Big Cuz Ike Hair

Imagine!  If only they’d listened to Jeremiah!

I do NOT ‘work’ for my salvation!

I am NOT ‘under’ the law.

I make a lot of posts, which I’m convinced most people don’t read anyway….

But, more do than there is ‘evidence’ for, and more than I thought; people who I thought would not read my posts tell me in person they’re reading them.

But, I also am certain there are those who COMPLETELY misunderstand my walk.

For a day or two now, I’ve had this itch, so I’m scratching it.  I’m going to attempt a summary to explain again my walk of faith.

Yeshua said, “If you love me, you will keep my Mitzvot.”

The Torah is His.  It contains more than just the mitzvot [commandments].  But, He expects us to keep those.  It contains instructions, statutes, principles, and prophecies, along with the mitzvot.  Mat 5:17-19 is a passage discussing those ‘mitzvot’ Yeshua called “His”.  “My Mitzvot” is NOT a collection of things He said while on earth, apart from Torah, and it is NOT a set of two ‘new’ commands.  It is His Torah. 

ALL TRUE BELIEVERS in the Messiah ARE Torah keepers!

They just do not YET keep ALL of the mitzvot.  [They eventually will, either in this life, to escape the great tribulation, or in the millennium, after having been disciplined].

They DO:

Trust in  יהוה , even though they may not know His Name.

They do not worship idols.

They do not take His Name in vain [mostly because they don’t know it].

They honor their parents.

They do not commit adultery, murder, or theft, they do not lie about their neighbors, they do not covet.

The Shabbat is what’s missing from most believers’ lives.  And all the other “shabbats”, or days on which HE said we should assemble.

The Sabbath [and all the subsequent appointments of Lev 23] is the ‘sign’ of the faithful believers during the ‘tribulation,’ as are the rest of the Mitzvot.  [Shemot 31:17, Ez 20:12, Rev]  Those two Nevi’im [prophets] will be turning Jews AND Gentile believers to obedience to the Torah as Messiah taught it, and all of His followers on earth will “keep the mitzvot AND have the testimony of Yeshua”, which is what the ‘white clothing’ of righteousness represents, as we are told in the Hitgalut [revelation].

But, many true believers TODAY fail to keep His appointed times, keeping instead those of men, who wrest authority from G-d and His Son.  That truly is the ONLY difference between us [Messianic Peshitta Jews and Gentiles] and most other TRUE believers!

We, as humans, refuse to admit that our parents/forebears might have been wrong about some things.  We can be loyal to a fault.  Messianic Peshitta believers have simply been willing to look at doctrines we were taught, either directly or through ‘tradition’, and consider whether we ‘inherited lies,’ as the Navi Dani’el said of his generation.  [9:4-19]  He realized ‘why’ they were in Bavel.  And he repented on behalf of his whole nation.  And Abba restored Yisra’el to the land shortly thereafter.

I’m praying for the whole Body of Messiah.  To realize the lies we have inherited.  This does NOT ‘condemn’ everyone who does not yet ‘see’ why we follow the mitzvot, any more than Dani’el’s prayer condemned the Jews in Bavel in his day.  It is merely an intercession on behalf of all who trust in Messiah, but are yet not ‘awake’ to His ways.  [Matti 25]

It is not condemnation.  It is a realization that what most of us ‘do’ does NOT match what HE SAYS, nor what HE DID.  [That is what makes “WWJD” so funny to us]  If we LOVE HIM, we will correct that.  It is that simple.  He is calling His Bride, those who truly LOVE Him, to WAKE UP.  To LIVE the tzedaka that is inside them, outwardly, which is simple obedience to HIS WORD.  NOTHING in His Word instructs a person to forsake His Sabbath.  Find it in His Word, and I’ll go to church with you tomorrow.

I keep the mitzvot BECAUSE I LOVE HIM.

It is the outward expression of what HE put in me when He saved me 42 years ago: HIS ‘tzedaka’, [righteousness].  It is a manifestation of my salvation, a manifestation that is according to His Word, and not the whims of man, nor the wishes of the adversary and his ‘winds’ of doctrine.

The Torah DEFINES the ‘righteousness’ of G-d. It is perfectly expressed in the life of Yeshua, and yes, Yeshua put His perfect ‘righteousness’/obedience in me, and He NO LONGER looks at my sin.  But, He also gave me His Ru’akh, which is His Power NOT TO SIN.  Sin is ‘breaking Torah’ [1 Jo 3:4].  My doing Shabbat and the seven other appointed times, and the traditions of Moshe that help me keep the communal mitzvot, is RIGHT AND TRUE.  And it is what ALL believers in the scriptures did, exclusively, in regard to religious practice. And should be done by EVERYONE who confesses Him.  One day, it will!  We will ALL keep His Sabbath and appointed times when Messiah rules on earth for 1,000 years [Is 66:23, Zech 14:16-19] … how we treat them now helps determine our place in that time! [resurrected and ruling with Him, or mortal, and still subject to sin and possible separation from G-d for eternity].

This may make the reader mad.  If it did, I rejoice!

Why?!  Because Yeshua said this on His last night, before He was executed.

“And when it is come [The Ru’akh HaKodesh, the “consecrated breath/spiritual power of G-d”], it will rebuke the world concerning khata [sin], concerning tzedaka [righteous deeds defined in Torah, and obedience to them], and concerning mishpat [judgment];  concerning khata, because they do not believe in me; concerning tzedaka, because I go to Avi and you [those who trust] will not see me again; concerning mishpat, because the leader of this world has been judged.”

“Sin” is breaking Torah.  “Being outside/apart from Torah”.  [1 Jo 3:4 in most good, greek-sourced bibles]

“Righteousness” is the ‘deeds/works’ of the Torah, the right way to do, having no infractions of Torah on your record.

Yeshua went away, and so our ‘example’ has to be learned from His Word: HOW YESHUA LIVED AND TAUGHT THE TORAH.  HE taught us how to read and understand Torah.  HE told us He would, in Matti 5:17-19, and then He did in Matti 5:20-7:27!  And the Ru’akh teaches the SAME THING.  He was a Torah-observant, synagogue-attending, kosher meat-eating Jew.  I follow Him, and no other.

We keep the Torah because He told us to, and taught us HOW to do so.

Those twelve Jews He taught NEVER ONCE violated a Shabbat.  The book of Acts proves it.  They remained Jews, and remained Torah Keepers the REST of their lives!  Paul defended Himself in courts of law, saying he NEVER VIOLATED the Torah NOR the customs of Moshe!  He did violate Rabbinic teachings, but NOT a BIBLICAL, Yeshua-led LIFE. 

My salvation is based on TRUST ALONE in the blood that Messiah Yeshua shed for me and in His resurrection, BODILY, from the dead.  My obedience to His Word is BECAUSE He so compassionately LOVED us, such as to die for us, BEFORE we even THOUGHT to know He has a righteous Torah for us to live.  His Torah ‘measures’ how we reflect His righteousness to this world, and as such measures our REWARD in His Kingdom.  For those who do NOT trust and obey, it measures their punishment. 

All we have done in beginning to keep the mitzvot concerning His appointed times, and a very few other mitzvot that most believers either ignore or simply do not know they exist, is to increase the MEASURE of our obedience TO HIM.  And those of us who truly do this in LOVE do NOT condemn those who have not done so yet!  But, we do try to share the joy of it!  There will come a time when it cannot be shared!  [Matt 25]  But, the funny thing is that many who have not as yet honed their obedience to Torah condemn US!  And damn us to hell!  THAT is the ‘blasphemy’ of taking His Name in vain [Lev 24:11].  You take on His Name [in any form], and by it presume to condemn a person in His Name?  That is sitting in the seat of judgment, which belongs to Yeshua alone!  THAT is Sheker HaMashi’akh…  YOU CANNOT say that those who trust in Yeshua AND keep the Sabbath are going to hell.  You do not even listen when we tell you we TRUST IN HIS BLOOD and RESURRECTION alone for Salvation!  YOU tread on FAR more dangerous ground than we!

The simple truth is, I trust in Yeshua. I CHOOSE to obey HIM, by obeying His Word.

“But whoever keeps His D’var [WORD], in Him truly is the love of Elohim perfected.”  [1 Jo 2:5]

“He who says “I know Him” and does not keep His mitzvot [commandments] is a liar, and the truth is not in him.” [previous verse]

His D’var and His Mitzvot are THE SAME THING!  When Yokhanan wrote those words, there was only ONE side of the “Bible” that people called His Word.  They read the Torah!  And kept it.

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