Three Little Pigs

ולְאֹ תִגְּעוּ בּוֹ

The three words above are indeed in the Torah, but should they be?

Who ADDED them? 

First, let’s remind ourselves what The Creator of the Universe said about His Torah, and all His Word:

“You shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall you diminish from it, that you may keep the Mitzvot of  יהוה  your Elohim which I command you.”

This is a principle that many people ‘know,’ but do not ‘see’ when they break it.

And that is the case with the three little pigs up top.

Those three words brought all the world into death, decay, and sin.

They were added to the ‘instructions’ of  The Creator.

They had to be in the Torah, in order for us to understand why we as humans are in the state we are in.

But, when they were spoken, they were in addition to the ONE ‘Torah’ [instruction] that Elohim had yet given to mankind.

Khavah is speaking.  She has just been created, brought into the world as a grown woman, full of knowledge and intellect, “perfect”, living in the very Presence of G-d, His Ru’akh invigorating her body such that she would never die.  Her husband, the Kohen over his home, had clearly communicated to her something about that tree, as the specific instructions concerning what not to eat were given before she was created.  But, when the ‘nakhash’, a creature that walked on legs and feet at creation, controlled by the enemy, asked her a very simple question, she modified the Torah.  We can surmise that Adam instructed her to say that.  He was standing right there, and he did not correct her when she editorialized His Word by adding those three little words.  So, either Adam was the one who added to His Word, or, he was weak, and was not acting as the kohen over his home, and he did not intervene when his wife erred by making additions to the very plain ‘text’.  My personal hunch is that Adam is the one who added the new ‘law’.  “Y’all will not touch it”.  [I put y’all, because it is in the plural in Hebrew].  Elohim NEVER SAID THAT!

This is the one thing man did wrong, in order to foster the rest of our sins: we added to the Word of G-d. We CHANGED His instructions to us.

This is the very spirit of “Sheker HaMashi’akh,” as seen in the book of Dani’el.  [7:25]  “He will CHANGE the SEASONS [times to assemble with G-d ] AND the Torah!”

The typical response of people when confronted with this very phenomenon, especially concerning the keeping of Shabbat, is usually this:  “But G-d knows my heart”,  and the implied predicate is “so I can worship on Sunday, or any other day”.  But, the Word clearly says, “Remember the Sabbath day… because G-d rested on the SEVENTH day, you shall also rest from all your labor on the SEVENTH DAY”…

Mankind is BENT on adding to, or taking away from His Word.  Elohim gave us very plain instructions.  Sometimes, they are a bit ‘out of order,’ and we have to do a little bit of work to understand some of them, but, that is precisely what G-d wants from those who LOVE Him!

“It is the glory of Elohim to conceal a matter; but the glory of kings is to search out a matter.”

Elohim put ‘knowledge’ of good and evil in that tree.  That knowledge was “Food.” 

It is NOT that Elohim did not want Adam and Khava to know the difference between good and evil.

We are told in Ivrim 5:

“But strong meat [FOOD!] belongs to those who are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised, having learned to make a distinction between good and evil.”

Had they eaten from “Etz HaKhayim,” they would have lived, AND, they’d have learned the best way to make that distinction!  The very discipline [knowing the real difference between good and evil] WE are to learn by ‘exercising’ our trust in His Word!  We either remain a ‘babe’, or we ‘grow’ into being truly able to make a distinction between what is right and what is wrong….. and it is ONLY BASED on His Word, and NOT our ‘hearts,’ our ‘emotions,’ nor our ‘reason,’ which causes us to add to and take away from His Word.

“By now you should be teachers, because you have been a long time in training; but even now you need to be taught the primary writings of D’var HaElohim [THE WORD OF GOD]; but you are still in need of milk, and not strong meat. For every man whose food is milk is unfamiliar with D’var HaTzedaka [The RIGHTEOUS WORD, a pseudonym for TORAH!  The “NT” did not exist yet, as Sha’ul was writing parts of it as he lived and ministered]; for he is a babe.”

It is babes who stick to ‘whatever they can get their hands on,’ ‘every wind of doctrine.’ 

To chew the meat of the Word is to dig out the TRUTH, and to do it FROM THE TORAH, with the guidance of the Ru’akh.

Our Jewish sages did NOT do this!

In fact, they specifically, BEFORE Yeshua arrived on earth, “built a fence around the Torah.”  They will tell you this.  The Rabbis teach that they have been given ‘authority’ to ADD to the Torah, to REINTERPRET IT, and that all their ‘laws’ are superior to the Torah.  Our Jewish people, including many Messianic Jews, follow the laws of the Rabbis!  And THEY specifically did exactly what Adam did in Gan Eden.  They add THEIR OWN WORDS to the Torah, ‘just to be safe’.  One way in which they do that is this:

THEY [Rabbis] say ‘thou shalt not eat dairy and meat together.’

They took a SIMPLE LITTLE COMMAND, ‘do not cook a kid [goat] in its mother’s milk,’ and created ANOTHER command, in order to keep Jews from breaking the first command.  How hard is it really simply NOT to cook a kid goat in its own mother’s milk?  Instead, they deprive the whole Jewish community of eating meat and ANY dairy product at the same time; they go further to add time constraints between eating meat and dairy; some go even further and add locational constraints, having meat dishes and dairy dishes; and some even have a meat kitchen and a dairy kitchen!  All from ONE SIMPLE command.  And they do ALL of this in spite of the fact that Avraham, the father of our faith, ATE MEAT AND DAIRY TOGETHER, AND, He served that meal to MESSIAH YESHUA!

“And יהוה appeared unto him [Avraham]”…. And Avraham hastened into the tent unto Sarah, and said, “Make ready quickly three measures of fine meal, knead it, and make cakes.” And Avraham ran unto the herd, and fetched a calf, tender and good, and gave it unto the servant; and he hastened to dress it. And he took curd, and milk, and the calf which he had dressed, and set it before them; and he stood by them under the tree, and they did eat.”

Anyone with any sense can see that Avraham fed the very Messenger of  יהוה , a manifestation of Yeshua before He appeared in FLESH, a meal CHOCK FULL of MEAT AND DAIRY TOGETHER…. Yet, many of our Jewish people jump through hoops to explain this away, to justify the MANMADE LAW ‘thou shalt not eat meat and dairy together.’

This fits into the category of “and a great many other things like these,” when Yeshua chided the Rabbis for teaching THEIR COMMANDS ABOVE the Torah of God.  And people do ‘scriptural gymnastics’ to get around that.  People think the Talmud is valid for the Messianic life, when it was written by the very group that Yeshua called a brood of vipers.  NOT the Jewish PEOPLE, but RABBIS who wrested authority away from G-d Himself!  Just as MOST communities of faith do.  They belong to Adam.  Not Messiah.

Yeshua is our Rabbi, and He ate meat and dairy together with Avraham.  He is our Torah Teacher, and He shows us very clearly that adding our own commands to His Word is sin

“For you have ignored the mitzvah of Elohim, and you observe the tradition of men… So you dishonor the D’var HaElohim [WORD OF GOD] for the sake of the tradition which you have established.”

Another, and the big one for me, is “DO NOT SAY HIS NAME” ; “HIS NAME IS UNKNOWN and UNSPEAKABLE”.

When G-d Himself called His Name,  יהוה  ,  a SPOKEN MEMORIAL, and COMMANDS us to DECLARE IT.  It is SPOKEN about 7,000 times in scripture!  Yet MOST people allow the Rabbis to tell them NOT to speak HIS PRECIOUS, MIGHTY NAME!

Shabbat is NOT a tradition of man; it is a mitzvah [a direct command from G-d]. Sun-day is man’s tradition, elevated above the command.

Eating no dairy with meat is man’s tradition, elevated above the command.

Speaking His Name is commanded, as a SPOKEN MEMORIAL, even among the nations!  Yet its ‘ineffable’ status is man’s tradition that is elevated above His Word.

“and you do a great many other things like these.”

And the propensity to do this comes ‘in a state of innocence!’  Adam and Khava had not yet sinned!  They were pure, and innocent before God!  We may indeed start out on the right foot, and ‘think’ that our ‘heart’ is right, but the heart is DESPERATELY WICKED, and we are told NOT to follow it!  But we do anyway.  “In my heart I know that G-d still loves me if….”  Fill in the blank: “I worship on Sunday anyway; eat pork, eat only meat and dairy because the Rabbis say so.”  Man, the old Adam, the SIN NATURE, listens to MEN and the created earthly commands that ‘enhance’ the Word of G-d and make its reader ‘feel better’. 

“Lu’, Ami, shome’ah li”.  OH that my people would HEAR ME…

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