I Wanna Be a Cow, Boy….

I got a phone call today [four years ago from yesterday, 05/22/19] from a ‘leader’ in a locally known, significantly present ‘church,’ first asking me on behalf of all their leadership if I would come and speak to them about the Jewish perspective on the Brit Khadashah [New Testament], then asking a personal, biblical question: why did Peter and Paul teach differently, why did Peter not preach grace like Paul did. I’m sure the first request will not occur, after the second request resulted in the following:
I explained that they [Kefa and Sha’ul] preached the same thing, citing chapter and verse [Acts 2, 3, 10, 13, 15, Galatians 3, 2 Kefa 3, etc]. Then the conversation turned to Rom 14; so I explain the context of Sha’ul’s message there…then ultimately the guy comes round to Matthew 5:17, “Jesus FULFILLED the ‘law'”, he said vehemently, as if I’ve never read the verse. I quote all THREE verses, putting back in context the verse he used to parrot bad doctrine, citing 17-19, explaining that Yeshua’s ‘fulfilling’ of Torah was NOT a means to do away with Torah, nor to excuse men from keeping it, especially because Yeshua SAID He did NOT come to do away with it in verse 17! And that not even the tiniest pen-stroke in the Torah would go away, AND, HE [Yeshua] said that those who go about teaching men to break it [The Torah] will be LEAST in His kingdom…and that those who teach men to DO THE COMMANDMENTS will be greatest in His Kingdom. [verse 19] That is SO simple and plain, yet so many IGNORE it, or TWIST the scriptures, just like Kefa said they did in his day.  Then, I explained that He began to ‘make the Torah full’, or CONFIRM it, ESTABLISH it, by explaining the Torah in the next 2.5 chapters! “Do we make the Torah void by grace?  NO!  We ESTABLISH Torah.”  I explained that the Torah did not go away, BUT IS STRONGER than previously understood by Jews! At this point, the guy called me a liar and hung up on me….
Several times during the conversation, he would NOT let me speak, but spoke over me;  So, I pushed back a couple of times, and then he accused ME of not letting him speak. The more patient I became, and kind, the more belligerent he became.
It never ceases to amaze me how deaf people are to the WORD of G-d. They read out of it what they WANT to read out of it, and they ignore the words of Messiah Himself! Very PLAIN words.  They do so, it appears, to perpetuate their own doctrine, things which are NOT in the scriptures!
I prayed for the man; first, that he would recognize how rude and inconsiderate he was, given that he called ME, and I was taking time out of my day for HIM. Then he calls me a liar! This is the SAME behavior MARTIN LUTHER exhibited toward the Jews! [Is it any wonder that this guy’s dogma was very Luther-esque?]
Persecution of Jews is coming, and it will not matter to the false “believers” that this Jew LOVES the Messiah of the Renewed Covenant.
The Torah Is His Light. Messiah IS the Torah, the WORD of Elohim. He will not violate it, and He will not have us violate it. Commandments LARGE AND SMALL [in man’s eyes] apply to those who trust Messiah.
Gentiles joined YISRA’EL when they came to faith in the Jewish Messiah. And in studying History, I see that it is the ‘gentile’ ‘church’ that rebuilt the ‘wall of separation’ that Yeshua tore down to LET THEM IN [Ef 2]. It is very interesting to me that I just read our parasha for this week from the Brit Khadasha, Efisim 2:11-19.
If anyone knows me, they KNOW that I will have any conversation that can remain civil, EVEN IF WE DISAGREE. I understand that there are many who do not ‘see’ what we see in scripture…but to go about treating people that way ‘in his name’ is a dangerous game to play… May יהוה have mercy upon us all.
I will CONTINUE to do what MY MASTER, Yeshua the Messiah, the Jew of Natzrat, said to do: to teach people to OBEY the Torah of Elohim.  Those are HIS words of guidance for me.

2 thoughts on “I Wanna Be a Cow, Boy….

  1. My experience has been that atheists are easier to talk to about the stuff the bible says than Christians. They are more respectful to hear you out. They may still disagree, but you can know that the seed you planted didn’t just fall on rocks. I would forecast that with recent trends of nationalism which is conflated with “Christian” values, (or the mysterious and dubious “Judeo-Christian” values) we’re going to see a swing of the pendulum, and being a non-Christian of any stripe is going to be perilous times. If you think that can’t happen, you haven’t read your 10th century history when Charlemagne as the imprimatur for the Vatican “converted” people at sword-point or burned their villages to the ground, taking them as slaves. Since they’re not grounded in the Torah, there’s no telling what they’ll do. I hope I’m wrong, but I get doses of their venom just like you did all the time. They’re very happy in their blind invented cult that one could hardly describe as a “remnant.”

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  2. Rats!
    So I guess that means that we won’t be getting at least an audio recording of your teaching at his church.
    Man! I was gonna plant myself in their congregation and ask my usual goofy questions 🤔


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