The plan of redemption in the feasts of  יהוה  , Lev 23

Shabbat: for six millennia mankind will ‘work’; on the seventh Millennium, the ‘Sabbath’, mankind will ‘rest’ from his ‘toil’.

Pesakh: He will redeem you out of bondage [the bondage of sin]                                                                         Light, recognition, birth

Matzot: you will be unleavened [pure, without participating in common sins of man]                                            Wind and Water

First Omer: you will present Messiah before  יהוה  as your ONLY offering                                                            Grain, small barley harvest

Shavu’ot: you will be given the Ru’akh of Mashiakh, being ‘satisfied’ in your inner man                                         Full loaves of bread, wheat, Light/Fire

Yom Teru’ah: an awakening blast will sound so that the dead in Messiah will be raised, you will gather yourselves to יהוה  [those who are asleep [spiritually] will not be gathered to Him]                                                                 Flight, distance, hiding place

Yom Kippur: those on earth will be judged, having sins covered through finally trusting in Messiah Yeshua, or counted against you due to lack of trust that He is the “Yeshua [salvation of]  יהוה   ” , the arm of Salvation; the ‘sheep’ who followed Him will be brought in, the ‘goats’ who fought Him will be cast out.                             Atonement, offering, banishment

Sukkot: ALL NATIONS will be gathered in Jerusalem to be with Messiah Yeshua here on earth, when He begins to rule as the King of all the earth. You will anticipate the “eighth day”, eternity, with all things made new, and the final abolishment of sin.                                                                                                                                                       Rest, renewal

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