Chief Soldier

“Therefore, endure hardships as a good soldier of Yeshua HaMashi’akh. No man can be a soldier and also entangle himself with the things of this life, if he would please him who has chosen him to be a soldier. And if a man also strives to win a contest, he is not crowned except he competes according to the rules.”

I have been praying for a few days now of what next to write.  Usually, I am compelled by something, some thing I read or heard, some experience I had with a person, some thought that plagued my mind, good or bad.  This week has been very different.  This week, my wife and I are making a monumental, life-changing decision, and the ‘war’ has been to make certain Abba is guiding us.  We came to shalom early in the week, and now we just have to walk through it in TRUST.

But, other things have been in my prayers, and in my dreams.  And I sometimes beg Abba to assure me He is with me, and guiding me.  And each time, I am compelled simply to ‘trust,’ and then reminded of a scripture to that effect.  Sometimes that’s tough, but, THAT is the ‘confidence’ of a true SOLDIER.  After having read the verses cited above, I again thought of this verse: “Adonai gives the word; those who declare the good news are a great army.”  [Tehillah 68:12]  I have come to love that verse.

In the verses above, from Timote’us Bet 2:3-7, the word for soldier is “Khayal,” which in that context is literally ‘valiant one.’  It is from this word the Eishet Khayil comes, from Mishlim 31:10, the ‘valiant woman’, or ‘virtuous wife’.  In order for one to be a valiant one, a soldier for Yeshua, he must realize he is CHOSEN, and did NOT choose G-d.  He must not entangle himself in the ‘things of this life,’ but strive to please the ONE who chose him.  He must play by the rules….

I firmly trust that the rules are the mitzvot of the Torah, RIGHTLY elucidated by Yeshua’s life and words, NOT by MEN who pervert them.  But, there are many who SAY they ‘trust’, but they do not ‘do’.  But, the worst person is one who SAYS he is following G-d, Yeshua, and/or His Torah, and yet HAS NO COMPASSION, and chooses to sit in judgment over his brother.

We’ve had those high-minded individuals to leave our congregation, and then run us down publicly, saying we hate Jews, simply because we choose Yeshua’s instruction over the Rabbis’.  They cannot ‘see’ the GOOD that our congregation does.  They are blinded by their religious pride.  And they bring a bad name to us by speaking negatively about us, by name.  They would think I am herein doing the same, but do you see me ‘naming’ anyone, trying to bring a bad reputation to their person or congregation?  No.  I’m simply pointing out what we go through, what has been done to us, by people who benefitted from us.  [Tehillah 41:10, 55:14-15, 109:3-5]

It is a tough road to walk, to expose the liars and charlatans in the ‘believing’ community, the lies of the Rabbis who REJECT YESHUA, the lies of ‘two-house’ teachers who divide the body according to DNA, and the false prophets out there, without also appearing to be committing ‘lashon harah’, the ‘evil tongue.’  But, I take comfort in Sha’ul and Kefa, who at times NAMED liars by name!  And in Yeshua, who called the Rabbis ‘vipers’, whitewashed tombs full of dead men’s bones’, TO THEIR FACES.

The simple truth is we live in the LAST of the LAST days, and liars and false prophets run amuck.  The Messianic community is SWAMPED with identity religionists of all persuasions: Jew-only Rabbinic Messianics, Two House Jews and Gentiles, Brit Am, Black Israelite, Hebrew Roots, Christians, all of whom DIVIDE the body.  We, tiny little Bat-Tzion, are attempting to thread the needle.  We TRUST that we can indeed put the rope through the eye of the needle, by shredding it down to its smallest parts, binding them together IN LINE behind Messiah Yeshua alone, by discarding SELF identity, and BEING Ekhad in Messiah Yeshua ALONE.  Those who ‘think’ themselves spiritually ‘rich’ refuse to do so.  They prefer their identity religion.  They prefer the twisted teachings of men.

Several times this week, I have been asked to ‘clear the air’ on one teacher or another, or one doctrine or another, in private.  This is exactly why we, our congregation, are attempting to create the liturgy needed for TRUE Messianic Congregations, those who identify in and follow the ONLY Rabbi, Yeshua HaMashi’akh, the Son of G-d.  And to create a fellowship of Messianic Peshitta congregations, and a ‘yeshiva’, to teach others the Peshat [simple] way to study scripture.  G-d really DOES make His Word very plain.  MEN complicate it.  They TWIST it for their selfish reasons. [Kefa Bet 3:14-17, Filipim 1:15-18].  Abba does indeed work in the midst of that, and save many.  But, HE is also calling HIS ARMY OUT of Bavel, OUT of ‘confusion,’ and to TRUTH.  And His Truth is unimpeachable.  It stands, regardless of what men do.

To get that accomplished, there have been many challenges.  And so few people respond to our PLAIN message, because we do NOT tickle their itching ears, but, at times, as one reader put it, send a ‘freight train’ barreling down on them.  The blast of the Shofar is indeed OFFENSIVE to someone who is ASLEEP.  Or, who is ignoring the warning of being led astray in the battle.

How do you, reader, think that Yeshua said the words he said in Luka 4, where he told His hometown, Jewish brothers and sisters, and the friends He grew up with, that they, religious Israel, were rejecting Him?  Did He yell?  Did He speak like a pretentious auntie to a baby, or did He simply plainly speak?  That is all we have ever done.  Yet so few respond, except to run us down publicly, as if they have nothing better to do.  As if we are their enemy, and did some grave offense to them personally.  Even though I personally have NEVER named anyone I know personally in any public forum, nor even hinted anything about them in my conversations, publicly or privately.  They simply are not that important to me.

It truly has grieved me this week, the way people treat each other publicly.  The way religious people run other religious people down, by name, in an effort to draw people away from someone, for a personal victory of vanity.  The way politicians mock each other and insult each other.  The way personal friends hold grudges and ‘hint’ at them on fb, hoping to raise their ire, and all the ways people are just stinking selfish.  Yeshua made the following statement to the Rabbis, who represent all that is wrong with religion, who, today, along with most religious leaders of all ilks, represent the Great Harlot of Bavel, who lead His people into confusion: “Go and learn what this means, ‘I desire compassion and not sacrifice;’ for I came not to invite righteous men, but sinners.”  The problem with most religious people, is that they think they are no longer sinners.  I think I’d prefer to compete with Sha’ul and echo his saying: “It is a trustworthy saying and worthy of all acceptation, that Yeshua HaMashi’akh came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief.”


2 thoughts on “Chief Soldier

  1. I was waiting for your posts Mr.Daniel but this one is totally a deep post that people HAVE to think about it.Below is one of my favorite part in this post.This week I was trying to explain how the people does not believe in Abba unless they see miracles,but the reality here is “WE ARE THE MIRACLE”How people can’t count their blessings if they don’t see something,if they are NOT FIRM in His words can’t be confuse by the man ,by the enemy ,by any spirit.We always can be SOLDIERS in war every day,ready to fight,to defend,to trust that our enemy will be away, but we need to keep our weapon in positions,our shields for protection,the difference is the “EMUNAH LEVEL” trust in our Abba not matter the situation, His time coming and always is in the right time,and His judgment will be there,for those that been trying to deceive the weak men.

    “Sometimes that’s tough, but, THAT is the ‘confidence’ of a true SOLDIER.” 


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