Yom Kippur

For those who are new, or have forgotten:
Yom HaKippurim is indeed a FULL, 24hr FAST…
At Sundown TONIGHT we begin our fast, to ‘afflict our souls’, and to prepare for the judgment of the damned.  Our confidence is that in Messiah we are already Atoned for, “Sealed against Yom HaPedut”, the ‘day of redemption’.
Our affliction, our fast, is in understanding His Sovereignty to judge the earth.  We dress in white in the hope of being dressed in white on this day, seen in Hitgalut [Revelation] 19, where Chapter 14 explains that our white clothing is BOTH our OBEDIENCE to the Mitzvot of G-d AND our trust in Yeshua; NOT just our trust in Yeshua.
The Fast is from sundown to sundown starting tonight.  We abstain from ALL food and liquids of any kind.  If you are on medication, however, that requires food, PLEASE, EAT enough with which to take your medicines!  This ‘affliction’ is NOT to endanger your life or give you extreme discomfort!
There is MISINFORMATION going around about Yom Kippur, particularly among ‘two-house’ communities.  Gird yourself with knowledge!  This is a refutation of that bad doctrine.  The link below should take you directly to the Yom Kippur section of the page…
G’mar Khatimah Tovah, v’Tzom Kol !!
[May you be sealed for a good year, and may you have an easy fast]

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