I.D. Claire!

Happy New Year!

For most of my readers, you know why I say that at this time…..

But, if you’re not aware, this is the Biblical New Year for tracking time and prophecy.

L’shana Tova umetuka!  Have a SWEET and GOOD year!

There are three other new years in Judaism, but only one other that is really ‘biblical’, and that is the ‘Sacred New Year,’ for tracking what Abba calls “Mo’edim”, or “Appointed Times.”  That one is in the spring, and heralds Pesakh, and sets the counting for all other ‘feasts’.

The upcoming “Appointed Time” is “Yom Teru’ah,” also known by most as Rosh HaShannah.  It has been called Rosh HaShannah since antiquity, meaning “The Head of the Year”, or “New Year’s Day” in most minds.  It is prescribed in Leviticus 23.  It is also known as “The Birthday of the World,” being the first day of creation.  It is the 1st khodesh in the new year for tracking time from that date.  This is the day the calendar of Yisra’el ‘rolls over’ into another year, this year, from 5778 to 5779.  However, this is also called “The Day That No Man Knows,” and the fact of that is exacerbated by our Jewish people going to a calculated calendar versus the Biblical way of tracking the ‘months.’   When they did so, the Rabbi that created the calendar deliberately left out a number of years, [200+] because he was keenly aware that the Biblical timeline and the birth and subsequent ministry of Yeshua MATCHED the prophecy of Daniel PERFECTLY.  To keep our Jewish people from seeing the connection, he took out enough years to offset the calendar.  So, we would minimally be in the year 5979 right now!  Probably closer to 5999, however.

The Yovel is the tracker of time prophetically, and predicts the curses we see in the Hitgalut.  The issue is, like no one knows the day AND hour, no one knows the year.  But, the LAST yovel, possibly, would have been either in 67AD or 70AD.  The Siege of Rome on Jerusalem started in 67AD, but the Temple was not destroyed until 70AD.  A yovel is a 50 year cycle.  We do not know when the last official yovel of Israel was; but, the destruction of the Temple and the following scattering of our Jewish people is the result of not keeping the year of release and yovel [Jubilee], so it could be that 70AD is the marker, the bench mark of the last official Yovel.  If that’s the case, the NEXT Yovel in our day would be 2020!  But, it COULD be this year.  As stated, no one knows for certain when that is.

So, Yom Teru’ah, the “Day that No Man Knows” is even more unknown today than when it took on that moniker before the 1st century.  It used to be unknown only because it could not be known until the ‘khodesh’, the new crescent moon, was seen in Yisra’el.  They would have been counting for 28 days since the previous one, and if they did not see it on the day expected due to clouds/rain, they’d assume that the next day would be the khodesh, but they still would ‘observe’ it.  This made the 1st day a 48-hour day.  A day that no one really knew until it happened.  And then, the shofar, ALSO CALLED A YOVEL, would be sounded to herald the turn of the year, and the Judgment of the Righteous.  This day also heralds the “Days of Awe”, or ‘terrible days’ between Rosh HaShannah and Yom Kippur.  These are seven days of ‘preparation’ for the judgment of the damned.  The Kohen HaGadol [High Priest] would sequester himself for those seven days in an ‘inner chamber,’ WITH HIS WIFE, to prepare for Yom Kippur.

It is very easy to see the symbolism in all of this.

This is known as a ‘rehearsal.’  And Yeshua instructs us to be ‘ready’ for it.  We do that by rehearsing.  We have been praying prayers of repentance for the last 26 days, to prepare for both judgments.  Ideally, we make reconciliation with our brethren, so that we are prepared to go into the inner chamber with our High Priest.  If we do celebrate on earth, we declare the Ten Remembrances, since this is also called in Torah “Yom HaZikaron”, the “Day of Remembrance”.  And then we blast the shofar!  LOUD!  And SHOUT!  And rejoice in OUR KING, who will be wed to us on this day, some time in our future.  This Day is also called the “Last Shofar,” which should sound familiar to any Bible reader who has read 1 Cor 15 and 1Thess 4-5.

This year, we will know on Mon evening [09/10] whether we should blow the shofar together and remember on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Either way, it is literally going to be a BLAST.

If we remain here, then we will begin the time of reflecting on our offenses against God during the ‘Terrible Days’, and then fasting on Yom Kippur, and praying that we escape all the judgments that are going to come on this world, soon, per Yeshua.  [Luk 21]  “Take heed to yourselves that your hearts may not become heavy by extravagance and drunkenness and the worries of this world, and that day come suddenly upon you.  For like a downpour it will entrap all those who dwell on the face of all the earth.  Therefore keep watch always, and pray that you may be worthy to escape all these things which are to happen, and that you may stand before Ben HaAdam [The Son of Man].  He stands in heaven.

I pray NOW that I am ready.  After Yom Teru’ah, then I pray for others, because we still have time to wake others up and get them to trim their lamps.  That is our obedience to Torah.

I hope someone reads this and decides to come and worship reverently before our King with our congregation.  And I pray that someone will reconsider what TRUTH is, from HIS WORD, and have their eyes opened to the reality of obedience to HIM, and of following our Jewish Rabbi, Yeshua the Messiah, the Son of G-d.  Is it so hard to consider that the people of G-d may have gone into error these last 1700 years?  Did Yeshua not say that ‘few there are’ who find The Way?  Did you know “The Way” is a name for THE TORAH?  So is “The Truth,” and so is “The Life”.  All of these refer to the instructions G-d gave us to teach us how to walk this life.  And then, He sent His Son to ‘demonstrate’ that [make it full, Matti 5:17-19].

I ‘declare’ a LOT on here, and on fb.  “Do Teshuva”.  Turn to HIS WAYS, and rest in Him.  He really is calling ALL His children to a proper, Torah walk.  Will you ‘hear’?  Come and hear the Shofar, and ‘see’ the beauty of walking out His Will, and how it lifts the fog and clears the air…..it’s almost inexplicable!  To us, it’s like we have the cure of the most dread disease [we really do], and yet no one wants it.

“He who says “I am in Him” ought himself also to walk His halakha. [Torah walk].  1 Jo 2:6

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One thought on “I.D. Claire!

  1. Amein! Amein!

    Daniel wrote:
    “I ‘declare’ a LOT on here, and on fb. “Do Teshuva”. Turn to HIS WAYS, and rest in Him. He really is calling ALL His children to a proper, Torah walk. Will you ‘hear’? Come and hear the Shofar, and ‘see’ the beauty of walking out His Will, and how it lifts the fog and clears the air…..it’s almost inexplicable! To us, it’s like we have the cure of the most dread disease [we really do], and yet no one wants it.”

    To be the LIFE preserver, only to find most folks in denial that they are even treading water.🙄

    Deuteronomy 32:1-4 (JPOT) Give ear, ye heavens, and I will speak; and let the earth hear the words of my mouth.
    My doctrine shall drop as the rain, my speech shall distil as the dew; as the small rain upon the tender grass, and as the showers upon the herb.
    For I will proclaim the name of the LORD; ascribe ye greatness unto our God.
    The Rock, His work is perfect; for all His ways are justice; a God of faithfulness and without iniquity, just and right is He.


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