Sukka, Sukka Now!

bethlehem snow

Sukkot is on its way: The Messiah was born on the first day of Sukkot, and the evidence is in the scriptures!

The shepherds were ‘abiding in the fields, keeping watch over their flocks by night’.  No one keeps sheep out in the field in late Dec feeding them dirt, freezing them in the snow!  And yes, it does snow in Bethlehem in the twelfth month!  That’s Bethlehem in dec in the picture!

The ‘angel’ said “I am here to announce good tidings of Great Joy, which will be for all people”.  The Season of Sukkot is known as the “Season of Our Joy!”  Of Great Rejoicing.  It occurs in the early fall, as it is the fall harvest of the fruits of Israel.

They gave the shepherds a ‘sign’: “swaddling cloth” wrapped around the baby that would be born.  These are torn cloths used to make torches; in the temple, the priests’ robes were torn into strips that were used to make torches to light four HUGE torch lights in the Temple Court in Jerusalem, ONLY during Sukkot, starting on the first day of the seven days of Sukkot.  These lights were visible to the shepherds.  The four torches were called, “The Light of the World”, and they were lit ONLY during Sukkot!

The second part of the sign was that He would be found in a sukka; In the Aramaic Peshitta text, the word that is usually translated as ‘stall’ or ‘manger’ is אוֹריָא , an Aramaic word that has been used to represent the ‘sukka’ in other ancient, Aramaic Jewish writings, ‘the stall built during the festive week’ of Sukkot.

In the season of Sukkot, Jews build “booths” outside their houses to commemorate their time in the wilderness in booths, and to contemplate the temporal nature of life.  Since this was a ‘pilgrim’ feast, with people travelling from all over Israel to come to Jerusalem, people in Jerusalem and all the outlying towns, including Bethlehem, could be the ‘ushpizin’, the ‘honored guest’ that dwells in their Sukka.  It was a form of hospitality during this most joyous time in Israel.

Yeshua was circumcised on the 8th day of his life, as all Jewish boys are.  This is called “Shemini Atzeret”, the Eighth Day of the Meeting, after the seven days of Sukkot.  It is also called the Day of Rejoicing in the Torah.  When Yeshua was brought into the Temple for circumcision, they REJOICED over Him, the LIVING TORAH, since the Torah is the only thing that was considered the “Word of G-d” to the Jewish mind in His day.  The gospel of Luke clearly shows that this was done so that Mary and Yosef would keep Torah.  This is also the day His Name, Yeshua, was officially assigned to Him before witnesses.  It was truly a great day of Rejoicing in the Torah!

Yokhanan HaMatbil [John the Immerser] was born six months before Yeshua.  Pesakh [Passover] is precisely six months before Sukkot.  Yeshua said Yokhanan WAS Eliyahu, and Eliyahu was expected to arrive during Pesakh.  But more, ZekharYah, his father, was a priest, in the priestly order of AviYah!  According to David in Chronicles this is the 8th order.  This priestly order served in the Beit HaMikdash twice a year.  Once in the late spring/early summer, exactly nine months before Pesakh.  Yes, it also served in the dead of winter, but, if we back up from Yeshua being born on Sukkot, then Yeshua’s conception is in the dead of winter, DURING KHANNUKAH! Which means that six months before that, Yokhanan’s conception had to occur.  We know the two babies are six months apart, because Luke tells us so, when Elizabeth and Miriam met before Yokhanan was born, immediately after Yeshua was conceived.

So, Yokhanan was born on Pesakh, and Yeshua was born on Sukkot 1, and circumcised on the 8th Day, Simkhat Torah, the day of REJOICING in the Torah!

Celebrating Sukkot is affectively celebrating the birth of Messiah Yeshua.  And we get to enjoy it for EIGHT DAYS!  When we rejoice in the Torah on the Eighth Day, it is the only time the Torah is ever completely visible, as it is rolled all the way out, spindle to spindle, so we can look at EVERY WORD OF GOD.  “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by EVERY WORD OF GOD.”  It’s like looking at a portrait of Yeshua.

Since we have more time, and Yeshua has not returned as yet, we must make this known!  The WHOLE WORLD WILL keep Sukkot when Messiah returns; if you don’t keep it then, you are punished.  If you don’t keep it NOW, will you be there then?? [Ze 14]

5 thoughts on “Sukka, Sukka Now!

  1. I would like others understand before take their own decisions and ignore or argue without their facts.Thank you again for teach us from His original words.Blessings

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Agreed. I pray to Abba right now that He give me every opportunity during this Christian holiday season to speak the Truth in His love and set these people free!
      And I pray as did the Talmidims of Yeshua for holy boldness from Ruach Hakodesh to accomplish this for His glory and kingdom.


  2. Thank you Daniel for outlining the Biblical/historical birth of our Messiah Yeshua. I knew that Yeshua’s cousin Yokhanan was six months older, but I didn’t realize he was born on Pesakh.

    It’s all there in the Word for people to see if they will be humble and open when they look for it. And of course it challenges their traditions.

    So many references pointing to our Savior being born on Sukkot!



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