Brotherhood of Messianic Peshitta Congregations!



We are going to form a fellowship [brotherhood] of Messianic Peshitta Congregations.

Some years back, when my wife and family and I first moved to the Houston area, we were a bit alone in the faith.  We were frustrated after having joined ourselves to two congregations, both of which were full of discord and sin [at the highest levels].  I’m not talking ordinary, every-day sin, such that we all commit, but those sins that are not supposed to be present in the Body of Messiah for very long [Gal 5, 1 Cor 5-6].  We bowed out quietly and began just to pray.

During that time, in both those congregations, we were already keeping His Sabbath, and the feasts, but there was no local congregation close enough to warrant going each week for fellowship and assembly.  A friend from back home called one day, and I was telling him my frustration and spiritual ‘loneliness,’ but while I was telling him, I said, “I can’t find any real brothers, so I’m going to go out and make some…!”  He said, somewhat ‘prophetically,’ “Now you’re talking like your Father.”

For the last few years, as others have moved in, and as our congregants have travelled or moved away, and have looked for similar fellowship, we have found it difficult to find.  So, the same ‘unction’ came upon us, “We are going to make brothers.”  Are we not given similar power of ‘creation,’ and is not the B’sorah a life-giving event?

We know, by those who have communicated with us from remotest parts, that there is a need out there for help in establishing Messianic Congregations, especially those that differ from ‘mainstream,’ in regard to following the UNBELIEVING Rabbis who reject Yeshua, versus the Scriptures.  That is why we [Congregation Bat-Tzion] and our ‘affiliates’ who are remote, have begun to call ourselves “Messianic Peshitta Jews,” meaning we follow the PLAIN MEANING of the Text, and Yeshua ALONE is our Rabbi.  We happen also to use the Aramaic Peshitta texts as our primary source scriptures for the Brit Khadashah.  So, the name fits very well.

We have been working on liturgy that will help congregations get there feet on the ground a whole lot more quickly.   A Siddur for orderly Shabbat worship, a Madrikh for lifecycle events, a Haggadah for a Messianic Pesakh Seder, a Bar/Bat Mitzvah Curriculum/Systematic Theology, a Megilah for a Messianic Purim celebration [about to publish], and finally “HaDavar”, an English translation of the Hebrew Masoretic text of the Tanakh and the Aramaic Peshitta text of the Brit Khadashah.  All of these will be available soon for public consumption.  And then, we will begin to help others form and shore up their Messianic Peshitta congregations.  Look for details soon, an upcoming website, that will help simply to develop fellowship, make each other aware of our existence, share our struggles, and pray for and support one another, as is fitting for the Body of Messiah.

Be in prayer about this, Bat-Tzion, and for those who ‘feel’ alone in the faith.  You are NOT!


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