The Precipice of Decision


Saying ‘the prayers,’ as they did in Acts 2:42, wearing the me’il/abaya/tallit with tzit-tziyot, blessing bread before we eat AND giving thanks AFTER we eat, attending a worship service in the Synagogue on Shabbat [Public place of ASSEMBLY on Saturday], wearing a head-cover in respect for Elohim, opening and closing the Sabbath with a ceremony, all of these are ‘customs’ that go along with the ‘instructions,’ and they unify believers in the Jewish Messiah, who did all of these!

Do not cast off Jewish customs! Your King is a Jew. He lived His life as an obedient Jew, to both the Torah AND the customs, as long as they did not contravene the Torah [go against].    1 John 2:6

At the same time, DO NOT go too far the other way!

“But thank Elohim that you, who were ONCE the servants of sin [breaking Torah, 1 Jo 3:4], now OBEY from the heart the form of TORAH which has been delivered to you [by the Shlikhim/apostles]. Now, being made free from sin [breaking Torah], you become the servants of tzedaka [as defined in Torah].”

Jews back then, before Messiah arrived, were teaching THEIR OWN form of Torah, just like they do today.

Tzefan-Yah told that generation of Rabbis:

“You received the Torah by the disposition of Messengers, and have not kept it!” [Acts 7:53]

The ‘form’ or ‘prescription’ of Torah that was delivered to believers was YESHUA’s teaching of it: in TRUTH, not adding man’s commands to it, or taking the commands of Elohim away from it, or twisting HIS to make new ones. [2 Pet 3:14-18] ALL MEN DO THIS, unless they follow Rabbi Yeshua!


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