THIS is my memorial!

Zeh Zikhri: [Ex 3] my remembrance by declaring:

Some people wonder why I write His Name as יהוה and not as “Lord” or as “Adonai” or as Hashem, or anything else.

I went for years not knowing that the Creator has a NAME.  It is not wrong to call Him Adonai/Lord.  I don’t think it makes any literary sense, however, to call Him “The Name”, which is what Hashem means.  But, I do refer to ‘ha shem’, The Name, when I’m speaking Hebrew.  My issue is with REPLACING His Name with any one of those titles when quoting scripture or declaring the truth of who He is, and who His Son is.  He is indeed Adonai, but that is a role and a title, and not a name.

The Creator spoke very clearly to Avraham, Yitz’khak and Ya’akov, and to Moshe, and told them His Name is  יהוה , and that THIS was how we were to call upon Him.  The prophet Yo’el said that anyone who calls upon the Name of  יהוה  will be saved, and Kefa echoed that sentiment when He told us that Yeshua is in fact  יהוה .

Yeshua said His Father’s Name, the name that was given to Him as the Name Above all Names [Phil 2:10-11, Acts 2:36].  The mandate by Jews NOT to say His name came much later.  All the Shlikhim, Kefa, Sha’ul, Yokhanan, et al, declared His Name.  The Aramaic scriptures make it abundantly clear, using the Aramaic form of the Name, which most scholars agree is indeed a direct equivalent to the Name, used for no other purpose in ancient, holy writ, that the Name is important to the B’sorah.  It is placed surgically in key verses in the Brit Khadashah [NT] texts.

The below is a brief exposition on its use in both sides of the book, and is the ‘beginning’ of the support for not blotting out His Name, or calling Him ‘lord’ instead.


3 thoughts on “THIS is my memorial!

  1. Daniel, this is an excellent piece on the Name of our Living Creator. יהוה is His Name.

    He has made His Name known to us and wants to be called by His name and not the title of The Name. He wants an intimate relationship with us through His Son. He is personal and intimate with us and out of love and respect for Him and obedience to Him we should call Him by His Name.

    Thank you again for briefly and clearly explaining this!

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    1. Steve Rossi wrote:

      “Thank you again for briefly and clearly explaining this!”

      Is that a dig on some of Daniel’s lengthier blogs? He wrote one earlier this year that was so long it nearly broke my phone 😏.
      Just kidding.
      I love what you wrote about the intimacy that Yeshua desires from us.
      He is the very Breath we breathe.


  2. Daniel, I was reading the Brit Khadashah portion of our Parashat for this week and this jumped out at me in light of your post about His Name.

    Yokhanan 21
    Many other miracles Yeshua did in the presence of His Talmidim, which are not written in this book; 31 even these are written, so that you may trust that Yeshua is the Mashi’akh, Ben HaElohim; and when you trust, you shall have life everlasting in His Name.

    We have everlasting life when we trust in His Name! When we trust in The Father and His Son!

    YAH Bless you!

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