Come Together!

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No it’s not “the banquet”, no, that’s Sukkot. Yisra’el will have already been delivered. Here is what I am starting to ‘see’ in a passage in Rom 11:

כִּי לֹא-אֲכַחֵד מִכֶּם אַחַי אֶת-הַסּוֹד הַזֶה פֶּן-תִּהְיוּ חֲכָמִים בְּעֵינֵיכֶם שֶׁיִּשְׂרָאֵל בָּא לִידֵי טִמְטוּם הַלֵּב לְמִקְצָתוֹ עַד כִּי-יִכָּנֵס מְלֹא הַגּוֹיִם

“I am desirous, my brethren, that you should know this sod [mystery], so that you may not be wise in your own conceits; for ignorance of the heart has to some degree befallen Yisra’el, until the fullness of the Goyim shall come.”

Now, we have all likely been reading this with preconceptions, thinking that this chapter is discussing personal “salvation”; it is not. It is explaining the position of Yisra’el, the NATION, until the Torah is ‘made full’, or until everything written in the Torah is completed, just as Messiah Yeshua said it would happen, and so He would NOT “abolish” the Torah. [Matt 5:17-19].

This verse above is compelling, since Iyov [Job] asks, “Have you heard the “sod” of Elohim? Do you restrain wisdom unto yourself?” 15:8

Shaul, a Jew of Jews, who longed for Yisra’el to ‘see’ Messiah as he did [Rom 10:1], is telling us here that the Jewish People, as a NATION, will one day believe in Messiah Yeshua in a moment, together. That it will no longer be just a ‘remnant’, a small portion of Jews trusting in the resurrection and ‘salvation’ of Yah in Messiah Yeshua, but the whole nation. Shaul is telling us WHEN this will happen. And he tells us that this is a ‘sod’.

What is a ‘sod’: a sod is a ‘mystery’, a secret, something that must be ‘sought out’. “It is the glory of Elohim to hide a matter, it is the glory of kings to seek the matter out.” [Proverbs 25:2] “Surely, Adonai יהוה will do nothing, but that He “galah sodo”, reveals His Mystery, unto His servants, the Nevi’im”. Amos 3:7

Shaul was taught by Hillel’s grandson, Gamaliel. Yeshua affirmed the house of Hillel as the correct ‘ruling body’ among the Pharisees, and taught many of the same things Hillel taught; he even taught in the same ‘method’ as Hillel. Part of that methodology of the study of scriptures was that there are linguistic ‘links’ that help us find the ‘sod’, the things that Yah has ‘hidden’ in the Torah. Our parasha this week discusses this: “The secret things belong unto יהוה our God; but the things that are revealed belong unto us and to our children forever, that we may do ALL THE WORDS OF THIS TORAH.

“Revealed” is niglot, the same word as “hitgalut”, the book of Revelation, which is clearly a ‘sod’ that has been “revealed”. Remember, Shaul wrote this before Yokhanan wrote “Hitgalut”/Revelation.

In this verse in Romans 11, then, there are two connections to the “sod” Shaul wants us to ‘see’, so that we do NOT get puffed up in our own ‘salvation’. They are: סּוֹד,and יִכָּנֵס מְלֹא.
The ‘besora’ [good news] itself was a “sod” hidden in plain sight from the creation up to the Messiah [Rom 16:25, 1Cor 2:7, Eph 3:9]. Those who now trust Messiah see it so easily that we take it for granted how powerful it is and how replete with the news of Messiah is the Torah. We don’t ‘learn’ to think in that way, nor to examine scriptures in that way. There are seven methods and four levels of studying scripture which Hillel taught, Gamliel taught, and in which Shaul was proficient; and Shaul wrote by the power of the Ruakh, using those methods. The “twelfth level”, if you will, is the movement of the Ruakh to help us “see” what is in there. But, that does not happen without our ‘seeking a matter out’. I believe both Shaul and the Ru’akh of Messiah want us to ‘look deeply’ into this verse! It’s important. If someone tells me there is a ‘mystery’, I want to understand it!

Incidentally, this level of “equivalent terms” is called Gezera Shava. When we see terms that are prominent in a passage, and they are prominent in other passages, we can ‘see’ a wider truth being expressed. I’ve taught this method for years, without telling what the method is called.

There’s a ‘neon sign’ in this verse pointing at two terms.

סּוֹד, and יִכָּנֵס מְלֹא are prominent terms in this verse.

The “Besorah”, the good news of Messiah, is a mystery now revealed to those who trust: Messiah is risen from the dead and now dwells in those who trust in that fact. Only one other time in Shaul’s letters does he tease us with a mystery other than the Besorah. I mentioned it yesterday in this post: הִנֵּה סוֹד אֲגַלֶּה לָכֶם “Hineh, SOD agaleh lakhem”, BEHOLD, I REVEAL TO YOU ALL A SOD. 1 Cor 15:51 is the passage. This links us back to Amos 3, where verse six says that a Shofar will be blown in the city! And where it says He will reveal His sod before hand! What sod? When the shofar will be blown, and what will happen!

Since he sets this ‘sod’ apart in such a distinct fashion, and does the same in Romans 11:25, it is not unreasonable to consider that these two verses elucidate the same “sod”. Here, that ‘sod’ is that we will not all die, that we will be instantly changed at the LAST SHOFAR [Yom Teru’ah], and snatched up into the heavens . Sha’ul FILLS that verse with Gezera Shava! With ‘links’ to the rest of the mystery, linking that verse, and this one in Romans 11, to many passages in Isaiah, Joel, Deuteronomy, Zechariah, Matthew, Luke, Thessalonians 1 and 2, and of course, Revelation!

But here, he is telling us a ‘sod’, a mystery, and in Romans 11 he’s telling us a sod, too, that should keep us from getting ‘proud’ about our salvation. He’s also telling us, as he alluded to in the fifteenth verse, that when Jews receive Messiah , THE RESURRECTION will occur!

Sod is usually speaking about THE RESURRECTION. Isn’t the whole point of the “Besorah” that Yeshua is risen from the dead? [Acts 2, Acts 9 are two places where the Besorah is perfectly and PLAINLY declared.] This ‘mystery’ unfolds throughout the Psalms: “Proclaim the good news of Yeshua every day!” בַּשְּׂרוּ מִיּוֹם-לְיוֹם, יְשׁוּעָתוֹ. That last word on the left, [Hebrew goes from right to left] has the name of Yeshua, which means “Salvation”. But here it has two more letters, and means, “His Yeshua/His Salvation”. What most don’t ‘see’ is that the second to the last letter is a “t” in paleo Hebrew, and it means “signature” or “sign/seal”, and that last letter is a nail! The ‘sod’ of Yeshua’s death and resurrection is throughout the writings of the Prophets! Psalm 22 is rife with imagery, in the plain text, AND in the Gezera Shava, and in the letters and strokes of the pen!

So, to the “sod”. A “sod” is a council, an ASSEMBLY, AND a ‘mystery’, depending on context and conjugation. Since Sha’ul used “niglah”, we know in this context it is the ‘mystery’. What is the ‘mystery’ of Rom 11:25?

That the GATHERING of the GOYIM will come to pass!

Kanas, the root of יִכָּנֵס, is an “assembly”. This is the root of “K’nesset”, a term most have heard regarding Israel’s ‘congress’ or ‘parliament’. The ancient ‘synagogue’ was actually called, Beit K’nesset, or Assembly House [which is roughly what ‘synagogue’ means in greek].

This is a hint.

Psalm 33 says that יהוה gathers the ‘waters’ together. Kanas et hamayim. “Assembles the waters”.

Read the first six verses, and we see that there are some Tzadikim who are rejoicing, they are singing before יהוה , using harps.

Revelation tells us that those assembled around the Throne have harps. Rev 5:8-9 tells us that they have harps, and they sing a NEW SONG, just as Psalm 33:3 states, Sing with a new song, TERUAH!

Yom Teru’ah is nearly upon us!  We are barely more than two weeks away from it.

Yom Teru’ah is also Yom HaZikkaron,  “The Day of The Remembrance.” Remembering what? THE CREATION.

Psalm 33:6 does that, then tells us he ‘gathers’ the waters. Remember, A “sod” is an assembly, a ‘kanas’ is an assembly, and so is an “etzah”.

Yah begins to punish the earth, but protects the righteous ones, keeping them alive!

Kings do not ‘escape’ on horses! They escape through righteousness!

Psalm 147 echoes all these same themes, with Kanas being the “assembly” of Yisrael in the second verse, with our singing with harps in verse 7.

I only WISH I had time to follow every trail to all the many places where we ‘see’ that Yom Teru’ah is the assembly of the Righteous!  Above!  It happens in Hitgalut 4.

But, what is M’loh HaGoyim?
מְלֹא הַגּוֹיִם

This takes us to a very distinct place in scripture:

“I know it, my son, I know it; he also shall become a people, and he also shall be great; howbeit his younger brother shall be greater than he, and his seed shall become ‘the fullness of the nations.”
וְזַרְעוֹ יִהְיֶה מְלֹא-הַגּוֹיִם.
Ephraim, “Fruitfulness” will become the “Fullness of THE NATIONS”.

The tribe of Ephraim was scattered into the nations 2700 years ago.

Ephraim is not a tribe of its own, however. It is of the tribe of Yosef.

And Yosef is a “fruitful vine”. See Genesis 49. In Deut 33, he receives the ‘wordiest’ blessing, and is seen as having the ‘blessing’ upon his head, and he wears a ‘crown’ and is a prince among his brethren.

Those who played harps in Revelation 5 also wore crowns.

There are so many links in here, but we will look briefly at just one: Nezir! A prince.

This is a NAZARITE, an ‘untrimmed vine!’ A devoted one. This leads us to the yovel, the ‘clock of יהוה ’, but I don’t even have time to go there!

But, look at what the Torah says about the “Nezir”: Numbers 6:13
בְּיוֹם, מְלֹאת יְמֵי נִזְרוֹ, יָבִיא אֹתוֹ, אֶל-פֶּתַח אֹהֶל מוֹעֵד

“When the days of his ‘separation/devotion’ are FULL, BRING HIM TO THE OPENING OF THE TENT OF MEETING!”  Most people don’t realize that Yeshua is RIGHT NOW a Nezir.  He vowed not to drink of the fruit of the vine again, until He comes back to earth!

The “gate” is what is opened in Revelation 4 when the shofar is blown, and in Isaiah 26:2.
So, the ‘sod’ of Romans 11:25 is YOM TERUAH, it is the GATHERING of the NATIONS at the OPENING of the tent of Meeting, heralded by the blowing of the last shofar! Which is ONLY blown on Yom Teru’ah!

2 thoughts on “Come Together!

  1. From our Portion this week:

    Luke 13:48(CJB) And when all the crowds that had gathered to watch the spectacle saw the things that had occurred, they returned home beating their breasts.

    This same crowd, most likely, had been crying out to Abba their whole lives to see the signs and wonders that their forefathers saw, only to have their Answer in the midst of them.
    It is heartbreaking, that in verse 47, a Roman officer made an observation that should have been as obvious to the crowd.

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