Khadashot Shevu’it

This week’s best news is this:

Planned Parenthood is backing out of receiving a large ‘donation’ from taxpayers!

Trump had an initiative to remove them from receiving federal funds, because they use it for murder.

Abortion, as I have written before, is the biggest shame the American culture bears.  The very idea that our government would permit the murder of 60 MILLION babies over the last forty-some-odd years is appalling.  The fact that citizens have stood silently by is, to me, mind-numbing, that we’d just go about our day and not consider the slaughter of innocent lives, people who have no defense but their mothers against murder , and their mothers are the very ones inciting the violence against them.  It is unconscionable. Yet, here we are.

But, the GOOD NEWS is that now there is growing opposition, and even an increasing desire among VOTERS to overturn Roe V. Wade, and to STOP the murder of innocent children that is done in the name of ‘family planning’, ‘birth control’, ‘women’s health’, and such other ridiculous euphemisms for brutal murder.  This issue is the one that has, in my estimation, fueled the new political divide in America the most.  The left rants and raves about other things, like gun control, and health care, and calling illegal aliens ‘immigrants’, and the ‘right’ to bilk free stuff from the tax payer, but their pet platform issue is abortion.  They will circle the wagons and protect that idol the most.  Even those who lean only moderately left will do this.

The hypocrisy of the left is mind-numbing.  On the one hand, they say a woman should have ‘freedom of choice’ over her ‘health issues’, but on the other hand demand that the father have absolutely no choice over the life of the child he put in her womb.  On the one hand they say that killing animals should be a crime, but killing their own children is a right.  On the one hand they say that a possible living molecule found on Mars is life, but the infant in her womb, all the way up to the point of birth, is not a life.  They are truly the fulfillment of the verse, “The god of this world has blinded them.”  They cannot even ‘see’ the idiocy of their own thinking, because they love their horrible ‘choices’.  Each of these choices feeds the god of self.

I am truly grateful that the brakes were put on Planned Parenthood, even if it only slows them down a bit.  I wish it would come to all stop.  But, the god of this world truly does rule the day, and I’m not yet confident the believing community has the khutzpah to stand up against the left for the long haul.  To me, the ‘right’ seems half-hearted, divided, and laissez faire about this very serious issue.  Overturning R v. W should be priority number one for the U. S.  I still contend that this issue is the impetus for the demise of our country.  We seem to have been given space to repent, and an opportunity to fix it, but very few societies of history have ever followed through on that opportunity.  Would it not be nice for us to turn back to a humble, obedient, clean-living society?  I’d go for it…

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