HaDavar is coming! HaDavar is coming!

Boy, do I wish that were a prophecy about Yeshua; and it is, but that is not the purpose of the declaration, in this context…


This is the requested update concerning the timing of the publication of “HaDavar יהוה “, the new edition of the sacred Jewish Scriptures of the Tanakh and Brit Khadashah.

The English file is complete, and ready for publication.  The Hebrew file is complete, but as we are hoping to use the best edition of the Hebrew Brit Khadashah [and the only one we are aware of sourced from the Aramaic Peshitta texts], which is still under copyright, we are asking permission from the copyright owner to allow us to put it side by side with our English text in this new publication.  We have been in touch with the copyright holder, and our request is under review as I write this update.  We can only pray that he respects what we have done in the English, and that he is given to helping us get His Davar out into more hands and hearts.

If for any reason we are not permitted to use this version, we are going to go ahead and publish an ENGLISH ONLY edition, while I then begin to translate the Aramaic Peshitta directly myself.  At that point, the full English/Hebrew edition would be released.  I do not know how long that will take, or whether I will further delay my other writing pursuits to do it.  I am praying about that.

Many of you know that I have another novel in the works, and I have delayed that for this project.  Should Abba not sway our friend in Yisra’el to allow us to go forward with the English/Hebrew version, then I have to wrestle with whether or not to delay my own pursuits further.   That is a real struggle for me, as I have many reasons for wanting to finish that other work too.

We have asked for his review to be complete by 03/19.  Whether he will be able to oblige us is unknown at this point.  But, should he delay further, and simply ask for more time to review our material and request, we’d be happy to oblige.

I am beginning to be of the mind to just go ahead and publish the ENGLISH ONLY version while we await his decision.  But I still pray earnestly about that.

It would cost MANY THOUSANDS of dollars to publish it ourselves.  On-demand presses cannot handle the size of the two-language version.  If anyone is aware of a publisher who might be interested in fronting the cost for this work, please send them my information!  I’ve thought of contacting “Messianic” publishers, but their dogma would stand in the way of this work, I’m afraid.  Other major Bible publishers do not have my respect.  As usual, we walk a very narrow road, up hill.

If a decision is made to self-publish the English version, I will notify everyone as soon as possible of that.

Please continue to pray that Abba keeps His hand in this project, and it goes exactly as HE planned, large or small, as it has every step of the way up to this point. I truly believe He has afforded me the opportunity to make this a very worthy rendering of His Word into English.

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