Had a Blast!

A post from a couple of years ago, but very applicable to the season.


Yom Teruah was a real blast!
[Ps 89:16]
We have now entered into HaYamim HaNora’im….
The ‘terrible days,’ which symbolize “The Time of Ya’akov’s Trouble,” what most know as the ‘tribulation,’ but do not fully understand the details of that.
We have seven days between Yom Teruah and Yom Kippur to contemplate our offenses against Elohim [G-d]. We have spent 30 days [+ Yom Teruah’s 48 hrs.] reflecting on our offenses with our brothers.
The way the WHOLE TORAH is ‘broken down’ is summarized in the Ten D’varim [Mitzvot, Commandments].
The first four summarize the commands that govern our relationship with Him.
‘I am יהוה your G-d; you shall put no other gods ‘before my face…’
‘You shall not make for yourself any graven image’
‘You shall not lift up the name of יהוה your G-d in vanity.’
‘Remember the Sabbath Day, to set it apart. Six days you will do your own work, but the SEVENTH DAY is a Shabbat unto יהוה your G-d….for in SIX DAYS יהוה made the heavens and the earth, and He rested on the SEVENTH DAY, so HE BLESSED the SEVENTH DAY, and set it apart.’
The commands that summarize our understanding and teach us about how to treat people are:
‘Honor your father and your mother, so you may live a long life.’
‘You shall not murder.’
‘You shall not commit adultery.’
‘You shall not steal.’
‘You shall not bear false witness.’
‘You shall not covet.’
These are a summary.
But, those who may tend to the last six, but do not tend to the first four, are yet ‘falling short.’ Even though they are ‘good people’ and ‘believe in God,’ and may even believe in His Son. They ignore how HE said to interact with Him. They will endure the Yamim Nora’im in the wrong place! Because they did not receive the CREATOR as the only G-d, and were dismissive over His Name, HIS Sabbath, and Idolatry, overt or subtle, all of which are dismissive attitudes that run rampant in most people’s lives today, unbeknownst to themselves.
We continue to pray Daniel’s prayer from 9:4-19. It is so applicable today to modern believers, who have erred against His will, but do not ‘see’ it. But, some are waking up. That is answering our prayers. For that, we are grateful. And we need to be ever more vigilant over our own souls, that we might save some, by our life’s witness.
So, ‘teshuvah’ during these next days up to Yom Kippur is also laced with thanksgiving, for me, that we have more time to reach people with HIS truth. Consider, Sha’ul [Paul] said this to BELIEVERS:
“Awaken your hearts to tzedaka [good works, ‘righteousness’], and sin not [1 John 3:4, sin is breaking Torah]; for some have not the knowledge of Elohim. I say this to your shame.” I Cor 15:34.

One thought on “Had a Blast!

  1. “Yom Teruah was a real blast!
    [Ps 89:16]
    We have now entered into HaYamim HaNora’im….”

    I recently watched this two year old gem from the archives, so what a pleasant surprise to read the blog that followed it up!
    And yes indeed, very applicable to the season (which is all new to me).


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