adultery [which also incurred the death penalty], fornication, breaking the 7th Day Sabbath, murder, theft, lying, coveting [greed], and idolatry. And, just as I try to avoid those behaviors, though not being perfect, I try to show others the benefit of avoiding all of them, and the joy of being obedient to our Father. This is how we love Him, and how we love others. He shows us His love by loving us in spite of our error, and giving us the ability to change.  Rom 12:2

So, I offer this into the public dialogue not to engender anger, nor to pick a fight, nor to hurt or offend anyone. But to say that this debate about same-sex marriage needs another look. I wish I could offer to everyone who feels trapped in this particular error the truth about the matter, that it is wrong because it violates the design, in spite of how right it might feel, and that there is a greater happiness in obeying the Father, the Creator. But, that is not the goal here. The goal is to assert that this one behavior should not be granted constitutional status in regard to marriage, because we open the door to granting that same status to other behavioral groups, and we remove even the concept of having societal boundaries or a concept or standard of morality. We must allow people to err, but at the same time encourage them not to. We must all have the freedom to err, and the freedom not to. But, there are things that we must, as a society, regard as harmful to society. A law that changes a behavior to a “right” is exactly that. It will open a door we do not need to open, and ten, fifty, a hundred years from now we will have removed all protections from our society, reasoning them away as infringements on the rights of others. The next step is implosion. Selah.

3 thoughts on “To’evah Hu

  1. It is awakening and an eye-opening! Wow….
    “But, it was necessary to point this out, because it shows us how serious about the matter the Creator is. He is just as serious about adultery [which also incurred the death penalty], fornication, breaking the 7th Day Sabbath, murder, theft, lying, coveting [greed], and idolatry. And, just as I try to avoid those behaviors, though not being perfect, I try to show others the benefit of avoiding all of them, and the joy of being obedient to our Father. This is how we love Him, and how we love others. He shows us His love by loving us in spite of our error, and giving us the ability to change. Rom 12:2”

    Thank you Brother Daniel!


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