The Bride of Messiah

I hope everyone reads this, those who know Messiah and see this post.
I am a ‘Messianic Jew,’ yes. Many Christians do not understand what that means, and most actually misunderstand what that means. Many of my former Christian friends have written me off as if I’ve ‘turned away’ or ‘fallen from grace,’ because they THINK I put my trust in MY works for salvation.
Come on; if you know me, you know I am intelligent enough to read scripture and know that this cannot be. Give me the benefit of the doubt, and endeavor to understand me! But many have done just the opposite, without trying to ‘see’ what I see in scripture. That is the very definition of closed-mindedness, self-indulgence, and sad to say, ignorance.
I have to be brief, but I will try to be thorough. Our portion of reading for the week is Hitgalut [Revelation] 19:1-16. I will cite a more recent translation for Messianic Jews from the Aramaic scripture, but the integrity of the text is maintained in translations from Greek. I will focus on one verse for the moment, and then share the thoughts I’m having on this scripture since the new week began on Saturday night after sundown.
“His judgments are true and righteous; for He has condemned the great harlot who has corrupted the earth with her harlotry, and has avenged the blood of his servants at her hand.” And a second time, they said, “Hallelu Yah! And her smoke rose up for ever and ever.” And the twenty-four elders and the four creatures fell down and worshipped Elohim who sat on the throne, saying, “Amein, Hallelu Yah!” And a voice came out from the throne, saying, “Praise our Elohim, all you His servants and you who worship Him, both small and great.” And I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude, like the voice of many waters and like the sound of mighty thunderings, saying, “Hallelu Yah! For יהוה Elohim, El Shaddai, reigns. Let us be glad and rejoice and give glory to Him, for the time of the marriage feast of the Lamb has come, and His bride has made herself ready.” And it was given to her that she should be arrayed in fine pure linen, clean and white; for fine linen is the tzedaka of the K’doshim.”
The verse I will focus on for now will be the last one:
‘And it was given to her [The Bride of Messiah] that she should be arrayed in fine, pure linen, clean and white; for the fine linen is the Tzedaka of the K’doshim.”
This should remind any believer, one who’s ever read the Word, of the passages that Messiah is coming back for a ‘spotless’ bride, one without any ‘blemish.’ Many like to take this literally, which I also do, but not see the imagery that is replete through all scripture, former and latter rain, original and renewed covenant scriptures.
Many ignore the significance of ‘Tzedaka of the K’doshim,’ the righteous DEEDS of the set-apart ones.
Yeshua prayed to His Father that we who trusted in Him would be ‘set apart,’ by His Truth. “Your WORD is TRUTH.” [John 17]
A ‘spot’ is a sin; a sin is an infraction against the Torah. The Torah tells us what ‘righteous deeds’ are, and also what ‘works of iniquity’ are. Yes, the blood of Messiah washes us clean; but, we must often have our feet washed by Him again! By recognizing the need for it, and submitting to HIM. Not to man; not to doctrine, but to Messiah Himself. This is what Yeshua was teaching Kefa [Peter] on the night of the Pesakh [Passover]. He was already clean, only Y’hudah was not; but, He still had to be washed by Yeshua, as did every other Talmid! So do we.
How do we do that? By reading His word, understanding what sin is [breaking the instructions of G-d] , turning from sin, and being cleansed of them; REMAINING clean.
He is NOT coming for a Bride that is riddled with sin, thinking that grace is a one-time ticket punch to get into the Bridal chamber. No. This is a betrothal, and only those who make themselves ready go into that bridal chamber, which is detailed in the prophets, unbeknownst to most!
It is the Brit Khadasha [Renewed covenant scriptures] that tells us that sin is the breaking of His Torah [Body of instructions, ‘law’]. Rom 7:7, I John 3:4. And, I know that most of you who follow Him DO ask Him to forgive you of your sins, probably each time you pray, or atleast once a day. Yeshua instructed His Jewish Talmidim [‘Torah Students,’ disciples] to do so ‘when you stand praying;’ Jews ‘stand’ for prayer every day at noon, and in the Beit K’nesset [Synagogue] on Shabbat, and ask Abba to forgive them of their sins. He was affirming Jewish custom with this prayer we all know by heart! So, we know we are supposed to ask for forgiveness of sin. But, we are also to strive NOT to sin!
“Do not lead us into hard testing [temptation], but deliver us from the evil [of sin, HaSatan, the adversary who causes us to break Torah].
How does Abba ‘deliver’ us? By ‘leading us’ into righteousness!
The only difference between Messianic Jews [and those Gentiles who have joined Him in trust] and traditional Christians is that we see the WHOLE body of instruction as defining what sin is.
Simply put, we believe there are still TEN commandments! And not just nine.
“Zakhor et Yom HaShabbat, l’kodsho.” Remember the SABBATH DAY, to set it apart.
We Messianic Jews believe ABSOLUTELY that Messiah atoned for all our sin, and that it is by trust in that fact and in His Resurrection that we are saved. But, we also believe He expects us NOT to continue in sin. And, we happen to believe that breaking HIS Sabbath is STILL a sin, as is breaking all His Sabbaths. That is the big difference between us and ‘traditional Christianity.’
The Sabbath Command was written in STONE. It is eternal! It is the “Sign” of who His people are! It is the ‘sign’ of His Bride!
It, therefore, is a big part of our remaining ‘spotless.’ This SEVENTH day was SO important, that Abba sent Manna for 40 years, doubling their portion of it on the sixth day, so that they would know which day was HIS SEVENTH day. Jews have been the keepers of it ever since, INCLUDING Yeshua, Kefa [Peter], all the Shlikhim [Apostles], and Sha’ul [Paul]. They NEVER stopped keeping the Sabbath. If you read your Bible carefully and ask HIM, He will show you this is true! It is HIS Sabbath. He gave it to MANKIND, and He affirmed it in the Jewish People. It is a SIGN of obedience to HIM. It was never overturned in Scripture.
This brings us to the harlot in the first part of our portion for this week.
A harlot is someone who cheats on her husband. See Hoshea, whose wife was adulterous, a harlot.
Our betrothed, our husband, is Elohim, who has manifested to us in Messiah Yeshua. He has promised that we would be HIS BRIDE, IF we are unblemished.
Messiah Yeshua IS Jewish. Not ‘was,’ but IS. It is in Hitgalut [Rev] 5 that He is called the root of Yishai [Jesse] and the offspring of David [David was king of Judah, Y’hudah, where we get our word for “Jew.”] He was assigned the moniker “Yeshua HaNatzri [Natzri is also ‘root’] uMelekh ha Y’hudim”, Yeshua the Nazarene and King of the Jews, on the sign above Him as He hung on the tree. HE KEPT THE SABBATH.  Why do His followers NOT follow HIM?
He is the WORD of יהוה, He is the Torah in flesh. The Torah and the WORD of יהוה are the SAME THING.
“And it shall come to pass in the Akharit HaYamim [LAST DAYS], that the mountain of the house of יהוה shall be established as the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it. And many peoples shall go and say: ‘Come, and let us go up to the mountain of יהוה, to the house of the Elohim of Ya’akov; and He will teach us of HIS WAYS, and we will walk in HIS PATHS.’ For out of Tzion shall go forth the TORAH, and the Word of יהוה from Yirushalayim.”
Believer in Messiah, please ‘SEE’ that this is HIS INSTRUCTION [Torah], this is YESHUA, the Word/TORAH in a body! And we will all, who are His Bride, go up to HEAR the TORAH! When Messiah Yeshua Himself teaches it in Yirushalayim….[Is 2]
Do you honestly think He would ‘do away with it’ for 2000 years, and then teach it again when He reigns, as if you were NOT supposed to know it before? ALL scripture beyond the first five books are rooted in the first five books, the ‘Torah.’ It was called ‘The Word’ FIRST, before any other book was written. [Num 15:31, Deu 5:5, Is 1:10, Micah 4:2]
The “Akharit HaYamim” are already here! We are already in the LAST DAYS, and have been for 2000 years; and His Torah has gone out into all the earth…by HIS RUAKH. But, ONLY A FEW have found it!
Why? Because the HARLOT has taken it, perverted it, mixed it with all manner of pagan rites, and made SOME of the people of יהוה drunk on the wine of her adultery, and murdered those who would not conform.
True ‘protestants’ have been killed by the harlot for 2000 years. The harlot is ANY religion that denies OR perverts the Word of יהוה, telling people that His ‘Torah’ [Yeshua] is allegory, symbolic, faded, done away with, changed, etc. When יהוה says of His Torah [Law] that it is ETERNAL, EVERLATISTING, ESTABLISHED, and Yeshua said Himself that He did NOT come to do away with it. And, He, Yeshua, said that anyone who teaches someone to break the commandments would be called LEAST in the Kingdom of Heaven. [Matt 5:18-19]
Harlotry is ‘mixing,’ it is ‘cheating’ on G-d. It is combining His intimacy with the intimacy of other gods. History is OVERFLOWING with PROOF that most of what Constantine’s version of Christianity practices is pagan in origin. Understand this, please: Constantine was a pagan until just before he died! HE changed the Sabbath to ‘sun-day,’ NOT Yeshua, and NOT the Shlikhim [Apostles], and NOT the ‘early church.’ If you read the ENTIRE Brit Khadasha [‘NT,’ Renewed Covenant scriptures], you will find NOT ONE PLACE where they assembled for worship on ‘sun-day.’ NOT ONE!
Constantine was an ‘anti-Messiah,’ which Yokhanan tells us was already in the world in the 1st century. Dani’el tells us that the anti-Messiah would ‘change the seasons and the torah.’ Constantine did precisely that. He was a pagan. He moved the Sabbath to ‘sun-day,’ calling it the glorious day of ‘Sol,’ his pagan deity. He moved Pesakh to ‘Ishtar,’ his pagan god of fertility, [Easter] which was also worshiped on dec 25. He forbad the worship of believers on the Jewish Sabbath or on the Jewish Pesakh, because he wanted, in HIS OWN WORDS, ‘nothing to do with that disgusting people, the Jews.’ He CHANGED the ‘seasons,’ the FEASTS, AND the Torah. Shortly after moving the High Days of Messiah and making Sabbath-keeping against the law, saying ‘let us NO LONGER worship on the Sabbath, but let us NOW worship on that glorious day of Sol,’ he then made it official that ‘Torah’ was allegory, and ‘old testament’ replaced by the new. Theologians have been teaching it that way ever since. Messiah did NOT, and neither did the apostles.
If someone is a ‘protestant’ who has returned to sun-day, worship, he is NOT a protestant against Constantine, but he is following him, and NOT his JEWISH MESSIAH. He remains catholic. If one keeps ‘easter’ instead of Pesakh [Passover], one is NOT following Messiah Yeshua, who instructed His own Talmidim to keep Pesakh, and said, ‘as often as you do this, remember me.’
Catholicism and all its various protestant ‘daughters’ are HARLOTRY.
“Come OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE,” says Yeshua!
Yes, we ARE forgiven when we are participating in these things without having known the error of it. Yes, grace is SO BIG that He can overlook offenses unknown to ourselves! He TEACHES HIS TRUTH ONLY, by His Word, through His Ruakh. There comes a point when we are responsible, and not our ‘teachers,’ especially when He has given us access to His Word and shown us plainly what HIS will is.
Being least in His Kingdom means not being His Bride. His Bride is His intimate one. She has studied the marriage contract [the Torah] and made herself ready for the Bridegroom accordingly. She has washed herself, and kept herself pure, unadulterated, and devoted to the Groom. She follows HIM, she does not deign to lead Him, or to cheat on Him. She is preparing herself to enter the ‘kheder’ of the Bridegroom, her Khuppah, which she will leave when she returns with Him. [Isa 26:20, Joel 2:16]
Just consider whether or not you have been taught correctly; and see if there is a ‘sun-day’ in the scriptures where the early congregation met for assembly. Look at the plain text, out from under the blinders of what you already ‘think,’ and you’ll see they ALL kept the Sabbath, Jews and Gentiles alike.
I write this with love for all the brotherhood of Messiah, because He will come for an unblemished Bride. Breaking the Sabbath is a huge blemish, when one is aware of His Truth.


3 thoughts on “The Bride of Messiah

  1. Shalom Aleichem. I share your exasperation with the constant bell tolling about “You can’t keep the commandments” or “You’re not under grace anymore” or “You think you can do works instead of rely on grace” or “But Paul….” Give.Me.A.Break. And last time i checked Revelation 22:12  “And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be” our works play an important part (see also Rev 14:12).

    “Ten” in Hebrew is a word like our expression “the whole nine yards.” The commandments begin in Exodus 20, but stretch, as a covenant, to 24:11. We have the feast days outlined in there, as well as other governmental and interpersonal instructions.

    And you might be interested to note that only 25% of the existing churches sent folks to Nicea–who basically then went on Constantine’s payroll, status seekers looking to get positions in the new “state” religion they were going to set up. He got, in return, a “unified kingdom where his foot troops who were on the ground and becoming believers, could now not have to defect. The rest of the assemblies received an edict from Constantine expunging their meeting on Sabbath, with the rubber stamp of all those good “church fathers” (a term I simply cannot understand when applied to anyone outside of the apostles).


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