Khanukah Channukah Chanuka Hanuka Hannukahh Honiekie


Just like there are many variations on how to spell Khanukah, there are a few variations on when to observe it.

We do not start our observance until tonight.  The reason?  Khanukah is a FIXED-DAY feast, and is celebrated on the 25th day of the NINTH Biblical Khodesh.

Many Messianic people, in fact most, do NOT follow the correct calendar.  They think it is their duty to unify with the Jewish Sages, who rejected Messiah.

For some reason, so many people who SAY they follow Torah, actually follow the Rabbinc community that has DENIED that Yeshua is the Son of G-d.  Just ask ANY writer of Talmud, and they will tell you [if they were alive, but they tell you in their writings] that Yeshua is NOT the Son of G-d!  They now even deny that the Messiah would EVER be “Ben HaAdam,” or “Ben HaElohim”; but they certainly deny that Yeshua, HaNatzri, Ben Yosef, is in fact the Son of G-d.  And yet, so many Messianic people follow THEM!

Sha’ul is largely misunderstood today, as he was back then.  As was Yeshua.  The Rabbinic community THOUGHT Yeshua came to do away with Torah.  His repudiation of them made them THINK He meant to overturn ALL Jewish customs.  Yeshua, however, was even a participant in Khanukah!  BUT, what He did NOT do is MOVE THE FEAST DAYS, just because the Pharisees did!  At that time, they had only moved the Pesakh.  They observed it then, as they do now, on the 15th evening of the fisrt Khodesh, whereas Yeshua, who CLEARLY observed it the day BEFORE the P’rushim did, observed it on the 14th evening of the first Khodesh.  As yet they had not moved Khanukah.  That did not occur until nearly the 7th century AD, when Hillel the 2nd created a Babylonian solar/lunar calendar, versus the lunar Biblical calendar, in order to unify the RABBINIC community, which had rejected Yeshua for more than 500 years.  And today, most of the Messianic community follows them.

We know how ‘lonely’ our Messianic walk can be.  And we know how we are looked down upon by the majority of the Messianic Jewish community because we will not unite with Rabbis.

But, it is a form of hypocrisy, ‘you say and DO NOT DO’, to ‘say’ you follow Messiah, and yet adhere to Rabbinic error, IN MANY, MANY WAYS.

Messianic Jews seem to forget that Yeshua was not ‘in favor’ with the Rabbis.  Neither was Kefa, nor Sha’ul, nor Tzefan-Yah [Steven], or any of the TRUE followers of Messiah, who were NOT AFRAID to break ranks with the ‘majority,’ that had REJECTED the Son of G-d.

Being Jewish DOES NOT SAVE YOU.  Being Jewish DOES NOT MAKE A RABBI correct!  Just because he is Jewish and calls himself “Rabbi,” “My Great One,” clearly seeking a title of his own, more than lifting up Messiah Yeshua, our ONLY RABBI [Matti 23], does NOT mean that he is ‘right.’  Yet so many people who SAY they want to follow Messiah and the Torah more closely, simply trade one set of liars [Constantine and the xtian world] for another [Rabbis who reject Yeshua].

It is clear to me that most people who SAY they do things for the sake of unity, do not want to unify with Messiah Yeshua, who would NEVER move the calendar of His Father, not for Pesakh, and not even for Khanukah, but would rather unify with Rabbis who say they have authority over G-d, to move His feast days, to CHANGE HIS mitzvot, and to negate HIS WILL.

Being a TRUE Messianic person is being one who follows the ONLY RABBI who is ‘certified’ by HEAVEN.  Yeshua HaMashiakh!  Yet, so many look to the Talmud for ‘halakhic rulings,’ in a desire to ‘unify’ with the Jewish community, who have REJECTED THE MESSIAH!  Yokhanan shows us this is ERROR!

“Hereby we know that we are in Him: he who says “I am in Him” ought himself also to walk His halakha.”

Yet most Messianic people walk the Halakha of those who follow Sheker HaMashia’kh, the very spirit that DENIES Messiah Yeshua!

Our take is very simple.  “Peshat” interpretation.  We are truly walking out Yeshua’s Halakha, who would not DARE to move the feasts of Elohim.  He was killed by people who were keeping the Pesakh a full 24 hours late!  They did not recognize Him, the Pesakh Lamb, because He did not DO AS THEY DID.  He did ONLY WHAT HIS FATHER TOLD HIM.  And His Father told Him to observe Pesakh on the 14th evening of the first Khodesh.

To move Khanukah, which is indeed not a commanded feast, but is nonetheless a legitimate, Messianic observance [Yeshua taught a very Messianic theme during the season, Yokhanan 9-11], is to equivocate, and to unify with a community of Jews who are NOT true Jews.  [Rom 2:29]  NOT EVERYONE who has Jewish blood is Jewish! [Rom 2:28]  ONLY those who TRUST IN MESSIAH are actually Jewish, in the eyes of Elohim!  And in the eyes of HIS Messiah!

Messianic people who consciously CHOOSE to walk according to Talmudic ‘law’ versus simply doing what Torah says, the way Yeshua does, are in a very, very dangerous ‘way.’  Yet they ‘trust’ in the comfort of ‘numbers’, versus TRUTH.

So, to those Maccabees who are BRAVE enough to DO WHAT TORAH SAYS, and to STAY THE COURSE of truth: KHAPPY KHANUKAH!  We will start night one TONIGHT, on the actual 25th evening of the ninth month, when the Maccabees actually lit the Menorah for the first time, after the Greeks contaminated His House.

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