Paul was a liar!

If we listen to modern translations and interpretations of his letters, then this Jewish teacher, a former Rabbi of the highest order, lied to the world.

He told us that the carnal, or natural mind is ENMITY [hatred, opposition] against G-d. [Rom 8:6]  And immediately after he writes, “for it [the carnal mind] is not subject to the TORAH of God”.

What theologians do is tell us that ‘this’ “law” of G-d is NOT the ‘torah,’ when anyone cites this verse.  They say THIS ‘law’ is the spiritual law of G-d, not the Torah given to Moshe…

But, when we cite the previous verses, a mere three verses before this one, and ask, was Sha’ul [Paul] also writing about a ‘spiritual law’ in verse 3, when he writes, ‘the Torah [nomos in greek, law in English] was weak because of the flesh’?  they say no.  If not, which is what EVERY Bible teacher teaches, then when did the gears shift off of THAT ‘law’ and onto this esoteric, unwritten law in verse 6, that is also good?  One HAS to assume that the ‘law’ of verse 6 is good, because the FLESH, natural man, opposes that law… but the Twister crowd wants us to believe that this is another ‘law’ entirely, apart from the Torah of Moshe.  They stubbornly will not cede that it might be speaking indeed about the SAME law that the author was describing in verse 3.  Clearly, this Jewish, former Rabbi was writing about the Torah.  In. Both. Verses.

Can you say ‘gymnastics’?  This is indeed the TWISTING of Sha’ul’s letters that Kefa [Peter] warns us about.

Those who cannot accept the goodness of the Torah are in opposition to GOD.  GOD wrote the commandments, ALL of them.  And some of them He wrote with His own finger into earthly stone.  Right in front of Moshe.  One of those is “Remember the Sabbath,” the SEVENTH Day on which God rested Himself.  Not to accept that command is a matter of living in the FLESH…. OPPOSING the Torah of God.  The Ru’akh, the power and inspiration of the Torah, and indeed the WHOLE Word of God, wrote the fourth commandment.  And, His Word is immutable, for eternity!   In just the previous chapter, Sha’ul had said, “The Torah IS RU’AKH”, [of the spirit].  [7:14]

It is the CARNAL MIND that cannot accept the Sabbath, and the rest of His instructions for mankind.  Flesh resists TRUTH.


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