Tell Me!

Creating a new series of memes for facebook as I can… in the vein of writing ‘the news’.  Did you know that’s what ‘B’sorarh’/Gospel means?  GOOD NEWS.

Do you like them.  Do you think they’re a good idea?  Would you like to see them here?

Here are the first two:

BTZ NEWS Volume 1

BTZ NEWS Volume 2

9 thoughts on “Tell Me!

  1. I love this format! It’s fun, thoughtful, informative and gives truth to the reader in bite size pieces. It reminds me of a cartoon strip used to teach kids. Keep it up, Daniel! Whatever tool it takes to build Yah’s kingdom!

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  2. Daniel, this is clever I like it!
    I like that you declare the B’sorah (Good News).
    I like the format of it being a news release.
    I like that it’s brief.
    I like that it is a clever way to bring what happened over 2000 years ago like it’s happening today.
    I would suggest not only do you post this on the Facebook but make it a regular posting on this blog.

    Excellent! 👍👍👍👍👍

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  3. Very clever indeed….I wondered where you were getting these interesting articles….should have figured that you had created them. They are definitely eye catching because they are so different from anything I’ve seen out there. Well done brother! Yes, keep them coming. It’s a great way to get the B’sorarh’ out there!


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