Seem hot, Torah?

I have been very, very busy of late!  So I haven’t had much time to write!

We are in the latter part of the fall Mo’edim, working toward day 4 of Sukkot.

Yom Teru’ah was again a ‘blast,’ Yom Kippur was great, and the easiest fast I’ve had; and the first three nights of Sukkot, along with the day 1 assembly, have been unmatched in regard to the joy my wife and I have been given…

What is striking to me is that all the many ‘little’ things that the Creator has done on our behalf add up to so much ‘proof’ of His affection for us. Several times over the last few months different ones have asked me if I ever doubted our faith, the core of what we believe: That there is a Creator; that man was created in perfection, and sinned, losing the Divine Presence he had in Gan Eden; that the Creator chose Avraham, and his descendants, to bring the B’sorah [Good News/Body of the Lamb, His Son] into the world. That Yeshua Ben Yosef of Natzrat, a Jew, is the Son of G-d, our Messiah, who died on a tree as a final, atoning offering for all of mankind, particularly those who would receive trust in that Truth; and that G-d raised the MAN Yeshua from the dead, and He now stands at His right hand on the throne of Glory; and that He will come and gather the Khasidim [devout ones] to Himself, in our near future.  These are those who TRUST, and OBEY, and are given a deposit, a taste of what Adam had, the Divine Presence, with a promise of even greater than that at the resurrection of the dead, those who trust and are faithful.

I can honestly say that there is not one shred of doubt in me about any of that. But, I do sometimes ‘tremble’ that I might blow it, might wander, might falter and go too far; but EVERY time I ‘feel’ that way, I am reminded by His Word of HIS faithfulness, of His GREAT compassion [which is truly beyond our comprehension, and any measuring stick we use]. And each time that I am reminded of that, my ‘joy’ in Messiah is restored.

I have indeed no trust in mankind. Mankind has proven too often to betray.


But the brothers in Messiah have been redeemed out of mankind, OUT of “Adam”, and have been ‘recreated’ in the New Man, the Second Adam, Messiah Yeshua. I know that a brother, one redeemed by Messiah, who understands the price paid for himself AND for others, will ALWAYS remain ‘faithful’ to his brothers. No matter what. One who is recreated in the New Man is not weighed down by the products of this world, the sins of mankind.

The ‘theme’ that I am seeing in this Sukkot is that of the newness of life. We are at the time of year when life begins to ‘die’, in regard to plant life.  Animals begin to hide, for warmth and safety.  The world is harvesting its food, and creating new wine, and setting up stores for the cold season; the days are growing shorter, and colder, and darker. And it is at this time of abundant harvest that Elohim has us assemble together and CELEBRATE LIFE for EIGHT DAYS. Yeshua was born on the 1st day of Sukkot; he was circumcised on the 8th Day, the Great Day of Rejoicing in The Torah; he received His Name, Yeshua, SALVATION, on that day! And Salvation will be COMPLETE at the beginning of the 8th Millennium, after Messiah has ruled for 1,000 years on earth, and a new heaven and earth are created, with the current ones being ‘rolled up like a scroll’. People who remain in the ‘first adam’ cannot wrap their heads around that; and they scoff. But, it is going to happen. And at the 7th Millennium, just before it starts [likely within 50 years], the events that bring about His Wrath on earth will begin; and that will happen sooner than any of us want.

America is tumbling fast into the abyss of selfishness and sin. People of faith are going to have to decide soon with whom they will stand. Yeshua said He did not come to bring ‘shalom,’ but a sword, to DIVIDE even families! And that division will be over who HE is! And over what is Tzedaka! And that is happening fast in our country already. The issue is, there are so many false teachers out there who do not know they are false. And so their followers do not know they are false. And they will not be prepared for what is coming on mankind.

However long He leaves His Bride among the wicked, we must be prepared; because there will come a day when He will snatch her out and bring her to Safety in His Mountain. And so few are prepared and ready for the Groom; so few are dressed and ready for the wedding, actually having oil in their lamp. The ‘lamp’ is the Torah, and the oil is The Ru’akh, given by the Second Adam to those who truly trust. And those who do TRUST, will OBEY HIM, and NO other.  That is what ‘trimming the lamp’ is.  That is a simple message that so few ‘hear and understand,’ and it was Yeshua’s message from the beginning to the end of His ministry.

Our ‘appointed times’ with the Creator teach us these things, and remind us year after year, and refine our walk. And I have found that in each season, HE challenges ME, to ‘prove’ to ME that HE is changing me. And this causes me to ‘check myself’ and see IF I truly am in THE Emunah [Firm Faith/trust] as defined by His WORD; the evidence is whether I am changing, becoming more obedient to Him, more like Yeshua. “Blessed are those who do His Mitzvot [commandments of the Torah], that they may have the right to Etz HaKhayim [Tree of Life, a pseudonym for Torah, and for Messiah Yeshua], and may enter in through the gates into the city.”

The ‘gates’ are opened on Yom Teru’ah, the first day of the year. The gates of the New Universe will be opened on the first day of the Eighth millennium, and NEVER CLOSE. Simkhat Torah is a rehearsal of “eternity”/infinity, the eighth millennium that will never end…. And that is how we always feel on Simkhat Torah in our little Synagogue; not wanting it to end.  “Sukkot” is about Messiah being ALWAYS WITH US.

I so look forward to Simkhat Torah this year. I wish that everyone even remotely aware of me as a person and of us as a congregation would consider coming to share in the culmination of the Season of Our Joy. Yeshua entered into the covenant as a human being on this day 2,000 years ago. And we will enter into the PROMISE of that covenant with Him very, very soon; I wish everyone could be there; especially YOU.


Yom Kippur

For those who are new, or have forgotten:
Yom HaKippurim is indeed a FULL, 24hr FAST…
At Sundown TONIGHT we begin our fast, to ‘afflict our souls’, and to prepare for the judgment of the damned.  Our confidence is that in Messiah we are already Atoned for, “Sealed against Yom HaPedut”, the ‘day of redemption’.
Our affliction, our fast, is in understanding His Sovereignty to judge the earth.  We dress in white in the hope of being dressed in white on this day, seen in Hitgalut [Revelation] 19, where Chapter 14 explains that our white clothing is BOTH our OBEDIENCE to the Mitzvot of G-d AND our trust in Yeshua; NOT just our trust in Yeshua.
The Fast is from sundown to sundown starting tonight.  We abstain from ALL food and liquids of any kind.  If you are on medication, however, that requires food, PLEASE, EAT enough with which to take your medicines!  This ‘affliction’ is NOT to endanger your life or give you extreme discomfort!
There is MISINFORMATION going around about Yom Kippur, particularly among ‘two-house’ communities.  Gird yourself with knowledge!  This is a refutation of that bad doctrine.  The link below should take you directly to the Yom Kippur section of the page…
G’mar Khatimah Tovah, v’Tzom Kol !!
[May you be sealed for a good year, and may you have an easy fast]


How I ‘see’ christians… just so you know…
Many people over the years have misunderstood me, and it is because they have in their own head preconceptions and misconceptions about what it is to keep the Torah of Elohim [Instructions of G-d].
There are thousands of years of theological banter that get in the way of good communication on this matter.
Last night, I awoke in the middle of the night with this on my mind. I don’t know if a dream prompted it, or why I had this in my mind so strongly.
Perhaps it is because of the season we are now in, Teshuvah, leading up to The Season of Our Joy, the time of the Jewish Messiah’s birth, as recorded in SCRIPTURE, and how many who profess faith in Him will not even acknowledge it, but will ‘try’ to celebrate it on the day of the birth of the chief god of Roman paganism, the ‘son’ of a ‘trinity’ of Mithraism, in a few months.
Many think that by my previous statement, and generally my support of His Torah, that I condemn or ‘judge’ those who follow these teachings.
I merely do not hesitate to point out the error and hypocrisy of the DOCTRINE of men. If one chooses to abide in the DOCTRINE, that is between them and The Creator, who does indeed look into the heart. But, He judges our hearts according to HIS TORAH, and NOT our ‘desire’, or how we ‘feel’ about a matter.
I see that many among western ‘christianty’ are really partly Torah Keepers… they just do not realize it!
The Torah, or the “Instructions” of G-d, are summarized in the Ten D’varim.
Here is where the confusion begins. Christianity calls these the Ten Commandments. In Hebrew, they are “The Ten Words,” or, “The Ten [most important] Things.” The Western mind views these as ‘cruel directives’ from a ‘god’ who is ruthless and vengeful.
But, these are a foundational model of ALL HIS TORAH/INSTRUCTIONS.
The first four deal with our relationship to The Creator, Blessed is He.
I am יהוה. You shall have no other gods before me.
Do not make for yourselves graven images and bow down and worship them.
Do not take up the Name יהוה for vain reasons.
REMEMBER THE SABBATH DAY, to set it apart, because I created the world in SIX DAYS and rested on the SEVENTH DAY, so also you shall rest from all your work on the SEVENTH DAY, to CONSECRATE IT [make the 7th day different from every other day].
The last SIX deal with our relationship with one another, man to man.
You will honor your father and your mother, and you will live long because of it. [If I, יהוה, am your G-d].
You will not commit murder [If I, יהוה, am your G-d].
You will not commit adultery [If I, יהוה, am your G-d].
You will not steal [If I, יהוה, am your G-d].
You will not bear false witness against your neighbor [If I, יהוה , am your G-d].
You will not covet. [If I, יהוה, am your G-d].
Now, western believers who profess faith in the Son of G-d as “Salvation” [Yeshua means ‘salvation’], would seem to agree with most of these.
Many do not realize that the Father has a Name: יהוה. But, they understand, to some degree, the Sovereignty that name establishes, and the eternal nature of The Creator… and, they do believe He is the only G-d to be worshipped; so, I myself see them as keeping the first ‘Important Thing.’ IF they DO understand that HE is the ETERNAL CREATOR and SOVEREIGN of all the earth.
Some of those who claim to know the Son of G-d also will not make an idol to bow down to, or pray to a ‘fashioned thing.’ Now, many, many who claim to be ‘christian’ do in fact pray to ‘things’ that they say ‘represent’ someone they claim is not a ‘god.’ They do not understand that if they pray to a ‘spiritual being transcendent of humanity,’ that it is a ‘god.’ Man has fashioned it, and assigned a ‘spirit’ to it. They are breaking this command. They cannot know the Creator, יהוה , until they come to realize this. He is clear that our worship, reverence, genuflection, adoration, supplication, cry for help, and for salvation, is to be directed to HIM, because only HE is Sovereign, and able to save us! But, some, who do say they trust in the Son of G-d, reject all forms of idolatry. They keep this Important Word.
The third is a mite tricky, not to take HIS NAME up in vanity.  The vast majority of those believers do not know that His Name is יהוה , so they do not break this command. Sadly, many who CLAIM to keep His Torah DO take up this Name for vain reasons, and misuse it. THEY would be the ones breaking this ‘Important Word,’ and NOT those who trust in the Son of G-d and do not know/use this Name! And, many ‘think’ that ‘God’ is His name, or that ‘Jesus’ is His name, and they try to reverence it. So, I see them as honoring this Important Thing.
Here is where many, if not most, err against His Instruction. But, we will see that MOST who err in this fashion do so because they have been MISINFORMED.
The fourth Important Thing is REMEMBER the SABBATH DAY, to CONSECRATE IT [from the six days for working].
The Sabbath Day is the SEVENTH DAY. It is the ONLY day of the week in scripture that has a NAME.
1st Day
2nd Day
3rd Day
4th Day
5th Day
6th Day
Constantine, the pagan who hijacked the Congregations, forced a ‘union’, and rejected/expelled Jewish LEADERS who trusted in Messiah the Son of G-d, CHANGED THIS DAY. He put all the resources of his empire in play to make sure of what the 7th day of JEWS was, and FIXED the Roman calendar, to make sure that ‘christians’ did NOT KEEP the Jewish Sabbath. By ROYAL DECREE he mandated changes in the Sabbath and Pesakh [Passover, the most important feast of early Messianic Jews and Gentiles] saying, “henceforth let us have nothing in common with this odious people [The Jews].” HENCEFORTH is the operative word. This was a CHANGE in the ‘seasons,’ just as Dani’el said the spirit of the lying one would bring, and Yokhanan affirmed this spirit was already in the congregations! Because MANY did NOT STOP keeping the Jewish Sabbath, it became royal decree less than 100 years later, in Laodicea!, that if any ‘christian’ DID keep the “Jewish Sabbath,” which is actually the Sabbath of יהוה , or the Pesakh, HE WOULD DIE. THIS FEAR is still in the ‘spirit’ of that change, and affects MANY who still keep it this way, even though they KNOW that HIS SABBATH is the SEVENTH DAY even on the calendar of Rome. The Jewish people have preserved this Seventh Day! ALL THE WORLD KNOWS this is the Sabbath of the Creator!
Part of our worship on the Sabbath is to remember that we are CREATED. But, many who profess faith in the Son of Elohim DO ‘keep’ ‘a sabbath.’ But it is NOT HIS. But, they have an understanding that they should ‘keep a sabbath,’ so they wrongly call the first day of the week a ‘christian sabbath.’ They ‘say’ they worship on this day because the Son rose from the dead on this day. But, the issue is that he did NOT rise from the dead on the Roman ‘sun day.’ He rose from the dead at the end of the SABBATH! WHEN THE 1st DAY WAS STARTING. (Sat night) So, even the excuse does not fit SCRIPTURE. BUT! They know they ‘should’ keep “a” day for Him. And, they know they should assemble on a ‘seventh’ day. Does He ‘give us credit’ for that? No. Does He ‘excuse’ it? No.  But, He does offer grace, UNTIL we are convinced of truth. But, does a ‘christian’, a true believer, give a NOD to ‘a’ Sabbath?
YES.  By doing so they admit the authority of the Ten D’varim, but at the SAME time fight that authority, and yield to Mashi’akh HaSheker, who MOVED the feasts!
But, there is an impetus to keep ‘something’! A Torah Command! NOWHERE in the Brit Khadasha are we instructed to ‘keep a seventh day of assembly.’ WHY, then, do they ALL DO IT, even though it is on the wrong day? Yeshua did not rise EVERY 1st day of the week, but only on the one after Passover. So, honest worship on the day of His Resurrection would dictate a frequency of only ONCE A YEAR. WHY, then, EVERY SEVENTH DAY? The heart of a real believer WANTS to obey; the heart of a deceiver wants to REPLACE.
So, while these who profess the Son do not keep His Sabbath, deep down they know there is a ‘need.’ They have His Torah being written on their hearts, but they have not yielded to His Will, not fully. Yet. They ‘know’ that this is the fourth “Important Word.” He did not say, however, ‘remember ‘a’ seventh day,’ but remember THE SABBATH DAY and keep it HOLY.
You will honor your father and your mother. Real believers in The Son of G-d agree this is TRUTH, and do this. False ones do not.
You will not murder. Real believers in The Son of G-d agree this is TRUTH, and adhere to this. False ones do not.
You will not commit adultery. Real believers in The Son of G-d agree this is TRUTH, and adhere to this. False ones do not.
You will not steal . Real believers in The Son of G-d agree this is TRUTH, and adhere to this. False ones do not.
You will not bear false witness against your neighbor. Real believers in The Son of G-d agree this is TRUTH, and adhere to this. False ones do not.
You will not covet. Real believers in The Son of G-d agree this is TRUTH, and adhere to this. False ones do not.
So, I see my brothers in Messiah who trust that Yeshua, the Son of G-d, is their salvation, as having an impetus to obey. They ARE TORAH KEEPERS…
They simply do not do the SABBATHS of יהוה the way HE said to, and the way YESHUA DID!
My great desire is to see all His People doing what HE said we WILL do for 1000 years WITH HIM when He is on this earth, to see them doing it NOW, to SHOW the world that HE IS NOT WISHY WASHY, or duplicitous, HE does NOT change with man’s desires or whims, is NOT subject to Constantine, the Popes, Luther, Calvin, Wesley, et al, but is THE SOVEREIGN OF CREATION.
The Sabbath sends that message, every week, that we honor HIM and HIS POWER over the universe when we assemble and REST together when HE said to rest. The other seven Mo’edim, or Appointed Times, are for a similar purpose, but also to show US the map of creation, and what will happen when He returns. This is what the book of Kolosim teaches! It is very, very basic! It does NOT put us ‘under the law,’ because being under any law only happens when one BREAKS that law.
In a ‘free’ government, one does not come under the ‘heavy hand’ or ‘long arm’ of the ‘law’ until one BREAKS THE LAW. Then, the judge will, after determining if indeed the ‘law’ has been broken, will apply the requisite punishment. THAT is what being ‘under the law’ means, in any form of government!
Learn this, that in ancient AND modern Judaism, just like in 4th century and modern ‘christianity,’ there is a ‘law of man’ that supersedes the Instruction of G-d [Torah], and THAT is what men follow! THAT is the ‘law’ from which we are set free. THAT is the ‘law of sin and death’ about which Sha’ul [Paul] wrote. “DO NOT CALL THE TORAH OF ELOHIM SIN. WHAT PROFANITY!” [Rom 7:7] Following MAN’S religious ‘law’ puts man ‘under the law’ of G-d, because they are breaking HIS INSTRUCTION in order to keep THEIRS! [Mar 7:6-7, 15:9, Kol 2:22, Is 29:13] A real, honest citizen of that government will not deliberately ‘break the law,’ because he wants to be an honest citizen. He will throw himself on the mercy of that government when he learns he has broken the law, and a merciful judge will lift the punishment, BUT NOT IF HE PERSISTS TO BREAK THAT LAW! Is Elohim any less just? NO. And real believers know this about all the other NINE ‘Important Words,’ but seem to equivocate over that fourth, and thereby the OTHER feasts of Lev 23.
MAN changed the Sabbath. Dani’el the prophet, who wrote the book on what was revealed about last things, sealed it up.  That book was opened by Yokhanan years later.  They both told us that the Mashi’akh HaSheker would:
MAN did this. CONSTANTINE did this. The FINAL Mashi’akh HaSheker [Lying Messiah] will again do it, worldwide, in the name of “Jesus,” of Allah, Mohammed, of Buddha, of Hinduism, and of every named god.
Read Isaiah 56-58 without preconceived notions. Consider the eternal nature of the promises He makes there. Know that “LORD” is יהוה, and “Lord” is Adonai. יהוה only applies to G-d Eternal. Abba has ONE people, The Jews who trust in Messiah, and the Gentiles who join Yisra’el in trust in Messiah. There is ONE set of instructions for all HIS children. He does NOT equivocate, or vacillate, and is not duplicitous. Yeshua UPHELD the Torah, and TAUGHT it. So did Sha’ul. So does ANYONE who genuinely trusts in Messiah Yeshua. Just keep reading HIS WORD, and by IT, trim your OWN lamp, by doing what HE says.
Only GOD can overturn His Own word, and He DID not and WILL not do it! I challenge anyone to find where Messiah Yeshua abolished the Sabbath and Passover [and the other feasts]. IT CANNOT BE DONE. BUT, I have shown and it is well-known HISTORY that Constantine DID!
There are many real believers who are Torah keepers.  They just need to break from Constantine in regard to The Appointed Times of יהוה, and be more correct in their obedience.  He is teaching His children to do this.  Because we ARE in the last days.
“Choose you TODAY whom you will serve! As for me and my house, we will serve יהוה.”