Khadashot Shevu’it



This week is full of her!

Comey, a man who wanted to take down Trump over impropriety, even crime, is found, not surprisingly, to have committed impropriety along with his unconfessed crimes.  The Democratic party, many of its members who identify as ‘christians’, wrote a declaration basically saying that faith would not be permitted in the party, least wise any faith that opposes sins they’ve shrouded in flowery, politically correct language.   American leftists keep telling us communist socialism is the cure for making everyone equal, and China oppressed many of its citizens who cried foul this week, and our leftists sit by in utter silence.  So much for freedom and equality.

To ‘say one thing and do another’ is hypocrisy.  I witnessed it ever so recently on a very personal level, and had to just walk away from it, knowing that confronting it would be futile.  The thing about hypocrisy is that the hypocrite is blind to it.  The hypocrite is utterly convinced that both his positions are true, even when the evidence against one of the positions is laid bare with absolutes.  Even in the face of empirical data, the hypocrite persists in his self-deceit.

Each of these things made me wonder about the obstinance of the human heart.  Many believers refuse to listen to the rebuke of the Ru’akh HaKodesh that comes by the declaration of His Word. Forsaking His Shabbat is the prime example of masses of humans doing that very thing.  In that, most believers do it often, on a grand scale.  But, even among some who claim to follow Him, and may even strive to do so, they yet do not yield to His reproof.  Some even teach that G-d does not ‘convict’ us or reprove us for our sins, even though Yeshua said that this is exactly why He would send the Ru’akh to us!  But, even many of those who say they understand this tend to refuse to look at themselves and see where they are wrong; they refuse even the possibility of error on their part.  No doubt, many of those involved in all of the above profess to be believers in the Messiah on some level.  Even in the personal episode I witnessed.  Many call this narcissism.  I call it sin, and it is the blasphemy for which Yeshua said there is no remedy.

I pondered that, and asked my self how we got here, where we are so incapable of humbling ourselves.  For the ones who do not claim Messiah at all, I give them a pass.  They do not follow Him, and cannot move in His humble spirit.  But, to those who CLAIM, on any level, a relationship with G-d through His Son, no pass can be offered.  How did we get to the point where, in a country that yet still claims a majority to believe in Him on some level, is full of people who cannot or will not humble themselves, put aside their pride, and admit their disingenuous, duplicitous behavior?

I think it comes down to a point I was trying to make last night in our study, that we are not taught ‘how’ to ‘live’ in Him.  We ‘say’ we know how to do so; we want to think that we do, by praying, by ‘going to church,’ or attending a Sabbath, by doing kind deeds; but, when it comes to admitting our own offenses against others, we do not see the need for it; we see instead a need to self-protect, to deflect, in order to preserve the ‘upper hand’ in a situation.  That ‘upper hand’ might be simply to keep oneself out of jail [Comey], or to keep one’s agenda moving forward [Commie, Demmy, Lefty] or to keep control over another soul.  To remain superior in one’s own mind.

Whatever reason, I am so glad Messiah sees through it.  We are coming up on the season of Teshuvah, which gives us an opportunity to ‘humble’ ourselves.  Self-investigation with an honest lamp is difficult and painful, when it means we need to approach another human, to whom, for whatever reason, we did not want to admit a wrong/offense in the first place.  In twelve years of participating in this season with a congregation, never has there been one person come to me about serious offenses done to me.  Not one time.  A few have come to me about things they thought I was offended by, but about which I had no real recollection, and still don’t.  I genuinely appreciate their concern, too, and was happy to set their minds at ease, but there was no need for it on my part.  And, I don’t look for it, either… I strive truly to turn inward, and be the one who goes to those I’ve hurt or offended, if I have not already sincerely done so.  My first year of taking this seriously meant going back years in my past and reaching out to people I had not seen in many years.  I went all the way back to a fourth grade offense one year!  An infraction against a classmate I always felt guilty over, but never had the courage to deal with back then; he didn’t even remember the episode, but reminding him of it and apologizing did a lot for ME.  Most of all, it humbled me further.  And that is why I try to take it seriously each year.  Mind you, I try to address situations as they happen, and constantly ‘examine myself’ to ‘see whether [ I am ] of the faith,’ and leave my gift at the altar and go to my brother, and not let the sun go down on my anger.  But, taking thirty days and asking Abba to shine His lamp into the darker reaches of my humanity takes courage, and it gets the pink hippo out of the room.  She’ll be the cause of the downfall of many, and this week she’s been all in the news…

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