Shalom, Readers!

It’s been a while!

If you’re keeping up with my posts, you should know that we recently moved.  It was a brutal process!  We had so much stuff.  But we are purging, and we are going to be quite content where we are in our new home.

Lots is happening on other fronts as well.  The “Messianic Peshitta Megilah for Purim” is about to go to press!  I am hoping it can be ready for all who want to celebrate Purim and/or study the Book of Esther from a Messianic and prophetic perspective before and during Purim this year.   For those of us who follow the Biblical model, the way G-d said to set the feasts, Purim will be tricky this year, unless the barley is late.  We will know in the first week of March whether or not Pesakh will delay until April, and if so, we will keep Purim in March.  I am hoping our Shpiel is again the best one yet.

HaDavar, D’var  יהוה  will be next to go to the publisher!  It has been thoroughly edited, and my hope is that the oopsies are minimal if not nonexistent.  It is always like the Bedikat Khametz when you edit a document of that size.  It seems that no matter how thorough you are, you find a little leaven after you’ve finished the hunt.  But, I hope that our Blessed Father and yourselves see the amount of effort we have put into it.  If we are able to send it off to the publisher early next week, then we should see it in print within a couple of months!  Hopefully before Pesakh!

I was reading in Kefa Alef this morning, and I am so encouraged that we are indeed seeing ‘last things’ play out on the world stage.  People who lack faith really do think we are strange and they do heap abuse on us for not agreeing to their sinful acts.  Being distinct from the world is very much like threading the needle.  I only hope that until Messiah comes and gets us that we can make a difference for someone, turn hearts to Him, soften hearts that have been offended, and create unity in the Body of Messiah on some level.  That is truly our prayer.

I hope that all readers can look up today, and see the face of Messiah smiling on those who love Him.  And know that Avinu [Our Father] is indeed watching over His Word, to finish the work in our lives.  His eternal B’sorah is well worth all the effort we put forth, even though in these last days it seems that so few really want to walk in His ways.


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