Early Rain

Each week, I do a ‘drash’ at our Synagogue, where I ‘seek out’ and teach from the weekly Torah portion that Jews and Messianic believers the world over are reading during the week [hopefully!].  Many have asked me in times past, early on in the week, what specific scriptures will be read from the Bimah, and what will the subject of the ‘drash’ be…. and usually, I have to say, “I don’t know,” because I usually don’t, until that Shabbat morning when I rise early with Messiah and make my notes.

This week, as soon as I read that portion, I ‘knew’ what we would be discussing in our drash, and what scriptures we would read.  This has only happened once before, that I can remember, over the last eleven years.  And, I’ve promised to keep my drash ‘short,’ because of other things our congregation needs to do this Shabbat.  Hopefully, the impact of what is delivered will be as powerful as I feel it right now in my own heart and life…..


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