What’s the DIFF?

Recently, I’ve had several comments and questions concerning the difference between the first covenant and the renewed covenant. I tried to have a civil fb conversation with a xtian about the subject, but it quickly turned to their insulting me and accusing me, condemning me to hell. That’s not unusual, either.

By now, I’ve accepted that wider xtianity is not going to converse with us beyond the very very milk of The Word. Not with civility… The accusation is that we are either ‘unorthodox’ or ‘heretical.’ The truth is, catholic/constantinian xtianity and its daughters are unorthodox and heretical against scripture! And we do NOT condemn the people who are within her boundaries, who actually DO trust in Yeshua, the SON of G-d; but we do call out to them, as did Messiah, saying “Come out of HER, MY people.” Believers have long trusted the leaders who spin lofty arguments to create new doctrine, the same as they rightly accuse the Jewish Sages of doing. The beautiful thing is that Abba is merciful to us within our error. But right now, He is definitely calling out for us to “Hear,” and “Do,” and have nothing to do with mixture religion, to come out from under the doctrines of corrupt man. That was his message to Yisra’el’s religious people, and that is His message to us today. He reiterated it in the letters to the seven Aramaean congregations in the Hitgalut. [ He addressed “Nicolaitans,” or ‘controllers of the people,’ or ‘Clergy v. Laity’; Jezebel, or false prophecy and mixing the faith of G-d with Ba’al, committing spiritual harlotry against Him; the Synagogue of Satan, which is people claiming Jewishness based on personal torah-keeping and/or DNA/Identity religion; and more ]

In the drash from this previous Shabbat, I address the difference between the offerings offered in the original covenant, and that of Yeshua offering Himself for us. What is the difference between the forgiveness that the Jewish people DID receive when they made an offering of a lamb, a goat, or a bull, and the forgiveness that we as believers receive by trusting in the offering of Messiah in His blood? Most people truly do NOT understand this. There is indeed a difference.

The covenant was not obliterated, but ‘renewed.’ It was indeed for the Jewish people FIRST, and then also for the Goyim [all the other nations], because, after having been offered to ALL of Yisra’el through the Shlikhim [apostles]. Yeshua instituted the renewed covenant BEFORE He shed His blood! He kept His part of the agreement by shedding it, and they kept their part of the agreement by TRUSTING in Him for “Salvation” through the blood He shed. Those first believers, ALL JEWS, trusted in Yeshua and kept the Torah HIS WAY through HIS POWER. They rejected the doctrines of MEN [Rabbinic/Talmudic doctrine that went beyond Torah, AND later doctrines brought into the Messianic community by greeks!]. They taught the TORAH [WORD/SCRIPTURE] to GENTILE believers. They gave them the rites of Yisra’el through which to worship Elohim and His Son, Yeshua. They kept the Sabbath and the yearly feasts of G-d. CHECK THE WORD! Forgiveness did NOT mean “go and sin all you want,” but, “GO AND SIN NO MORE.” Sin IS the breaking of Torah. [1Jo 3:4] Breaking the Sabbath is STILL sin. That is NOT condemnation; that is declaration.

Understanding the difference between the forgiveness our Jewish people received and that which we all receive through Yeshua is life changing. At least one person who heard the drash [linked below] experienced it this Shabbat, Hallelu Yah. I hope more did, who just have not communicated it to me. THIS is why I strive each week to ‘hear’ G-d and ‘do’ what HE says. My words herein are not perfect, I misspoke a couple of times, maybe more; but Abba DID communicate through these words what HE was trying to say. “Let he who has ears to hear, let him hear what the Ru’akh is saying to the Congregation.”

The drash starts at 1:11:30; we sing a lot of original music starting at about 13:30.

Be blessed! B’shem Yeshua.

2 thoughts on “What’s the DIFF?

  1. Definitely has been my experience, as well. NOTHING, but nothing riles up a xtian more to venom and insults than telling them “Hey, you want 52 days off a year? Fun feast times! Food that won’t KILL you with toxic wastes?” I totally do not get it.
    I have decided that they are in a cult. (teeheehee)(but seriously, they are)
    And I confess to commenting before watching the video but I have it tabbed for later.


    1. those who ‘see’ but do not ‘change,’ yeah, that’s a cult… those who do not see… I pray our Messiah opens their eyes…He really does have some of His people in ‘her,’ …just hope they respond to Him and come out…
      of her….

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