Mitzvah Good, Enmity Bad…

“For He is our shalom, who has made both [Jews and Gentiles] one, and has broken down the M’khitzah between them; and He has abolished by His Body the enmity, and the teaching of regulations in its commandments, that He may create, from the two, one new man in His image, thus making shalom; and He reconciled both [Jews and Gentiles] in one body with Elohim, and with His stake He destroyed the enmity; and He came and declared shalom to you who are far away, and to those who are near. Through Him we both are able to draw near, by one Ru’akh, to HaAv. Thus from henceforth you are neither strangers nor foreigners, but fellow-citizens with the k’doshim, and children of the household of Elohim; and you are built upon the foundation of the Shlikhim and the Nevi’im, Yeshua HaMashi’akh Himself being the cornerstone of the building: and through Him the whole building is fashioned and grows into a Heikhal Kadosh, through the help of יהוה , you also are built up by Him for a Mishkan [dwelling place] of Elohim through HaRu’akh.”

Most people, when they read these verses in English, do not realize that Sha’ul is putting the reader right smack in the Synagogue!

Above is the final rendering of this passage in our upcoming offering of “HaDavar,” minus the parenthetical statements that are inserted here only, only for clarity.  I remind everyone of Kefa’s statements about the difficulty people had even in his day of understanding the writings of Sha’ul, and also the bent of bad teachers to twist the Scriptures AND Sha’ul’s words, to their own destruction.  Mind you, Kefa was writing about people who called themselves believers, saying that they were teachers who were OUTSIDE of the Torah! [2 Pet 3:17]  And they were destroying themselves.  I’m certain that those who followed them were unaware of their evil twist on The Word, but perhaps Kefa’s admonition awakened them.  Perhaps not.

So, back to the Synagogue.  The word that puts us in the Synagogue is “M’khitzah.”  In each Synagogue, there was a M’khitzah, a wall, that kept out anyone who was not circumcised and part of the Men of Yisra’el.  They could hear the readings, and sing the prayers, but they could not come in and participate in or lead the services.

In our passage in Efisim 2:14-22, it is abundantly clear that Yeshua DESTROYED the M’khitzah!  Did He go into every Jewish synagogue and tear down the M’khitzah of division?  No.  What, then, did He tear down?  The M’khitzah in this passage is NAMED:  THE ENMITY between Jews and Gentiles.  That enmity is what caused the Jews to put up a M’khitzah in the synagogue.  Yeshua ABOLISHED that, making all people able to come close to THE TORAH, the main instrument of Jewish worship and learning.

Verses 15 and 16 are key verses here, and actually read the same in Aramaic and Greek, but in English renderings, there are cheats.  They are twisted.  These cheats remind me of Kefa’s verses of admonition about teachers twisting scripture.

Ours, which is translated directly from Amaramaic, reads:

and He has abolished by His Body the enmity, and the teaching of regulations in its commandments, that He may create, from the two, one new man in His image, thus making shalom; and He reconciled both [Jews and Gentiles] in one body with Elohim, and with His stake He destroyed the enmity….”

The King James, and many other English translations, read this way:

“Having abolished in his flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances; for to make in himself of twain one new man, so making peace. And that he might reconcile both unto God in one body by the cross, having slain the enmity thereby:”

I have not molested those KJV verses in any way.  They are pasted herein exactly as they stand in the KJV.

The first ‘twist’ to point out is the word “even”.  A good version of the KJV will have that word in italics, as I found it in my KJV version.  Italicized words in a good KJV bible means the word is NOT in the greek source texts.  It is inserted.  In this case, it is inserted to bend the meaning of the text, to point the reader AWAY from the ENMITY, which is clearly what is abolished, to the Torah, which is what the twisters [translators] want the reader to believe is abolished.  This is a trick of HaSatan, who is the original liar and bender of the Word of G-d.  In the English, it is difficult to see that in BOTH Aramaic and Greek the word ‘law’, “torah” in Hebrew and “nomos” in greek, is modified with a declension: a suffix that makes the word actually ‘torah of’ [rendered ‘teaching of’ in HaDavar] and ‘nomos of’ rendered ‘law of’ in the KJV.  Having the word ‘even’ in there, however, puts the English reader’s focus on ‘law’.  To further muddy the water, the word ‘contained’ is also inserted, in an effort to further focus on ‘law’ and not enmity.  And the reader then thinks that the ‘law’ is abolished, in spite of the fact that the only thing abolished in these verses is ENMITY between Jews and Gentiles!  Even in the KJV and greek texts!

Further, the twisters have actually CHANGED another word altogether in their renderings: from ‘stake’ to ‘cross.’  While that is another subject altogether, I mention it here to show that the phenomenon about which Kefa wrote has carried into our day ad nauseum.  The word there is ‘stauros’ in greek, NOT ‘tau.’  Tau is the greek word for ‘cross’.  That word is not in ANY book of the ‘New Testament.’  NOWHERE.  Welcome to victimhood.

But, what is true, is that Yeshua’s BODY hung on the stake that was fastened to the tree.  And in HIS BODY, which hung on the stake, the ENMITY between Jews and Gentiles was abolished.  Because He suffered for ALL. And because He abolished that enmity, He is creating ONE NEW MAN, reconciling JEWS AND GENTILES to G-d, TOGETHER, and building a consecrated Sanctuary of flesh and blood Jews and Gentiles in which is Ru’akh HaKodesh can dwell.

So, what is “the teaching of regulations in its commandments,” or, “the law of commandments in ordinances.”

The word ‘Torah’ does indeed mean ‘teaching,’ and therefore ‘toraht’ is ‘teaching of.’  The question is, does this verse actually speak about the Torah of Elohim?  The first five books of the Bible, and the ‘law’ most people think is Jewish?  I submit to you that it does not.  The biggest reason is that the Torah of G-d in NO WAY creates enmity between Jew and Gentile.  It is rife with instructions to the Jews to be kind to the nations.  It instructs Yisra’el to warn even its enemies of pending attacks, giving them a chance to make peace.  It tells Yisra’el to have one Torah for Jews and strangers in their midst, and NOT to treat them differently.  And, at the end of each sacred year, Yisra’el was to offer seventy bulls as a sacrifice for all the Gentiles.  The Torah is in NO WAY divisive between Jews and Gentiles.

So, what instruction is divisive such that it created enmity between Jew and Gentile?  It is the ‘teachings of the Rabbis,’ that taught Jews NOT even to eat with Gentiles, not to associate with them, not to allow them to worship in the Synagogue unless they became Jews!  These are the same ‘regulations’ about which Yeshua chided the Rabbis in Yokhanan Markos 7 [Mark 7], saying, “The Navi Yesha-Yahu well prophesied about you, O hypocrites, as it is written, ‘This people [Jews] honor me with their lips, but their heart is far away from me.  And they worship me in vain when they teach as doctrines the commandments of men.’ For you have ignored the mitzvah of Elohim, and you observe the tradition of men…. “You certainly do injustice to the mitzvah of Elohim so as to sustain your own tradition….. So you dishonor the D’var HaElohim [Word of G-d] for the sake of the tradition which you have established…”

Mind you, many Jewish traditions are wonderful, and biblical, and support the Torah, and they have their purpose in the lives of all who trust in G-d through Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah.  But traditions of men and commandments that Elohim did not give, that contravene the Torah, those are the source of ENMITY between true believers in Elohim and people who would create a class system in His Kingdom.  [There is never a class system in His Kingdom, but people are creating their own kingdoms, thinking that they are building His.]

Yeshua took OUR SIN into His Body when He died, and because of this the enmity between Jews and Gentiles is DESTROYED.  This is why any HINT of anti-Semitism in the Body of Messiah is so egregious.  Enmity is a two-way street, and Yeshua UNIFIED us by His death.  The enmity was indeed started by Yisra’el and their disobedience to Torah, but it is perpetuated by Gentiles who disobey.  One who is truly IN MESSIAH has NO ENMITY in His heart, regardless of his DNA.  “With His stake He destroyed the enmity.

Further, in our passage, at the conclusion of the chapter, Sha’ul clearly shows that the House that Yeshua is building, the spiritual ‘Body’ of believers, is established on the cornerstone of Yeshua Himself.  Atop that is the Torah [referred to in this passage as the Nevi’im, the “Prophets”; most people forget Moshe was a Prophet, so His books, Genesis-Deuteronomy, i.e. the Torah, are included in the FOUNDATION OF THE HOUSE-BODY]. And atop that is the Shlikhim, the writers of the Brit Khadashah [Apostles/NT].  Dear reader, please understand, the Torah is FOUNDATIONAL to your faith!  To the BODY OF MESSIAH.  Without it, we cannot know what sin is.  And this is precisely why this so-called ‘Christian nation’ in which we live is BEREFT of righteousness, and people cannot live a successful, righteous life.  They have turned from the Ru’akh, which teaches us His Torah and gives us power to keep the weightier matters of it.

May the reader be blessed and understand the unity of the House of G-d, and the beauty of doing what G-d says to do in its simplicity.






One thought on “Mitzvah Good, Enmity Bad…

  1. This is incredible, and it shines a Beacon of Light exactly where so many believers stumble.
    The writer of Psalm 119 was in love with every facet of God’s Word, and in turn had a undying love for Elohim Himself. The two affections can’t honestly be separated.


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