They Call Me “Daniel-son”

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I amuse myself.  I always have.  As the youngest of five, I suppose at times I had to, especially when all my siblings entered their ‘teens’ and I was still a single-digit dingo.  I spent a lot of time ‘in my head’ when I was a kid.  I still remember a song I made up in pig-latin, about karate.  Go figure.

Today, my musings are maybe far more sophisticated.  And instead of just being in my head, my heart communes with G-d.  Mostly, it’s me pouring out my supplications, asking Him to help me be more conformed into the image of His Son, without forcing it and being a religious nut that everyone avoids.  That’s difficult, because my walk of faith is so stark compared to most people I am around.  After doing ‘the prayers’, or while I’m taking my daily walks and not being assaulted, I’m doing my best to ‘meditate’ on His Word.  All of this is an effort to make sure that I know and love the Creator.  The closer I get to the Father, because of and through His Son, Yeshua, the more I ‘see’ that most people are really, indeed, in ‘darkness’.

And today, society worldwide basks in that darkness.  They celebrate illicit sex, gender distortion, perversion, filth, greed, meanness, rudeness, selfishness, lying, deceit, subterfuge, and the list goes on and on.  I’ve known this would happen, and even taught my children that it would, but in spite of trusting the Word of G-d and His warning about these things, I never thought I would see it turn SO FAST.  In less than a generation, foul language and sexual innuendo is on broadcast television, even during commercials, as if it does not negatively affect society.  Homosexuality is nearly the norm, and celebrated.  Fornication is the norm, and is actually expected by most who are seeking a spouse, or at least a ‘significant other.’  Manhood or Womanhood is now considered evil.  Hard work is frowned upon, and everyone wants a freebee, thinking society owes them a living.  The people that swore to report to us ‘news’ give us force-fed ‘opinion’, and refuse to believe that we can think for ourselves; and a big swath of society chooses not to think for themselves, even though they have the ability.

People do not read.  As a writer, this really bothers me.  We instead get our ‘information’ from 2 minute videos, sound-bites, bi-lines.  Education is no longer education, but indoctrination into the society of acceptance of everything, accepting all but an opinion different from society.  Like mine.  So, I amuse myself.

Declaring the ‘B’sorah’, the Good News of a body prepared for Messiah, executed in humility, and raised from the dead in the POWER of the Creator, takes a back seat to EVERYTHING.  It used to be people understood the importance of being reminded of this frequently; weekly.  Now, no one even wants to ponder it.  Those English and others who came to this continent originally did so for the express purpose of being able freely to declare and express the foundational truth of the Resurrection of Messiah, and man’s deep and perpetual need of redemption.  They created a society where egregious infractions against “The Ten” were frowned upon, and even illegal.  Now, to even suggest a return to some form of that is just about viewed as criminal.  If things continue, I will probably be jailed for what I believe, express, and teach.  So be it.

But, in my musings, I do not mourn for those who are in that darkness willfully.  I mourn for those who say they believe in the Son of G-d, and yet do not walk in His ‘light.’  They cannot even define it, even though in the “new testament” we are told to walk in it.  People are so uneducated in His Word, they do not know what that light really is.  It is subjective to them.  It is a ‘feeling’.  It has no definition.

Yet, I am excited!  Because this was all spoken of by Yeshua, the Son of G-d.  And, He, and everyone who wrote sacred writ through His Ru’akh [Spirit], told us that there would be very few who find the path that has light on it.

Last night during our study of Torah, we were reminded of the monumental nature of the resurrection of the Messiah Yeshua, the Son of G-d.  Without it, mankind is undone.  With it, the believer has within himself the very power of creation, if he genuinely trusts the Word of G-d, that says very plainly that He was raised from the dead.  THIS is the very source of all LIFE, especially the supernatural ‘life’ of the one who confesses trust in Yeshua.

Why do I use these Hebrew words?  Why do I read in Hebrew?  Why do I pray in Hebrew?  Why do I lace my speech with such ‘foreign’ flavor?  Because the Word of G-d is the only thing in this world that is absolutely pure and absolutely true.  And I simply want to understand it more fully.  I desired to know it without the filter of man and language, but ‘first hand.’  And while there are many that have a kernel of truth, they lack any substantial knowledge of HIM and His Nature.  I did.  I do not pretend to know everything, or to be perfect in any way, except that He has perfected me on the inside, in that intangible to man place called a nefesh and neshama, so that I can then pursue His perfection in this body I live in.  I only hope to help anyone who will ‘hear’ to do the same.

And I wish for people to know that it has all come full circle.  The spiral of time, that seems now to overwhelm us in darkness, is returning to a BEGINNING.  The beginning of the bodily, very PRESENT Reign of the man, Yeshua the Messiah, the SON of G-d, is nearly here.  And He has given us space to turn back to Him, to learn of him, and to be prepared to be received by Him as a Bride by her husband.  We now know Him in part, but then we shall be fully known, face to face.  Who would want to miss that, in order to bask in the darkness that is swallowing everyone, the elite down to the least.

People mock this, because in truth, they no longer believe in His absolute resurrection, and just as the Word says, they would mock even the possibility of His return, just before He comes back.  But, even IF He is not coming back for 100 years, I want to live separately from this corruption that is consuming people.  I want to see as much of a return to kindness, gentility, refinement, education, rightness, purity, and truth as can be mustered, even in a few.  And, the more I find myself becoming ‘differenter’ than I was yesterday, the happier I am, in spite of life’s challenges.  I have a secret, a cure, a treasure, that I can’t even give away! It is so ‘dark’ out there, people cannot ‘see’ it.

Anyway, I hope someone gets something out of these musings.  If only that they look to Yeshua for their SALVATION.  He truly is RAISED FROM THE DEAD and LIVING in heaven as a man once dead.  Everything that opposes that notion is from the deepest and darkest of evil sources, yet shrouded in the veil of ‘intellect’ or ‘logic.’  Arise.  Awake!  And Messiah WILL shine on YOU!

4 thoughts on “They Call Me “Daniel-son”

  1. Amein, Akhi! You just put words to what my heart yearns for but didn’t know how to say it.
    Ahava v’shalom beshem יהוה Yeshua Hamashiakh.

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  2. Daniel writes:
    “And today, society worldwide basks in that darkness.”

    More publicized than in the past, but definitely what is spoken of in the Books of the prophets matches our societal depravity. In Judges, they did what was right in their own eyes, and some of the 12 tribes even thought that toting a rebel Levite around would bring them the favor of God, not unlike some believers today wearing a crucifix for it’s perceived “power”. If anything, I see the world coming full circle.
    But, had it not been for imperfect men with flawed doctrines, embracing the flames and other persecutions, we would still be getting our Scriptures (or whatever the Pope wanted us to have) in Latin. A 19 yr old illiterate French girl would fulfill God’s will, not because she could read the Word, but because the WORD was alive in her.
    I love being a 21st Century believer, with all the wonderful resources available to me. But, God forbid, should it all be gone tomorrow, may the WORD that is in me now, sustain me and cause me not to shrink back even under threat of death.


  3. Just this past weekend my 9yr old and I were talking, and I told him that the world was/is to blind to understand that everything Biblical has always pointed us to Messiah. His question was, why are they to blind to understand? I answered and explained to him, but I wish I had thought in that moment to explain that the world is just to dark for them to see without the light of Messiah guiding them. It makes me think back to the plague of darkness that was many years ago and is yet to come again in the future.


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