You believe Messiah is returning soon.
You do well.
Are you REALLY prepared for that? Probably NOT!
You’re being misled.
They call the Sacred Scriptures “old”.
They call the covenant of Messiah ‘new’.
They say G-d changed the Sabbath, yet there is NOT ONE PLACE IN HIS WORD that instructs us to do so, nor anywhere in the “NT” where they did so themselves.
The first many thousands of Jews had Jewish heads of congregations
They got together to decide what GENTILES should do to remain in fellowship IN THE SYNAGOGUE.
They QUOTED what is now called ‘the old testament.’
11In that day will I raise up the Sukka of David that is fallen, and close up the breaches thereof, and I will raise up his ruins, and I will build it as in the days of old; 12that they may possess the remnant of Edom, and all the Goyim, upon whom My Name is called, says יהוה that does this.”
That is the verse, directly out of the Navi [Prophet] that Ya’akov [James], Yeshua’s own flesh and blood brother, spoke to the JEWISH believers, in determining what Torah Laws gentiles SHOULD keep.
Here is the quote from Ya’akov directly out of the “NT”:
16‘After this I will return, and I will set up again the Sukka of David which has fallen down; and I will repair what has fallen from it, and I will set it up, 17so that so that the a remnant of the sons of Man may seek after יהוה , and also all the Goyim upon whom My Name is called; so said יהוה , who does all these things.’
Not very different at all…
So, a “NT” Jew is quoting an “OT” Jew, to determine what the GENTILES who believe in the Messiah should DO:
abstain from defilement by sacrifices to idols [mary and saints included] [Lev 19 and 20]
abstain from sexual impurity [Lev 18 and 20]
abstain from ‘strangled meat’ or uncooked meat [Lev 17]
do not eat blood [Lev 19-20, 11, Deu 14]
This was THE MINIMUM requirement, to CONTINUE to worship with Jews in the SYNAGOGUE ON THE SABBATH!
Ya’akov goes on to say that the REASON these are the very MINIMUM that Gentiles should keep is this:
BECAUSE Moshe, since early generations, has those who declare him [Moshe is synonymous with Torah, Genesis-Deuteronomy] in the Beit K’nessets [Synagogues] in every city who read him on every Yom Shabbat.”
This occurs in Acts 15. Read Acts 13-14 and SEE that the Gentiles who were coming to faith in Messiah were ALREADY in the SYNAGOGUES!
“Our fathers have inherited lies”.
We are STILL RE-building the fallen Sukka of David. The Sukka of David is where David established the ORDER OF WORSHIP for the Temple, also practiced in the Synagogues.  It took Ezra 20 years to ‘rebuild’ the second temple.  It has taken us 2000 years to rebuild David’s ‘sukka’.  And just like FAKE workers arrived to help Ezra, so also FAKE believers pretend to help those who TRULY love יהוה .
WAKE UP, you who follow Messiah! SEE what the WORD says, and discard what MAN distorts of it! PLEASE.
The false believers infested the congregations EARLY, that’s why the “Letters” of the “NT” and the Hitgalut [Revelation] were written….to CORRECT the faithful!  LIARS TOOK OVER in 325 AD, and perverted the truth…. there IS ‘truth’ in the perversion, but, HIS PEOPLE, upon whom HIS NAME is ACTUALLY ‘called’, are to COME OUT OF HER…. the GREAT harlot who DISTORTS His word by mixing it with paganism……
If you keep ‘sunday’, you are catholic… and you are misled by ‘preachers’ who make money off of you. Ezekiel 34.
Messiah is coming for a SPOTLESS bride, NOT a harlot!

2 thoughts on “Rebuild!

  1. Xtianity is actually a very well-crafted illusion, a form of godliness. They lost the power and force of the Scriptures when they pigeon-holed them as “old” and “for the Jews.” Only 350 assemblies attended Nicea–out of 1,850. The other guys probably guessed something was afoul–and possibly had run-ins with the ones who would go there to then pander to the emperor sitting there and to throw “their brethren” either “Jew or Greek” under the Roman bus. You don’t go from being the down-trodden to an official state religion in a heartbeat like that UNLESS you’re willing to make some “concessions”–which they did. (And Constantine never really acknowledged any true conversion so that argument is right out. He simply knew on which side of the toast to put the butter.)


  2. Always best to have a consensus from Above.

    Acts 15:28 For it seemed good to the Ruach HaKodesh and to us not to lay any heavier burden on you than the following requirements:


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