Olive You!

BTZ NEWS Volume 15



One thought on “Olive You!

  1. If this is not a prime example of God’s “tough love”, I don’t know what is?
    I am around believers all the time that continue to espouse things that are clearly not Scriptural, behave in ways that are not backed by Scripture, and because they are successful at winning souls they take that as validation and a resolve to not change a thing in their lives.
    In other words: the end justifies the means.
    I heard a preacher say once that a trained parrot could recite John 3:16 over and over again, and it eventually could lead someone to search out the Truth that sets men free.
    Israelites have indeed been blessed immeasurably since they returned to their land, but sadly some see Abba’s undying love and grace as validation, and a contentment to stay the (wrong) course.
    I thank Elohim that He doesn’t let us have true inner peace when we are in error. Israel is always on the brink of war, as is the person that says good is evil and vice versa.


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